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Digimon Unholy Crusade (RPG Thread)

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by storymasterb, Nov 6, 2009.

  1. Kamotz

    Kamotz God of Monsters

    Samael watched as Bedivere and the rest of the Peacemakers charged into battle with the Mikaboshi and his underlings. The fallen angel sensed no hope for victory; even if their full number was assembled they would still fall; even if their dead returned there would be no chance, but still the Peacemakers charged forward with angry roars. And Samael felt the urge to roar in kind.

    He tore into the broken city streets as Bedivere led the assault on the Mikaboshi himself. There were others--the Mikaboshi's minions--to contend with. Samael would let the rest of the Peacemakers deal with the Mikaboshi for now. The time would come; when they were all worn and tired, he would deal the finishing blow.

    ...If he survived until then.

    The street in front of him suddenly ripped apart as some variant of the BlackWarGreymon species tore through it from underneath. The dark dragon let out a vicious roar as he seemed to rejoice in the destruction he caused. He raised his clawed hand and swept it violently to the side; the distortion it caused crumpled another nearby building and he once more let out a throaty laugh. He turned around and his yellow eyes settled on Samael.

    "Oy!" Samael shouted. "I'm Samael. I'm here to kill you. What name can I carve on your tombstone?"

    The ChaosBlackWarGreymon let out a vicious snarl.

    "That's nice and all," Samael smirked. "But I'm gonna need you to work with me and throw in some vowels there or I'm not gonna be able to spell that."

    "I am Zahhak!" the Chaos Lord growled. "I am the ripper of the seven winds. The third lord. The--"

    "That's not gonna fit," Samael admonished. "How do you spell 'Zahhak'? Is it like...with a 'z' or an 'x'? I was really hoping for something more like 'Bill' or 'Martin'."

    "Die!" Zahhak snarled. He surged forward with monstrous speed and shoved his long claws into Samael's chest before the fallen angel could react. Zahhak drove Samael forward and smashed him through several buildings before ripping his clawed gauntlets out of the fallen angel's chest and hurling him to the ground.

    "Ow," Samael groaned. "Fine, no games then." He sprang to his feet and met Zahhak's incoming charge. His claws screeched against the Chaos Lord's chestplate and helm, sending a shower of sparks between the two combatants.

    The Chaos Lord struck again, slashing with his claws; but Samael dodged around the strike and struck his opponent across the face with a spinning kick. Zahhak stumbled back but simultaneously lashed out with a kick of his own that sent Samael flying. The Fallen One skidded to a stop, drew his shotguns, and blasted Zahhak with a barrage of rounds. The Chaos Lord fell back; forced to protect the unarmored parts of his body. Unfortunately for Samael, however, aside from the jarring impact, his rounds did little damage to the Chaos Lord's armor.

    Zahhak seemed to finally grow tired of Samael's assault. He dropped his guard and flew straight towards Samael with blistering speed. He spear-tacked the fallen angel and drove him to the ground. Zahhak stood over Samael, his foot on his chest and raised his Dramon Killer gauntlets for a deadly blow. But Samael wasn't so easily overwhelmed; his gun was ready and he sent a slug hammering home right between Zahhak's eyes.

    The Chaos Lord roared in pain and frustration and stumbled back, turning his back to Samael in the process. The Fallen One wasted no time; he drew a scimitar and leaped forward, aiming his blade at the lighter and more flexible armor around his opponent's neck. But Zahhak seemed to sense his intent and swung one arm blindly; the blow caught Samael and sent him tumbling over the ground. He quickly scrambled to his feet, but Zahhak was already upon him once more.

    Samael quickly parried Zahhak's thrust and jammed his shotgun under the Chaos Lord's chin. He fired off an explosive slug that sent Zahhak tumbling back; he staggered forward only to have his face be met by one of Samael's wild haymakers. The blow knocked Zahhak off his feet and Samael raced to capitalize, aiming a stiff kick towards the dragon-man's ribs. But Zahhak recovered too quickly; he stopped Samael's foot with one arm and drove the claws on his other deep into the fallen angel's stomach.

    "And now you die," Zahhak sneered.

    "Eat. Me," Samael choked out. Zahhak roared in frustration and hoisted the still-impaled Samael over his head.

    "Black Tornado!" he shouted. He spun wildly for a moment and used that tremendous momentum to hurl Samael high into the air and through the city. Samael slammed into building after building, finally coming to a stop in a tower bedroom.

    "Sonovab*tch," Samael growled, wincing as he prodded at his injuries. From the hole he'd crashed through, he could already see Zahhak racing towards him. "Crap, here he comes again." He glanced around and spotted a large armoire in the corner of the room. "Ah hell, why not?"

    As Zahhak burst through the room, he was immediately set upon by Samael and the heavy armoire. The Fallen One brought the massive piece of furniture down with all his might and smashed it over Zahhak's head. The blow stunned Zahhak long enough for Samael to prepare his next move.

    "Corona Blaster!" Samael shouted. The bolt of unholy power slammed into Zahhak and exploded, sending him flying out of the tower and crashing into the streets below. "That'll show that--uh oh."

    "Terra Destroyer!" Zahhak roared from the rubble below. He sent a massive sphere of energy--what Samael could only guess was called "chaotic energy--towards the tower.

    Samael dropped from his Blast Mode and leapt through a back window in hopes of escaping the blast, but the explosion was just too massive to avoid. Samael was swept up in a conflagration of fire and sent hurtling towards the ground. He glanced up to see the whirling black tornado that was Zahhak tearing towards him. He gritted his teeth and prepared himself.


    "Hand of Fate!"

    A blast of white light slammed into the Zahhak-tornado and knocked him right into a nearby building. Michael stumbled forward, back in his MagnaAngemon form. His fight with the Mikaboshi had left him severely weakened, but he held himself proudly. The Excalibur ignited and Michael moved to stand by Samael's side.

    "Where the hell have you been?" Samael demanded. "I figured you were dead."

    "Worried about me?" Michael mocked.

    "You kidding? I was just wondering who I could hand my application for that vacant 'Hand of God' position to at Digimon Resources," Samael said with a snort. "But then I realized that everyone from Resources was ganked and smeared all over this lovely city so I figured, 'what the hell? Let's follow our idiot leader to certain doom. I got nothing better to do'."

    "I'm glad to see the prospect of global annihilation hasn't dampened your spirits," Michael said.

    "You know how heavily self-medicated I am right now?" Samael asked. "There's nothing in the universe that could dampen my spirits." The rubble shifted as Zahhak rose to his feet. "Okay. I lied. That's a little dampening."
  2. TheSequelReturns

    TheSequelReturns Phantom Thief

    The trio of Duo, Trowa, and Lucia followed the other Peacemakers into battle. They each had had an idea of what to expect when they caught sight of the city, but whatever tragedies their minds had come up with, it had done nothing to prepare them for the truth. Avalon was in pieces, and flames, and chaos. Of the armies that had assembled to defend it, there was no sign. The angels, the Ryoal Knights, the regular soldiers, the tamers they had fought so hard to protect, everyone was gone. No stood against the enemies save the council, and they were battered and beaten and broken before the Chaos lords and the Chaos avatar itself.

    The others began to split up and attack their targets, no doubt trying to focus their attention on their foes rather than the sheer horror that was Avalon. Duo and Lucia cast a long glance at each other, not wanting to separate now, not knowing if this would be the last time they would see each other, but knowing that they had to stop this here and now or they would never have a future together. They shared a short kiss, not wanting to get lost in each other, and began to turn away from each other, weapons raised.

    "Stay safe." Duo said.

    "Don't worry, I will." Lucia said back.

    Duo and Trowa headed off in search of their enemy, and Lucia did the same.


    Gigas rushed in to deal a heavy hit to Tiamat, and Lucia used the distraction to her advantage. She approached from behind and as Tiamat sent Gigas flying back, she jumped up on the Chaosdramon's back.

    "Madness Merry-Go-Round!" she called as she began to spin wildly lie a buzz saw. Her blade clashed with Tiamat's crimson armor and traced a shower of sparks across her back and Lucia carved her way forward. With a single swing of her arm, Tiamat knocked Lucia's comparatively tiny form from her back, sending her sprawling over to Gigas's side. She looked up, and was a little disappointed to see Tiamat's armor looked no worse for wear.

    Lucia pulled herself to her feet and readied her blade again.

    "Well met Gigas, I don't think I've had the honor of fighting along side you yet. Shall we?" she said as she started to charge the Chaosdramon, the Olympia raised in her hand.

    Tiamat gave a single roar as she brought her massive arm down in an attempt to crush her tiny sword wielding opponent. Lucia rolled out of the way, just in time, feeling the edge of Tiamat's claws brush against her armor as she rolled out of the way to continue her attack.


    Duo and Trowa soon found the opponent they were looking for as a sharp voice called out from below them:

    "Trump Sword!"

    Duo, currently in his BlackWarGreymon form, spun around as e felt the first of Yam Lotan's four swords deflect off of his shield. He was too slow to stop the second attack however, and the blade cut a thin gash across his chest. Duo dropped from the air and landed in the ruined streets below.

    Trowa meanwhile nimbly dodged the first blade, and deflected the second thanks to his quick maneuvering. Untouched by the blades, he came to a hover near Duo's position.

    Hovering across from them, a twisted grin on his face, was Yam Lotan. The Chaos Lord's four blades scattered again as he raised his hands and gave a maniacal laugh.

    "You hurry up and transform, I'll hold him off of you." Trowa said as his jet pack flared up again and he sped into the air, eyes watching for Yam Lotan's blades.

    Duo closed his eyes, hesitantly, and reached out to that now familiar dark presence.

    "Reaper, lend me your strength."

    "As you wish."

    An aura of darkness covered Duo's body, and he fought back a yell as the full power of the Reaper washed over him and coursed through him for the first time. It was almost overwhelming, but as the Reaper had promised, Duo could feel his thoughts and his will rising to the surface. He was still in control, and now this dark power was his to wield as he saw fit.

    Before the aura faded, one last statement reached his mind.

    "Remember our deal." The Reaper said with a laugh as its dark thoughts sank back into the depths of Duo's soul.

    With a burst of dark energy, the aura erumpted out and away from Duo's form. Where the BlackWarGreymon had stood was now a mechanical Reapermon, in its full form. Duo flexed the limbs of his new form before opening his eyes to see Trowa batting swords away from him at a furious pace. The TigerVespimon had already sustained several cuts and gashes, but he had kept his word, not a single blade had touched Duo.

    "Trowa, you've done enough for now. Thank you." Duo said, his voice cold and mechanical now.

    Trowa spared a glance at Duo's new face, saw the sheer inhuman glint in the eyes, the robotic jaw, but somehow Duo still managed to pit a bit of emotion on the cold and heartless face.

    Trowa nodded and fell back, while Duo raised his scythe arm, the Judgement Scythe, and deflected two of Yam Lotan's blades at once.

    The ChaosPiedmon seemed a bit surprised at finding a Reapermon standing before him, but his face merely twisted into a larger grin, no sign of fear showed on his face. On the contrary, Duo thought he was actually grinning. And in response, Duo started to grin as well. Try as he might, this form still had some effect on his usual calm demeanor.

    No sooner had Yam Lotan opened his mouth, either to laugh or spout some kind of taunt, then Duo found himself upon him. The ChaosPiedmon's words were lost to him as he raised the Guilty Chain on his left arm.

    "Grim Slasher!"

    The Guilty Chain shot from its launcher to find itself wrapping around two of Yam Lotan's blades. The possessed swords pulled with a strange strength and Duo was forced off balance as the other two blades came in from behind.

    "Gear Stinger!"

    A burst of blue energy bolts seared out of the sky and knocked the two blades off target. Trowa jetted in, and attempted to deliver a kick to Yam Lotan.

    "Ending Snipe!"

    The blast was enough to send Trowa crashing through a wall, but luckily it managed not to hit him dead center.

    "Burning Cyclone!" Duo called. Flames erupted from the ground as Duo began to spin wildly, turning the towering column of flames into a spiraling vortex. Yam Lotan was forced to release his grip on the chain as he jumped back away from the effect of Duo's attack.

    Trowa freed himself from the rubble and turned to face Yam Lotan, as the flames around Duo's form began to dissipate, leaving him in the middle of a circle of embers and dying spirals of flame that cast shadows and red reflections across his mechanical form.

    Together, the two of them charged at Yam Lotan, who kindly returned the charge.
  3. “Let ice run though my blood. Let arrows of frost arise. Let metal embrace my flesh, the great beast’s disguise. Let speed enlighten my soul, nothing will be my seal. Hidden power within me, unleash this cold hard steel! X Machina Evolution! MetalGarurumon X!”

