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Digimon Unholy Crusade (RPG Thread)

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by storymasterb, Nov 6, 2009.

  1. storymasterb

    storymasterb Knight of RPGs

    The stronghold of the Royal Knights stood within the cool embrace of a great crater, a remnant of the great battles at the dawn of the Digital World when primordial terrors had clashed with divine heroes for possession of the new world. The walls were of solid adamant, impenetrable to sword or fist or any attack that the Digimon of the time could muster. The ramparts were manned by a great standing guard of Knightmon, those chosen by the Royal Knights to be the defenders of their fortress.

    At the centre of the three concentric rings of fortifications was the great keep, a construction that rose one hundred feet precisely into the heavens. The gates of this keep were guarded at all times by the Arthurian Guard, a personally selected taskforce of defenders picked out by Lord Artorius, master of the Royal Knights. This fortress was Camelot, the very bastion of the Royal Knights.

    Within this keep the eleven Knights lived. They planned their crusades against the enemies of their order and the world at large, and they readied themselves for battle. At its peak was the chamber of Lord Artorius himself, a great circular room dominated by a table formed from an immense shield, the gift of a long-forgotten legend to the Knights upon their founding.

    Artorius sat at his throne at this table, his jet-black form strong, his body hardened and strengthened by centuries of war against the foes of the Digital World. At his side was his legendary sword, the Grade Alpha.

    His eyes were deep with contemplation as he stared out across the table at the ten other Knights gathered before him.

    Sir Lancelot the Omnimon, the silent force at the heart of the Knights. His power was that to split steel and shatter stone, to rend all asunder beneath his exalted might. He was truly the intensity and passion guiding their hands and hearts to strike against the shadows. With his Supreme Cannon and Transcendent Sword he purged all evils that dared approach him.

    Sir Hector the Gallantmon, the noble, the just. His words were of nobility and honour, the very shining form of chivalry that Uther Pendragon had bestowed to the eleven at their founding. With the shining Gram lance and Aegis Shield, he stood firm against even the blackest of nights.

    Sir Percival the Magnamon, the loyal, the devoted. He would never turn against his comrades nor his lord, such was his firm belief in his brothers in arms. Through the Crest of Miracles he turned the tide of even the most impossible of odds, for that was his very purpose, to make possible the impossible.

    Sir Tristan the UlforceVeedramon, calm and focused. Deadly with his speed so great he was naught but a blur in battle, truly Sir Tristan was a sharp blade willing to strike at the greatest speed. With Ulforce Saber and Tensegrity Shield he waged war and he had yet to leave a foe living in his wake.

    Sir Galahad the Dynasmon, passionate and just. His very heart was firm upon a foundation of chivalry and the honour code he had instilled into his very soul with fetters of iron and adamant. His true nature was to defend the Digital World from all foes.

    The fair Lady Guinevere, a Crusadermon of chill beauty and fierce brutality against the scum she opposed. Her might was true and just, her merciless approach a blade of frozen ice to strike down even the most devout of foes. With her Pile Bunker shield she crushed bone and shattered steel in her wake, and the ribbon-like blades on her back rent flesh to ruin.

    Sir Bors the Sleipmon, the raging force of battle and war that inspired the Knights. With the burning Muspellheim and freezing Niflheim, he had broken many a foe beneath his passionate holy fury and power.

    Sir Dagonet the Craniamon, loyal and steadfast, the towering master of the guard. His role was that of a knight of adamant, impossible to break no matter the force brought to bear. His holy shield Avalon was blessed by the touch of the very gods and his Claiomh Solais spear brought the very raging storm to bear upon his foes.

    Sir Galahad the Duftmon, noble and firm. His belief in the Knight’s powers bestowing the right of judgment to them was unshakeable and his conviction to wage war unbreakable. With the mighty rapier Austerben he struck his foes into ruination and death.

    Finally Sir Cador the Examon, noblest and most intense of all. His draconic visage masked the heart of a true Knight, passionate and truly willing to war against any foe for the lands and Digimon under his charge. The great exalted Caledfwlch wings of crimson red were folded against his back, shivering with the desire to spread and carry their master in majestic flight, while the great Ambrosius lance was leaned against his large seat of granite, the seat carved with majestic dragons in flight as a testament to Cador’s allegiance and command of many dragon Digimon throughout the world with his title of Dragon Emperor.

    “My lord,” Sir Dagonet spoke, his voice deep and firm, his helmet’s visage skull-like and the holy Avalon shield at his arm, Claiomh Solais at his side “a Knightmon patrol has reported a camp of humans a few leagues from Camelot’s walls.”

    “How many are there?” Artorius asked.

    “Three were in evidence, my lord,” Dagonet replied. Artorius considered this.

    “An example shall be made of them,” Sir Bors said fiercely, the Muspellheim crossbow lashed across his back, the Niflheim shield in his grip “give the word, my lord, and I shall personally strike down these humans for their insolence in approaching our very stronghold.”

    “Sir Dagonet,” Artorius said “assemble a force of Knightmon. Take Sir Bors and strike down these Tamers.” Sir Bors and Sir Dagonet both stood and knelt, bowing their heads.

    “It shall be done, my lord,” Dagonet rumbled. Both Knights stood and strode briskly from the room, Sir Bors’s crimson form at great contrast with Dagonet’s black armour and skull-like helmet.

    Artorius leant back in his throne and looked down at the other eight Knights remaining. All proud, all ready to serve and purge the human scum from the Digital World. All truly Royal Knights in name and all…


    One week earlier…
    Far away from Camelot, a shining city of grace enhanced the highlands it bestowed its blessings upon. Shining towers rose into the heavens, connected by sparkling rainbow bridges, gold, silver and other precious metals forming intricate and beautiful sculpture from the very buildings. This was Avalon, seat of the exalted Council of Avalon, the peaceful rulers of the Digital World.

    But this was a council now worried for their world. A malicious crusade had been declared, arms turned on those who meant no harm and now action had to be taken, action that had never been declared against the guilty party in the very millennia long history of the world. Always the guilty party had been trusted allies, the bringers of justice and peace, a voice of true holiness.

    But now the Royal Knights were the enemy of peace…

    Within the highest tower of Avalon waited the Council of Avalon. The noble eight, the highest order of the land, the true rulers of the Digital World.

    “It cannot be ignored,” the noble Sei-Ryujin the Azulongmon boomed, his blue body crackling with lightning and his presence filling the air with the tang of ozone “the Royal Knights have gone too far with these senseless attacks on the Tamers. Action must be taken!”

    “I am in agreement,” the exalted Goldramon Ahura Mazda said sincerely “the Royal Knights cannot be allowed to wantonly slaughter the Tamers in the absence of wrongdoing. Their actions are immoral and they must be brought to justice.”

    “Perhaps… the Royal Knights are justified?” Loki the KingEtemon suggested snidely “after all, these… humans are indeed arrogant. They show no respect for the delicate balance of our world. Perhaps their removal is for the best.”

    “Silence, trickster!” snarled Ishtar the Magnadramon in an uncharacteristically sharp tone “nothing justifies such wanton slaughter from our noble Knights, and you would do well to keep your tongue behind your teeth before we see fit to remove it!”

    “Ishtar is correct,” Maccan-Dagda the Susanoomon thundered at Loki “the actions Artorius is commanding are impossible to justify and the Knights have taken a path we cannot allow. Action must and will be taken to bring them to justice.”

    “But can we survive without the Knights?” Indra the Anubismon pondered “they serve as our greatest weapon, and many evil Digimon quake at the thought of facing them in battle. If we remove the Knights, then we would lessen our own authority upon the world. While I agree that their actions are immoral, we must consider the effect that bringing the champions of the meek to justice will have upon those under our protection.”

    “Indra, whose side are you on?” Angra Mainyu the Megidramon growled “the Knights have wronged us with their arrogance. Thus we shall strike them down with all the power vested in us to keep peace in this world!”

    “Calm, Angra Mainyu,” Amun-Ra the Varodurumon said wisely “do not let your temper cloud your judgment. I do not see sense in assailing the Knights, yet neither do I interpret their arguments as necessarily just. I cannot agree either way just yet.”

    “Very well,” Sei-Ryujin said “we are decided with four in favour, three undecided and one against. We will assemble a group of Digimon able to bring the Knights to justice…”


    One week later…
    The streets of Avalon were bustling. Many Digimon filled them, bartering for goods, chattering to friends and generally behaving as expected in such a holy place, a seat of civilization.

    Moving through the bustling throng were three Digimon who drew the gazes of all they passed. They were renowned for their prowess in war, their skill in bringing to justice some of the worst evils to threaten the benign rule of the Council of Avalon.

    Bedivere Stormheart the Slayerdramon, resplendent in his pale blue armour and royal crimson cloak, the exalted blade Fragarach possessed by all of his kind sheathed at his hip, moved through the bustling crowds with an air of humble nobility, avoiding the gaze of those around him. His draconic helm shone in the brilliant light and his piercing eyes fixed straight ahead at the tower of the Council of Avalon.

    Beside him walked his sister, Guinier the AeroVeedramon, her crimson wings folded to her sides, claws grating against the stone of the path and cobalt scales glorious in the light of Avalon. Unlike her brother, she was curious and basking in the attention, eyes flickering around the crowds.

    Finally walked a dark figure, clad all in black and silver, garments woven of feathers. A silver falcon graced his arm and a sword was sheathed at his hip, a crossbow slung across his back. A black visor masked his eyes while a helm like an eagle’s head covered his head but for his face. Caradoc Stern, son of Caradoc Stern the Elder strode briskly beside his comrades (though friends might have been applicable) with a grim look on his face, hands barely avoiding gripping his sword or crossbow.

    “Loosen up, Caradoc,” Guinier chided “you look like you’re made of wood.”

    “Do I?” Caradoc asked, looking at her briefly.

    “Yes, you do,” Bedivere answered “don’t worry. It’s only the Council of Avalon.”

    “Only you could ever say that so lightly,” Caradoc muttered “only the war hero Bedivere Stormheart could ever say those six words lightly.”

    “Caradoc, you have nothing to worry about,” Guinier said “what’s wrong? Why do you look so grim?”

    “Because I’ve heard rumours,” Caradoc replied “there are whispers that the Royal Knights have turned against the Council, and that the Council are forming an elite team to take them down. I’m thinking that maybe we’re part of that team.”

    “The Royal Knights turning traitor?” Bedivere said with an air of disbelief “that would never happen. They’re the Royal Knights, Caradoc. Knights don’t turn on their allies.”

    “Not all Knights have the same respect for chivalry you do, brother,” Guinier chuckled “it’s entirely possible that the Royal Knights have turned against the council.” Her face turned slightly dark and grim at these words.

    “They’re the Royal Knights!” Bedivere protested as they stepped onto the final bridge leading up to the great tower of the Council of Avalon. The three continued this banter until they stepped back onto solid stone and were confronted by a muscular WarGreymon guard, who raised his Dramon Destroyer gauntlets at their approach.

    “Who approaches the Council of Avalon?!” he called to them.

    “Bedivere Stormheart, Guinier Stormheart and Caradoc Stern,” Bedivere answered “we were summoned by the Council.” The WarGreymon nodded, lowering his gauntlets as he looked them over.

