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Digimon Unholy Crusade (RPG Thread)

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by storymasterb, Nov 6, 2009.

  1. Griff4815

    Griff4815 No. 1 Grovyle Fan

    “Well?” Fenrir asked from Tiwaz’ back.

    "Oh, bravo, Fen..." the dragon said sarcastically as he begun circling around Typhon. "Though I'd be more impressed if you had actually killed him instead of giving him a headache. If you wanted to give him a migraine, you should have saved your energy and just started nagging him and telling him things like: 'Oh dear; that is too reckless, Typhon!' or 'No, you can't blast that!' and 'It's too dangerous, Tiwaz; I might get my girlish blonde hair dirty!' I can vouge that that will work without fail," he scoffed, mocking Fenrir in a mediocre imitation of his voice.

    "Now hold on tight," Tiwaz said, looking upwards. "I'm doing something you won't like." He then began charging Typhon from behind.

    Meanwhile, Kheprius shifted into his GranKuwagamon form. He dodged an Energy Blast from Typhon and glanced behind the ChaosSeadramon to see Tiwaz shooting towards him. The AncientGreymon gave him a quick nod. Kheprius returned the nod and drew closer to Typhon. "One good thing about that reckless idiot is that his impulsive actions open up safer opportunities for the rest of us," Khep mused.

    Tiwaz rocketed towards the unaware Chaos Lord with a confident glint in his blue eyes. "Jump, Fenrir," he said calmly, not taking his eyes off of his target. "I hate the smell of burnt fur."

    After a few seconds, Tiwaz body erupted in flames that spewed forth from his mouth and the cannons on his armour. "Omega Corona!" His conflagrant body slammed into Typhon's back, causing him to rear backwards as he was pushed by the dragon. Fenrir leapt onto the dorsal part of the ChaosSeadramon's body and dug the two swords through his armoured hide and into his flesh.

    A throaty cry of pain ripped from Typhon's throat. Tiwaz slammed his tail into Typhon's side and jerked his head in Kheprius' direction. "Now!" he ordered now that the ChaosSeadramon's front was exposed.

    "You don't need to tell an opportunist when there's an opportunity right in front of him!" Kheprius called back, rushing towards Typhon. "Dimension Scissors!"

    Three arcs of space-ripping energy cut into Typhon's bent back chest after having been fired from Kheprius' pincers. "Use Grand Death Screw!" Tiwaz shouted to him as Fenrir landed on his back once again.

    "I was just about to, hot-shot," Khep responded. "Grand Death Screw!" The GranKuwagamon's body shot forward in a savage vortex.

    Tiwaz narrowly avoided being beamed by one of Typhon's flippers. The ChaosSeadramon began to regain his composure and posture. The AncientGreymon knew that Kheprius had to hit him quick and hard, so he decided to assist. "Gaia Tornado!"

    Rocks, big and small, ripped from the surrounding ruins of Avalon and flew up to float in front of he and Fenrir. "Fenrir," he said.

    The AncientGarurumon nodded, extending his swords out towards the stone chunks. "Absolute Zero." A gust of chilling frost engulfed the rocks, plating their outside with a thick, jagged layer of ice. Tiwaz then sent the frozen slabs of stone pieces towards the cyclone-like Kheprius. The salvo of rocks encircled Khep, spinning around him in the same direction and speeding up to match his speed to compliment his drilling attack.

    "Time to gut you like a fish!" the GranKuwagamon said as he closed in on Typhon, who was now peering down at him and building up a River of Power attack. With that, the black twister sunk his tearing pincers into Typhon's metal hide, which fought against the brutal assault for a few moments before Khep broke through. Kheprius ripped through the metal and then proceeded to bore into the ChaosSeadramon's body. The jagged shards of ice-coated stone accompanied Khep, slamming into Typhon and scratching at the wounds that Khep created.

    A roar of pain resounded into the air from the serpent's arched up body. Tiwaz smirked at their success. "See?" he said victoriously. "He's not so tough, after all."

    Typhon's eyes widened and glowed a blood red hue as his body slackened. His breathing intensified and a gust of wing shot out from around his form. The ChaosSeadramon became engulfed with darkness, becoming like a massive, writhing pillar of shadow, chaos and night.

    "Chaos Evolution! ChaosGigaSeadramon!"

    From the dark maelstrom emerged a serpent the same size as Typhon's older form but donning sleeker black and grey armour that glowed with red gems in some parts. His hair became dark purple in colour and a massive cannon in his throat replaced his nose cannon. The cyborg serpent reared back and unleashed a screech that shook tremors through the city.

    Kheprius flew away from the chaotic beast and shot a cold glare to Tiwaz. "You and your big, friggin' dragon mouth..."
  2. Hotshot

    Hotshot Don't ask questions.

    “Nocchi, how good are you at anticipating attacks?”

    The Puppetmon was about to open his mouth to speak, when suddenly Ophion burst out from beneath the rubble and exploded towards them. Intent on running them through with his saber, the ChaosUlforceVeedramon rocketed in their direction. Galic wasted no time.

    “Nocchi,” he called out as he materialized his weapon and created a few clones to his side. “Use it on me! Be my support!” he shouted, hoping that Nocchi knew what he was talking about.

    In truth, Nocchi wasn't quite sure what Galic was talking about, but it didn't take him long to figure it out. The moment Galic and Ophion clashed, Nocchi knew that the Chaos Lord was far faster than before. Galic, even with his clones, wouldn't be able to keep up with Ophion forever.

    Then he figured it out. He did indeed have a sort of 'gift' in anticipating attacks. Perhaps it was merely instinct. If he combined such an instinct with Galic's speed, then perhaps they could finish this fight sooner than he had thought.