    Azur’s voice rang loud as his shining form took to the sky, taking a different direction from Tyr. From what Fenrir told him, he needed to stay close to the dragon man. Apparently, Fenrir and Tiwaz had some sort of trump card on their sleeves, something that Azur himself wasn’t aware of. He hadn’t received all of Fenrir’s memories, so it shouldn’t have been a surprise. The only thing he knew was that it was only used once, and that it wasn’t a sure-fire plan. If anything, it seemed more like a wild card than a trump. They made it sound like it all depended on luck, something Azur wasn’t quite sure he trusted in, considering how things were looking.

    ‘Stop thinking and start reacting!’ Fenrir’s voice shouted, breaking the MetalGarurumon X’s reverie.

    Azur grunted, veering to the side just before a River of Power attack from Typhon could ground him once more. Only due to his speed was he able to evade the large beam, and even then, just barely. He escaped with the beam only grazing the toe of his foot.

    ’You should know what happens when you let yourself be distracted, Azur,’ Fenrir reprimanded him, inciting a small growl, although he knew that the ancient spirit of light was right in doing so. He needed to get his head in the game.

    The MetalGarurumon X took his chance to get above the ChaosSeadramon while he was distracted by Tyr and Kheprius. The mechanical sea serpent definitely had the advantage over them in terms of size – ‘At least until Tiwaz decided to make his “grand” entrance,’ Fenrir muttered not quite to himself – it would eventually be his downfall against someone with Azur’s speed in both MetalGarurumon X and AncientGarurumon form. Or at least, Fenrir hoped it was. Since he was a being of chaos, he couldn’t really be expected to follow the usual laws that some mortals were restricted to.

    “Time to find out if he does,” Azur said, hovering above Typhon. He took careful aim and narrowed his eyes. “Grace Cross Freezer!”

    Azur watched in anticipation as multiple rockets fired off towards the ChaosSeadramon in a flurry. He couldn’t help but let out a small grin as each missile directly hit the machine serpent’s body. Smoke spread from the body, clouding it from most view. What could be seen were pieces of metal frozen over with ice.

    ‘Don’t let your guard down just yet,’ Fenrir warned him, and he was quite right in doing so.

    Azur’s brief moment of triumph disappeared when the ice suddenly began to crack and fall in large pieces. And then he had to brace himself as Typhon, roaring, broke himself free with what looked like little to no effort, causing the ice shrapnel to shatter and burst in all directions, the force strong enough to send it flying up towards where Azur, getting battered by bullets of frozen water, hovered.

    The MetalGarurumon X grunted, shaking off the ice that got stuck on his armor. Well, that proved it. This was going to be far from easy. Not that it really mattered anymore. Just about everything lately hasn’t exactly been a peaceful walk in the park for the ancient’s descendant.

    “I’m closing in,” Azur mumbled, knowing that Fenrir would hear him no matter how low his voice was.

    ‘A wise strategy,’ Fenrir told him. ‘Just be careful not to get overconfident. This one is still a very dangerous opponent.’

    Azur grunted in affirmation of it. He didn’t need to be told twice.


    Ophion’s inquisitive gaze on Nocchi turned into a viscious glare that would have burnt him to minute ashes that would only get swept away by the wind if looks could kill. He brandished his blade dangerously, narrowing his eyes and opening his grotesque mouth in a snarl. His visage disappeared into thin air.

    In less than a split second, he appeared beside the Puppetmon with his wrist-mounted blade raised high into the air, although it was already in motion. “Nihilism Blade!

    Just before the blade could connect with Nocchi’s head, a blue blur swept passed and grabbed Nocchi by his waist, pulling him out of the way.

    Meters away, a MirageGaogamon Burst Mode form halted, the Puppetmon held under his arm in a rather eyebrow raising position. “I’d ask you to leave this one to me, Sir Nocchi, but I highly doubt that thou shall listen, no?” Galic asked, putting the Puppetmon down. “As such, mayhap you shall keep yourself from getting killed and think of a plan while I distract him? I would hate for you to share the same fate of that lost lock of hair.”

    Galic turned to the ChaosUlforceVeedramon, showing him a part of his silvery hair that hadn’t escaped Ophion’s blade when he saved Nocchi from sharing the fate of chopped lumber. He roughly pulled off the hair, just enough to keep whatever virus from reaching his head, and showed them to the puppet, letting him watch as the strands turned black and wrinkled up before dissipating into data into the air.

    Then the MirageGaogamon BM’s eyes flashed golden, materializing his energy weapon in record speed and using its bladed end to catch Ophion’s blade from once again trying to cut Nocchi in half. This one was definitely a lot faster than Tristan; he could see that it was only a matter of centimeters before the blade could get ‘im. And it already seemed that the ChaosUlforceVeedramon had decided to take out the Puppetmon first. Well, Galic was going to make it very hard for him to do so.

    Luna Haken Slasher!

    Golden energy burst from the scythe-like blade on Galic’s weapon, lengthening, expanding and sharpening before forcefully swiping to create a shockwave slash that just barely forced Ophion to retreat.

    “And for both our sakes, I hope you think up of a plan in record time, because I’m going to have to be focusing on keeping him from killing you to think of one,” Galic said before shooting off to intercept Ophion.

    It wasn’t that he underestimated Nocchi – he respected the Puppetmon to be strong enough to handle him – but unless he could keep up with Ophion, whose specialty Galic decided was in his almost unmatchable speed, then he might want to think of a way where his speed wouldn’t be of much use anymore. And he knew that if there was anyone who could do that, it was the Puppetmon.

    His weapon clashed and clanged against Ophion’s. It seemed that it was fortunate that the MirageGaogamon BM was Ophion’s opponent; Galic’s energy based material kept the ChaosUlforceVeedramon’s virus-like corrupted data from spreading and whittling the durability and strength of his weapon. However, Galic had to keep sending amounts of energy in order to keep the weapon at its peak performance.

    Their weapons clashed once more, Galic taking the chance to grab the chain part that led to the large morning star on his weapon.

    Full Moon Meteor Impact!

    He forcefully swung the large ball towards Ophion, only for it to miss as the ChaosUlforceVeedramon once again disappeared. Galic’s eyes widened when, in just a split second, Ophion took this chance to pass his side while he attacked. Galic grit his teeth, and then he spun around.

    “No, you are not!”

    Using the momentum from his spin, he threw his weapon, the sphere still glowing with energy. It spun haphazardly towards Ophion, who glanced behind him at Galic’s loud declaration. All he had to do was maneuver a bit, and the weapon bypassed him. Said weapon also simply passed over Nocchi’s head, almost hitting him.

    Galic grunted. “Nocchi! Use your strings! Send it back towards him!”
  4. Hotshot

    Hotshot Don't ask questions.

    Gigas watched as Lucia struck at Tiamat, only to be cast aside a moment later. Very little damage had been done to the Chaosdramon, even with the first combined efforts of Gigas and Lucia. The HerculesKabuterimon turned his head and saw Lucia land at his side. Jumping back to her feet, she returned his look.

    Gigas followed the Minervamon's charge, attacking from the Chaosdramon's other side. When Lucia dodged Tiamat's first attack, Gigas took his chance and rammed into the Chaos Lord with all his might. The blow of brute strength sent Tiamat stumbling over. Caught off-balance, the Chaosdramon fell to the ground.

    But Gigas wasn't finished. Throwing himself on top of Tiamat, the HerculesKabuterimon thundered, "Horn Buster Kai!"

    The rolling of thunder stretched across the sky, and a bolt of lighting ripped through the air, engulfing Gigas and Tiamat. A flash of white light followed, blinding all three combatants for a moment. Tiamat, her body crackling with the energy of Gigas' attack, used the opportunity to throw Gigas off and rise.

    As Gigas rolled to a stop, Tiamat spoke, "Hyper Infinity Cannon."


    Nocchi's eyes widened. Whirling around, the Puppetmon caught hold of Galic's weapon with his strings and sent it hurtling back at Ophion. The ChaosUlforceVeedramon was ill-prepared for such an attack, as he still knew very little of Nocchi and his strings. The glowing weapon spun through the air and struck Ophion in the back, sending the Lord flying forward.

    Nocchi, having accomplished one of the tasks assigned to him, proceeded to think of a plan. "Sheesh. Dumb wolf...as if anyone could think up an ingenious plan to combat an enemy who moves at the speed of sound just like that--Alright, I've got one."

    As Galic and Ophion clashed once again, Nocchi made a quick note of his surroundings. Ruins, buildings that had been razed and demolished, surrounded him on every side. The Puppetmon grinned. He knew Galic had an acute sense of hearing and smell. This would work perfectly.

    His eyes narrowing, Nocchi whispered, in a voice so hushed only Galic could possibly hear it, "Nyeheh. Okay, Galic, I've got a plan. This guy's knowledge of my strings is currently very limited. They're almost invisible, especially from afar. They have my scent. You can smell them, he can't. That's how we win."

    The puppet glanced around, taking another note of his surroundings. "Keep 'im occupied for just another minute. I'm gonna set up a web of strings...it'll take me a little while, so just try to hold 'im off. When I'm done, there'll be a spider web of strings around you, connected to me an' the surrounding buildings. You probably won't be able to see them, an' neither will he...but you'll be able to smell them."

    Swinging his arms through the air, Nocchi let loose his first strings. "Maneuver through them...it'll take concentration and precision, which I know you're capable of. Dark Tristan won't see them, an' the moment he gets caught, I'll snag 'im. Then we hit 'im with everything we've got..."

    Nocchi threw his arms up and released more strings, connecting these to the first ones. "An' that's the plan!"


    The Mikaboshi tore into Sha with terrifying force, barreling into the ClavisAngemon mercilessly. Sha struggled to keep up with Chaos itself, but just wasn't fast enough. The Mikaboshi was far too powerful. With a swing of its arm, Amatsu-Mikaboshi sent Sha spiraling backwards.

    The ClavisAngemon skidded along the ground and lay there for a moment, unable to move. The chaotic power of the Mikaboshi was too much for him. His armor was already beaten and battered, and he was bleeding in several places. The Chaos was just too powerful. Too chaotic. Too evil.

    Sha's eyes widened. Too powerful. Too chaotic. Too evil. The ClavisAngemon grinned. "And too big..."

    Amatsu-Mikaboshi stared inquisitively at Sha as the ClavisAngemon rose to his feet, murmuring something under his breath. "Bubble, bubble...lots of rubble. With this seal gone, there'll be trouble. My power you'll see, my strength you'll know. Get ready to flee, true darkness I'll show! Demonic Shift! Leviamon!"

    A thick cloud of darkness swirled around Sha's shining form, concealing it in shadows. Suddenly, devilish flames rose from the ground, sending a demonic inferno bursting forth. As the flames subsided, an enormous form emerged, grinning evilly. "CHSWA-HAWR-HAWR-HAWR! YOU THOUGHT YOU WERE TOUGH, DIDN'T YOU?! WELL, I GOT NEWS FOR YA..."

    Sha, now in his earth-shaking Leviamon form, fixed his demonic eyes on the Mikaboshi. "YOU AIN'T."
  5. storymasterb

    storymasterb Knight of RPGs

    A shroud of hope engulfs the night. With dragon's wings I shall take flight. Justice, fill me with dragon's might. All shadows beware - the Dynast Knight! Draconis Evolution! Dynasmon X!"

    Caradoc burst from the evolutionary light in the barbed form of Dynasmon X, and plowed into Tiamat, knocking her off-balance enough to cause her attack to miss Lucia and Gigas. With a slight nod to his comrades, he crushed his fist into her flank, only to have the blow rebound from her armor, making him wince in pain. Still, the force of his punch managed to knock her to the side slightly.

    She turned and faced him, drawing back her booster-arm and throwing it forwards with devastating power. "Chaos Crusher!" He took the blow at full force with both hands, straining to hold it back with all his strength. Her cannons angled towards him...

    "Hyper Infinity Cannon!" Power screamed from the barrels, and Caradoc only narrowly escaped by throwing himself to the side, his feet barely skimming the blasts as he crashed down, standing with a snarl.

    This would not be easy.


    "I summon all that is yet to be. Grant me power from a future I now see. Anoint me in power born of a light to come. The dawn of the future has begun! X-Evolution! UlforceVeedramon X!"

    Guinier's form sharpened and her Ulforce Sabers lengthened as she rocketed toward Sir Mordred, who rose to meet her challenge, raising the Balmung and Gorgon.

    "Ray of Victory!" Her power sang forth, but was blocked by Mordred's shield as dark power crackled across it.

    "Judecca Prison!" Chaos and ruin howled from the Gorgon, and Guinier barely evaded by ducking behind some ruins. Once the attack ended, she sprang up once more, only to be forced into a rapid block as Mordred stabbed his lance towards her chest. Sparks flew as she caught the point between her blades, the tip barely an inch from her neck, the UlforceVeedramon straining to hold it back.

    "You're strong," Mordred mused. "I wonder if you're strong enough?" He slammed the Gorgon into her chest and let loose with its power, crushing her into the ground with incredible force...


    As Sha faced down the Mikaboshi, Bedivere drew the Fragarach in a flash of searing flame and rushed the chaos-thing, both of his swords burning with energy.