    “So you’re Bedivere, eh?” he said “I must confess, I have heard much of your exploits and I am rather impressed. Not many could hold back three Diaboromon with the skill and conviction you displayed.”

    “It was a battle I remember well,” Bedivere replied “the beasts were indeed a challenge worthy of a true knight. What’s your name, soldier?”

    “Drachna Voltanis, sir,” the WarGreymon replied “some of Gurnal. I served in battle against the demons Gulfmon and Murmuxmon under the command of Michael Ya’Hisrael.”

    “A mighty conflict,” Caradoc said softly “you should be proud of your service there.” Drachna gave a nod.

    “Aye, a mighty battle,” he said “but we broke the backs of those demons and cast them back into Hell where they belong.”

    “Shouldn’t you guys save the old war stories for after we meet the Council?” Guinier sighed at Caradoc and her brother.

    “Indeed,” Caradoc said “Drachna, take us to the Council.” Drachna saluted and led them through the doorway, passing between two more guards, this time a Golden Rapidmon and Ravemon. The two let their comrade and his followers pass before stepping forwards to take Drachna’s position at the gate. The WarGreymon continued to lead Bedivere, Guinier and Caradoc until they came to a great golden doorway, with intricate tracery upon its surface forming majestic imagery of knights and dragons.

    “The Council are through here,” Drachna spoke, stepping aside to let them to the door “I hope your meeting goes well.” He saluted them before marching back along the passage from whence they came.

    The golden doors opened before them and the three stepped into the great chamber. Its walls stretched up to the very peak of the tower, its expanse great to allow for the size of the Council members. Bedivere, Caradoc and Guinier beheld seventeen other Digimon standing in the chamber, mostly of humanoid stature and average size for Mega Levels, though the exceptions consisted primarily of a towering HerculesKabuterimon, an Archelomon and a bestial Cerberumon.

    The three stood beside these seventeen others as the Council came into appearance, light shining from their forms.

    “Greetings,” Sei-Ryujin boomed, his form lit with azure aurora “we have summoned you as there is a matter we require your aid to assist with.”

    “Indeed,” added Ahura Mazda serenely “the twenty of you have been selected for your past displays of skill in warfare and in most cases…” his eyes flickered to a GrandisKuwagamon standing beside a VictoryGreymon and Paildramon briefly. “Your clear respect and devotion to the laws of our land, as well as your fine moral standings.”

    “Are there any among you who do not know of the Royal Knights?” questioned Indra quietly. None confirmed this; the responses were generally shakes of heads and other such responses. “Good, as I expected you have all heard of the Knights. That will save us a great deal of time.”

    “Good,” Loki chuckled “I hate long talks. They bore me.”

    “Silence, Loki,” Maccan-Dagda said good-naturedly “we have important issues to concern ourselves with. Now, I trust that you may have been hearing rumours of a schism between us, the Council, and the Royal Knights?”

    There were many nods and a few gestures of disagreement.

    “Unfortunately,” Ishtar sighed “these rumours are the truth, of sorts. The Royal Knights have seceded from our authority and laws for their own misguided beliefs. You see, a few months ago, as you will undoubtedly know, humans began to enter our world from another. At first, all seemed well. We sent emissaries to these Tamers, and their intents were peaceful. They merely wished for some space of their own to settle down and form their own communities, perfectly reasonable wishes. We were prepared to grant them these requests.”

    “Unfortunately,” Amun-Ra said “things were not so simple. Lord Artorius, the commander of the Royal Knights, came to us demanding that laws and sanctions be placed on the Tamers, but we refused on the grounds that these demands were unreasonable. Following this, Artorius declared war upon the Tamers, after which we took the decision to command him to stand down at once. He ignored that command and declared the Knights free of our authority on account of the fact they believe their actions are in the best interests of the Digital World.”

    “Now the Knights are striking at the Tamers wherever they find them,” Angra Mainyu growled “and we have voted to act. We have summoned you, the greatest of our warriors, to join forces with the aim of bringing the Royal Knights to justice for their actions. We believe that of all Digimon within our sphere of influence, you alone will be able to perform such a task.”

    “We do not ask this of you lightly,” Ishtar said softly “the Royal Knights are the mightiest of warriors. They have centuries of experience in warfare, and their power is almost impossible to overcome. However, we cannot allow this madness to continue. The Tamers are growing disillusioned of all Digimon other than their partners, and should the Knights continue this Unholy Crusade, then the tensions will erupt into a full-scale war between humans and Digimon that would ravage the Digital World for years to come. This must end now.”

    “We have called for your aid,” Sei-Ryujin spoke “we chose you for your feats of arms, your former actions, your bravery and conviction in battle. Together, you represent our one chance of stopping the Royal Knights before our world is plunged deep into war. Bedivere Stormheart the Slayerdramon. Guinier Stormheart the AeroVeedramon. Caradoc Stern the Valkyrimon. Thor Odinson the Imperialdramon. Svarog Gilgamesh the Apollomon. Michael Ya’Hisrael the MagnaAngemon. Samael Cain the Beelzemon. Gigas Kranatos the HerculesKabuterimon. Pinocchio Marion the Puppetmon. Tyr Koenig the VictoryGreymon. Khrepius Aeolus the GrandisKuwagamon. Pyra Torren the Paildramon. Trowa the Cannonbeemon. Duo the Gaiomon. Lucia the QueenChessmon. Kame Kouken the Archelomon. Kole Sterj the Piedmon. Galic the MachGaogamon. Dunkelheit the Cerberumon. Azur the WereGarurumon.”

    “Our world needs you,” Ahura Mazda spoke wisely “will you answer the call for aid?”

    “I shall,” Bedivere said, stepping forwards and drawing the Fragarach before kneeling before the Council of Avalon “I pledge my blade to this cause, though I must battle those I aspired to equal in chivalry and greatness. By this oath, I swear to you that I shall not rest nor falter until the Royal Knights have been brought to justice.”

    “I stand with him,” Caradoc said, stepping forwards beside his ally and kneeling as well “the Knights shall not drive us to war.”

    “You have my help,” Guinier spoke, kneeling beside them.

    Slowly the others all in some manner pledged their allegiance to the cause, some clearly more willing than others, though all in the end accepted the duty of stopping the Royal Knights.

    “Good,” Angra Mainyu snarled “so we have a team. Now all that remains to be seen is if we got the right team.”

    “With all due respect, are you for this mission or against it?” Amun-Ra sighed “all we really need now is a name for them.”

    “How about Knightslayers?” Loki suggested.

    “We aren’t killing the Knights,” Bedivere retorted.

    “Avalon’s Knights?”

    “Not all of us are Knights,” Caradoc replied.

    “The Avengers?”

    “Who would we be avenging?” Guinier questioned. Loki gnashed his teeth in frustration.

    “Warbound?” he snapped.

    “They are not entering a war;” Maccan-Dagda laughed “let us for now name them… the Peacemakers. Their purpose is to uphold peace, thus they shall be named Peacemakers.”

    “The Peacemakers…” Bedivere murmured, trying it out “I like it. It fits us.”

    “Then it is decided,” Ishtar spoke with a hint of joy in her voice “they shall be known as the Peacemakers, the ones empowered by the Council of Avalon to preserve our peace.”

    “Where do we begin our task?” Caradoc asked.

    “We have word that the Royal Knights have dispatched two of their number in addition to a group of Knightmon to assail a small camp of three Tamers near Camelot,” Sei-Ryujin said “your first task is to defend these Tamers from the Knights and bring them to Avalon, where they will be under our protection. Even the madness that seems to have gripped the Knights will not allow them to throw aside all sense of strategy; they know they cannot challenge our force at their current strength.” Bedivere nodded.

    “We shall leave immediately,” he said, turning to do so “with me, Peacemakers!” Though some followed grudgingly, they all followed, ready to uphold the very laws of the world and prevent the apocalyptic war between humans and Digimon that threatened. They strove to end the threat of the Royal Knights and deliver justice. That was what they had come together for…

    (From now on, just essentially post us 'in transit' to the Tamer camp. It's to give each other a feel for how all the characters act, as I find that often what is written in the personality section of the Sign-Up pales in comparison to the actual character being written. Once everyone or at least a good majority have posted, I'll begin our battle against Sir Dagonet, Sir Bors and the Knightmon brigade.)
  2. rotrum

    rotrum Ice Cold

    OOC: I wanna post entering the room to show his fighitng style. I plan to wait a a few more posts to post following them.

    Kame waddled through the Halls of Avalon, nearly getting sepped on frequently, he was awestruck at how many digimon were around him. He had never seen so many in a single place, and never a place so large and beautiful as well. He gaped at all the things he saw, all the new digimon that he had never seen before. He took a few mental notes, in cse he'd ever encounter one or where to avoid if they seemed to be a powerful person. He finally entered the final hall after what felt like an eternity of waddling, having to speed up after a little while: here fewer digimon were about, theo ny one directly infront of im with a wargreyman-he had encoutnered them before.

    "Stand Aside. I am here to meet the Council" He said calmly at the powerful Mega-level.

    He stifled a laughed, "You? A Sea Turtle that can barely walk, let alone fight. Some real powerful digimon are here to meet the Council."

    Kame twitched at this, "Let me through." He sighed, regretting the fact that he didn't bring an ounce of proof.

    The Wargreymon smirked, thinking "Being a guard doesn't give much fighting experience. Maybe this guy can last longer then a second" he thne said to the Archelomon before him, "If you can defeat me in combat, I'll let you through" smriking under his metal mask.

    Kame let out a sigh as a small mist blew out from his breath, it quickly became a cloud over their heads. As rain began to fall from the cloud Kame's powe r visibly icnreased as he dashed through the Wargraymon's legs, slashing his shins. Kame quickly turned around, very serious aotu the challenge and very happy that none of a wargreymon's serious abilities aee possible in such a holy place. He then looked at his oppoenent, angrily slashing at him.

    "Oww that actually hurt..." Kame said as Wargreymon managed to strike him

    "What liers deserve" He said, as if he wre moe important then a guard.

    "Lier?? OCEAN STORM!" Kame excalimed as the cloud turned dark and the rain came down harder.

    "Your going to ruin this floor. I'll finish you!" He yelled as he bent down to slash him.

    "Idiot..." Kame sighed as he blocked it with his arms and retreated as afe distance away.

    "Scared?" The wargreymon smirked.

    "Yup. But not of you." kame said smugly. Before the gaurd could reply a small version of a bolt of lightning struck him, the metlof his natural armor amplifyign his attack. "You see, Ocean Storm is very unpredictable. So i need to wait until soem electricity starts to crackle before I can do anything serious; as it takes along time to cahrge between bolts" he then breathed cloud in, the water dripping in after it.

    "Ugh...pass..." the wargreymon said, knowing that his shift was alsmot over.

    OOC: What do you think?
  3. Kamotz

    Kamotz God of Monsters

    One Month Ago. Ruins of Tir-Na-Nog, Realm of Heroes:

    "You would stand idly by while our world falls to ruin?!" demanded the hulking Sleipmon. Sir Bors was the fury of battle, even in peacetime. His was the rage of the Royal Knights.

    "Calm yourself, Sir Bors," said Sir Hector the Gallantmon. "We did not come here to incite conflict. We are here because we hope Thor will join us in our endeavor. We did not come here to lash out at the heir to the White Sword."