    Ophion pummeled his foot in the gut of a Galic clone, and then drove his saber into the shoulder of another. Then, without warning, he vanished and appeared directly in front of the real Galic. Before the MirageGaogamon BM could react, he felt himself move involuntarily.

    With a twitch of his fingers, Nocchi caused Galic to sidestep, narrowly avoiding Ophion's lethal stab.

    The puppet-gone-puppeteer smirked. "That good."

    But Ophion wasn't finished. The ChaosUlforceVeedramon swung his blade horizontally at Galic, but Nocchi pulled the MirageGaogamon BM away just in time. Again, Ophion struck, and again, he missed. The Chaos Lord couldn't land a single hit on Galic now that he was under Nocchi's control.

    And all was going fine until Ophion realized this. The ChaosUlforceVeedramon halted suddenly, and turned to Nocchi, who stood not far off. With a burst of unsurpassed speed, Ophion soared at the Puppetmon. Nocchi's eyes widened.

    As he flew, Ophion roared, "Chaos Evolution! ChaosUlforceVeedramon X!"

    Fearsome, chaotic energies swirled around the speeding, dark dragon. Treacherous winds swirled around him as he flew, sending Nocchi stumbling back a step. Ophion's form grew, and all of a sudden, his speed nearly doubled. His terrible eyes fixed on Nocchi, the ChaosUlforceVeedramon X sped forward with blinding speed.

    "Nyaaaahh! New plan! New plan!" Nocchi squealed, just as Ophion reached him. The Chaos Lord plunged his saber into the Puppetmon's torso, running him through with his terrible beam-sword. The force and pure speed of Ophion's attack carried both him and Nocchi into the side of a demolished building.

    As the dust around them settled, it revealed two figures, one with his blade plunged through the other. Nocchi was up against the wall, his eyes wide with shock. To Ophion's surprise, the Puppetmon began to chuckle between gasps. Grinning maniacally, he rasped, "In a game of chess...sometimes you have to sacrifice a piece in order to put your opponent in check..."

    Ophion suddenly lost all feeling in his legs. He looked down to see Nocchi's fingers tensed up at his sides. Strings ran down from the tips of his fingers and were connected to the Chaos Lords legs and feet. Nocchi grinned.

    "You're in check."


    With a deafening roar, Sha's massive Leviamon form collided with Amatsu-Mikaboshi. The Chaosmon, pushed backwards by its huge opponent, spoke, "Thus comes the empty; void of life, death, and being; the Dark Prominence."

    Chaotic power ripped into Sha's form, sending the Leviamon staggering backwards. His body was still greatly damaged from the Mikaboshi's previous attacks, but he held strong. He didn't have a "special sword" to cushion the Mikaboshi's attacks for him, so he faced each and every attack at full-power. But he stood firm.

    His size was his advantage in this fight. He couldn't be hurled backwards like Bedivere, for he was much, much larger. And while he probably felt as much, if not more, pain, he just couldn't be shaken off as easily. With a thunderous growl, the Leviamon swung his split-tail at Amatsu-Mikaboshi, casting the Chaosmon aside.

    Turning swiftly, Sha let out a ferocious howl, summoning his mastery of the seas. "CRY OF THE SEA!" Instantly, a maelstrom of ocean water formed around his feet, and spiraled upward in a devastating vortex of demonic power. The massive monster threw back his head and stood on his hind-legs. Then, without warning, he came crashing back down.


    Water rained down from above and crushed the Mikaboshi under its force. It was as if the entire ocean had been summoned to drown the Avatar of Chaos then and there. When the attack finally ceased, Amatsu-Mikaboshi rose slowly, soaking wet from Sha's attack. It raised the Darkdramon-arm calmly, and said simply, "Chaos-ordered life; these things must exist alone; End of Paradox."

    Before the Leviamon could react, he was speared by distorted power from the Mikaboshi's cannon. Evil and darkness corroded his huge form, sending him sprawling backwards. Blood poured from his maw as he fell to the ground, gasping for breath. As the attack dissipated, Sha groaned in agony.

    But he wasn't out yet. He wasn't about to give up.
  3. storymasterb

    storymasterb Knight of RPGs

    Tiamat howled and raged as the wound in her neck poured blood, staining her armor an even darker shade of red.

    "Dragon Thrower!" A bolt of draconic power from Caradoc's palm speared into the wound, detonating in a blazing corona that seared into the Chaos Lord's interior, even as she began to glow with power...

    "Chaos Evolution! Chaosdramon X!"

    Her armor sharpened, her claws becoming jagged and serrated, her cannons growing in size to ridiculous proportion. The evolved lord gave a howl of bloodlust as she stepped forwards, the wound in her neck sealing closed with the power of her X-Evolution as she regarded Caradoc and Gigas, her only remaining foes now Lucia was out of the fight.

    "Hyper Infinity Cannon!" she growled, unleashing streams of chaotic force from her cannon that struck Caradoc before he could evade, plowing him into the ground and crushing him into a building, which exploded and sent rubble cascading down on top of the Dynasmon X. Satisfied, the Chaos Lord turned to Gigas, drawing back her booster claw.

    "Chaos Crusher!" She struck him with a mighty blow that knocked the HerculesKabuterimon X reeling. "Hyper Infinity Cannon!" Power spoke from her cannons and smashed into Gigas as Caradoc rose from the rubble.

    "How can we compete with her now...?" he murmured, staring down at his claws. "I'm not fast enough... Gigas has speed... in this form I don't." He was cloaked by shining, white light...