    "Shoryu Slash!" A sweep of the Fragarach lit the air and the Mikaboshi was consumed by the fires, but it flickered and reappeared right before Bedivere, with the Bancho Blade raised.

    "Thus comes the howl; void of mattered existence; see the Bancho Blade." The sword swung an arc of ruination...

    "No!" Bedivere roared. "Ouryuken!" The Black Sword burned with power as it met the Bancho Blade, the swords vanishing into the explosion of chaotic force that erupted, cracking the ground under their feet apart as lightning flashed across the heavens and bored into the earth around them, nature reacting to the collision of chaos on chaos.

    "Thus comes the empty; void of life, death, and being; the Dark Prominence." The cannon spoke in a burning sphere of chaos, and Bedivere was crushed into the ruins of Avalon by its force, the rubble collapsing onto him before being hurled aside by a flash of force from the Black Sword. He rose with anger burning in his eyes, anger and ruin.

    The Black Sword was lit by red aura, which burned through the blade as Bedivere hurled it with a cry, the sword burning into a bolt of force which struck the Mikaboshi with a thunderclap. The Chaosmon was propelled back by the force slightly, and when the bolt flashed back to Bedivere and reformed the Black Sword once again, a visible burn mark was clear on the Mikaboshi's chest.

    Bedivere roared and raged as he charged once again, readying his swords as the abomination drew sword and cannon against him, and their eyes met, living, burning anger against deathly, frozen void...
  6. Griff4815

    Griff4815 No. 1 Grovyle Fan

    Tyr looked over and saw Azur fast approaching Typhon's left side. The VictoryGreymon started charging the ChaosSeadramon from the front, but Kheprius waved his arm, hailing him.

    "Tyr! You attack from over here! I'll attack from the front," he told him, crossing over to fly in front of him.

    Tyr reluctantly crossed in the opposite direction, towards where Khep previously was. "But attacking him from the center is the most dangerous, Khep..."

    "You're right," Kheprius replied. He then grinned. "But I'm less predictable than you are."

    "River of Power!" Typhon interrupted, unleashing a massive beam large enough to engulf both Kheprius and Azur, despite the incredible distance seperating them. Azur leapt to the side and Kheprius shot to the left with an incredible burst of speed he wasn't used to. He swerved smoothely through the air at a velocity he didn't know he could attain. The g-forces strained his insides as he flew away from the crackling beam of black, ripping energy that created a massive trench in the city as it strafed the ground.

    "This... must be the power... of the X-Antibody," he gasped in a strained voice

    Kheprius took advantage of this newfound speed to arc towards Typhon and rake his Gran Killers across the serpent's body. Sparks flew off and metal screeched as his clawed gauntlets fought against Typhon's armour. The Gran Killers ran around the circumferance of his coil before Khep retreated before his large flipper could swat him.

    "Damn, his hide is tough," Kheprius looked over his shoulder and saw Azur coming towards them. "Yo! Fido! Or 'Fleabag' if you prefer!" Kheprius hailed. "Get over here and help!" He then motioned with his head to Tyr, who was coming up behind Typhon, opposite to them. Khep then gestured to Azur to help him distract the Chaos Lord.

    Behind Typhon, Tyr floated in the air with his Dramon Breaker outstretched, held firmly in both of his hands. The three tips of the claymore pointed at Typhon's back. Energy from the atmosphere slowly started to draw towards the blade and build up in it.

    "Just a little more..." he whispered, gauging how long until he had prepared a much-needed full blast.

    "Slide Evolution. GranKuwagamon," Kheprius said, shifting into his larger form. "Until Tyr gets some damage on that guy and distracts him, I'm going to need to stick to ranged attacks," he mused, flying backwards as Typhon dove towards him and Azur. "Hey, sea-slug! Try this! Dimension Scissors!"


    Pyra flew through a pillar of black smoke and watched as Guinier shot past her towards Sir Mordred. The Paildramon looked over her shoulders and saw that the rest of the Peacemakers were heading off towards different enemies, leaving only her and Guinier facing the ChaosGallantmon. She attempted to fly faster so that Guinier wouldn't have to face the Chaos Lord alone.

    "If only I was faster..." she thought, trying with all her power to speed up. The Paildramon frowned. "And I can't fight him as a Paildramon... I would only get in the way. I need to digivolve..."

    Savage, unrestrained, primal roars echoed in her mind, causing her to grimace at the memories. "But if I do... I could become that again... I don't know how balanced my body is right now. If I Darkness digivolve again..." Flashes of her nearly slashing Tyr to ribbons and inflicting a mortal cannon wound on Khep haunted her. "...I might just kill a friend this time."

    She glared at Mordred far ahead of her and grimaced. "I want to kill the Chaos Lords for what they're doing... but I wanted that same fate brought upon the Knights. Look where what that did to me last time... It was my hate... my want for their deaths and due justice that caused me to take on those awful forms. How can I know that the same thing won't happen?"

    "I'm fighting for their destruction... but why is it I want their destruction? With the Royal Knights it became vengeance... is this vengeance too?" Pyra asked herself closing her eyes.


    “What will this change, Pyra!? What will you have achieved once you have destroyed everyone!? You gained power, but achieved nothing! No honor, no dignity, no love!” Galic shouted to Pyra, who rampaged in her BlackImperialdramon Fighter Mode form. “There is naught but more pain and suffering at the end of the path you are taking!”


    “Is this the answer to your problems!? The way to prove to yourself that you are not weak!?” Galic continued. “Let me enlighten you, Lady Pyra; using this indiscriminate power, this selfish force that serves only to destroy, does not make you strong,” Galic said, looking into the BlackImperialdramon Fighter Mode’s face. “This. Proves. You. Weak.”


    “This won’t bring anyone back, Pyra! Max won’t return even if you killed every single knight!” Azur called. “You’ll only make more people sadder, angrier! Spread more hatred and darkness! This will only make people lose more loved ones! And they’ll keep on hating, just like you."


    Pyra felt a chill as cold as steel crawl up her spine as she remembered the grim battle early in the morning. "No... I won't fight for vengeance," she resolutely declared. "But then what...?"


    "Maximus hated the idea of fighting; he didn't want anything to do with the military," Pyra explained, clenching her fists on the balcony that she leaned on as she stood beside Galic.

    The MachGaogamon let go of her shoulder and walked the few steps to the balcony's railing. He put his hands on it, once more looking at the city of Avalon...and then he saw what it was, the beautiful and bustling city that it had been in the past.

    "Maybe he had something worth fighting for," he said. He glanced at her over his shoulder. "Tell me, Pyra. Back in the beginning...what was your reason for answering the Council's call?" Galic asked. "Is it any different now?"

    Pyra looked at him and smirked slightly to herself. "... I wanted to make my father proud of me," she said simply. "He's a very traditional digimon... wanting a son to bring honour to the family name and the like. When I was born, he was... rather disappointed, you could say. Ever since I was young I wanted to prove to him that I was just as capable of being a fine soldier as any male of my species." She sighed and averted her gaze from Galic. "I don't care about that so much anymore... I only want the Royal Knights to pay for what they've done."

    Galic looked away. "And then?"

    "... I don't know," she admitted. "Max is gone. I don't know what my life will be like without him..." The Paildramon leaned toward the railing and rested her for arms on it. "When he was born, my father was constantly trying to force his percieved lifestyle on him. He was always trying to burden Max with heavy responsibilties, such as military service. I was the one who would try to get Maximus to stand up to Father. He didn't want all the pressure that my Father put on him and he especially didn't want to join the military. Max cared more about girls and having fun than anything. That's the other reason I joined the military; so that Max wouldn't have to," she explained.

    Galic's ear twitched, his mind working. "It seems to me...that almost everything you have done, you have done for Max," he told her. "And what you are still doing is for the same." He looked at her. "You fought your father, the trials of militaristic training, and tribulations of battle and war, for your brother's sake, have you not?"


    Pyra hugged Maximus and looked down at him before her departure to the Council for the first time. “I’ll miss you too, Max. Don’t let Father push you too hard. He has trouble understanding that-“

    The ExVeemon looked up at Pyra in their embrace. “That I don’t want to do what you do? I know… Him and his traditions though… It’ll be hard without you here to back me up, Sis.”


    Pyra's crimson eyes shot open. "That's why I'm fighting..." she whispered. "For Max... For a world that Max would have wanted... For a world where Max would have been happy."

    The Paildramon sped up exponentially towards Mordred, who was blasting Guiner away from him. She narrowed her eyes with pure determination.

    "I'm fighting for you, Maximus... for Dunk... for all the others who have died," she said, louder. "Not to avenge your deaths... but to fight for a future where those of us still alive can live happily, like you would have wanted for us!"


    “Show to yourself – to everyone! – that you are stronger than the darkness that threatens to devour you!”


    "And you’re brave. And good. And strong. So strong no matter what anyone says. So much stronger than this darkness. I know it, and I believe it,” Azur said vehemently. "All you have to do… is prove it!”


    Pyra released her arms from Maximus and gave him an additional pat on the shoulder. “You’re stronger than you think, Max.”

    He smirked. “Thanks… You are too...”


    An shining aura of light surrounded Pyra as she shot towards the ChaosGallantmon, giving her the near appearance of a comet.

    "This is for you... my little brother..." she whispered softly. Pyra's humanoid, draconic form exploded in light.

    "Warp Imperial Evolution!" From the light shot the knight-like form of a humanoid dragon warrior, bursting though the blinding ray. Pyra's body was like that that came from her Obliteration evolution, except her skin shimmered azure blue instead of a sickened black. Her gold and black armour shone with splendour and her red wings flapped through the dank smoke of the city. There was a glint in the eye of the draconic head that donned her chest armour. Pyra was now in complete control of her power...

    "... Imperialdramon Fighter Mode!"

    Pyra completely burst from the beam of light and soared through the air. Her wings arched back and she went into a speedy dive, slamming into Sir Mordred before he could get a second hit on Guinier. She rammed him back into a pile of rubble before he could raise his Gorgon shield to block.

    The newly evolved Imperialdramon Fighter Mode landed beside Guinier, extending her hand to the UlforceVeedramon X. Meanwhile, Mordred leapt to his feet and levelled his Balmung lance. As he did, Pyra extended her right arm and pointed her wrist-mounted cannon at the Choas Lord.

    "Judecca Prison!"

    "Positron Laser!"

    The two attacks collided and exploded outwards in a maelstrom of deep-rooted chaos contending with new-found order...
  7. storymasterb

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    Power screamed across the ruins of Avalon with each collision of swords, the Black Sword meeting the Bancho Blade and unleashing the raw powers of chaos into the world with each strike.

    "Thus comes the howl; void of mattered existence; see the Bancho Blade."

    "Ouryuken!" Bedivere answered in turn, and their burning swords met in a maelstrom of power, the Mikaboshi sending the power of the void into his sword, Bedivere retaliating with the passion and fire burning in his heart, the burning soul that blazed inside him urging the Black Sword to hold and overcome in the face of that cold emptiness.

    The forces they unleashed were tremendous, the earth cracked under their feet, the air was rent by the lightning screaming from the storm overhead, and all around Avalon was broken further by the chaos and ruin.

    "Thus comes the empty; void of life, death, and being; the Dark Prominence."

    "Tenryu Slash!" Bedivere countered, slashing the Fragarach into the monster's cannon, throwing it aside and sending the Dark Prominence off-target, towards Sha instead. Bedivere didn't even notice, or if he did, didn't care. All he focused on was the Mikaboshi's defeat.

    "Shoryu Slash!" Power and fire tore from the Fragarach, burning into the Mikaboshi and driving the chaos-abomination back. With a roar of burning pride, Bedivere raised his swords and burst forwards, only to have the Mikaboshi raise its cannon.

    It spoke. "Chaos-ordered life; these things must exist alone; End of Paradox."

    Power spoke from the cannon, chaos and distortion that burned into Bedivere and sent him screaming to the earth. Only the Black Sword protected him from the attack's raw power and prevented it from killing him in an instant, but even so it crushed him with chaos and ruin, slamming him onto the ground with incredible power...


    Guinier accepted Pyra's hand with a nod to her fellow Peacemaker as the Imperialdramon FM helped her to stand, before colliding her Positron Laser with Mordred's Judecca Prison.

    The UlforceVeedramon X raced forward, past the collision of order and chaos even as it died, before striking at Mordred with her twin Ulforce Sabers, the blows sparking off of the knight's armor. With a roar of anger, he stabbed the Balmung at the cobalt knight, only to have her side-step, causing him to overexert and stumble past her due to his momentum. As he did so, Guinier to the opportunity and slashed her blades across his back, eliciting a snarl of pain.

    "Ray of Victory!" Power flashed and Mordred was propelled forwards, crashing down with a furious roar. He rose up, and charged, shield-rushing Guinier...


    "Dragon Thrower!" A bolt of draconic power burst from Caradoc's palm and hammered into Tiamat's face, the Chaosdramon barely flinching in response.