    Thor's grip tightened around the aforementioned weapon. "You are asking me to take this sword, which I have only just proven myself worthy of lifting, and using it to end the lives of innocent Digimon and their human partners?" Thor asked. "I cannot do this, and neither can you."

    "Who are you to tell us what we can and cannot do?" demanded Sir Cador, the Examon. "Who are any of you to say what we can and cannot do? We are the Royal Knights. For centuries, our order has defended this world with our own blood, sweat, and tears."

    "I know full well the history of the Royal Knights, Sir Cador," Thor snapped. "Or do you forget that it was my father that forged your order? He brought you together to defend those who could not defend themselves. He brought you together to protect the peace and right wrongs."

    "Power equals justice and right," said Sir Gawain. "And our strength is equaled by no other group in the entire Digital World."

    "Is this your reasoning, Lord Artorius?" Thor demanded of the silent Alphamon. "This is why you're turning from your centuries-long task? Because of some idiotic self-righteous notion?"

    A sword was pressed to Thor's throat in the blink of an eye. On his right, the deadly Omnimon, Sir Lancelot, steadied the blade of the Transcendent Sword with terrifying certainty. Thor turned his gaze upon the white knight and held his glare. It took all his focus and willpower to lock eyes with Lancelot and not look away from the knight's intensity.

    "A fine way you have of recruiting allies, Artorius," Thor hissed. "Tell me, do all other Digimon cower before such a display of brutality? Is this how you thicken your ranks?"

    "Not at all," said Sir Tristan the UlforceVeedramon offhandedly. "We don't have this much patience with the others."

    "Were you not the son of Uther Pendragon, my sword would not have stopped at this side of your throat," Lancelot said. "Were you anyone else, I would not have allowed you to speak to the Royal Knights in such a manner."

    "Sir Hector, surely you, of all knights, cannot support this undertaking," Thor said, Lancelot's blade still at his throat. The Gallantmon remained silent for a moment. "This is madness."

    "Most times I would agree, Odinson," said Hector. "But I see the path our world is taking, and I fear where it ends. The humans will bring naught but ruin if they are left to run rampant. This is always the case."

    "Then go before the Council," Thor pleaded. "I'll speak for you! I'll use my father's influence. We can ask that rules be put in place...laws that the Tamers must follow...Artorius, please."

    "Do you think us idiots!?" Sir Bors demanded. "Lord Artorius has already gone before the Council of Avalon, already asked for the Tamers to be curtailed, for laws and regulations, but they would not hear his voice. They have left us with no other option."

    "Enough," said Artorius, breaking his silence. "There is no more to be said. Lancelot, stand down." The Omnimon withdrew his blade from Thor's neck. "Your father was called Odin by all the Digital World. He was a hero, the first true savior. But among us he preferred to be called Uther Pendragon. Do you know why? Because he believed in his own limitations and mortality. He allowed the rest of the Digital World to look on him as a godhead because it allowed him to inspire. But among us...among friends and comerades; brothers of the sword...he wanted to be looked on as mortal, so that we might point out his flaws and his imperfections. It is a lesson we Royal Knights have strived to live by."

    "Then how do you--?"

    "The humans do not have this trait," Artorius explained. "They are supreme in their arrogance. They will break our world with their ignorance. They have no humility! I would see them stopped before this can happen. I will not allow your father's vision to die! Not while breath remains in me."

    "Humility," Thor said. "My father strived to teach me humility; always pushing me, always testing me." Thor held up the White Sword. "This sword was the final test. All his power, all his strength, was passed to me upon his death. With the notion that I must be worthy to wield the sword. So then, Artorius," Thor raised the sword and drove it into the earth, "Lift this sword."

    "I do not need to prove myself to anyone, least of all to the ignorant and spoiled son of Odin," Artorius declared.

    "What's the problem?" Sir Bors the Sleipmon demanded. "Just lift the damn thing." He strode forward, grasped the sword with one hand and pulled. But the sword refused to move. Bors wrapped both hands around the sword and wrenched upward, but the sword still refused to budge. "What is the meaning of this witchcraft!?"

    "Not witchcraft," Thor said. "My father placed an enchantment on the blade. Only those who are deemed worthy may lift it. So I ask you again, Artorius, will you lift this sword?"

    Artorius regarded Thor in silence; his gaze was unwavering, filled with ancient power and wisdom. But then he glanced off and turned away.

    "Come, my knights," he said. "There is no more reason for us to remain here. The Odinson has spoken his peace, and we will leave it at that."

    "You'll allow him to speak to us thusly?" Gawain the Duftmon demanded.

    "He is the son of Uther Pendragon," said Artorius. "I will allow it this once. Know this, Thor; it is because of your father that we leave you in peace now. There are not many to whom we would extend the same courtesy. However, should you become involved in the coming conflict--should you stand against us--we will treat you no differently than any other. Your parentage will mean nothing."

    The Royal Knights turned and flew into the air, and Thor was left with a sickening dread in the pit of his stomach. Something dark was on the horizon. The time would come when all the world would tremble...


    Now. Paradise Eden, Realm of the Holy Host:

    An engine roared through the realm of Tir-na-Nog as Samael Cain came tearing through the streets on the sleek Behemoth motorcycle. He was set to meet with the three Archangels concerning some sort of deal. He didn't really care what the deal was; he was trying to earn his way back into Heaven, and didn't have much say in what the Host asked of him. Samael roared into the Great Cathedral and skid to a stop.

    "Did we not ask you to leave that abomination outside the cathedral?" Raziel the Ophanimon asked. "I will not have that beast in this holy place."

    "Hey, Behemoth has a mind of his own," said Samael. "He don't like waitin'. Can we do this? Whatcha' got for me this time? Save a village? Hunt down a rabid DinoTigermon? Pull a Gatomon out of a tree?" He leaned back against the Behemoth casually and defiantly.

    "No," said Gabriel the Cherubimon. "This is something far more serious. I'm sure one as well-traveled as you has heard something of the situation."

    "Yeah," Samael said off-handedly. "Someone's been picking off yer Tamers, kickin' humans outta the Digital World."

    "Yes," said Raziel the Ophanimon.

    "I don't see the problem," said Samael. "Humans stink."

    "Your opinion is duly noted," said Gabriel the Cherubimon.

    "No, I mean it," said Samael. "They smell bad. Stink to high…well, to here...this being heaven and all."

    "Regardless of their odor," said Khamael the Seraphimon. "We cannot have rogue Digimon killing the Tamers' Digimon partners, nor can we have them killing the guards we put in place to protect them."

    "This is disturbing news indeed," said a voice. The shining form of the Archangel Michael Ha'Yisrael burned into view, slowly descending from an opening in the stained-glass ceiling.

    "Fan-freakin'-spectaculous," Samael growled. "Why'd you have to call old helmet-head? I guarantee I can take care of this on my own. Fancy-pants over here'll just get in my way."

    "Michael's involvement is not up for discussion," said Khamael the Seraphimon. "His was the hand that smote Daemon and Lucemon. His involvement in this operation was directly requested by the Council of Avalon."

    "Yeah, yeah," Samael muttered. "Hand of God, this and that, whatever. Who're we supposed to wack anyway?"

    "This will be discussed in Avalon when you speak with the Council," said Khamael. "We can give no more information than that."

    "Fantastic," Samael sighed. "Well, what're ya' waitin' for wing-brain. Let's get moving." The two warriors, Hand of God and Fallen Angel, turned to leave, but the voice of Khamael the Seraphimon stopped them.

    "Michael, a moment if you would." Michael stopped. "Samael, wait outside." Samael continued out the door with a few choice explicative words. "There is something we must tell you. The targets of your mission are the Royal Knights."

    "What?" Michael demanded.

    "Artorius has set out on a crusade," said Raziel. "He will not stop until every Tamer has left the Digital World. And knowing Artorius, he will go to any lengths to achieve this end."

    "This is what the Council has called us for," Michael realized. "I understand, my Lords. What would you have me do?"

    "The Council wants Artorius and the Royal Knights to be brought in to face trial," said Gabriel. "But they will not stop. There is no changing Artorius's mind. He'll lead his knights into oblivion."

    "What would you have me do?" Michael asked again, more urgently.

    "Stop them, no matter the cost," answered Khamael. "No matter what the Council asks of you, the Royal Knights must not succeed. And they must not live to stand trial."

    "I…You don't seek justice. You seek vengeance. They're not the same," Michael declared. He turned and left. As he left the chamber of the Three Great Angels, he leaned against the nearby wall. "What do I do?" he asked the empty air. "This isn't the way."

    Now. Avalon, Realm of the Council of Immortals:

    Avalon was just as Thor remembered it. It was still as grand and spectacular a sight as it had ever been. Towering castles and citadels speared into the pristine blue sky. Floating towers connected to the main cathedral by spiraling and winding rainbow bridges. It was a realm of gold, silver, and gemstones. It was the seat of all power in the Digital World. That the Council had called him was an honor; that he was being called to stand against the Royal Knights was a travesty.

    The great cathedral of the Council came into view as Thor flew through the air. He closed his wings and swooped down low to the entranceway. He nodded to the guards and strode into through the gates towards the main chamber of the Council of Avalon. It was a great circular room, and the eight council members were seated about a great circular table with an open center. Thor strode to the open center of the table, where several other Digimon were standing as well.

    "Thor, it is wonderful to see you again," said Sei-Ryujin the Azulongmon sincerely. "Your father's presence on the Council is sorely missed. You wield his power now...you're his splitting image."

    "Yes," hissed Angra Mainyu the Megidramon. "He wields Odin's power, but not Odin's presence. Odin was one who towered over us all. Look how the son almost cowers before us. He is little more than a pale imitation of true power and nobility."

    "Angra Mainyu," Thor acknowledged. "My father told me of your arrogance. But he neglected to mention that you were a simpleton. Do not confuse proper respect with fear or cowardice."

    Maccan-Dagda the Susanoomon chuckled under his breath. "It seems that you underestimate the Odinson, Angra Mainyu. He has more of his father's fire than you gave credit for. I'm glad to see you growing into yourself."

    "Come now," said Ahura Mazda the Goldramon. "This is not the time or the place for bickering. It is out pleasure to host the son of Odin in this chamber."

    "Indeed," said Ishtar the Magnadramon. "Odin was a valued member of the Council and a dear friend to us all, even though we did not always agree on matters of state. His loss was felt by us all."

    "What wonderful sentiments we are sharing today," said Loki the KingEtemon snidely. "Should we all hold hands and sing a song?"

    Amun-Ra the Varodurumon sighed tiredly, long since frustrated by Loki's attitude. "Well unfortunately, Loki is right," he said. "The time for pleasantries is over."

    "Indeed," said Indra the Anubismon. "There are other matters we must attend to."


    Svarog Gilgamesh powered through the sky, trailing fire in his wake. His arrival sent guards and citizens of Avalon running for cover as he streaked through the sky like as a fiery comet. He swooped through the air, fire flashed around him and he dropped into the entranceway to the great cathedral hall. The Apollomon strode forward confidently. A BanchoLeomon stood by the doorway.

    "Gilgamesh returns to Avalon," said the Bancho with a laugh. "I never thought I'd see the day."

    "Your commentary was not something I missed, Enkidu," Svarog growled. "I see you're still cowing to these overgrown blow-hards."