    "I call on the dark shadow and howling storm! Let pitch-dark wings empower my form! From heart and form of holy might, I now transform in the darkest night! Slide Evolution! Ravemon!"

    His pitch-dark Ravemon form rocketed from the evolution, and as he charged a burning violet aura lit around his form, crackling with pent-up energy as lightning flashed around him...

    "I call forth the power of the dark night! Grant me strength to restore all light! Gather our hopes forth for justice! At new dawn, the future awaits us! Burst Evolution! Ravemon Burst Mode!"

    Spreading his Burst Mode's bladed wings, Caradoc unleashed their power in a barrage of aura blades towards the monstrous form of Tiamat. "Crimson Formation!"

    Though the attack bounced from Tiamat's armor, it drew her attention to her opponent, who stood in mid-air and regarded her coldly, wings spread wide.

    "Hyper Infinity Cannon!" Power erupted from her cannons towards him, but Caradoc vanished in a pitch-dark flicker just before the energy struck the empty space where he had been, reappearing below the blasts as he rocketed towards the Chaosdramon X at incredible speed, power crackling along his wings.

    "Mourning Dance!" Spiraling into a tornado of blades akin to the WarGreymon species' Great Tornado technique, he struck into Tiamat's neck, his wings tearing into the Red Digizoid plating like a buzz-saw and sending sparks flying across the both of them...

    But when he stopped, Tiamat's armor was barely scratched at all. The Ravemon swore under his breath, power crackling along one wing and coalescing at its tip as a blade of thunder and fury.

    "Lightning... Flash... Stab!" he screamed, stabbing the blade right into Tiamat's neck-plate as bolts of lightning screamed from the storm overhead to strike the Chaos Lord directly, thunder booming as Caradoc's vision filled with electric-blue light and the power surged through him, detonating with a violent BANG that hurled him flying back several dozen feet where he promptly hit a building, which collapsed on him... again...

    Tiamat rose up, smoking from the lightning strikes, but pretty much unharmed bar a black star-shaped burn on her neck where Caradoc's strongest attack of the Ravemon Burst Mode had struck...


    Guinier rose with a groan, hearing Pyra's words as if from far away, but acknowledging them with a weak nod, trying to put aside the burning agony that surged through her in order to focus on facing the evolved Mordred.

    The Gallantmon Chaos Mode roared forwards, raising his weapons to dispatch Guinier from the battle once and for all, Damocles and Daedalus burning with chaos fire.

    "Umbral Edge!" The blade descended, and Guinier narrowly evaded the blow by side-stepping, unfortunately this brought her into the path of the Daedalus. "Ebon Dusk!"

    "Ulforce Saber!" Guinier cried, the spear meeting her beam sword and halting as it was caught between the two blades, the UlforceVeedramon X straining to hold back the weapon from impaling her, even as Mordred raised the Damocles...

    "Ray of Victory!" Power sang from Guinier's V-Crest and seared into Mordred's face, blinding him and forcing him back as the UlforceVeedramon X rose up, spreading her wings and flashing forwards. Her blades struck in a flicker of beam-energy, ripping across Mordred's wings and tearing a snarl of pain from the Chaos Lord's throat as Guinier kicked herself off of his form, flashing away to land beside Pyra.

    Roaring in anger, Mordred broke his weapons down to primordial energies, collecting the power of the void into his grip as he readied his mightiest attack...

    "Pyra, with me!" Guinier shouted, V-Crest shining once more. "Use your Giga Crusher!"

    "Chaos Eclipse!" Mordred howled, sending his power screaming forth towards them, earth and sky cracking and rending open under the power of the attack...

    "Ray of Victory!" Guinier cried, unleashing the mighty ray from her crest, her attack merging with Pyra's dark matter Giga Crusher. The combined blast smashed into Mordred's attack, and the three raged, the two against the one, painting the skies azure, purple and jet-black as they warred...

    The attacks finally reached critical point and detonated in a fiery blaze, form which Mordred exploded, reforming the Damocles and Daedalus as he charged the two female dragons.

    "Umbral Edge!" He swung the Damocles in a burning arc towards Guinier, who side-stepped and struck with her Ulforce Sabers, stabbing them into the narrow gaps between his chest and shoulder-plates. The Gallantmon Chaos Mode roared in pain and anger, his weapons breaking down once more to form chaos in his grip.

    "Chaos Eclipse!" The attack, while not as powerful as its predecessors, struck point-blank, spearing Guinier through her core and hurling her flying in a ruin, the chaos ripping straight through her form. She collapsed to the ground, overcome by the attack, but not yet dead, and Mordred turned to Pyra.

    "Ebon Dusk!" He speared the Imperialdramon FM with the Daedalus and a burst of searing power tore from it, hurling her away as the dark knight shot towards Guinier, eager to finish her and remove at least one opponent...
  4. Griff4815

    Griff4815 No. 1 Grovyle Fan

    Pyra violently slammed into a large slab of stone as chaos sparked from her wounded form. She weakly raised her head and saw Mordred darting towards the fallen UlforceVeedramon X.

    "Guinier!" Pyra shouted, slowly standing to her feet. She raised her arm cannon in Mordred's direction as he charged Guinier. The Imperialdramon was well aware that if she tried her Giga Crusher attack, she could easily hit Guinier as well.

    "Positron Laser!" A burst of positronic energy screamed through the air towards Mordred.

    Out of the corner of his eye, he saw the blast and promptly turned, swinging the Damocles. "Umbral Edge!"