    "Destroyed Hook!" A viral missile fired from her booster-claw, but Caradoc grabbed it in his hand and crushed it to scrap, tossing it aside as he rocketed towards the immense crimson Chaos Lord.

    "Breath of Wyvern!"

    Draconic aura burst and raged from his form, spearing into Tiamat and forcing her back as fire flickered and lapped at her body. The Dynasmon X plowed into the Chaos Lord, hammering her more vulnerable neck with blows from his fists.

    "Chaos Crusher!" He was snatched up by her booster claw and hammered down, but managed to stop himself from being crushed under her immense weight by pushing against the ground with all his strength, holding the Chaosdramon inert for a moment, before she finally tossed him into the air. "Hyper Infinity Cannon!" A searing burst of power howled from the cannons and plowed into him, sending him flying back to collide with Lucia...
  8. PeeGee

    PeeGee ROAWR!

    C'mon, up the pace

    Kole growled at the voice, it had started to taunt Kole, despite how it had acted earlier.

    Hit it hard!

    Kole splayed his arms forward, and his tentacles shot up. Energy started to form in each claw, and an orb started to form in each hand. The Apocalymon's eyes started to glow red as he pumped more energy into the orbs, and he started to shake.

    "Total Annihilation!"

    The beams burst from his hands and claws. They sped towards A-M, weaving around the battle field. The beams all converged into one enormous beam before slamming into the Chaosmon's chest. Kole watched with glee as an explosion erupted on the digimon's torso.

    Hey, you have actually done something

    However, once the explosion died down, A-M was still standing there, barely anything having been done to him.

    Well, maybe not

    "Chaos-ordered life; these things must exist alone; End of Paradox."

    The Chaosmon raised its cannon and Kole tried desperately to move out of the way, but he wasn't fully able to. Pain shot throughout his entire body, several of his tentacles disintegrating.

    I am so glad I couldn't feel that
  9. "Keep 'im occupied for just another minute. I'm gonna set up a web of strings...it'll take me a little while, so just try to hold 'im off.”

    ‘Easier said than done,’ the MirageGaogamon BM thought to himself, barely keeping up with the speed demon’s strikes and movements. Not only did he have to keep himself from getting hurt, he also had to keep Ophion from getting to Nocchi. Beneath his helmet, his nose twitched.

    “When I'm done, there'll be a spider web of strings around you, connected to me an' the surrounding buildings. You probably won't be able to see them, an' neither will he...but you'll be able to smell them."

    So that’s it. He was wondering why the subtle scent of wood began to appear around him. So that’s what Nocchi was getting at; he might’ve been able to put two and two together if he had more time to think and less time to keep himself from getting stabbed in the gut or getting beheaded, both of which are horrible ways to die.

    "Maneuver through them...it'll take concentration and precision, which I know you're capable of. Dark Tristan won't see them, an' the moment he gets caught, I'll snag 'im. Then we hit 'im with everything we've got...an' that's the plan!"

    ‘Why stop there?’ Galic thought to himself with a discreet grin. He knew that he wouldn’t have had to wait long, but the least he could do is make things a bit more interesting. But before that, he needed to get the ChaosUlforceVeedramon’s killing intent off of Nocchi and onto him. And he knew just how to do it.

    Galic had to look for that perfect moment, that tiny window of chance that he could take advantage of. He ducked, parried, and dodged, returning blow for blow in attempt to bring that moment closer. And then he found it.

    Right after parrying and sliding Ophion’s weapon to the side, he quickly stretched out his fist, punching Ophion right on his jaw. Physical-wise, it would barely do anything, with the attack having little borrowed momentum and force in it. But it would do its desired effect, if Galic thought right.

    Taking a second to glide away, he looked at the suddenly still ChaosUlforceVeedramon, whose face was facing upwards due to the MirageGaogamon BM’s punch. He gave him a wary glance, not knowing what he would do. And then he righted his head and send Galic a murderous glare. And Galic grinned.

    “Come, then!” Galic provoked as his image disappeared…and then reappeared in numbers, although they all lacked MirageGaogamon BM’s signature weapon. “Let us see if your speed can catch a mirage!” And then Galic and his copies retreated into the forest of broken buildings and raised stone, intending to make Ophion go on a wild goose chase.

    Galic had to concentrate. He really couldn’t see the Puppetmon’s strings at all, and while he could smell it, it was only just. He had to rely on his reflexes and split-second motions to keep himself from getting tangled in the strings. And then he halted. So concentrated was he on the strings that he hadn’t noticed Ophion catching up and appearing right in front of him. He could smell Nocchi’s scent all over him, meaning that he had already gotten caught up in a number of the Puppetmon’s strings. But that was all he could do before the ChaosUlforceVeedramon stabbed him in the gut with his wrist-mounted blade. Then Galic grinned, his form disappearing and revealing himself to be but one of the original MirageGaogamon BM’s clones.

    Ophion snarled in irritation, and then flew back to catch another of Galic’s copies right across, inevitably getting more of Nocchi’s strings on him.

    Atop one of the broken buildings and regaining his breath, the real Galic looked down at the wild Chaos Lord’s motions. He thought that if one sweep through Nocchi’s strings would get him tangled, then doing so multiple times would make him completely restrict his movements. Or at least he expected so. He hoped that Nocchi would be able to hold on and endure multiple run throughs; the speed Ophion was going at might have been enough to make the Puppetmon trail after him if he hadn’t thought of putting a stable place where the strings would stick to. He looked at Nocchi, who was directly below him from the building roof, giving the Puppetmon a thumbs up as he rematerialized golden weapon.

    Seeing that his clone population of the battlefield had come to a low, he jumped from the edge of the building his weapon already amassing massive amounts of energy. “Now, Nocchi!”


    Azur grumbled, trying to keep himself from starting an argument with the GrandisKuwagamon in the middle of a battle that could end with either life or death. As much as he wanted to. And even if Fenrir and Tiwaz had done it so many times and still lived through it, despite the obvious danger that it entailed.

    ‘In my defense, it was either that or have an unbearable and overgrown winged lizard goading me on and gloating that I could not return his insults for many months to come,’ Fenrir replied indignantly. ‘An overly proud and boastful Tiwaz that is constantly in my face and telling me just how better he is than me for any long period of time is a fate worse than a death itself.’ Judging from what memories Azur could get of the AncientGreymon, who couldn’t really disagree with his ancestor.

    Azur then had to jump to the side as Khep suddenly slide digivolved without warning. Azur grunted. The prospect of hitting him was getting more and more desirable.

    ‘Pay attention, lest you want to call upon misfortune,’ Fenrir called out. ‘Remember the goal; distract your opponent.’ Azur grumbled at his own thoughts being used against him, albeit with words not his own and flew behind Kheprius. He could use the bug’s large size to his advantage.

    “Optimum output,” Azur muttered as hatches on his body opened and his artillery took aim. He narrowed his eyes. “Garuru Burst!” he yelled out as multiple missiles and rockets shot out, spreading away and passing by Kheprius body and speeding towards Typhon. His attack was simultaneous with Kheprius’ Dimension Scissor, the swarm of projectiles at beside, in front and behind it.
  10. Griff4815

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    Mordred spun around towards Guinier, who had slashed him across the back and charged her with his shield in front of him. However, as he did this, he was completely exposed from behind, where Pyra was. The Imperialdramon Fighter Mode planned to take full advantage of this.

    After motioning to Guinier to be prepared to move, the jaws of the dragon head on her chest snapped open and the wide barrel of a cannon emerged from its mouth. Pyra took careful aim with the cannon, locking the ChaosGallantmon in her sights as he sped away from her towards Guinier.

    "Giga Crusher!" Pyra shouted as a blast of white power tore from her chest. She dug her boots into the ground, trying to steady herself from the recoil of the attack.

    The immense beam engulfed Sir Mordred from behind and sent him flying forwards as the power closed around him. Pyra retracted the cannon and shot forwards in the direction he was sent. The Imperialdramon clenched her fists and readied the blades on her arms.

    "Splendour Blade!"

    Sir Mordred growled, and stood up, his cape and hair still in flames as he did so and spun around to rush Pyra. "Chaos Disaster!"

    Dark power ripped from the tip of the lance and struck into Pyra sending her flying back all the way across the street before she finally came to a stop in the side of a wall of a half-destroyed house. She fell to the ground, landing on one knee before looking up and raising her right arm. "Positron Laser!"

    A stream of concentrated positrons shot from her arm cannon towards Mordred. He wasted no time in raising the Gorgon shield in front of him before the laser neared him. "Judecca Prison!"

    A torrent of chaotic energy fired from the large shield and completely snuffed out Pyra's attack in a much more powerful blast than before. The Imperialdramon Fighter Mode saw the surge of power continue in her direction. Pyra bounded from the ground and flew high into the air, narrowly avoiding the attack and feeling its power rush below her. She looked down and watched as the blackish purple attack completely disintegrate the house she had hit.

    "What power," she whispered. "We can't afford to be hit by the brunt of any of his attacks."

    Pyra quickly brought up her arm cannon, steadied her aim and flew to the side. She released several consecutive bursts at Sir Mordred while flying towards Guinier's general vacinity. "Guinier," she called out, while suppressing the ChaosGallantmon, who was forced to raise the Gorgon shield in front of him and return fire with semi-indiscriminate blasts from the Balmung lance. "Hit him now! If we can each keep him distracted long enough for the other to inflict a damaging blow on him, we might be able to hold an advantage over him. But we need to be careful at the same time; his power is devastating."

    "Judecca Prison!" Mordred hissed, pushing forward and unleashing a pulse of chaotic power towards Pyra. The Imperialdramon tried her best to dodge again, but her left arm and leg were caught in the blast and she was sent into a violent aerial spin.

    She grimaced in pain and managed to catch herself in mid-plummet. Pyra then rushed him, flying a meter over the ground before bringing her glowing Splendour Blades down on his Gorgon shield, trying to slash over it so she could get past the barrier. Sir Mordred, however, bashed her away with the shield and sent Pyra sprawling across the ground.

    The dragon got to her hands and knees and raised her arm cannon once more to fire. "Positron Laser..."


    Khep watched as both his and Azur's attacks slammed into Typhon, causing a small grunt from the digimon. The Chaos General swung his tail at the two, but Azur and Kheprius dodged the mighty appendage that struck the ground below, sending a large series of cracks through out the stone street.

    "Energy Blast!" A stream of power spewed forth from Typhon's maw and hit Kheprius in midair. The GranKuwagamon grimaced in agony as the power threw him back through the air. He flipped on his back during his flight and swept his pincers across the space in front of him.

    "Zone Black Hole!" Kheprius flew into the tear in space before he hit the ground. The rend ripped open right next to the side of Typhon's face and Kheprius emerged.

    "Heh... Grand Darkness!" he released energy of void and anti matter into the large cheek of the ChaosSeadramon. The Chaos Lord snarled and reared back to try to face Khep, but the bug digimon shifted to the side as he did so, staying right beside his face. "What's wrong, you overgrown pipe cleaner? Too slow? Can't utilize all your ancient chaotic energies effectively? Tough luck... Dimension Scissors!"

    Khep sent three more blades of energy into Typhon's face. The chaos digimon snarled and jerked his head to the side, opening his mouth and snapping it shut towards Kheprius. "Crap!" he sputtered, narrowly avoiding losing one of his legs. "Slide Evolution! GrandisKuwagamon!" He quickly shifted back into his smaller, humanoid form just as Typhon opened his mouth again. In an instant Kheprius knew that the ChaosSeadramon's lower jaw was directly below him and his upper jaw directly above him.

    Typhon's mouth then snapped shut, presumably with Kheprius inside. However the GrandisKuwagamon was flying away from the sea serpent thanks to his boosted speed. "That was too close for comfort... Didn't his mother ever tell him not to eat bugs?"

    Meanwhile, Tyr still floated behind Typhon. The Dramon Breaker was glowing with power as it neared its maximum capacity for the energy. Tyr had trouble keeping control of the sword, but he did his best to keep it steadily pointed at his target.

    "This is it...Trident Gaia!" he shouted. A beam five times the size of Tyr ripped from the tips of the claymore and slammed into the lower back of the reared up Typhon. It completely engulfed the designated section of body and burned at the armour. Tyr strained and fought with all of his might not to be blown backwards by the recoil and his muscles flexed and trembled as he pain-stakingly moved the direction of the beam-sword slowly up Typhon's back.

    The Chaos Lord roared in pain and arched his back backwards as the beam struck him slowly moved up his spine. With an annoyed growl, Typhon whipped the end of his tail around and pounded Tyr with it, causing his beam to veer drastically off course and the dragon-man to be sent flying through the air. Tyr landed on the ground on a knee and skidded to a stop.

    "River of Power!" Another enormous beam tore from Typhon's nose-cannon and shot quickly towards Tyr. The VictoryGreymon's green eyes widened and he quickly swung up the side of the Dramon Breaker.

    "Victory Charge!" Tyr desperately tried to deflect the attack but the sheer power and consistancy of the beam sent him flying back against a wall as he tried to defend against it.