    "Not all of us can afford the luxury of traveling the world in self-imposed exile," said the Bancho. "Though your exploits are quite impressive." The Bancho led Svarog to the council chamber. "I'm sure you're aware of the situation."

    "No details, but I've heard rumors," Svarog confirmed. "Still can't believe it though."

    Warning klaxons blared throughout the realm of Avalon and a loud engine roared through the air. Smoke and dust appeared on the horizon, led by a sleek black shape. The shape plowed through the outskirts of Avalon and tore into the city and over the many bridges. The motorcycle skid to a halt mere inches from Svarog and the Bancho. A Beelzemon dismounted and brushed past them.

    "Outta my way, ya ugly cuss," the demon laughed. "I got a meeting with the big bosses. Important stuff. Can't have you two makin' me late."

    "And I thought the Holy Host got rid of all you demon filth," Svarog growled. "Who the hell are you?"

    "I'm called Samael. Or Cain. Or Fallen One. Or motherless scum. Depends who I'm with and whether we're trying to kill each other," Samael said simply before continuing on his way.

    "Who the hell is this guy, Enkidu?" Svarog asked the Bancho.

    "Likely another who answered the Council's summons," the Bancho answered. "Come; let's not waste any more time." They made their way into the Council's chamber where an Imperialdramon and several others were already conversing with the Council.

    "Damn," Samael muttered. "It's Odin."

    "I thought he died," said Svarog.

    "That's not Odin," said Enkidu the Bancho. "That's his son, Thor."

    "Never heard of him," said Svarog.

    "Not surprising," said Enkidu. "He hasn't done much to be heard of. But he is a competent fighter and wields his father's power. He's not an invalid."

    "Sure hope not," said Samael sarcastically. "I'd hate to die on this suicide mission."

    Another Digimon flashed into view, light faded from its countenance to reveal the form of a MagnaAngemon. Michael Ha'Yisrael appeared before the three and sent a grim look to Samael.

    "You were told to wait," said the archangel. "How difficult could that have possibly been, even for you?"

    Samael shrugged. "You're barking up the wrong tree, helmet-head," Samael said with a wave. "I don't do that whole 'shiny telepop pazaz' you do. And I wasn't about to attach a sidecar to my beautiful Behemoth so you could ride shotgun."

    "Watch yourself, Samael," Michael warned.

    "What're you gonna do about it?" Samael challenged with a glare. But Michael held his gaze and the fallen angel rolled his eyes and looked away. "Whatever, let's just get this over with." Both Michael and Samael strode forward to stand by Thor.

    "What a wonderful development," Svarog growled. "I've been back in Avalon five minutes and I already want to punch everyone here in the face."

    "Even me?" Enkidu asked.

    "Especially you," Svarog answered good-naturedly. He sighed and turned to the other gathered Digimon. "Wish me luck, Enkidu."

    "Wish you luck?" Enkidu laughed. "Why? They're the ones that'll have to deal with you."


    "Peacemakers," Samael muttered in annoyance. "Can't freakin' believe it. What a damned stupid name. That idiot Susanoomon…can't believe it. Someone kill me now."

    "If you don't stop complaining, I will," Svarog growled.

    "Bring it, fire-crotch!" Samael snarled back. Svarog's hands lit with flame and Samael went for his guns.

    "Enough!" Michael shouted. "We have a daunting task set ahead of us. We must prepare accordingly. If our enemy is secure at all points, be prepared for him. If he is in superior strength, evade him. If our opponent is temperamental, seek to irritate him. Pretend to be weak, that he may grow arrogant. If he is taking his ease, give him no rest. If his forces are united, separate them. If sovereign and subject are in accord, put division between them. Attack him where he is unprepared, appear where you are not expected."

    "All fine philosophies," said Thor, stepping forward and making himself known. "But irrelevant. This is not a king with an army that we go against. These are the Royal Knights."

    "Knights, shmights," Samael waved dismissively. "There's only eleven of 'em and twenty of us. We can take 'em."

    "This is not some mere contingent of shoddy soldiers," Thor objected. "These are the Royal Knights, the greatest fighting force in the entire Digital World. In all their history they have never been defeated. Their members are the greatest and most skilled warriors in all of creation. Their tactical prowess is unequaled."

    "Well then," said Svarog. "Perhaps we should return to the Council and tell them that we've reconsidered."

    "I wasn't suggesting that-"

    "No, you were merely suggesting the futility of this endeavor," Svarog growled. "For this you are greatly appreciated."

    "Enough," Michael shouted again. "This is obscene. We cannot function as a cohesive unit like this. We need a leader, someone to follow."

    "Whoever leads us will need to be strong, confident, capable," said Thor.

    "So…not you," Samael smirked. "Though you're right…I'd make a great leader."

    "Because your choices in life thus far have led to tremendous success, haven't they…Fallen One," Michael deadpanned.

    "Think you could do better, helmet head?" Samael demaded.

    "I know I can," Michael retorted. "But-"

    "STOP THIS NOW!" Svarog roared, spewing fire from his eyes. "I'm done listening to you all bicker like children. From this moment on, if you choose to act as a child...that is what you will be! And I will spank you like a child. But act as men, as noble men, and that is what you will be treated as."

    "Then perhaps you might lead us," Thor suggested.

    "Me?" Svarog laughed. "Please. I accepted this mission because it gave me something worth my time to fight, something worthy to hit, something that will hit me back. I have no desire to bear the burden of responsibility for this rag-tag group. What of you, Odinson? Would you shoulder this burden?"

    "No," Thor admitted. "I am too much my father's son, and Artorius knows this. He's far too familiar with our way of thinking, and while I wield my father's power, I do not possess his wisdom."

    "We were fighting a war, were this an operation on a far grander scale I would volunteer," said Michael. "But my services are better spent without the preoccupation of leadership."

    "Then it's settled," said Samael. "I'll lead. Fall in, dip-sh*ts! Time to go!"
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    The day was glorious; the sky blue as the sea. Digimon, civilians of Avalon, bustled up and down the many streets. A Puppetmon shoved a couple of Flamedramon out of the way, and then proceeded to stomp angrily through the many other Digimon that stood in his way. Normally, Pinocchio Marion, or "Nocchi" as he was often called, would have enjoyed a fine day like this...but not today. Instead he had to spend his day with...

    Nocchi rolled his eyes. The Avalon Council...

    The Puppetmon adjusted his nose and groaned. "Bah...I hate big meetings like these...especially when I don't have anything to throw at people. I should've brought some spitballs...or something."

    Nocchi glanced up as an Archelomon trudged past him. "Too bad I don't have any spit..."

    Nocchi shrugged. Forget it. Slowly, the Puppetmon began to make his way to the huge building that loomed before him. As he did, he noticed the Archelomon from before beating on a WarGreymon-guard. Nocchi chuckled, and then grinned impishly. Sneaking past the two of them, as well as he could with his wooden feet, mind you, Nocchi tiptoed into the building.

    As he slowly entered through the hall, his gaze rested on a Rapidmon and a Ravemon...who stood guarding another door. Nocchi chuckled again. In his fingers he formed a few near-invisible strings, and sent them hurtling forward. They latched onto the Ravemon, who, unknowingly, became subject to Nocchi's manipulation at once.

    Pinocchio Marion marched proudly forward, grinning.

    "Halt!" exclaimed the Rapidmon, aiming his arm-cannons at Nocchi. "State your business!"

    "None of yer beeswax, Goldie-locks."

    With a twitch of his finger, Nocchi moved the strings attached to the Ravemon's wing, and sent it careening at the Rapidmon's head.

    "Hey!" thundered the Rapidmon. "What was that for?!"

    "I didn't do anything," replied the Ravemon.

    "Yes, you did! You slapped me!"

    As the two proceeded to argue, Nocchi dashed past them, just barely restraining himself from bursting into a fit of laughter. When he entered, his eyes rested upon a slew of Digimon that had gathered there...including a very large bug. A massive hulk of a HerculesKabuterimon.

    "Ew...that's one big termite."


    When the Council of Avalon had finished their long and, by Nocchi's standards, boorish talk, they proceeded to give the new group a name. The Peacemakers, Nocchi thought. I hate it.

    The HerculesKabuterimon, named Gigas Kranatos, famed for his herculean strength, chuckled. The Peacemakers, he thought, grinning. I like it!

    When the other Digimon had begun to depart, Gigas tapped lightly on Nocchi's head. The Puppetmon yelped and glared up at him, roaring, "Hey! What's the big idea?!"

    "Oh...sorry," Gigas replied, taking a step back. "I didn't mean to hurt you, or nothin'. I just wanted to introduce myself." The huge HerculesKabuterimon extended a hand. "My name's Gigas. Gigas Kranatos."

    Nocchi scowled. He shouldered his hammer and tried to appear as cool as possible. "Pinocchio Marion. But you can call me 'Nocchi'...or 'Boss', if you prefer."

    "Hohohoho...you're funny!" Gigas said, chuckling.

    "What are you, SantaAgumon, or somethin'?!"

    If Gigas had owned an eyebrow, he would have raised it. "What do you mean?"

    "You laugh...really weird-like," Nocchi said, grinning. Finally, he burst into laughter. "Nyehehehehehehehe...you sound like a jolly ol' Christmas dinosaur! Nyehehehehe..."

    "But...you laugh weird-like too," Gigas replied, folding his arms across his chest. "You sound like a constipated Unimon."

    Nocchi's eyes narrowed. "Touche."
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    “I suppose I still cannot dissuade you…” said a gruff, older male voice.

    A Paildramon stood in front of a door in a large room with walls of fine stone and many first class furnishings. A mighty Imperialdramon stood on a massive staircase, behind the Dramon, watching keenly. The Paildramon turned around and looked at him.

    “I’m sorry, Father. I couldn’t refuse the Avalon Council even if I wanted to, which I don’t,” said a strong yet composed female voice.

    The Imperialdramon sighed and continued down the stairs towards her. “Well at least I know you have the obduracy of a male Paildramon.”

    The Paildramon smiled slightly. “I’ll take that as a compliment.”

    “I assume this has to do with the Royal Knights and their secession. They’re the finest warriors in the land. They’re not like those weak bands of rogues, brigands, and rebels that you’re used to fighting. They could slice even a seasoned veteran in half without so much as a flick of the wrist!”

    She sighed. “I appreciate your concern, Father, but I’ll be able to handle myself. You forget that the Avalon Council clawpicks the team members and I can assure you that they didn’t just pick me because you are my father.”

    “That’s for sure…” Terraneus, the Imperialdramon, mumbled. He sighed and slowly approached, placing his right fore claw around her. “While I don’t approve of this… be safe, my Pyra. And may you have the resilience of a Megidramon in your battles.”

    Pyra raised her arms to return the embrace, but then thought better of it. She stopped, mid-action, and settled for placing her hand on Terraneus’ shoulder. “Thank you, Father… I will.”

    “Yo, Sis!” a voice younger than her own rang out from the top of the large stairs. Pyra looked to see an ExVeemon slickly glide down the edge of the banister towards them before boasting a flip and landing cockily beside the two.

    “Hello, Maximus,” Pyra said warmly while their father inwardly snarled and glowered at his son’s antics.

    “Goodbye, Pyra. I eagerly await your return,” her father said before making his way back up the stairs at the rear of the room.

    Pyra nodded and waved before turning to face Maximus.