    The dark blade slashed away the oncoming attack and proceeded to charge the UlforceVeedramon X. Pyra sneered and shot after him as fast as she could. "Splendor Blade!" Her beam-like claws clashed with his sword as Pyra intercepted him. Mordred halted and roared, driving his steel boot into the Imperialdramon FM's abdomen.

    The Gallantmon Chaos Mode spun around and stabbed the Daedalus into the left eye of the draconic head on Pyra's chest armour. Mordred then thrust the Damocles into Pyra's shoulder. The two weapons sent chaos exploding from their tips, coursing through the dramon and sending her flying across the ground.

    Cringing, Pyra weakly tried to get up again. She looked on helplessly as Mordred stalked towards Guinier's fallen form with sword and spear in hand...
  5. storymasterb

    storymasterb Knight of RPGs

    After dispatching Pyra, Mordred advanced towards the stricken Guinier, who struggled to try and stand, to ready her blades, anything to stop the black knight, but she could not. He stood over her, wings folded tight to his back, the Daedalus raised.

    "Pitiful," he mocked. "Is this all your world has to offer? Are you the heroes sent to stop us?" He sneered. "Weak. Pathetic. Incapable." The words elicited a snarl of anger from Guinier.

    "We're not weak..." she snarled out. "We will stop you." He gave a laugh.

    "No, you won't," he replied, drawing back the Daedalus. "Ebon Dusk!" The spear stabbed downwards...

    It stabbed a short way into Guinier, before she grabbed it in one hand, holding it back as blood leaked from the wound. "No..." she gasped out, voice burning with pain as chaos coursed through her. "For all the lives of this world... all the love, the hopes, the dreams... we'll stop you. There will be life for them... there will be a future!"

    Her form lit with power, azure light that cast its glory across the field as Guinier rose, the light driving Mordred back as she pulled the Daedalus from her chest and tossed it aside.

    "What trickery is this?!" Mordred howled.

    "This is the future," she replied. "Our hopes, our dreams, our destinies... the power to stop you and save our world." And the light exploded, an impenetrable, blinding radiance, at the heart of which Guinier burned like a star, the power overflowing her limitations and surpassing them, granting her a further evolution...

    "A silent wish, a shining dream. Behold our light, our future's stream."

    The light continued to burn, driving Mordred further back, it was the antithesis to the nihilistic chaos he represented, this light of a future in which the world survived, where Digimon could live and love as they did in the times without evil.

    "Evil, fear my light, our future's will. Our future's path, I shall fulfill!"

    Guinier's form sharpened, her armor becoming more ornate, her beam-sabers strengthening and elongating as she continued to glow with that future's light.

    "Future Evolution! UlforceVeedramon Future Mode!"

    The light burned out, dimming down, but before Mordred could even react, he was struck by something that moved too fast for him to process, a cobalt blur that struck across him and was gone before he even hit the ground. The blur flashed to Pyra's side, and suddenly Guinier appeared from it, newly evolved and glowing with a faint radiance that betrayed the slightest amount of her power as she extended a hand to her fellow dragon.

    The Future Evolution had sharpened her armor, making it more streamlined, and her Ulforce Sabers were longer and stronger. Her eyes spoke of a hope and power capable of moving mountains and splitting the heavens, the power of the future itself.

    Mordred rose, roaring his anger and bloodlust as he turned and rocketed towards the two dragons. Seeing him, Guinier spread her wings and became that blur once more, flashing into him too fast to see, power shining around her form as she raised her Ulforce Sabers.

    Mordred barely felt the impacts, fast as they came, but the burning pain that followed stopped him abruptly as he took notice of the blood leaking from the wounds Guinier had slashed open in an instant with her enhanced weapons, and as he beheld the wounds, there she was back beside Pyra.

    "You..." he snarled with a hint of disbelief. "I'll kill you!" He cast the Daedalus from his grip as a bolt of burning energies. "Ebon Dusk!" The bolt struck towards Guinier, and Pyra in equal measure, but Guinier raised a hand.

    "Tensegrity Shield," she spoke softly, but the power in her voice resonated the words to both Pyra and Mordred. Hexagonal forms appeared before her, created from the azure energies which formed her Ray of Victory, and the panels linked, forming a shield which the Daedalus struck and bounced away from. Mordred's eyes spoke disbelief at this turn of events.

    Guinier raised her hands and the Tensegrity Shield shattered into energy, which flowed to her grip, forming a sphere of power and light between her palms as she turned her gaze to Mordred, her eyes speaking of a power beyond mere mortality, the fates that sang the future and its inevitability, a power to challenge even the endless void of chaos.

    "Ray of Victory!" The power sang from her grip, a thousand radiant arrows that speared Mordred and crushed him away, smothering his chaos with the light of the future. As the dark knight smashed into a ruined building, Guinier turned back to Pyra, extending her hand to the Imperialdramon Fighter Mode once more...


    Bedivere rose with a snarl, reverted to his Slayerdramon form by the powerful barrage of attacks the Mikaboshi had struck him with, but he was still willing to fight back, and the Black Sword was still in his grip, still giving him its power and fury.

    He roared, a sound of power, of rage and bloodlust that burned the heavens, lightning flashing and thunder roaring above as he spread his wings and erupted from the ruins towards the Mikaboshi.

    "Ouryuken!" The Black Sword lit with power and fury as he swung it towards the Chaosmon, tearing across its back and unleashing a burning force that hurled it forwards as he summoned the Fragarach, which burned with energy. "Shoryu Slash!" Fire howled and consumed the chaos avatar, which flickered and reappeared in the sky above them.