    The VictoryGreymon grimaced as he pushed against his sword to combat the devastating blast. He felt the power crushing him against the wall and his muscles cried in protest, but he managed to angle his sword slightly to the side so that the beam was partially deflected, putting some of the pressure off of him as the beam started to die down.

    "Tyr, to your left!" Tiwaz warned. Tyr turned his head to the left and saw Typhon's tail coming towards him. The dragon-man leapt out of the way, allowing the remainder of the beam to detonate the house he was propped up against. Tyr was blown back by the powerful explosion before the appendages could hit him.

    "What the hell kind of distracting job are Fenrir, Fenrir Junior and the beetle doing?!" Tiwaz angrily thought. "A Koromon could distract him more! Go in for close-quarters, Tyr. Hit him hard."

    Tyr nodded in compliance and raced towards Typhon's body. "Energy Blast!" the ChaosSeadramon begun, starting to unleash a blast of dark energy from his mouth. Kheprius, however, slammed into the end of Typhon's nose and sent the attack flying astray.

    "Get him, Tyr!" Kheprius shouted, before his arm was clipped by the giant blade on the end of Typhon's nose.

    The VictoryGreymon held his sword high over his head as he drew near. With a roar, he slashed the bulky claymore vertically downwards. The blade shot out sparks as it initially struggled against Typhon's armour, but with another push, the metal hacked deep into the ChaosSeadramon's body, drawing what seemed like buckets of blood from the large wound.

    Typhon roared in pain as the anti-dramon weapon slashed him and he whipped his tail around to hit Tyr. The VictoryGreymon pulled back and turned as the two large appendages flew towards him. They both struck his body and sent him flying towards the ground.

    However, Tyr managed to catch himself and land slowly on the ground. He then charged towards the base of Typhon's body while Kheprius continued to annoy and distract the ChaosSeadramon from the air.

    "Trident Gaia!" Tyr shouted as he charged. A smaller beam than before extended from the Dramon Breaker's tips but Typhon's body twisted so that the attack initially missed. Tyr then swung the sword-like beam to the left to have it cut across Typhon's body.

    As he drew close, he cut the sword across the same placed, cutting into the metal body. Typhon growled and swung his tail around again, but this time, Tyr and Tiwaz were prepared. The dragon-man swung around as they descended towards him and he flew to meet them in the air. Tyr swerved to the right to avoid the left tail fin, and crossed his Dramon Breaker in front of his chest before sweeping it outwards. The sword met the falling tail and, after a few seconds of struggle, hacked clear through it, causing the limb to fall to the ground.

    Typhon roared in pain and dove towards Tyr in a rage. "Hell Squeeze!" Before the VictoryGreymon could respond, Typhon coiled around him and started crushing his body, eliciting a cry of pain from the dragon-man.

    "Tyr! Get out of this!" Tiwaz demanded.

    Tyr struggled against the constricting metal but failed to budge. "I... can't..." he choked, gasping as the coils tightened further.

    "You need to! Can't you use any attacks?!"

    Tyr grasped the Dramon Breaker in his right hand but couldn't move it an inch. He tried to respond to Tiwaz vocally but Typhon's crushing body was blocking his circulation.

    "Tyr!" Kheprius shouted, diving towards him. "Grandis Scissors!" Khep's pincers snapped closed around the coils that held Tyr, but did little more than dent and slightly puncture the metal.

    Typhon turned towards them even as Azur's attacks detonated around his body and with steadfast focus, looked down at the two. Kheprius' eye widened as he saw power begin to build up in the Chaos Lord's nose cannon. He quickly flew over to Tyr and desperately began pulling on the body that crushed the life out of Tyr.

    "He's about to attack, Tyr," Kheprius warned.

    Tiwaz growled internally. "I'm taking over, Tyr... There goes our weaponry advantage."

    Despite the fact that Tyr couldn't chant, let alone speak, his form glowed in a brilliant orange. His form grew exponentially into that of Tiwaz's AncientGreymon form. Tiwaz looked around him and despite his transformation, he was still partially bound in Typhon's coils.

    "Not exactly the heroic entrance I wanted to make," he muttered. His mouth, his wings, and the cannons on the back of his armour all burned in an ancient inferno nonetheless. "Omega Corona!" Tiwaz called. Flames exploded outwards all around him, causing Typhon's coils to be pushed back enough for the ancient dragon to squirm out of his hold and fly with Khep over towards Azur's general direction.

    He flew beside the MetalGarurumon X and glanced over. "Fenrir, are you coming out anytime soon? Typhon is still standing firm... we might actually have to enact that plan of ours... And I swear, if you're too scared of the eel, I will personally find a way to get into your descendant's mind so that I can kick your doggy butt halfway across his cerebellum!"
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  11. TheSequelReturns

    TheSequelReturns Phantom Thief

    Lucia was starting to wonder just what she had gotten herself into. Gigas and Caradoc proceeded to hammer into Tiamat, who did the same to the two of them. Lucia was barely able to keep up with the massive Digimon, but on the bright side she was all but ignored by Tiamat as she fought of the two Peacemaker powerhouses.

    As she was rushing in, Tiamat unleashed a massive blast from her cannons sending Caradoc flying. Unfortunately, he happened to be flying directly at Lucia. She desperately tried to roll out of the way, but still managed to collide with Caradoc's arm as the large dragon-like digimon crashed to the ground.

    Lucia was knocked to the side, avoiding finding herself under Caradoc but rather finding herself tossed into a nearby wall, the crumbling wall nearly falling on her, but choosing to fall backwards instead.

    This was probably going to be harder than she thought. She was just outclassed in this battle, or was she? Where had Caradoc been attacking when he tackled Tiamat? She quickly turned to the crimson-armored Chaosdramon, her eyes scanning her armor. There, her neck lacked the red-digizoid armor. That was her weak spot.

    "The bigger they are, they harder they fall right?" she said to herself as she got back on her feet. She wasn't going to give up that easily, now, she had a plan. But how was she supposed to get that close to the massive dragon? Hopefully Gigas or Caradoc would provide a good distraction again. Sword in hand, she rushed towards her far larger opponent once again, unfazed by the size difference and the apparent power difference.

    No matter what, she had made a promise to Duo. She was going to come back alright, and if that meant that she had to beat Tiamat and come out unharmed, then that is what she was going to do...
  12. storymasterb

    storymasterb Knight of RPGs

    "Ouryuken!" Bedivere roared, swinging an arc of power and chaos with the Black Sword, only for the Mikaboshi to fluidly evade. The chaos-thing was almost liquid in its motion, flashing aside so quickly it was almost invisible. Bedivere's attack instead only smashed into the earth and detonated, sending a hail of stone shrapnel flying out across the area.

    Undeterred, Bedivere spun on his heel, lighting the Fragarach with fire as he slashed it toward the monster, only for the Mikaboshi to parry with the Bancho Blade and raise its cannon.

    "Thus comes the empty; void of life, death, and being; the Dark Prominence." Its power howled forth, and Bedivere was knocked back, spreading his fiery wings to stop his flight.

    "Screw this," he snarled, banishing the Fragarach in a burst of flame. "Exalted Evolution! Examon!" Eschewing his regular chant, he transformed in a raging pillar of flame accompanied by the roar of thunder, spreading the Caledfwlch as the Ambrosius formed in his left hand, leaving the Black Sword in his right.

    The Black Sword burned with chaos and transformed to light, flowing onto the Ambrosius, which writhed and reformed, the blades around its muzzle becoming more jagged, an aura of burning chaos surrounding the lance as the Black Sword worked its power through the weapon to better suit Bedivere's new form.

    "Pendragon's Glory!" the Examon roared, taking flight and unleashing a barrage of shells, each of them coated by red, chaotic aura that somehow increased their speed and kinetic energy in some manner. The shells collided with the Mikaboshi and detonated, all were explosives tainted with the Black Sword's power to create fireballs of burning chaos upon detonation.

    The Mikaboshi writhed, and roared from the inferno's heart, before flashing forwards, but Bedivere lit with chaos and fire, rocketing downwards.

    "Dragonic Impact!"

    He smashed into the chaos-thing at full force, yet it raised its Darkdra-arm and somehow held him back as power built in its cannon.

    "Chaos-ordered life; these things must exist alone; End of Paradox." Distortion burst from the cannon and engulfed Bedivere, spearing into him and hurling him away from the Chaosmon. His form burned with chaos flame, searing through his armor and blackening his flesh with its touch.

    The Black Sword pulsed in his grip, holding back the End of Paradox from ripping his data apart entirely, while also slowly repairing the damage the attack had done. Bedivere stood, giving a roar of rage, and shot toward the Mikaboshi again, savage and ferocious as he tapped his weapon's power to a greater extend, causing his wings to ignite with golden flame.

    "Avalon's Gate!" He lashed out with the Black Sword-enhanced Ambrosius towards the Mikaboshi, who intersected the Bancho Blade to guard, while also raising its Darkdra-arm to fire another attack. Wary of this, Bedivere beat forward with his wings as the lance in his grip burned with power, the Examon calling on a new technique.

    "Digitalize of Soul!" The mighty energies of Artorius' signature attack burned from the wings and speared the Mikaboshi, hurling it back away as Bedivere launched upwards to evade the Dark Prominence the creature hurled at him from its cannon, the burning energies consuming more of the ruins and completely obliterating them.

    "Pendragon's Glory!" Bedivere howled, unleashing his attack in a barrage of lasers and shells that kicked up immense clouds of dust around the Mikaboshi as they detonated, shattering the ground underfoot. "Dragonic Impact!" Calling on the heightened senses his sword granted him, Bedivere descended as a draconic meteor towards the Mikaboshi, who flickered from among the clouds and vanished.

    Bedivere glanced around, trying to find the chaos avatar...

    "Chaos-ordered life; these things must exist alone; End of Paradox."

    Power smashed him from behind and sent him into the ground below, the attack's energies detonating in a chaotic blaze that enveloped him and the crater his impact created...


    Caradoc snarled as he stood up, seared by Tiamat's attack, but still burning to fight back. Galahad's spirit was just as ready to continue the battle, strengthening his vessel with words of encouragement and tactical advice, indicating the weaker armor around Tiamat's neck that Lucia had noticed.

    But Caradoc didn't need that reassurance from the Royal Knight... he was ready to fight to the end anyway. Guinier's face filled his mind, everything he loved about her, and he fought to protect her, to ensure a world where they could be happy together, once the chaos was gone and this hell ended.

    "DNA Disintegrator!" he roared, unleashing the helix-blast of draconic force from his palms, which plowed into Tiamat at full force and knocked the immense Chaosdramon reeling. Seeing Lucia's plan, Caradoc raced forwards, knowing the Minervamon had the weaponry best suited to attacking Tiamat's weaker armor, her immense sword could easily behead Tiamat if it penetrated the neck armor that seemed to be the Chaos Lord's lone weak spot.

    Shooting past the Minervamon with a brief nod to show he understood what to do, Caradoc smashed into Tiamat, form burning with power which he unleashed in a burst of force to disorient the Chaosdramon and draw her attention, opening her up to Lucia's attack.

    "Breath of Wyvern!" His power exploded and burned into the Chaos Lord, driving her back with heat and pressure, attacking her armor's weaker spots, joints, mouth and eyes, as well as the weakest plate on her neck, the plate Lucia intended to attack.

    Continuing to force the Chaosdramon's attention to him, Caradoc burst upwards and delivered a punch to her chin which rather comically forced her head upwards, preventing her from seeing Lucia's approach, as well as making it impossible to aim her cannons or claws. Drawing back a hand, which he splayed to utilize his claws, Caradoc rapidly channeled power to the four jagged talons.

    "Dragon's Gust!" He slashed across the weaker neck-plate, gouging four parallel lines across the armor, but failing to penetrate it. He pressed a palm to the scarred plate, and spoke, "Dragon Thrower!" His burning energies exploded forth and washed over the Red Digizoid, but still failed to penetrate, instead only searing the armor and coating it in black scorch-marks.

    Tiamat roared in anger and barreled forwards unexpectedly, knocking Caradoc away as she glared at the Dynasmon angrily, charging her cannons. Out of the corner of his eye, Caradoc saw Lucia still charging. If he could draw Tiamat's fire, the Minervamon would have a shot at the neck-plate...

    "Go on, you red pansy!" he roared, "go on and hit me, then!" Tiamat roared in outrage, whether it was the insult or the taunt, and opened fire.

    "Hyper Infinity Cannon!"

    "Guinier..." Caradoc whispered as he lit with power, and then he was consumed by the maelstrom...


    Mordred took Pyra's Positron Laser on his Gorgon shield, but doing so left him open once again.

    As the attack ended and he lowered the shield, he was set upon by a cobalt flash. Guinier tore at his joints with her Ulforce Sabers, blood leaking from the cuts the energy blades laid open.