    “So I guess you’re leaving now, huh?” he said.

    “Yeah, that’s right, Max.”

    He looked at the ground in disappointment. “Damn… I’ll miss ya, you know.”

    The Paildramon smiled. “You won’t miss me too much with all the friends and girlfriends you have.”

    Maximus chuckled a little. “Heh, I guess…”

    After making sure that her father was out of sight, Pyra tightly embraced Maximus, to which he promptly returned the action. “I’ll miss you too, Max. Don’t let Father push you too hard. He has trouble understanding that-“

    “That I don’t want to do what you do? I know… Him and his traditions though… It’ll be hard without you here to back me up, Sis.”

    Pyra released her arms from him and gave him an additional pat on the shoulder. “You’re stronger than you think, Max.”

    He smirked. “Thanks… You are too.”

    The Paildramon grinned and gave him a playful punch on the arm. “Don’t get in too much trouble, okay?”

    Maximus kept grinning and raised his hand along with two of his clawed fingers to make a ‘V’ shape. “V for Victory. I hope you get lots of ‘em. Pyra.”

    Pyra smiled and then turned, opening the large door behind her and walking out into the stone street.


    An irritated GrandisKuwagamon was walked through a long stone corridor. He had become so accustomed to the musty feeling of it that he no longer noticed, though he was pleased at the prospect of fresh air. Beside him walked a WarGreymon, tersely hauling him by his black-armoured arm. The GrandisKuwagamon’s wrists were bound together behind his back by chains, which created a high-pitched grating sound each time he took a step. This annoyed him to no end.

    “You’re lucky, Kheprius,” said the WarGreymon, continuing to lead him along.

    “Oh, yeah, I know. I count my blessings every waking minute,” the prisoner replied, his voice dripping with sarcasm.

    “I’m serious. You could be wasting away in your cell, but because of your combat skills, you have a second chance… as long as you don’t do anything… wrong. I call that lucky.”

    Kheprius clenched his fists, as it was all he could do. “’Wrong’ is such a relative word… And my skills are of my own doing; luck had nothing to do with it.”

    The WarGreymon grinned. “Your stay in jail was your own doing too, unless I’m mistaken. What’d you do? Torch a village?”

    The dinosaur heard Kheprius’ arms tense and, in a single effort, try to fight against the chains. The chains held and the bug digimon gave up and managed to maintain his composure, eliciting a small chuckle from the WarGreymon. “…No… I'd never burn down a village…”

    “Heh. Are you a mercenary with a sense of honour or something? I thought you guys only cared about fortune.”

    “I don't care about honour, wealth, or fame. I do what I do for the sake of myself because that's all that I’ll ever need,” Kheprius calmly replied.

    The guard looked at him curiously. “…Yeah? Well maybe you should have thought of that before getting a bounty put on your head.”

    “Or maybe I shouldn’t have placed my trust in such weak-willed comrades.”

    The two reached the end of the corridor and entered a main hall, where the guard took Kheprius outside. The GrandisKuwagamon squinted and recoiled at the bright sunlight that he was unaccustomed to, but he quickly got used to it. The guard then began to lead him up an inclined road.

    Kheprius turned his horned head and looked over his shoulder at his bound hands. “So, what? Does the Council expect for me to do their dirty work with my Gran Killers chained behind my back?”

    The guard chuckled to himself and shook his head. “Heh, no. I’ll untie you once we get to the council chambers; it should be done soon.”

    “Am I on the honour system or something? If I promise not to escape, they’ll promise to let me go once I do what they ask?”

    “You can’t think they’re that naïve, can you?”

    “It wouldn’t surprise me… So what’s gonna stop me from going on my merry way?” Kheprius asked as he was walked across the last bridge leading to the tower.

    The WarGreymon and he reached outside the great hall that they were assigned to meet at, ten seconds after he finished asking.

    The guard waited a few moments and released his grip. “It should be activated now,” he muttered to himself. He then turned to Kheprius. “Try it. Try escaping. I won’t chase ya,” he challenged, spreading his orange arms out and backing up. He then motioned to the other WarGreymon guard stoically standing at the council hall doors to stay at ease.

    Kheprius knew that this would end badly for him, but he was curious and he had to try. Even with his chained hands, he flew off as fast as he could. At about 400 metres, he felt like he was completely free…

    But it was not so.

    He flew further and suddenly an incredible surge of electricity coursed throughout his armoured form. Kheprius let out an agonized cry before falling limply to the ground, about four stories below. Upon hearing the clang of metal striking stone, the guard chuckled to himself and he lunged over to see Kheprius lying on a stone road.

    “What-… What the hell-…” he tried to say while rolling onto his chest.

    The WarGreymon helped the prisoner stand before flying him back across the arch bridge to outside the council chamber. The bug digimon shakily stood upon arriving.

    “What was that?!” he asked in anger, having shook off the electricity by then.

    “Well you see, we couldn’t trust you not to escape, so they infused a controlling-tracking system in your data. You can’t move within 500 metres of the group or someone in the group. If you do, you receive a warning shock like the one that you just felt- but the first time is the worst since you aren’t expecting it or used to it. Anyways, prior to the warning shock, you have ten seconds to get back in the range or else you’ll be teleported back to the group where they’ll deal with you... accordingly. And I know you don’t want that,” the guard explained.

    “*******…” Kheprius hissed, balling up his bound hands.

    “Hey, don’t act like you’re the victim here. You made the choices you did and got yourself in prison, so it’s your own fault.” The guard moved around behind him. “But look on the bright side, you don’t need these anymore,” he said, beginning to remove the chains.

    As that happened, Pyra, who was making her way to the citadel, passed by them and gave them a curious glance. The guard gave a nod of acknowledgement.

    Kheprius noticed her staring and sneered. “… What?”

    “… Nothing,” she replied.

    “Well, paint a mural; it will last longer,” he said derisively.

    Pyra simply shrugged him off and opened the door to the great hall. The guard removed the chains and gave Kheprius a final playful shove before turning around. “Be good, bug; okay?”

    The GrandisKuwagamon ignored him and stretched out his stiff arms before begrudgingly following Pyra in.


    After the meeting

    Tyr’s green eyes flashed with excitement as the group began to set off. His giant Dramon Breaker sword rested horizontally behind his head, across his shoulders and collarbone, just above his unmoving metal wings. His gold and silver armour gleamed as his muscular form walked alongside Gigas, the HerculesKabuterimon.

    Pyra’s red eyes glanced at Tyr curiously, walking near a WereGarurumon. Tyr looked over his shoulder and noticed her. He smiled. “Hey there!” he called out.

    This took Pyra by surprise a little, and she blushed slightly under her armour, hoping he didn’t get the wrong idea. “Oh, err... Hello, I’m Pyra. Pyra Torren,” she replied, managing to seem natural.

    Grinning, Tyr replied, “That’s a nice name! I’m Tyr Koenig, but my friends call me Tyr... and my good friends from my platoon call me ‘the Brick Wall of Fire’! Maybe you heard of that nickname?”

    “Wow, you must have had some... good friends,” she replied, choosing to allow Tyr to remain in blissful ignorance about the true meaning of his nickname.

    “Hahah, yup! They were all grinning ear-to-ear when they heard I was picked to join this team. In fact, they were so happy, they already packed my bag for me and helped me out of the barracks!” he merrily said while rubbing the nape of his neck where some of his orange-red hair stuck out from under his horned helmet.

    “I see... How... nice of them.”

    “Yeah, I’ll miss ‘em... but oh well! I hope to make a lot of new friends in the Peacemakers too!” Tyr said with genuine enthusiasm. “Only trouble is it’s as quiet as a graveyard here.”

    Almost immediately after saying that, he heard an argument break out among an Imperialdramon, Apollomon, MagnaAngemon, and Beelzemon.

    "Then it's settled," said Samael. "I'll lead. Fall in, dip-sh*ts! Time to go!"

    Tyr blinked in confusion. “I thought we were ‘the Peacemakers’...”

    Kheprius flew upside down so that he faced towards the sky, his Gran Killer claws placed behind his head as he flew past Samael. “Yeah, let’s listen to Triclops. First order of business: everyone gets tacky, skin-tight leather pants and jackets. It sounds great already!” he scoffed. “I don’t see why we need a leader. Why would any of us need to be told what to do? I’m sure we can all take care of ourselves and make sure we don’t get ourselves killed... and if some of us can’t...” he glanced at Samael “Then it’s really no big loss to us. But, if we do have to choose a leader, I’d rather go for one that’s easy on the eyes”

    He looked over at Pyra. “Hey, that means you, princess!”

    Pyra slowly turned towards him. “Excuse me?”

    “You heard me, sweetheart. You’d be a fine leader. Very fine...”

    “Pervert,” she muttered with a sigh. “I certainly hope that wasn’t why you were locked up in chains.”

    “Who says I was locked in anything?” Kheprius replied with a shrug and continued to fly back-and-forth among the rank and file.

    Meanwhile, Tyr looked up at Gigas. “Hello up there! Tyr’s the name! You seem like an intellismart digimon... who do you think should be leader?”

    Pyra attempted to ignore Kheprius and turned to the nearest digimon. This happened to be the WereGarurumon. “Excuse me... ‘Azur’, isn’t it? Did I get that right? You seem fairly decent on first impression. Tell me that this whole team isn’t filled with would-be thugs and warmongers,” she said jokingly.
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    "Hello up there! Tyr’s the name! You seem like an intellismart digimon... who do you think should be leader?"

    Gigas looked down at the VictoryGreymon inquisitively. He scratched his head, glanced around, and then looked at Tyr again. "You mean...me?"

    Still amazed that someone would actually care what he thought, Gigas stuttered, "W-well...I...erm..."

    He stood there for a moment, with his arms folded across his chest, thoughtfully. A full fifteen seconds later, he said, "Wait...what were we talking about?"

    Nocchi scowled. Stepping forward, he growled, "He was asking who you thought should be leader, Ding-dong!" With a grin, the Puppetmon added, "And on that note...well...I'd say the answer is obvious. I would make the best leader! I have the looks. I have the skills. I have the--"

    "Hammer," Gigas interrupted. "You have the hammer."

    "Yes, yes...I have the hammer," Nocchi murmured, busily counting off his various attributes on his wooden fingers.

    Gigas placed his hands on his hips and nodded. "Hm...I'm thinkin'. Maybe...just maybe...maaaaaybeeee..."

    "Out with it, bug!" Nocchi snapped.

    Gigas glanced over his shoulder at the Slayerdramon who stood a ways off. "I think that guy over there would make a good leader...he seemed to take charge earlier...Bedivere, I think?"

    Nocchi scowled, and glared at the Slayerdramon. "That guy isn't half the mon I am!"

    Gigas couldn't help but chuckle a bit. "Hohoho...that's funny...because you're only half his size!"

    Pinocchio Marion's eyes narrowed. Waving his huge mallet around in the air, he growled, "See this hammer? I can use it to squash your face in. Or your behind--whichever comes first for an ugly freak like you."

    Gigas Kranatos lifted his hands up in the air. "Alright, alright, little wooden child...no need to go and start a war...remember, we're the Peacemakers."

    Nocchi rolled his eyes. "I hate that name...with a passion. And don't think for a minute that I'm going to be a part of this group! I'm going to be with my own group!...that just so happens to be following you guys around."