    "Insolent cockroach; fighting its imminent death; see the void of chaos," the Chaosmon spoke poetically, softly, but with a malice and inevitability that could not be denied. Its form began to burn with power and chaos, consumed by the void as it broke in silence, releasing the true power and terror from within.

    The flames burned and from the flames came the aspects of chaos, arms of pallid flesh and dark emerald scales, draconic heads of orange and violet flames, a white angel wing and a black demon wing. At the heart of it, the Mikaboshi unraveled into strands of red and black, tendrils of power that lashed madly around two shining spheres, the monster's burning Digi-Cores. The cores rose and transformed into two baleful, burning eyes with cat-like pupils, the pupils jet-black, and through those pupils the Peacemakers beheld the infinite void and majesty of chaos.

    As its tendrils, arms and other maddening appendages lashed around it, the Mikaboshi rose, transformed. This was UltimateKhaosmon.

    "Thus comes the end; void of all things and being; the Ultima Burst." The monster's voice was as poetic and soft as always, but now its voice reverberated across Avalon. Truly it was majestic now, a true scourge of Creation.

    Power spoke from its Digi-Cores, spearing towards the Peacemakers as lances of chaos and ruin. Though they evaded, the lances struck into the ground, consuming the impacted areas in chaos for a five-meter radius and removing them entirely

    "Now is the terror; the expansive eternity; the Broken Destroy." Its mighty arms lashed out with immense power, flattening swathes of Avalon as they struck towards the Peacemakers.

    Bedivere glared up at the monster, but within him was a voice of doubt. How could they defeat this?
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  6. "Oh, bravo, Fen..." the Tiwaz said in his own version of sarcastic, making Fenrir roll his eyes. "Though I'd be more impressed if you had actually killed him instead of giving him a headache. If you wanted to give him a migraine, you should have saved your energy and just started nagging him and telling him things like: 'Oh dear; that is too reckless, Typhon!' or 'No, you can't blast that!' and 'It's too dangerous, Tiwaz; I might get my girlish blonde hair dirty!' I can vouch that that will work without fail," he scoffed.

    “One, I believe you may be talking about yourself and your own obsession with your blonde hair,” Fenrir retorted, crouching low to avoid getting blown off. “And two, after all these centuries, you should already learned that I don’t do anything flashy unless I have something planned,” he added, looking at Typhon and eyeing certain places on the ChaosSeadramon’s metallic body.

    "Now hold on tight," Tiwaz suddenly said, making Fenrir raise an eyebrow under his helmet. "I'm doing something you won't like." Tiwaz didn’t need to say any more than that; the AncientGarurumon braced himself, barely having enough time after as Tiwaz suddenly dived.

    "Jump, Fenrir," Tiwaz said with a calmness that Fenrir had long associated with danger. "I hate the smell of burnt fur."

    “As much as I hate wet dragon smell, I assume,” Fenrir replied as he bounded off the AncientGreymon’s back.

    The white warrior spun in the air momentarily before shooting towards the Typhon’s back, head first. Fenrir spun just in time for his feet to land instead of his head, using the Sharpness Claymores to help support and absorb the blow from falling. It didn’t hurt that the added force from gravity helped him drive the swords deep into Typhon’s armor.

    Fenrir jumped off the mechanized eel just as Tiwaz’ tail slammed onto Typhon’s side. He might as well get off, since it seemed like both the AncientGreymon and ChaosSeadramon wanted him off, but he’d rather on his own terms and back on Tiwaz’ broad backside.

    He turned back just in time to see Kheprius spinning rapidly towards Typhon in one of his deadly attacks. He then had to duck before he got knocked off of the dragon’s back by one of the ChaosSeadramon’s flippers. That wouldn’t have been fun.

    "Gaia Tornado!"

    Fenrir, turned to Tiwaz for a few moments before noticing shapes suddenly appearing all around him. Rocks, big and small, ripped from the surrounding ruins of Avalon and flew up to float in front of he and Fenrir.

    "Fenrir," Tiwaz called.

    Fenrir nodded, concentrating energy into his weapons. He didn’t need as much power to do what Tiwaz wanted him to do. "Absolute Zero." Moments later, frozen slabs of ice were added onto Khep’s fatal vortex attack.

    And then all Fenrir could see was a maelstrom of white and black accompanied by streaks of yellow sparks, the coalition of Kheprius’ Grand Death Screw augmented by Tiwaz’ Gaia Tornado and his Absolute Zero, slamming right onto Typhon’s side, creating an glass-shattering screech that rang painfully in the AncientGarurumon’s ears. And then he picked up the sound of metal breaking, and then he witnessed the twister blasted and drilled right through the ChaosSeadramon’s body.

    "See?" Tiwaz said, a tune of triumph in his voice. "He's not so tough, after all." And then Fenrir narrowed his eyes, witnessing a change in their opponent and of the energy in the air.

    "Chaos Evolution! ChaosGigaSeadramon!"

    From the dark maelstrom emerged a serpent the same size as Typhon's older form but donning sleeker black and grey armour that glowed with red gems in some parts. His hair became dark purple in colour and a massive cannon in his throat replaced his nose cannon. The cyborg serpent reared back and unleashed a screech that shook tremors through the city.

    Fenrir gripped his weapons tightly, looking down at the giant dragon. “Another you should have learned a long time ago,” Fenrir said pointedly. “Stop tempting fate.”

    He turned back to Typhon. “Perhaps now would be the time?”
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  7. storymasterb

    storymasterb Knight of RPGs

    Mordred gave an incomprehensible howl of outrage and tore through the air towards Guinier once more. The UlforceVeedramon saw him coming, drawing back the Daedalus, and readied her Ulforce Sabers once more.