    The ChaosGallantmon roared in anger and slammed her with the Gorgon, before slashing wildly with the Balmung and laying open a number of shallow, but painful cuts across her chest and arms. The UlforceVeedramon fell back, her eyes burning red as that terrible blood-red shade washed over her cobalt scales and lit her with destructive, ruinous energies...

    “The blood-red dusk shall engulf the skies! Behold your entire world’s demise! My rage shall bring forth a blood-soaked night! Tremble at my power, this blood-red might! Megiddo Evolution! Megidramon!”

    Her form transformed, legs fusing into that long tail, arms gaining blade-adorned bracers and immense, jagged claws, the Hazard-marked armor joining to her shoulders and chest as she roared, towering over Mordred, who smirked beneath his helm in response.

    "Megiddo Flame!" Guinier roared, unleashing hellfire from her maw, but Mordred charged through it with his shield raised to guard, drawing back the Balmung to impale her through with it...

    Only to be met by a blow from her fist that knocked him reeling, her strength was incredible in the Megidramon form. She burst forwards, striking with her bracer-blades, which sparked from the Gorgon as the chaos knight blocked with incredible skill and reflexes, claws and blades scraping against the shield.

    "Chaos Disaster!" Mordred spoke, unleashing a lance of energy from the Balmung, which speared into Guinier's shoulder and tore clean through, the blood-red dragon snarling in rage and pain as her tail whipped out, propelling the ChaosGallantmon across the square with a whiplash blow. He raised the Gorgon, which began to burn with infernal power...

    "Stay behind me," Guinier warned Pyra as the Digital Hazards on her armor lit, the Megidramon's eyes burning an infernal red as with her claws she traced a great circle in the air, the burning light of the Digital Hazard filling in that circle to create the hellish, fiery gate into Armageddon.

    "Judecca Prison!" Mordred roared, power and wrath screaming from the Gorgon...

    "Caradoc..." Guinier thought, seeing his face as she spoke in turn, "Har-Megiddo Gate!" The great gate tore open and the earth under them shattered, fracturing like a broken mirror as solid terra firma broke into data particles, hellfire and brimstone screaming from the apocalyptic gate to collide with Mordred's attack, searing through the chaos and the darkness, the power of the primal void meeting the fires of the world's end. It took all Guinier's focus to keep the attack from simply consuming the whole of Avalon in its fire and destruction, such was the power of Megiddo.

    Mordred was stunned by the power of the attack, but then he rallied himself and forced more energy into his Judecca Prison, the darkness reforming and barely holding back the fiery forces of Guinier's power, flames warring with cold darkness for supremacy.

    "Pyra, now, while he's distracted!" Guinier roared, still focused entirely on containing her attack...
  13. Griff4815

    Griff4815 No. 1 Grovyle Fan

    The Imperialdramon Fighter Mode in question nodded and flew through the air, circling around where the two attacks fought for dominance over the other. Pyra carefully but quickly treaded the edge of the giant, circular burning crater from where the land was destroyed by Guinier's attack.

    She made it to Mordred's side of the struggle, to his right, and saw his still fighting with his Gorgon raised to combat Guinier's attack with his own Judecca Prison. Pyra flew slightly further back so she was out of his peripheral vision. In the position Mordred was in, with his shield forwards, he was completely exposed from the angle where Pyra placed herself.

    "Giga Crusher!"

    The draconic face on her armour discharged a pillar of light energy towards Mordred's right side. The chaotic knight turned his head at the last moment just in time to see the beam engulf him and send him flying into Guinier's attack.

    Sir Mordred was thrown into the air, but quickly tried to right himself. Pyra shot after him, sending several small, concentrated bursts of Positron Lasers from her arm cannon in his direction while closing in. The ChaosGallantmon growled and raised the Balmung, aiming it directly at Pyra.

    "Chaos Disaster!" A javelin on chaos ripped from the lance towards the Imperialdramon. Pyra rolled to the side, feeling the bolt graze her chest as she flew, but generally avoided the attack. However, a second bolt came as quickly as the first, catching Pyra off-guard. It pierced into her shoulder, causing a suppressed roar to leave her throat.

    "Splendour Blade!" The claws on Pyra's armour shimmered a brilliant gold as she approached Mordred. The ChaosGallantmon responded by raising his Gorgon and thrusting the Balmung at Pyra. The tip of the lance grazed the belts on Pyra's bicep and proceeded to perforate through her red wing before Mordred quickly retracted his lance for a counterattack.

    Pyra cringed but placed her left hand on the top edge of Mordred's shield as she closed in, pushind down on it and using his stead fast hold to propel herself outwards. The Imperialdramon Fighter Mode front flipped over him in such a way that when she landed behind him, she faced his back. It was in this moment that Pyra scored her six claws down Mordred's plate armour clad back.

    It took all over her might to fight against his thick armour but she managed to pierce her right claws (which had more momentum) through and drag the beams down the Chaos Lord's back. Pyra then drew back and landed a powerful kick on his back, sending him in the direction of Guinier. However, as she did this, Mordred swung Gorgon behind him and beamed the side of Pyra's face with the shield's edge. He also shifted around in his flight and fired another Chaos Disaster towards Pyra. Still reeling from the previous attack, the dramon couldn't dodge the chaotic blast that punctured through the upper part of her right leg and clipped the side of her blue tail.

    Through her pain, she wordlessly motioned to her Megidramon comrade, who was behind the descending chaos knight.
  14. Hotshot

    Hotshot Don't ask questions.

    Nocchi had tied himself to a nearby partly-destroyed building. Dozens of strings held him fast as Ophion struggled against the Puppetmon's trap. Recognizing that his opponent was now completely trapped, Nocchi smirked.

    Glancing up at Galic, the Puppetmon nodded. With a downward swing of his arms, he released himself from his own strings, and then tightened his other strings, turning Ophion into a chaotic pretzel. The ChaosUlforceVeedramon struggled against Nocchi's web, but to no avail. Nocchi held firm, arms locked into position.

    Then, without warning, the Puppetmon released his hold. Before Ophion could untangle himself, Nocchi and Galic struck with their respective attacks, sending the ChaosUlforceVeedramon hurtling backwards. As he skidded and rolled away, Nocchi turned to Galic.

    "Okay, I give 'im ten seconds to regain his composure, if he even has one," the Puppetmon said, snickering. "Now for Phase Two of my master plan," he continued. "He'll come back with a vengeance now, and he's pretty suspicious. Still isn't fully sure what we used on him back there. Probably suspects strings, but he couldn't see them, so he might be thinking telepathy..."

    Ophion staggered to his feet, eyes blazing. Nocchi and Galic remained still, facing their opponent. "We'll attack 'im together this time. Don't worry about protectin' me, I got that covered. Just keep dodgin' his attacks an' frustratin' 'im. The moment he lets his guard down, I'll attach my strings to 'im. He's too powerful to be affected by just a few, so he won't even notice them, an' if he does, he'll think they're from a failed attack."

    In the blink of an eye, Ophion vanished from view. Just milliseconds later, he reappeared behind Nocchi. The Puppetmon anticipated that move, and spun to his left, turning the ChaosUlforceVeedramon's downward swing off-course slightly with five strings. The attack narrowly missed Nocchi, but another soon came. This one, the Chaos Lord's left sword, was aimed at the puppet's head.

    Nocchi threw it off-target just like the first with his free hand. Then came Ophion's foot, which struck Nocchi in the chest and sent the Puppetmon reeling backwards. By this time, Galic had engaged the ChaosUlforceVeedramon. Nocchi rose to his feet and continued explaining his plan, "Then I'll attach myself to something with my free hand, an' use my other one to keep a hold on Dark Tristan. The strings attached to him will be exactly ten yards long. Get Dark Trissy to chase you, an' maneuver around every obstacle as you speed away from 'im, some of them twice, if you can."

    Ophion shoved Galic away and sped towards Nocchi. The Puppetmon latched onto a ruined pillar and swung himself around it. But Ophion caught up and cut him off. Nocchi laughed wildly, exclaiming, "Nyahahahahaha! Come an' get me!"

    Nocchi, holding onto the top of the ruinous pillar with his strings, pushed off of the side, narrowly dodging a swipe from Ophion. With an expert back-flip, the puppet avoided another swing. Then came Ophion's kick again. It struck Nocchi in the head, knocking him threw the air. When he landed, from among the cloud of dust, the Puppetmon rasped, "When he runs outta slack, he'll be caught. It'll take 'im a moment to realize he's been stopped, but as soon as he does he'll launch a ranged attack at ya...dodge that, an' yer in the clear to hit 'im!"


    A thunderous roar split the sky, as did an enormous form as it leaped into the air at the Mikaboshi. The huge Leviamon crashed into the avatar of Chaos, knocking it out of the air. Like a ferocious lion, the massive alligator had pounced upon his prey. Sha roared victoriously, but it was short-lived.

    "Thus comes the empty; void of life, death, and being; the Dark Prominence." Power surged into Sha's underbelly, toppling the hulking beast. The Leviamon let out a cry of agony as he slammed into the ground. Amatsu-Mikaboshi rose to its feet and let another Dark Prominence explode onto Sha's form.

    But the Leviamon rose up from the attack, casting away the cloud of smoke, dust, and debris with a swing of his dual-tail. Blood dripped from his maw, as it did from a terrible wound on his stomach. Blood-red eyes narrowing, the demon growled. A loud rumbling escaped his throat.

    "THUNDER BREATH!!!" Sha howled, engulfing the Mikaboshi in an immense stream of terrible hellfire, sending crackling energies flashing in all directions. The blow sent Amatsu-Mikaboshi hurtling backwards several dozen yards. When the attack finally diminished, and Sha glanced down at his opponent, he found that the Mikaboshi was still standing.

    But it had been hurt by his attack. Sha's legendary Leviamon-grin widened.


    Gigas slammed into Tiamat again with all his might. The Chaosdramon had just sent Caradoc packing, and was threatening to do the same to Lucia. Gigas wouldn't have it. Tiamat may have been a woman, but she was an ugly, evil, robotic woman who threatened to destroy the world. Gigas figured his rule against hitting girls didn't apply to this thing.

    Plus, she was hardly feminine. He had felt terrible for thrashing Guinevere so badly, but this was different. He knew that Tiamat could take it.

    The HerculesKabuterimon grinned. But not for long, he thought, using his momentum to sent Tiamat stumbling backwards. As she regained her balance, Gigas shifted into his X-Antibody form. With a roar, the massive insect grabbed onto Tiamat and hurled her into the air. As she hurtled through the air, the Chaosdramon whirled around and fired off two missiles in Gigas' direction.

    The HerculesKabuterimon dodged them both, taking to the skies with a furious beating of his wings. His horns and claws crackled with electrical energy. When he reached the plummeting Tiamat, Gigas thundered, "Mega Electro Shocker!"

    Lightning surged into Tiamat's falling form, spearing into her with white-hot energy. The Chaosdramon let out a gargled roar, just before being flung back down to earth. She landed with a loud crash directly below Gigas. The HerculesKabuterimon cracked his knuckles and dove, roaring, "HORN BUSTER KAI!!"
  15. Kamotz

    Kamotz God of Monsters

    Amatsu-Mikaboshi continued to war against the Peacemakers. His Lords tore at them, easily able to match the efforts of two or even three Peacemakers at a time; and the Mikaboshi was easily able to withstand the assaults of three of the most powerful. Bedivere, Kole, and Sha attacked the Mikaboshi with all the dark powers at their command; draconian-infused chaos, Dark-God hate, and unholy demonic power raged against the primordial being to no avail. Their power was too similar, too filled with blackness and hate. Their alliance lacked order, divine wrath, or holy angelic light. It lacked anything that would confound the Mikaboshi; they came at him with the same types of powers and he did not need to change tactics against his three foes.

    This would have to change, and the sky rumbled its agreement to this sentiment. It flashed white-and-blue as lightning ripped down from the clouds and slammed into the Mikaboshi. The force of the strike split the earth and sent fractured stones heaving upwards. The flash of light faded to reveal the Mikaboshi with his sword arm raised to block the lightning strike; but instead of the empty bolt of lightning, the Mikaboshi found himself sword-locked with the mighty Thor.

    The White Sword sent out a flash of power and the Mikaboshi was thrown back, skidding over the ground. He stabilized himself, but another bolt of lightning struck him in the shoulder and sent him spinning.

    "Amatsu-Mikaboshi," Thor boomed. "I would have words with thee."

    "Coming from the Light; orchid in the Summer's sun; you will wilt and die," the Mikaboshi whispered elegantly.

    "Perhaps," said Thor. "But I will take you with me."

    "Like the angry sun; lightning too will die alone; the fate of all things."

    "Lightning is never alone," Thor insisted, raising the White Sword. "For with lightning always comes thunder." Thor brought the sword down with all his might; it cracked the earth and sent a shockwave of sound and distortion ripping towards the Mikaboshi with tremendous speed. The chaos-thing braced itself against the blow but was picked up and hurled through the air.