    Gigas grinned. "That's great! I'll be in your group too!"

    "NO!" Nocchi exclaimed, leaping back. "I'm in a group of one, buster! I'd rather be alone!"

    "Great! We can be alone together!" Gigas replied, grabbing Nocchi and pulling him into a great, big, bug-hug. "This is great! I've never had a best friend before!"

    "Gee, I wonder why..." Nocchi hissed in a muffled voice.
  7. Galic stood on top of a tall building overseeing a large street crowding with people. He would have looked like quite the noble figure, the early morning sun shining on and brightening him in a rather ethereal way, if not the for fact that he had one metallic hand rubbing the back of his neck and a worried frown on his face. His eyes golden eyes swept from corner to corner, from digimon to digimon, hoping to find a familair black exoskeleton or a worn out red vest on any one of them.

    'Alas, there is neither a hair or a tail of either one of them,' he thought worriedly and rubbing the bridge between his eyes. 'Did I not tell them to stay close?'


    Azur followed his brother as the Cerberumon traversed through the long, thick legs, various obstacles and tiny Digimon. He had to admit, Dunk was quite good at avoiding and evading every single thing that was in his path. He knew it was because of the shoulder armors on him. It was a bit strange to him, though.

    But as strange as it was, he wished he could have them at that moment. While he was able to avoid most of the things in his way, he did get bumped and shoved by the occasional passerby or small stone.

    "Dunk," Azur called, sidestepping a Puppetmon who was just about to step on his foot.

    The Cerberumon stopped for a moment and then looked behind him. "Oh," he said. "I didn't notice you following me." Dunk suddenly grinned and his tail started swishing happily from side to side, accidentally hitting a few digimon. Fortunately, most had too busy schedules to care.

    Azure grunted, crossing his arms and giving his brother an intense stare that would make most digimon fidget. Dunk was unphazed.

    "It was so cool!" the hellhound started saying. "I saw this really cool looking digimon. I think he was one of those Greymon's; he looked like one but cooler. He had a really cool looking sword and really cool armor! The sword was so huge, too! And he had cool looking wings!" His tail began to swish even faster.

    Azur continued to stare at him, wondering how long he would keep up with his monologue. 'Galic is rubbing off on him,' he thought to himself, not saying a thing.

    "-and I was following him! He's actually right...hey, where'd ge go?" Dunk had looked behind him seemed to be searching for something. "Aww, I lost him!" His tail had stopped swishing, and he sat on his haunches in disappointment.

    Azur sighed and shook his head. He loved his brother, he really did, but he had to wonder what was going on his head sometimes.

    Dunk looked at him and then blinked. "Where's did Galic go?" He stood up and looked around.

    Azur palmed his forehead and sighed. Dunk had disappeared on them, and they decided to split up to find him. Unfortunately, while Azur found his brother's body weaving through other bodies, he and Galic lost each other in the process.

    "Ah well, he'll find us," Dunk said happily and started walking away. Azur raised an eyebrow and followed him. "He always does."

    Azur had to grin. Their mentor always did have a knack for finding them when they needed him the most.


    Galic was talking to a Wisemon who said that he had spotted a Cerberumon with a broken left horn and a vest-wearing WereGarurumon pass by his stall ten or fifteen minutes before he arrived. However, he was having some trouble getting the Mutant type digimon to tell him what direction they went.

    "No, no, sir!" the merchant digimon told him. "You simply cannot go without buying at least one of my wares! I even have this compass that will help you find direction your friends!"

    "I cannot," Galic replied, raising his hands in front of him in a defensive gesture. "Mayhap you can just give me directions instead?" He stepped back. Suddenlt, Galic jumped backwards, just a few seconds before a black motorcycle-riding digimon sped past just where he was standing. Dust and dirt had burst from the ground into opaque clouds seperating the MachGaogamon from the Wisemon.

    Galic tried to get a glimpse of the mobile digimon, but could only spot the retreating figure. He looked further down, and he spotted a torn piece of red cloth.

    While he didn't want to leave the merchant hanging, he simply did not have the time to have a small chat. He needed to find the twins. Besides, he finally got his direction. He took a mental note to thank whoever was riding the motorcycle, immediately forgetting that it would have rammed into him had he not jumped away.


    Dunk's tail was swishing quite madly as he looked on at the large building in front of him. At the entrance were a couple of strong looking digimon: a Darkdramon and a Karatenmon.

    "This is so awesome!" Dunk couldn't help but try to stand on his hindlegs. "I can't even see the top!"

    Seeing his brother so happy, Azur couldn't help but smile.

    "Can we help you?" the Karatenmon asked. The Darkdramon just looked at them arrogantly.

    Azur looked at the Karatenmon and nodded. Before he could say anything Dunk jumped in front of the Demon Man digimon. "Is this the Council of Avalon place?" he asked giddily.

    The reply was a surprised nod.

    "Wow, Azur!" The Cerberumon turned away from the guards and faced his brother. "I bet we got here before Galic did!"

    "Wait, wait, wait!" the Darkdramon suddenly said, causing all three other digimon to look at him. "Galic? As in Galic Lupocuore? Then you two must be the Schattenlicht twins."

    The brothers nodded, one of which was grinning madly. "Yep! I'm Dunkelheit. He's Azur," the toothy one said.

    "I can't believe it," the Darkdramon said. "You two are just a couple of punks." Azur growled at him. "Oh yeah right, like you can beat me. Just try it!"

    Just as he finished, the WereGarurumon was crouching in front of him, balanced on one foot and raising another towards the Darkdramon's chin. Before the Darkdramon could even move, he was sent flying upwards by Azur's kick.

    Dunk and the Karatenmon just looked on as the Darkdramon kept on rising.

    "It seems that my youngest apprentice has reached my level when I successfully defeated Starshield the SlashAngemon," a baritone voice siddenly spoke behind them. "Though it seems that Azur still lacks some of the power that you have, Dunk."

    The Karatenmon jumped a few feet in surprise. Dunk, not even looking away from the figure of the Darkdramon, just said, "Hey Galic! Man, Zur, how strong did you kick the guy?"

    Azur, satisfied with his impromptu 'battle', didn't bother to answer his brother and gave his mentor a curt nod.

    "Now that it seems that we have all arrived, we must get inside. I do not want to keep our friends waiting," Galic said, walking towards the entrance.

    "Okay!" Dunk followed, eager to see what was inside. Azur shook his head at his brother's behavior. Still, he was curious to see what was in store for them.

    The Karatenmon just stared after them, even when they disappeared from his view. He jumped once more when a figure suddenly crashed into the ground beside him.

    "Uh...what was the licence plate of the Locomon that hit me?" the Darkdramon muttered, not feeling strong enough to move.

    'And I thought that joining the attack force was dangerous!' the Karatenmon thought, seriously considering a position as a soldier. 'But noooo, I had to become a guard!'


    After the Debriefing

    Dunk was drooling. Everwhere he looked, there were different looking digimon. They had wings, horns, armor, weapons, anything he could think of! He could swear that he spotted the one Digimon he was following before.

    "The Brick Wall of Fire," Dunk muttered, awestruck. His tail was wildly snapping from one side to the next. He couldn't keep his eyes off any of the digimon around him.

    Azur, meanwhile, was trying very hard not to stare at either of the two female digimon in the group. When he felt one of them, a Paildramon with quite a femenine form, walk close by, he almost felt his nerves jump.

    "Hey Azur," Dunk whispered to him. Azur was glad for the distraction and gave his brother a glance. "They're all talking about who should lead the group. Who do you think should be leader?"

    The WereGarurumon gave him a questioning look. It didn't really matter to him who lead as long as the digimon was competent.

    "Excuse me... ‘Azur’, isn’t it? Did I get that right?" Azur heard a feminine voice say, and he felt himself freeze. "You seem fairly decent on first impression. Tell me that this whole team isn’t filled with would-be thugs and warmongers.”

    Azur willed himself to look at the Paildramon a few feet from him and opened his mouth. "Um...yes," he muttered, subconsciously scratching his cheek with a claw. He couldn't help the sudden heat of a blush and mentally hurt himself. "I don't believe that the, uh, council would have chosen truly bad digimon...um..." He felt his blush grow even stronger. He had little experience around ladies, and it didn't help that he didn't feel very comfortable qith so many other new digimon. "Excuse me, I think Galic is calling for me," he said, trying to save some face, and his was turning redder by the second.

    Azur quickly shuffled off towards his mentor, leaving behind the Paildramon. A few seconds later, Dunk appeared in front of her and said, "Don't get mad at him. Zur - that's Azur - he's just really shy. He's a really nice guy once he gets to know ya!" He gave Pyra an honest-to-goodness and innocent grin, looking much more like an overgrown puppy than a hellhound. "I'm Dunkelheit, but you can call me Dunk!"

    Azur, meanwhile, paid full attention to his mentor, trying to suppress his blush. Galic was looking...oblivious to everything as usual. However, Azur knew otherwise. He was tuning into his training of youth. He wondered how hard it was to be able to hear every conversation in the room going on and still understand what each was about. He guessed that his enhanced hearing, far above his own and Dunk's, had a lot of stock in that particular ability.

    He forgot all about his blush when, after a few more moments of intense listening, the blue Cyborg digimon when he shook his head and took a deep breath.

    "Okay, everyone," Galic called out, tapping slightly into his Howling Cannon technique to simply raise his voice above the volumes of the others.

    "We need a leader lest we want to risk losing a tactical advantage and, to put it bluntly, get in each other's way. However, we all seem to have a trouble deciding on who will lead our little company. Even if we were to divide into smaller groups, or even individually, it would be best if there was someone who could give proper orders for us to work as efficiently as possible. It is in our best interest to be as unified as possible. Thus, why don't we all take it to a vote? It seems like the quickest and simplest way to quickly affirm the position of the leader. Does anyone have any problems with that?" the MachGaogamon finished, looking at everyone.
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    Tyr chuckled at Gigas. "Wow, you sure think a lot! You really are smart!"

    Azur quickly shuffled off towards his mentor, leaving behind the Paildramon. A few seconds later, Dunk appeared in front of her and said, "Don't get mad at him. Zur - that's Azur - he's just really shy. He's a really nice guy once he gets to know ya!" He gave Pyra an honest-to-goodness and innocent grin, looking much more like an overgrown puppy than a hellhound. "I'm Dunkelheit, but you can call me Dunk!"

    "Oh," Pyra chuckled sheepishly as a bit of blood rushed to her face herself. "I'm sorry, I didn't realize. I shouldn't have put him in an uncomfortable position. It's a pleasure to meet you, Dunk; I'm Pyra," she replied with a warm smile. "Be sure to tell your friend... or brother, Azur, that I won't bite." She found it rather amusing that she was saying this to a dog digimon.

    Suddenly she heard a MachGaogamon start talking.

    "We need a leader lest we want to risk losing a tactical advantage and, to put it bluntly, get in each other's way. However, we all seem to have a trouble deciding on who will lead our little company. Even if we were to divide into smaller groups, or even individually, it would be best if there was someone who could give proper orders for us to work as efficiently as possible. It is in our best interest to be as unified as possible. Thus, why don't we all take it to a vote? It seems like the quickest and simplest way to quickly affirm the position of the leader. Does anyone have any problems with that?" the MachGaogamon finished, looking at everyone.