    "Umbral Edge!" the dark knight roared, slashing with the Damocles, but Guinier neatly sidestepped. "Ebon Dusk!" She twisted to avoid a wild stab of the Daedalus, before blocking the Damocles with one of her blades while slashing the other across Mordred's chest-plate, tearing a gouge into the plate.

    With a roar, Mordred kicked out, trying to knock Guinier back, but she neatly evaded and threw a sweeping kick into Mordred's leg, sweeping it from under him, and only a quick beat of his wings that sent him flying back caught him.

    The UlforceVeedramon Future Mode flashed forwards, drawing back an Ulforce Saber to stab the knight through the neck, but the Damocles swung and Guinier was forced to block with her beam-weapon, trying to twist and strike with the second beam-blade, but the Daedalus struck, knocking her away in a burst of chaos and ruin. As she was hurled back, Mordred's weapons shattered into chaotic power around his hands, burning, seething energies that grew in might and majesty...

    As Guinier spread her wings to stop, her Ulforce Sabers broke down into raw energy, which collected in her grip, shining with power and light...

    "Chaos Eclipse!"

    "Ray of Victory!"

    The void burned from Mordred's hands, as the mighty future sang from Guinier, dark purple meeting bright azure, painting the skies in their eerie shades as they collided and raged against each other.

    "Pyra!" Guinier called...


    The Mikaboshi towered over the Peacemakers, even Sha and Kole now paled in comparison to its immense size. Chaos burned around it, a destructive aura that cracked the earth, shattering buildings and ripping apart the sky as thunder boomed and lightning flashed.

    "Ouryuken!" Bedivere roared, raising the Black Sword and hurling it as an energy bolt towards the Mikaboshi's glowing, ethereal body, locked to the heart of the madness and chaos. The bolt impacted in a burning flash, but when it flashed to Bedivere's hand once more, there was no visible effect.

    "Thus comes the end; void of all things and being; the Ultima Burst." Power burned from the Mikaboshi's Digi-Core eyes, chaotic spears that struck the Slayerdramon and wrapped him in the burning void of chaos itself. He screamed as the energies seared into his core...
  8. Griff4815

    Griff4815 No. 1 Grovyle Fan

    Pyra grimaced as she raised her arm, but accepted Guinier's extended hand that shimmered with an azure gleam. "Thank you," she said, standing to her feet.

    The Imperialdramon then watched as the Chaos Lord charged them. Guinier met his attack in less than a second. Pyra followed as the two clashed, attempting to get a good angle on Mordred so that he would neither hit nor interfere with her.

    She leapt into the air and flew overhead the battling two. As the Ray of Victory and Chaos Eclipse attacks met, Pyra was forced to squint at the blue and black blasts that cast light into the sky.

    "Pyra!" the Dramon heard Guinier shout. The digimon in question hovered directly above Mordred and opened the mouth of the dragon that donned her armour.

    "Giga... Crusher!" she roared as power ripped from the cannon. Mordred looked up in response and reflexively widened his eyes. The raging beam engulfed him in a pillar of black energy. The Gallantmon howled in pain as he was crushed into the ground by the power as well as blasted by Guinier's Ray of Victory.

    "Positron Laser!" Pyra followed up, blasting a charged burst of positronic energy into the swirling pyre, adding to its force.


    "Hey," Tiwaz shot back. "My blonde hair is the manly kind! Everybody knows that! Yours is the girly sort, obviously. We've been over this a hundred times!"

    “And over a hundred times I’ve seen you meticulously dry it with your own fire because you wanted it to look just right for your so-called dramatic rescues,” Fenrir retorted.

    "If we're to be heroes, we might as well look the part!" Tiwaz barked. "We're the Great Ten, not a group of rabble adventurers!"

    Tiwaz looked at Typhon as he flew. "And what exactly would that-- Ohhhh... that."

    Later, as Typhon took on his ChaosGigaSeadramon, Fenrir regarded him. “Another you should have learned a long time ago,” Fenrir said pointedly. “Stop tempting fate.” He turned back to Typhon. “Perhaps now would be the time?”

    The AncientGreymon growled and stared up at the leviathan. "Maybe... Let's just test his form a little bit."

    Kheprius buzzed behind them. "Wanna let me in on your little secret? It'd help if-- Crap!" The GranKuwagamon cut himself off as he saw a massive beam rip through the air towards them.

    "Scatter!" Tiwaz yelled, flapping his phoenix-like wings and shooting in the direction opposite of Kheprius. Khep darted to the side as fast as he could to avoid being obliterated by the ferocious attack. Tiwaz had to flap his wings furiously in order to keep himself from being pulled back into the blast that was acting like a vacuum. "Kheprius! Distract him!"

    The GranKuwagamon nodded and flew in front of Typhon. "Whatever they're planning better happen fast," he thought. "Grand Darkness!"

    The black power of the void engulfed the portion of Typhon's body that it hit. The darkness dissipated and the attack did little to nothing against his armour. "Crap. Dimension Scissors!" He then fired off a volley of crescent blades into the same spot in his armour. The energy did little more than create marks on the ChaosGigaSeadramon's metal hide.

    "It's not doing anything!" Khep yelled in frustration at his ineffective attacks. "If only he wasn't so frigging big, then I'd be able to cut him down to size in my GrandisKuwagamon form. Way to pick your opponent, Khep..."

    "Chaos Swell!" Typhon roared, unleashing a massive beam of continuous power from the cannon in his wide maw. The torrent of chaos strafed along the ground towards Kheprius, who darted away from the attack before it could hit him.