    Thor tore forward to attack again, but the Mikaboshi was prepared; it slashed its sword, sending an arc of burning power towards the thunder god, forcing him to stop his attack and block the Mikaboshi's with his sword. The burning arc seared against the White Sword, but Thor held firm and withstood the attack as the flash filled his vision. But as the attack faded, another came.

    Torrid spheres of Amatsu-Mikaboshi's Dark Prominence came ripping towards Thor; but the thunder god was not deterred. The first blast penetrated his guard and slammed him back, but he recovered quickly. He slashed his sword through the next two incoming blasts; dissipating them with the opposing power of the White Sword. The last blast met Thor's fist with explosive force, bathing the thunder god in burning light; but the full force of the attack was diverted.

    "Come, Mikaboshi, I have a message from my father," Thor growled. "Giga Crusher!"
  16. storymasterb

    storymasterb Knight of RPGs

    Bedivere roared and charged, renewed by Thor's arrival. As the thunder god's attack hammered into the Mikaboshi, hurling it flying and consuming it in dark matter and thunder.

    "Ouryuken!" The Examon gave a roar, unleashing a bolt of fiery energies from the Ambrosius which speared into the Mikaboshi and smashed it down into the shattered earth, wrapping it in a chaotic inferno, but it merely rose, the power so like its own and thus not as damaging as the ordered lightning of the White Sword.

    But Bedivere was too consumed by his fire and passion, and so he rocketed towards the abomination, wrapped in draconic fire and energy.

    "Avalon's Gate!" He struck with the lance and speared the Mikaboshi upon its tip, its jagged blades stabbing through the almost-skeletal being to emerge from its back as the Examon unloaded the Ambrosius's armaments through the Chaosmon's body, wracking it with explosions of fire, ice and chaos. But regardless it still struck out.

    "Thus comes the howl; void of mattered existence; see the Bancho Blade."

    It swung an arc of ruin that tore into Bedivere, hurling him away and leaving the Ambrosius impaled through the Mikaboshi, until it transformed to energy and flashed to Bedivere's hand once more, the Examon wielding it as he took flight to strike at the Mikaboshi once again.

    "Thus comes the empty; void of life, death, and being; the Dark Prominence." Power screamed from the cannon, a destructive beam that enveloped the Examon in its force, its annihilation, and sent him burning into the earth as the Mikaboshi rose into the air, anticipating Bedivere's next charge at it. The Examon showed no strategy, no finesse, all he did was charge and rage and attack. Truly the Black Sword took its hold on him, consuming his intelligence and reason, replacing it with a rage against Amatsu-Mikaboshi which kept him charging, kept him taking the monster's attacks.

    "Pendragon's Glory!" Shells and lasers streaked from the Ambrosius, but the Mikaboshi struck with the Bancho Blade and distortion rippled the air, twisting the shots to strike each other and detonate, reducing Bedivere's attack to a smokescreen of burning energy even as the Darkdra-arm raised to meet his charge, burning with power.

    "Chaos-ordered life; these things must exist alone; End of Paradox." Distortion rippled from the cannon too fast to stop or avoid, spearing into Bedivere's chest, and while it wasn't lethal due to the Black Sword, this time it proved deadlier than its predecessors, sending lines of black chaos searing across the Examon's scales, rusting his wings and corroding them, making him scream in pain as chaos burned through his form.

    As the Examon writhed in pain, the Mikaboshi burst forwards, a blur of black and green that raced into him, drawing back its Bancho-arm as its sword lit with energy.

    "Thus comes the howl; void of mattered existence; see the Bancho Blade." The blade speared into Bedivere's exposed chest, and power tore into his form, making him scream in agony, only the Black Sword keeping his Examon form intact...

    He fell from the blade as the Mikaboshi brought up its cannon.

    "Thus comes the empty; void of life, death, and being; the Dark Prominence."

    The cannon spoke, and the destructive beam slammed Bedivere into the ruins, detonating in a pillar of burning chaos that enveloped the Examon and obliterated a swathe of ruined Avalon. Unconcerned any further, the Mikaboshi turned back to Kole, Sha and Thor...


    Caradoc screamed into the maelstrom as Tiamat's attack burned through his aura, spearing into his shoulders, his chest, every part of him consumed by howling, burning power that sent lances of fire and pain stabbing into his very core.

    "Guinier...!" Even as his vision was consumed by burning red, then black as he forced his eyes shut, her face stayed strong in his mind, even as he weathered the mighty attack that burned through his form, every inch of his flesh feeling like it had been set alight by the attack.

    Then the burning ended, and he collapsed to the ground, gasping for breath as his eyes opened.

    "Caradoc!" Galahad roared mentally. "Do you even know how foolhardy that was? This abomination is nothing to take light..."

    "If Lucia can hit her... it's worth it..." Caradoc snarled, still gasping for breath.

    "Think for a moment about all those who care about you... we may be fighting to protect the world, but what's it worth if you aren't alive to enjoy that saved world with those you care about... with Guinier?" the Royal Knight spoke from within. The Dynasmon X snarled again, accepting that truth, but somewhat angry that Galahad could use Guinier to get to him that way.

    He stood up and watched as Gigas attacked Tiamat full force, pounding the Chaosdramon with his full strength. With a roar, Caradoc exploded forwards as Tiamat was crushed into the ground by the HerculesKabuterimon X's Horn Buster Kai, electrical discharge crackling around the Chaosdramon.

    As Tiamat stood, she was struck by a blow from Caradoc's fist to her shoulder joint, knocking her back slightly as draconic force burned from Caradoc. "Breath of Wyvern!"

    His attack howled forth, a draconic song of power, of might and of fire and of destruction, of the heavens and all the power of the dragons. It sang their power from the hills where their spirits soared, from the mountains.

    The flames speared Tiamat, knocking her away as Caradoc struck, a destructive force from the flames that forced the Chaos Lord back further with each blow, towards Lucia. Power collected in his grip, between his fingers as he gave a roar, snapping out his wings to shatter the flames of his previous attack, cutting an imposing, regal figure against the raging skies, the roars of thunder outdone by the cry he unleashed along with his attack.


    A burning beam of draconic energies ripped from his palm and struck Tiamat with a thunderclap, breaking around her, forcing her back as it seared into her form through her armor, the incredible heat penetrating even the protective Red Digizoid plating across her form. She was driven back further, into the range of Lucia's blade.

    Caradoc roared and burned forwards, leaving fire in his wake as he hammered the Chaos Lord's skull with blows, hoping to disorient her and prevent her retaliating against Lucia.

    "Lucia, NOW!" he roared as his fists hammered into the Chaosdramon's skull...


    Seeing the chance Pyra gave her, Guinier raised a hand and as lightning flashed around her in rebellion, she split the earth with the Digital Hazard, opening cracks around the ChaosGallantmon. Focused as he was on spearing Pyra with his Chaos Disaster, the blackened and burned knight didn't notice the ominous, hellish flame lapping at the edges of the cracks until it was too late...

    "Megiddo FLAME!" Guinier roared, sending flame howling from the cracks into Mordred, who was consumed by the hellfire, the tattered remains of his cape searing to ash as the flames seared into him through the black plate, attacking him despite the protection normally given by the armor.

    As her attack ended, Guinier erupted forwards, Mordred turning on his heel to challenge her, blackened and burned as he was. The continuous attacks took a tool on him, his armor was seared and fractured, his cape reduced to ashes, and he had a frenzied, angry look in his eyes as he rushed the Megidramon.

    "I'll kill you!" he howled, thrusting his lance only to be swept off his feet by Guinier's tail, which coiled around his form and lifted him, constricting him like a snake. He writhed, roaring in pain and frustration as she glared him in the face with baleful eyes, raising her claws to decapitate the Chaos Lord and end his threat...

    Mordred snarled, he howled like a beast, and his form burned with a chaos aura that suddenly hardened and soaked inwards, consuming his form and burning it, reshaping him with madness, with chaos and the eternal void before creation...

    "Chaos Evolution! Gallantmon Chaos Mode!" he screamed, and Guinier was smashed aside by the burning power of the evolution, as the chaos formed ten dark angelic wings upon the knight's back, shaping sword and spear, the Damocles and Daedalus, as his armor darkened to a shade of dark, almost black purple.

    The newly evolved lord regarded his two draconic foes, readying his new weaponry as he exploded forwards into Guinier.

    "Umbral Edge!" His sword screamed an arc of chaos and ruin across Guinier's chest, shattering a shoulder-plate and ripping her chest-plate in twain, the Megidramon screaming in pain as he laid open her flesh and burnt chaos through her form. "Umbral Edge!" He turned and slashed in the opposite diagonal, breaking the other shoulder-plate and shattering her chest-plate apart, while spearing her core with chaos. Guinier screamed once more as her form broke to leave UlforceVeedramon X.

    Mordred raised his Daedalus spear. "Ebon Dusk!" With a thunderclap the Daedalus struck and Guinier was hurled flying, screaming in agony as she landed limply, unmoving. Satisfied, the Gallantmon Chaos Mode turned to Pyra with a chill gaze, regarding her arrogantly, already assured of victory as he flashed to stand before her, weapons shattering into chaotic force in his grip as his wings spread to their greatest extent...

    "Chaos Eclipse!" Power and the void spoke from his grip, spearing Pyra and hurling the Imperialdramon FM flying in a chaotic maelstrom...
  17. Even as Nocchi told Galic his next plan, gears were turning in the MirageGaogamon BM’s head. While both his and Nocchi’s attacks were definitely strong, it seemed a bit like neither of their attacks had the effect that the former nomad thought they would. In fact, it seemed like they didn’t quite struck completely, which worried Galic slightly. And the only reason he knew that was because he paid too much attention on his enemy’s state of being. He wasn’t able to react fast enough when Ophion suddenly appeared behind the Puppetmon, however, allowing the ChaosUlforceVeedramon to land a blow on Nocchi.

    ‘Did he just get faster!?’ Galic thought in wonder as he intercepted the speedy Chaos Lord, although he mentally reprimanded himself for allowing him to actually land a proper hit on the trickster.

    Galic grit his teeth, beginning to get only large portions of Nocchi’s plans to his head while he concentrated more and more on dealing with the disfigured UlforceVeedramon. His momentary standoff with Ophion proved his suspicion true; Ophion had gotten faster! And he just had to prove it more by returning Galic’s favor of punching him, though in the gut rather than the face, and pushing him away to return to attempting to chop Nocchi.

    The MirageGaogamon BM huffed a bit to regain his lost breath before turning back to his enemy and his ally, only to see Nocchi being knocked away and onto the gritty ground nearby.

    "When he runs outta slack, he'll be caught. It'll take 'im a moment to realize he's been stopped, but as soon as he does he'll launch a ranged attack at ya...dodge that, an' yer in the clear to hit 'im!"

    “I surely hope so,” Galic muttered as he dashed clash weapons with Ophion once more, hoping that Nocchi already got his strings attacked onto the Chaos Lord.

    He wasn’t sure how he would get Ophion to concentrate on him again, seeing as the ChaosUlforceVeedramon had returned to trying to kill off Nocchi first, and this time with a vengeance. He doubted the punching game would work a second time.

    ‘Well, if he’s not going to follow me,’ Galic decided. ‘Then maybe I should make him go where I want!’

    He timed his blows with Ophion’s, his focus growing with each passing millisecond. And then in an exemplary display of skill and dexterity, he caught Ophion’s arm in the chain that connected his scythe-axe and his morning star, twisting it around so that it held on tight. Caught in Galic’s weapon and in surprise, Ophion was roughly pulled into crashing into a nearby wall. Galic glanced at Nocchi, and then back at his opponent, who was pulling himself out of the debris. That was all Galic needed to estimate just how much length of Nocchi’s string was left.

    He charged at Ophion, creating two copies of himself, both physical manifestations of energy and carrying a replica of his unique weapon. All three dashed in a single column towards Ophion, who snarled and charged back in reply.

    The first MirageGaogamon BM simply grinned, allowing himself to get run through by the ChaosUlforceVeedramon’s blade, although not yet disappearing and instead holding onto the blade to keep the Chaos Lord still as his weapon disappeared.

    Full Moon Meteor Impact

    The second MirageGaogamon BM slammed the morning star into Ophion’s side, causing him to fly through a pair of tall broken pieces of a wall...where the last of Galic’s spitting images waited to kick him. To Galic’s surprise, Ophion was somehow able to grab his kick before it landed. The UlforceVeedramon gave a grotesque smile as he pulled the blue knight into the throw and used him as a cushion to soften his landing, as well as driving his sword into his captive’s gut as they did. The MirageGaogamon BM disappeared as they crashed, revealing itself to be a copy.

    Ophion snarled, standing up to face the original Peacemaker that stood warily behind him. He pointed an accusing finger at him.

    “You. Must die.”

    Galic blinked before narrowing his eyes. “You aren’t the first one to tell me that,” Galic stated. “And you won’t be the last.” Galic was about to rush, but gave a short gasp when Ophion suddenly appeared right in front of him once more.