    Pyra nodded. "No, that sounds like a fine idea. I'd like to be the first to elect either yourself- Galic, I think- or... erm... the Slayerdramon over there," she said, casting a look to Bedivere. "I'm sorry, I didn't catch your name."

    Tyr walked over beside Dunk and Pyra. "Yeah! What's a team without a leader?" As he finished saying that, Dunkelheit caught his eye. "Hmm... You seem familiar... Have we met? Oh! You're not the guy who I thought was a bench, I hope..." he said awkwardly scratching the back of his neck. "If you are, sorry... Anyway, I'm Tyr."

    Pyra looked over at him. "Tyr, don't you think the chatting should wait until after we choose a leader?"

    "I'm seeing if this guy-"

    "Dunk," Pyra corrected.

    "-Dunk, here, is leader material," he replied with a goofy smile.

    Pyra sighed. "Okay..."
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    "My name is Bedivere," Bedivere said, answering Pyra's question. He was becoming slightly irritated with this debate over leadership, though he supposed it was for the best. Every warrior with half a brain knew that a commander was needed for any operation, someone to establish a plan of attack capable of overcoming the enemy. Still, Bedivere had always trusted in the notion that no plan survives contact with the enemy, and when it came down to it, every plan he had ever seen had obeyed that notion.

    "This is going to take a while," Caradoc said grimly "and we don't have time to waste. So far, the main contenders for leadership are you and that Galic."

    "Out of interest, who are you going with?" Guinier asked.

    "No one, yet," Caradoc replied "I trust in Bedivere's combat experience, but we know nothing of Galic's capabilities or exploits. Until I have the knowledge of both candidates, I see no point in making an ill-informed decision."

    "Well, I'm trusting in Bedivere all the way," Guinier replied "Galic couldn't have possibly pulled off some of the things Bedivere has... like I severely doubt he held off three Diaboromon by himself and then slew one in single combat."

    "He is your brother," Caradoc muttered "it's perfectly logical that you would support him, you've known him your entire life."

    "We don't have time for this!" Bedivere protested "every second we waste is another second for the Knights to attack those Tamers! Now I suggest that unless we want to arrive to burning rubble, we get a move on with this!"
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    "First of all, captain tightass, this is a very important decision. The Tamers can wait; if they can't rough it then they really don't deserve to be hangin' out in our world," said Samael to Bedivere. "We need to decide how long you all want to stand around arguing before you decide to make me your leader. We can't keep wasting our time...we should be wasting some knights instead. So, let's just all agree that I'm your leader and you'll all do exactly as I say, capiche?"

    "And who are you to lead us?" Svarog demanded.

    "I'm Samael. I'm the best there is at what I do. But what I do best isn't very nice," said the demon.

    "I do not believe any of us desire to be led into battle by a sociopath," said Thor. "You're likely to get the lot of us killed."

    "But we'd win," Samael pointed out.

    "I believe the general consensus, Samael," said Michael, "is that we will not be following your command on this endeavor."

    "Suit yourself," said Samael dismissively. "But when you start dropping like flies you can come crawling back to me and maybe I'll reconsider."

    "I'd rather die," Svarog growled.

    "Sounds like a plan," Samael snapped. "If you want, I could speed up the process for you." His hands went to his guns.

    "Oh really?"


    "ENOUGH!" Thor roared as power exploded angrily from his core. "I will not have my father's legacy tarnished and dragged through the mud because you sociopaths and egomaniacs can't seem to get along. I don't much care if you kill one another, just so long as we finish our mission first!" He spun around and pointed to Bedivere. "You! Slayerdramon! You seem to have a solid head on your shoulders. You'll lead. If anyone has an objection, they can keep silent." Thor spread his great wings wide. "Now, to Camelot." He shot into the air.

    "Jeez, what crawled up his a** and died?" Samael muttered. He let out a sharp whistle, and the Behemoth motorcycle roared to his side. "Hurry up ladies," he sneered. "Don't want to miss all the fun now, do we?"
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    "Of course, O great white knight of infinite wisdom!" Kheprius rolled his eye. "And here I was, all excited, thinking that this might be a democracy. Hell, I bet even the Royal Knights give their peers a say. No wonder the Knights seceeded- no more having to answer to bureaucrats and not having to follow anyone's orders but their own. It doesn't sound like a bad deal. I don't plan to bend over backwards for any humans anyways."

    Tyr looked at Kheprius. "Then why did ya agree to come along on this mission?"

    "A little reason called 'not having a choice in the matter' especially given the alternative. I had to take care of myself." Kheprius glanced over to Pyra and saw her with a scowl on her face. "What's with you?"

    Pyra shot him a side glance. "Where does that blowhard get off acting like a tyrant? We don't even have the right to choose our own leader? Who does he think we are- infirm children?" Pyra glanced at Svarog and Samael. "Well, all of us?" she corrected herself.

    "Who, the son of the hero?" At Pyra's confused look, Kheprius reitterated. "The guy's the son of the Royal Knights founder. His dad died and he inherited the power, and apparently double the ego."

    Pyra sighed. "That's no excuse to boss us around, but they do have points; we need to get there as quickly as possible. However, next time he does something like that, he'll have my claws to answer to," she bitterly said before flying forwards.

    Kheprius grinned slightly. "I'd like to see that."
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    Kole walked through the hustle and bustle of Avalon. He felt extremely out of place in the crowded city, the Piedmon was more accustomed to the quiet hide away of his old master.

    But I have been summoned here for a reason thought Kole, a bit worried about what he had actually been summoned for.

    Rubbing his hands anxiously Kole continued on.

    "Hey aren't you Kole the Entertaining Piedmon?"

    Kole turned around and saw an Arukenimon pointing at him.

    "No, I'm sorry but you have me mistaken," replied Kole, eager to get away from someone who could know about his past.

    "But I'm sure that you are," the Arukenimon continued.

    "Well, I'm not okay. I really think that you have me mistaken for someone else."

    Kole didn't like that he had to lie, and potentially embarrass the Arukenimon but he couldn't deal with his past at the moment. However, while he had been talking to the Arukenimon Kole had gotten to the entrance of the tower of the Council of Avalon.


    Kole couldn't believe that he had been chosen for something like this. He didn't think that he was strong enough to even take on a Royal Knight for longer than one minute, but he was expected to help subdue and bring in all of the knights.

    "You! Slayerdramon! You seem to have a solid head on your shoulders. You'll lead. If anyone has an objection, they can keep silent."

    The booming voice of the Imperialdramon brought Kole back to his senses.

    "Hey I didn't even get a choice in who is leading us," he tried to yell out, but he only managed to whisper it out, Thor was incredibly intimidating.

    The Piedmon took a deep breath before walking over to a Puppetmon that was with a HerculesKabuterimon. There was something about the Puppetmon that seemed familiar. However, he realized how silly he just have looked and stopped in his tracks.
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  13. After hearing Galic, he turned back to Pyra. Dunk smiled happily at the Paildramon, reminding himself to tell Azur that Pyra was really nice. He was about to say that he would, but the moment he saw Tyr close up, his mind just went blank.

    'Oh my gosh, it's him! It really is the guy I saw before!' his mind kept on thinking. He was entranced and stared at the large VictoryGreymon with a wide-eyed awestruck stare and a large open-mouthed smile.

    Azur looked at his brother from Galic's side, shaking his head. He gave Pyra a small glance, blushed slightly, and turned his attention back to Galic. He once again looked like an ignoramous.

    'How long is this going to take?' Azur wondered, before giving Galic a grunt. The WereGarurumon was getting antsy.

    The MachGaogamon gave him a purposeful look, smiled comfortingly and turned back to the situation at hand. "It seems that this will have to be properly decided at a later time," he told Azur quietly. Azur nodded, although he already had the impression that he would not like to have the punk Beelzemon or the seemingly hotheaded Imperialdramon as a leader.

    "Go with your brother," Galic told him, "and make some friends. This will be a good experience for both of you." Azur nodded, albeit hesitantly. It would be after Pyra flew off that he would fetch his brother.

    Galic turned to the Slayerdramon. "Bevidere Stormheart. It might be best for everyone to at least get acquainted with each other properly before properly deciding a leader. However, I have heard some rumors about your abilities, and while I do not put a lot of weight on meaningless gossip, there is always a grain of truth in any lie. I want to see how you will command our rather mismatched group of mercenaries," he said, nodding curtly with a smile. His ears, always listening, suddenly twitched. "If you have truly slain a Diaboromon by yourself, then I really look forward to seeing how you hold yourself in battle." He grinned knowingly before taking off with a running start. He would have to control how much rocket power he used of he wanted to make his flight last long.

    Azur looked at the trio of Slayerdramon, Aeroveedramon and Valkyrimon. He stayed silent, but wondered how strong a Diaboromon was compared to a SlashAngemon. He turned back to his brother and the VictoryGreymon and GrandisKuwagamon before him.

    "Excuse us," he said politely, bowing like he was taught by Galic. He tugged on Dunk's unbroken horn. The movement seemed to have broken Dunk's trance.

    "Aww, Zur!" Dunk whined, and then looked at Tyr. "It's so awesome that I finally get to meet you! I mean, I saw you in the streets, but then you disappeared! You must be pretty fast; you're too huge to just disappear like that!" All the while, Azur was shakin his head.

    "Galic," was all Azur said.

    "Huh, oh! Did he go already?" Dunk looked curiously at the place where he saw his master last and saw an empty space of air. "Aww man." He turned back to Tyr. "I gotta talk with you again sometime!" he told the VictoryGreymon, not realizing that he was the one doing all the talking. "We gotta catch up with Galic! See ya!"

    The Cerberumon rushed off, following the tell-tale flame in the sky that was Galic's rocket engine. Azur nodded at Tyr and Khep and followed his brother.

    Galic, meanwhile, had reached beside Pyra's flying body. In the distance, he could spot Thor flying with a purpose. He gave a slight frown. He sort of understood how the Imperialdramon was feeling. Though his own father's reputation wasn't as great, he had to live up to him for most of his youth.

    He turned to Pyra. "I'd like to thank you for seeing me fit as a leader, Lady Pyra, although I believe that you should not judge sir Thor just based on a first impression. Among all of us, he seems to have the most reason to end this as soon as possible." He gave a sympathetic smile. "To have his father's legacy be corrupted from the inside...it sounds like an enraging thought," he said quietly over his rocket engine.
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    ENOUGH!" Thor roared as power exploded angrily from his core. "I will not have my father's legacy tarnished and dragged through the mud because you sociopaths and egomaniacs can't seem to get along. I don't much care if you kill one another, just so long as we finish our mission first!" He spun around and pointed to Bedivere. "You! Slayerdramon! You seem to have a solid head on your shoulders. You'll lead. If anyone has an objection, they can keep silent." Thor spread his great wings wide. "Now, to Camelot." He shot into the air.

    Bedivere was pretty much dumbstruck by this.

    "Well, that's one way to sort it out," Caradoc muttered "brutal and effective. The worst of one world and the best of another, I suppose. Necessary though."

    "I'm... leader... just like that?" Bedivere said.

    "Apparently," Guinier said with a shrug.

    "Let's move out," Caradoc spoke "we only have a limited amount of time before the Royal Knights attack those Tamers." Bedivere snapped out of it.