    The ChaosGigaSeadramon swung his tail and slammed it into Kheprius, sending him flying clear through a building. Typhon then swerved his head to follow his foe's flight path, allowing the beam to rip the building into atoms as it enveloped it in the attack's pursuit of Khep. The beam stopped short of being able to catch Khep’s hind leg.

    Typhon, meanwhile, had set his sights on another target that swerved right past his line of vision. "Chaotic Cataclysm!" Suddenly, a multitude of gun ports and batteries on Typhon's armoured back opened and revealed themselves. And then the sky turned dark, a massive wall of missiles and torpedoes heading straight towards them. The eyes of the two Ancients widened; his previous weakness became one of his most heavily fortified areas.

    Tiwaz mentally started to plan out his flight path, just as Fenrir stood up with his weapons outstretched. Blue spheres started to appear all around the weapons, growing and multiplying. “Absolute Zero!” he yelled out, swinging the two swords and sending the spherical energy spheres at the approaching projectiles.

    The result was a mixture of red and blue explosions, black smoke and white light lighting up the sky cloud-covered sky. Metal shrapnel, frozen ice and splatters of water flew around, thrown everywhere and hitting everything due to the gale force winds caused by the numerous explosions. It was like a storm mixed with hail and metal. While it mostly struck Typhon due to his gargantuan body, the ChaosGigaSeadramon wasn’t even fazed, his armor unaffected. However, the effect it had on the two ancients were much less fortunate. The shrapnel tore at what exposed flesh they had, and it made it difficult to see which was where. And they soon found out that Fenrir’s attack wasn’t able to intercept all of the missiles as they suddenly got battered by powerful blasts all around them.

    Typhon then swung around, turning his attention to the two Ancient warriors who began to descend towards earth. "Chaos Swell!" he roared, opening his mouth full and ripping a screeching blast of chaos from his throat.

    Tiwaz and Fenrir couldn't evade in their descent and were promptly enveloped by the black beam of mass and intensity. Pain tore around their bodies as they were caught in the center of the blast.

    "No!" Kheprius shouted, swearing right afterwards.

    The two were thrown through the air like rag dolls, crashing through two partially destroyed buildings before hitting the ground and tumbling across the stone street before skidding to a stop. Typhon then angled himself down so that part of his back pitched down towards them.

    "Chaotic Cataclysm! he hissed, opening fire upon the two from the hundreds of weapons on his back. The ground erupted in explosions. Tiwaz and Fenrir were pelted by stone and missiles, chaotic flames licking at their armoured but already heavily injured bodies.

    Kheprius sneered and charged Typhon. The ChaosGigaSeadramon noticed this out of the corner of his eye and promptly grabbed the bug in his tail. With a mighty swing, he slammed Khep face first into the ground before pulling him back and repeating the action three more times. He then dismissively cast him aside, driving his body into a building that collapsed on top of the GranKuwagamon.

    With the bug digimon disposed of, Typhon turned his attention back to Fenrir and Tiwaz, who lay on the ground, horribly wounded and left smoldering from the brutal attacks. The serpent of chaos reared up and built up tremendous power in his maw. Tiwaz, whose armour was cracked in many places and had blood pouring from his mouth attempted to stand up only to have his legs give way and cause him to crash to the scorched ground once again. Fenrir was in no better shape than he was, trying to stand up but falling back on the ground on all fours with his face slamming onto the ground.

    A glint of triumph sparkled in Typhon's eyes as his attack reached its maximum power. He towered over the two, peering down at them as they futiley tried to act.

    "Chaos Swell!" he screeched as the unmatched beam of devastation erupted from his mouth and barreled towards them. The attack was so condensed that it traveled at only an average speed.

    Tiwaz slowly looked up and saw the beam coming at them. He grimaced, knowing that this would be the end, not only for him, but for Fenrir. He turned to face the wounded AncientGarurumon beside him. Upon his blue eyes resting upon his comrade’s form, his gaze softened. "Fenrir..."

    Turning his head, Fenrir acknowledged the oncoming beam and also turned to meet his eyes with the large dragon. He stared at Tiwaz meaningfully and nodded slowly.

    At the same time, the two slowly turned their heads forwards to face the oncoming beam. They stared at it with a sense of calm, almost resignation.

    Tiwaz closed his eyes and bowed his head. "With power and glory, to protect is my goal..." he begun, his words relaxed. "The bright flames of courage burn hard in my soul...”

    Fenrir closed his eyes as well, sitting on his heels and facing the sky. "My code, my light, my oath that transcends time... Drive me forward, judge their hideous crime..."

    Their blue and red eyes shot open simultaneously. "The forces of evil shall be torn asunder. Behold the judgment of lightning and thunder!" When they both spoke, every word, every gap, and every intonation were in perfect synchronicity. Their voices resounded loudly, echoing into the sky despite the injuries they sustained.

    It was in that moment that the gigantic beam engulfed them completely. Typhon held the attack in place for ten seconds before ceasing the beam's constant wave. When the particles dissipated, the two Ancients were completely gone.

    Typhon let out a low snarl of satisfaction before turning around.

    As he turned his back, the pitch black clouds swirled overhead, seeming to have appeared in an instant. Several massive bursts of lightning pierced through the clouds and slammed into ground. Typhon suddenly felt a disturbing presence behind him. He felt a power unfamiliar to him: a sensation that he couldn't shake off.

    The ChaosGigaSeadramon spun around and froze. He saw a humanoid figure slowly ascending into the air with his arms slightly outstretched and legs close together. The digimon had grand azure and crimson armour donning his form. The head of a wolf adorned his right gauntlet while the head of a dragon adorned his left. The eyes glowed bright blue and scarlet red.