    ‘Faster again!?’ he thought incredulously just before Ophion kneed his stomach, grabbed his hair, and then threw him painfully to the side.

    Galic rolled, pain spreading from his torso to the rest of his body. He pushed himself up to his hands and knees, glancing up to suddenly see Ophion over him.

    Nihilism Blade!”

    The MirageGaogamon BM forced himself to roll to the side, getting into a crouching position as he stopped in order to better dodge Ophion’s oncoming attacks.

    Just a little more,’ Galic thought as he stood to back step more and more in order to keep himself from turning into dog chow. And then he got kicked, sending him landing on his back.

    Ophion grinned sadistically even as Galic stood back up, heaving with his head bowed down. Ophion let out a crazed laugh as he dashed towards the weakened MirageGaogamon BM…only to get yanked backwards before even reaching within a meter from the blue knight Peacemaker. He let out a shriek as his the V-shaped crest on his armor suddenly started to radiate dangerously with chaotic violet energy. Galic barely raised his head when Ophion called out, “Chaos Tempest!”

    The ensuing blast devoured Galic’s image, completely eradicating everything in front of Ophion and turning it all into dust and decay. He began to laugh maniacally, but his victory was cut short at Galic’s voice coming from above.

    Full Moon Meteor Impact!”

    Ophion looked up, expecting to get hammered by a large, glowing flail. He didn’t see it. Instead, it began raining copius amounts of Gigas-sized boulders and rocks, compliments from the tower that Galic struck.

    Galic watched as the ChaosUlforceVeedramon, unknowingly unable to get loose from Nocchi’s extremely strong string, got buried under all the debris of a multiple-story tower. The MirageGaogamon BM narrowed his eyes, knowing that this would only hold the Chaos Lord for a little while, and he dashed towards Nocchi.

    “Restraining him isn’t working. Even when we can restrain him, he’s somehow able to make it land indirectly, possibly with the use of his reflexes,” Galic started, as he eyed at the large pile of debris. “We need either an attack that’s too big or too potent for it to matter how he gets hit, and we need it fast. He gets many times faster every time I knock him down; I don’t know how much longer I can match his speed.”

    Galic then glanced at the Puppetmon’s hands, remember how quickly Nocchi was able to move before. “Nocchi, how good are you at anticipating attacks?”

    Just as he asked so, the pile of rocks burst upwards with a surge of energy, with Ophion climbing out of the hole it created. His eyes burned with malice, gazing onto the two Peacemakers.
  18. Griff4815

    Griff4815 No. 1 Grovyle Fan

    Sparks cascaded from underneath Pyra, shooting out in her wake as she was thrown along the street by Mordred's attack. Upon Pyra stopping herself, the Gallantmon Chaos Mode ripped across the ground after her.

    "Umbral Edge!" he growled swinging his Damocles sword down towards Pyra.

    "Splendor Blade!" she hastily retaliated, extending beams from her claws and crossing them in front of her.

    While her quick reflexes and defense allowed her to block the attack, power exploded forth from the blade and crushed Pyra down further into the street, resulting in a crater slightly larger than her to form under her. The Imperialdramon FM grimaced as she felt pressure on either side of her, both from the Umbral Edge and the ground.

    Mordred retracted the sword in his right hand and shifted his body as he thrust forwards the Daedalus spear. Pyra's eyes widened and she quickly started to roll to the side. However, while she managed to avoid a second chest-impalement that day, the spear pierced through her red right wing, stopping only when the tip of the weapon dug into the ground.

    Pyra suppressed a cry of pain and reached over with her left arm, beginning to grapple with the spear. A small smirk grew behind the armour on Mordred's face. He took a step forwards and slammed his foot down on the dragon head on Pyra's chest armour, preventing her from opening it. He then pointed his Damocles sword towards her, the tip of the chaotic blade staring her in the face.

    "Umbral Edge," he murmured.

    The Imperialdramon's eye widened as power coursed towards the tip of the blade. Pyra snapped her right arm forwards. "Positron Laser!"

    A blast of positronic energy shot out of her arm cannon and punched into Mordred's face, causing his head to jerk back and him to stumble in reverse. The attack that ripped from his sword was sent off course, instead slashing into the ground meters away from Pyra's head.

    "Positron Laser!" she continued, blasting him again in the upper body that caused him to stagger backwards and begin to take the Daedalus with him.

    It was in this decisive moment that Pyra sat upwards and drew out the cannon on her chest. "Giga Crusher!" A stream of energy erupted from the cannon and slammed into Mordred, sending him flying backwards. Pyra, too, was sent sliding across the ground since she was unbraced from the powerful recoil. However, this worked to her advantage since she was previously in a dangerous position.

    Blood trickled down the wounds on her wings, but the injuries wouldn't hinder her flying. Pyra slowly stood to her feet and looked around to see Guinier reduced to her UlforceVeedramon X form. She knew this wasn't good. Mordred had the power to crush Guinier's Megidramon form's strength. On the positive side, though, they regained the advantage of speed, though Pyra wasn't sure how much the Chaos Mode heightened Mordred's instincts, so Guinier's speed may not even be all that effective.

    "He must have a weakness..." Pyra thought to herself. She turned to Guinier. "He does have a weakness... he sacrificed his shield for more offense and power. We need to keep our distance and hit him hard."
  19. "Fenrir, are you coming out anytime soon? Typhon is still standing firm... we might actually have to enact that plan of ours... And I swear, if you're too scared of the eel, I will personally find a way to get into your descendant's mind so that I can kick your doggy butt halfway across his cerebellum!"

    The MetalGarurumon X’s eyes turned to Tiwaz and then rolled his eyes, his flight bringing him a few feet above the dragon’s head. Then he turned back to the dragon as his eyes flashed white and then turned silver. They narrowed and shot a glare that- well, not kill, but maybe maim very painfully if it was possible. And then they narrowed. “Hmph. I didn’t realize you knew what that word meant, let alone knew any words with that many syllables,” Fenrir retorted. The mechanized canid turned back to the Typhon, who looked like he was recovering from Tyr’s digivolution.

    “In any case, our friend here didn’t seem to like your entrance,” he said, folding his arms. “Then again, your appearance tends to have that effect on people. Unfortunately, I can understand why,” Fenrir added, glancing at the dragon below him. His body then took on a soft glow. “Or maybe this guy just doesn’t like surprises,” Fenrir theorized. “And if there’s anything that you’re good at, it’s shocking the wits out of everyone. Now, it’s best if you close your eyes.”

    And then the glow around him intensified, creating a bright ball of light with the MetalGarurumon X’s silhouette took shape in, visibly changing in form. The light then flashed once before the figure inside dropped down onto Tiwaz’ back.

    Fenrir brandished the two claymores in his hands, staring down at Typhon from his purchase on Tiwaz head. Then he looked down. “It’s been a while since I’ve done this; I’ve forgotten how large of a head you had. Or has your already inflated head really gotten bigger?”

    Poseidon Divide!”

    Tiwaz evaded low while Fenrir jumped high off the AncientGreymon’s back as the ChaosSeadramon suddenly charged towards them head blade first. Fenrir mentally took note that Typhon was faster than the average Seadramon, though it wouldn’t really have mattered much.

    The AncientGarurumon landed on Typhon’s back, a long ways from the head. Fenrir found the balance to stay on despite the large mechanized dramon’s erratic movement through the air.

    “It’s not any harder than keeping myself on Tiwaz’ back,” he muttered to himself, remember past experiences of having to use the large dragon as transport over areas that couldn’t be traveled on foot. He then turned his gaze on Typhon’s head. He might be able to do damage there better than anywhere else.

    Moving in a way that kept him on the ChaosSeadramon’s back and getting him up towards his head. He had to move sideways whenever Typhon twisted, and he had to dodge and evade hatches that opened and closed, as well as the large metal appendages that he assumed were supposed to be flippers. It felt nostalgic. It was very much like running through the accidental damage that Tiwaz would sometimes cause in his attempt to get rid of an enemy or multiple enemies with one blow. It worked most of the time…consequences aside.

    Giga Ice Blast!”

    Fenrir raised his head to suddenly see boulders, blades and spikes of ice rushing towards him, and he gripped the Sharpness Claymores in his hands tightly. He had dealt with harder trials than this before.

    Before the first wave could even reach him, he had already dashed to the side, barely on the edge of Typhon’s body. He then swung one of his weapons vertically, halving a large piece of ice and enabling him to dash right past it. Fenrir narrowed his eyes, jumping up in the air and landing on one of the larger pieces of ice. He then somersaulted off of the frozen platform and avoided yet another wave of ice shards. He landed with his back facing Typhon’s head, but he held out the large swords to his sides. They took on a silver glow as Fenrir’s voice roared and resounded in the sky.

    Fenrir spun around, sending a shockwave around him that deflected the rest of the ice spears that were rushing to impale him. The AncientGarurumon’s eyes shone bright silver as he continued his rush up to Typhon’s head, which didn’t take much long after that.

    “Let’s see if your head is harder than Tiwaz’s!” Fenrir growled as he jumped into the air right above Typhon’s head. He raised the Sharpness Claymores over his head, a silver glow coating them, growing and lengthening before achieving a large defined shape that looked like a much larger version of the AncientGarurumon’s weapons, albeit silver and transparent. His eyes glowed bright white as he did so.

    Absolute Zero!” he called out as a large azure sphere suddenly appeared in front of him in what seemed like a split second. “Sharpness Claymores!”

    He swung the two blades in front of him, right through the blue sphere of zero-degree energy that blasted all around him and started to coat the physical manifestations of his energy that took form through the weapons. The result were two large, ice covered and spiked blades, both of which slammed right onto Typhon’s head, causing the ChaosSeadramon to screech.

    The ice on Fenrir’s weapons broke and the silver energy disappeared, allowing Fenrir to continue spinning over Typhon’s head. A red blur then appeared below him, and Fenrir landed.

    “Well?” Fenrir asked from Tiwaz’ back.


    Seeing that Ophion had escaped his temporary trap, Galic rushed towards him. He needed to intercept the ChaosUlforceVeedramon before he could do anymore damage, and since he was just buried under a large amount of rocks and debris, the MirageGaogamon BM had no doubts that he had gotten much much faster.

    “Nocchi,” he called out as he materialized his weapon and created a few clones to his side. “Use it on me! Be my support!” he shouted, hoping that Nocchi knew what he was talking about.

    His golden weapon clashed with Ophion’s, their dance of death resuming.
  20. TheSequelReturns

    TheSequelReturns Phantom Thief

    Lucia rushed ahead, dodging between the rubble, giant limbs, and other obstacles that popped up in her way. Such was the price of being a fraction of a fraction of the size of the other combatants. But then again, it had its advantages too.

    She rushed closer and closer to Tiamat, unseen by the Chaosdramon thanks to the valiant efforts of Caradoc and Gigas. She would have to make sure to properly thank to two of them after the battle, they were risking their very lives to give her a chance to deal a decisive blow.

    Caradoc was upon Tiamat, hammering the dragon's skull with blow after blow. Lucia marveled at the sheer display of power, and she wondered if she would ever know what it feels like to wield that kind of power herself.

    "Lucia, NOW!" Caradoc roared.

    Lucia sprang into the air, sword held to the side. This was it, she would only have this one shot, it was time to make it count. Her feet connected with Tiamat's chest for a split second as she used the momentum to push herself towards Tiamat's neck, and the gap in her crimson armor. Lucia pushed off and flew towards the weak spot. With a cry, she began to swing her sword around.

    "Dominion Blade!" She shouted. The white arc of energy impacted with Tiamat's chin, propelling her head upwards just a bit, but that bit would be enough.

    "Madness Merry-go-Round." She began to spin wildly, her sword carving like a buzz saw as it made contact with Tiamat's unarmored neck. Lucia felt something warm splash across her face, but she kept her eyes shut as she continued her attack, feeling her blade cut deeper and deeper with each revolution.

    Finally, she felt something hard impact the blade and she was thrown to the ground, as her attack was canceled. Lucia opened her eyes and dropped towards the ground, her sword dripping with Tiamat's blood, and her entire body splattered with the warm dark red liquid.

    Tiamat, blood pouring from the gash in her neck, gave a tremendous roar as she leveled her robotic right arm at Lucia. A missile fired out from the clawed arm, but Lucia was still in midair, she had no hope to dodge. She threw her sword up at the last second as the Destroyed Hook impacted, sending her sprawling from the resulting explosion. Like a rag-doll, she tumbled towards a wall, reducing the damaged building to rubble as the stone collapsed on her form. As she struggled to free herself, she could feel a sharp pain in her leg. She hoped that she had done enough damage to help the others finish her off, because right now, she wasn't sure if she would be able to run.

    She pulled herself out of the rubble, grimacing as she put weight on her injured leg. In hurt terribly, but she wasn't going to let something like that stop her. Until the bone was sticking from her skin and her leg was unable to move, she was going to fight. As long as it was just pain, she could deal with it. She turned to the others as she tried to make her way back to the fight.

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