    "Yes, let's move," he said "Peacemakers, let's go!" With that, he hurled himself into the sky, drawing the Fragarach. Caradoc and Guinier followed, the former drawing his own sword, the latter clenching her claws ready.

    The city of Avalon fell away below, until it faded into the landscape of the realm it presided over. The only visible features below were the other flight-capable Peacemakers following, and they were often mere dots (except Gigas of course, who was pretty much impossible to not distinguish).

    As they flew, the three prepared themselves mentally for the coming battle, a battle against warriors reowned for a century long history of victory, warriors who had never lost a battle since their foundation.

    The Royal Knights were the greatest of foes. But they would have to be overcome if the world was to retain its peaceful state...
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    Tyr was about to try to get a word in to Dunk, but the Cerberumon bolted off. "What a nice guy," he said to himself, grinning. "Hey, 'Khep', isn't it? We better get going too-"

    He turned to where the GrandisKuwagamon was, but the bug was already with the majority of the group, not too keen on getting electrocuted if he was left behind. Tyr looked around and he was one of the only ones not flying.

    "Gah! Wait up, guys!" he shouted, flying after the group.


    Galic turned to Pyra. "I'd like to thank you for seeing me fit as a leader, Lady Pyra, although I believe that you should not judge sir Thor just based on a first impression. Among all of us, he seems to have the most reason to end this as soon as possible." He gave a sympathetic smile. "To have his father's legacy be corrupted from the inside...it sounds like an enraging thought," he said quietly over his rocket engine.

    Pyra looked at him in thought and her eyes slowly strayed to the ground as she mulled over his words. "Yes... Yes, I suppose you're right. I guess I didn't think of it like that. I suppose he wouldn't be able to live with himself if he allowed the true purpose of the Royal Knights to be defiled like it is being."

    The Paildramon looked over at Galic with some degree of embarrassment, yet she felt comfortable talking with him. "It was hypocritical of me to judge someone so rashly when that's the sort of thing that I dislike. I'm not sure if you know anything about traditions among Imperialdramon families, but I'm not supposed to be the warrior of the family. A lot of my father's pressure is being pushed upon my younger brother and he insists that I shouldn't be anywhere near a battlefield..."

    Her eyes widened as she realized how much she was talking about herself. She quickly tried to catch herself and keep her cool. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't bore you with such nonsense. I've been droning on needlessly..." she said with a grin, to Galic. "Err... What about you? I take it you know Dunk and Azur; how did that come to be?"

    As she awaited his reply, Pyra cast a quick glance up to Thor, far in front of them. She stared at him with guilt still stinging her slightly.
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    As the others embarked, Nocchi struggled free from Gigas's embrace and gasped. Note to self: never hug a bug. Lack of oxygen. He dropped to the ground and lay there for a moment, unmoving. Gigas, afraid he had just killed his new best friend, poked at the puppet gingerly.

    The massive HerculesKabuterimon reached down and grabbed Nocchi's marionette handle. Lifting his arm, the huge beetle proceeded to pick Nocchi up, and move his arms and legs about via the handle. "CUT THAT OUT!"

    Gigas, startled, dropped Nocchi and cringed. "Sorry!"

    The Puppetmon scowled and stood, brushing himself off. "Yeah, yeah...sure ya are..." Nocchi stopped and stared after the others...who were well on their way. "Aw, great...how the heck am I supposed to keep up with those guys?!"

    Gigas grinned. He picked Nocchi up, gripping him gently in his massive claws. "Leave that to me!" With a furious beating of his wings, Gigas lifted himself and Nocchi into the air, zooming towards the others.

    "No! No! No! No!" Nocchi screamed, waving his arms frantically. "Not flying! I hate flying! Put me down!"

    Gigas stared down at him. "But if I put you down now...you'll fall at least a hundred feet."

    Nocchi's eyes widened. He glanced down at the ground as it slowly shrunk beneath his dangling feet. "Don't put me down! Don't put me down!"

    Gigas glanced back and realized that a few Digimon would have trouble keeping up on land. With a buzz of his wings, he turned around sharply and zoomed towards an Archelomon who seemed to be struggling to keep up. With his three free hands he scooped up Kame, grinning down at the Archelomon. "Please keep your hands, feet, wings, tails, flippers and horns inside the ride at all times...the captain--"

    "That would be me," Nocchi interrupted.

    "--will be speaking with you shortly. Have a nice flight!" And with that, Gigas took off again, streaking into the air. He flew up to a GrandisKuwagamon, whom he had yet to meet. Glancing over at him, Gigas said, "Hohoho...hello there! And how're you on this fine day? Wonderful weather for flying, isn't it?"

    Nocchi gripped his wooden stomach. "I think I'm gonna be airsick."
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  17. PeeGee

    PeeGee ROAWR!

    Kole jumped up into the air, following the flying digimon. Being able to fly was just one of the perks of his abilities. Another perk was being able to use his abilities to amuse himself for hours on end. The time was not for fun, Kole had a serious mission on hand. He was still wondering how he was meant to fight a Royal Knight. He continued to fly, going over plans in his head about what he could do.

    "I could use my Clown Trick," he muttered to himself. "But then if I do that, then it might not work properly or they might be stuck forever."

    The harlequin stopped thinking about what he could do, there was really no point. Anyways he was more of a 'act before you think' type of mon. And acting the way he normally did, Kole decided to strike a conversation. And the digimon who he decided to talk to was a VictoryGreymon, who appeared to have been temporarily left behind.

    "Hey, I'm Kole," said Kole, "Are you worried about fighting the Royal Knights."
  18. Griff4815

    Griff4815 No. 1 Grovyle Fan

    Kheprius glanced over at his fellow bug in annoyance. "I was fine until you showed up... And the weather for flying sucks. No resistance at all- it's like flying down wind. How's that supposed to help any self-respecting airborne digimon grow stronger?"

    He quickly sped up so that he flew in front of Gigas and turned around to glide backwards. "Hell, I'm surpised you can even keep up with me. It's well known that Kabuterimon fly as slow as turtles," he declared, casting a fleeting glance at Kame.

    "... Unless you think you can beat me in a race," Kheprius said, hoping his taunt would work.


    Tyr glanced over to the digimon who just introduced himself. "Yo, I'm Tyr," he said with his usual smile. "Hmm... Good question... Nah, I'm not worried! Why? 'Cuz we've got a great team here filled with great digimon! And as long as we work together and do our best, nothing can stand in our way!" he stated with (overly optimistic) confidence. "And we've got Gigas over there who can squash anything that we don't like!"
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  19. On the ground...

    Dunk ran fast, weaving past various obstacles that first started off as other digimon and slowly turned into other more natural objects such as large rocks and trees the farther he got from the Council building.

    Beside him, Azur was striding and jumping from place to place rather than running. He was quick for a bipedal non-speed type digimon, but that was due to having a swift companion in his brother and an agile fighter in his teacher. He had to be quick.

    Both ran quick, trying to keep within seeing distance from the black motorcycle. Dunk looked up when he heard a loud buzzing / flapping sound from above. His dual consciousness on hsi shoulders allowed him to evade and avoid the obstacles as if he was still looking at the path in front of him.

    "Wow!" he exclaimed, not even losing a beat or slowing down. "That's awesome!"

    Azur looked at his brother quizzically and followed the direction of his eyesight. He blinked at the humungous figure of Gigas, carrying his passengers in his flight. He could already imagine what his simple brother was thinking of...or rather, imagining.

    Dunk was standing on all fours on Gigas' back. His head was raised high, and the wind blew past, sweeping his twin ponytails and wild mane wildly with with it. His eyes were bright wide and his smile was noble. The sun shone on him, turning his black exoskeleton dark gold, making him look more like a regal canine than a hellhound.

    Azur shook his head and looked at his brother, who was about to speak.

    "I wanna go next!" Dunk shouted, hoping that the large bug digimon heard him.

    Azur rolled his yes, sighed, sped up, knowing that Dunk will follow suit. "Hurry," he said shortly.

    "Hey, wait up!"


    In the air...

    "Yes, I suppose you're right. I guess I didn't think of it like that. I suppose he wouldn't be able to live with himself if he allowed the true purpose of the Royal Knights to be defiled like it is being."

    Galic smiled at the young woman's introspection. He gave her a comforting smile when she turned to him.

    "It was hypocritical of me to judge someone so rashly when that's the sort of thing that I dislike. I'm not sure if you know anything about traditions among Imperialdramon families, but I'm not supposed to be the warrior of the family. A lot of my father's pressure is being pushed upon my younger brother and he insists that I shouldn't be anywhere near a battlefield... I'm sorry. I shouldn't bore you with such nonsense. I've been droning on needlessly."

    Galic gave a small but friendly guffaw. 'She has not seen Dunk at his best yet!' he thought, grinning. His eyes found her face when she asked about the twins.

    "Ah, yes, my young twin charges, Dunkelheit and Azur Schattenlicht. I actually found them being attacked by a Minotarumon. I could not bear to see them hurt, for they were still quite young then, so I helped them. They have followed and trained under me ever since. If you wish, I can tell you more about it later on," he said, grinning at the prospect. He looked down, and just as he expected, both of them were below. He could recognize their running patterns anywhere. He hasn't been able to tell a good story ever since the two have begun experiencing the source of those tales with him.

    As he turned back, he noticed Pyra looking regretfully at Thor. He let a hand fall on her arm comfortingly. "There's been no damage done; you shouldn't fret over it."

    "You should worry about the upcoming battle; it will be the first among many, as well as one of the most important." He said the last part mostly to himself. He was a bit worried for Dunk and Azur - this was no battle against rogue bandits - but he knew their abilities enough. Still...

    "If it's no trouble, may I ask that you watch over my young charges? They're quite capable in battle, but they still have a lot to learn," he said in a fatherly tone.
  20. Hotshot

    Hotshot Don't ask questions.

    "... Unless you think you can beat me in a race," Kheprius said, hoping his taunt would work.

    Gigas grinned. He thought it over carefully, nearly bumping into a couple of the other Digimon as he thought...and finally, said, "Okay! Let's race!"

    As Kheprius rocketed away, Gigas heard a Digimon on the ground bark, "I wanna go next!" The massive HerculesKabuterimon glanced down at Dunk, who was running alongside his twin brother. Gigas smiled. Finally, he was making friends...

    In the blink of an eye, Gigas had zipped down to the ground, flying extremely low...and scooped Dunk up in his hands. Gigas didn't know if Azur wanted to be carried or not, but he didn't want the WereGarurumon to feel left out...so he picked him up as well. In a flash, Gigas was gone. Streaking through the air at supersonic speeds, Gigas hurtled past Kheprius, roaring with laughter. "Hohohohoho! This is great!...come on, Mr. GrandisKuwagamon...don't let me win!"

    Nocchi's jaw dropped. "Wow...this bug is fast in the air..."

    Gigas grinned as he turned around abruptly, and rocketed towards Kheprius. Just as he was about to crash into the other insect Digimon, Gigas turned sharply, and flew in a wide circle around the GrandisKuwagamon. Coming up on the opposite side, Gigas gave Kheprius a friendly pat on the back.

    "Hoho...this is fun, isn't it?"

    Nocchi could almost taste his breakfast...and his dinner from the previous night. "Dude...Gigas...where do you keep the barf-bags on this flight?!"

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