    Lightning fulgurated to either sides of the digimon and a tremendous gust of wind surged behind him, blowing in front of him the two sashes that hung from a giant halo-like ornament on his back. A conflux of red and blue auras flickered from the edges of his figure.

    "...Susanoomon," the new digimon said in a low, smooth, yet commanding voice.

    Typhon reared back in response to the appearance of this digimon.

    The Susanoomon slowly raised his head and glared into the Chaos Lord's eyes. "Behold the deity of lightning and thunder. He who is called Perun Sturmrächer, the god of storms and emissary of death. He who shall witness your very last breath."

    Lightning flashed.

    “Prepare to be purged by lightning.”

    And thunder roared.
  9. Hotshot

    Hotshot Don't ask questions.

    Tiamat hurled Caradoc and Lucia aside like they were nothing. Nothing either of them did even fazed the mechanical beast. Gigas watched as the two Digimon were blown away almost effortlessly. The HerculesKabuterimon X took a step forward, unsure if either of his comrades could hear him, and murmured, "Lucia, Caradoc...speed, strategy, skill, precision...none of these matter in this fight. No matter how fast or smart we are, nothing will come of it if we can't even leave a scratch on our enemy. For this fight, the only thing we need is--"

    Gigas paused and met Tiamat's fearsome gaze. He clenched all four of his fists. "STRENGTH!"

    With a roar, Gigas thundered towards Tiamat. The Chaosdramon X met his charge, but Gigas' momentum allowed him to carry the Chaos Lord back several yards. But the charge was soon stopped short by Tiamat, who dug her clawed feet into the ground to halt Gigas. With a ferocious howl, she plunged her right arm into Gigas' stomach, knocking the insetoid away.

    But Gigas wasn't so easily shaken off. He tore at Tiamat again, blocking her claws with his two larger arms and then pummeling the beast with his two smaller ones. His horns crackling with energy, Gigas exclaimed, "HORN BUSTER KAI!"

    Lightning exploded into Tiamat's form, sending her reeling backwards. Her torso was singed terribly from the attack, and Gigas seized his chance. With clenched fists he drove into the Chaosdramon X, barreling into her with all his might. She backed up and drove her claw into Gigas' torso, and the HerculesKabuterimon X returned the favor by pounding her in the gut. The fight quickly turned into a pound-for-pound street-brawl, with two of the biggest bruisers around as the combatants.

    Finally, one of them stumbled backwards and fell to the other, springing up a cloud of dust. As the cloud settled, it revealed Gigas standing over Tiamat, with fists pumped and a grin plastered all over his face. "And stay down!"


    As the Mikaboshi, now in its enormous, far more terrifying form, ravaged the earth around him and tore through Bedivere, Sha rose to his feet. He now stood in a pool of blood, whether or not it was his own, he wasn't sure. He was still in a daze after that last attack, and, to his surprise, he now found a different, far larger figure in the Mikaboshi's place.

    He quickly ran through several possibilities in his head. Either they had beaten the Mikaboshi and this was someone new, or the Mikaboshi had just Digivolved, or this new guy was on their side.

    "Thus comes the end; void of all things and being; the Ultima Burst."

    Dark, chaotic power tore into Bedivere and sent the Slayerdramon hurtling backwards. Sha nodded his large, crocodile head slowly. Okay, mark that "on our side" idea off the list, he thought. Then, turning to the beast, he roared, "HEY, YOU! YEAH, YOU! WHY DON'T YOU PICK ON SOMEONE YOUR OWN SIZE?!"

    The Mikaboshi turned to him, sending a blast of wind in Sha's direction just by turning his body. The Leviamon crouched low, now subject to the UltimateKhaosmon's full attention and chaotic force. Sha's demonic eyes widened. "UH...WAIT, YOU'RE BIGGER THAN ME."

    Then he grinned. "THAT'S NEW. THUNDER BREATH!"

    An inferno of demonic flames erupted from the demon's gaping jaws, enveloping Amatsu-Mikaboshi in a blaze of hellfire. Sha kept the raging vortex of terrible flame going for as long as he could, but the Mikaboshi emerged afterward largely unscathed. It focused its menacing gaze on Sha. Calmly, it spoke, "Thus comes the end; void of all things and being; the Ultima Burst."

    Terrible, chaotic power surged into Sha's enormous form, enveloping him completely. The Leviamon let out a gargled roar as blood spewed from his maw. Taking the full brunt of the attack, Sha was flung backward. He crashed into his pool of blood from before, further increasing its size. Sha groaned and tried to lift his head, but couldn't. His eyes closed.
  10. Kamotz

    Kamotz God of Monsters

    A blow from Zahhak sent Samael tumbling back and skidding down one of Avalon's ruined streets. With his claws he screeched to a stop and bit through the pain to leap back into battle. Zahhak was proving to be more than a match for even Samael and Michael together; he struck Michael with a vicious backhand and knocked him to his knees, then he drew back his claws and prepared to bayonet the MagnaAngemon.

    "No you don't!" Samael growled, tackling Zahhak away. "No one's skewering helmet-head but me!"

    Samael's snarling rage gave a boost to his fighting ability. He ripped the Dramon Destroyer from Zahhak's right arm and prepared to impale the Chaos Lord with it, but Zahhak spun, effortlessly twisting into his Black Tornado and sent Samael flying. He raised his remaining Dramon Killer and raced forward for the kill. But Michael blind-sided him and knocked him to the ground once more. With a single, deft stroke Michael slashed the bindings of Zahhak's remaining gauntlet and removed it from his arm.

    Zahhak flew into a rage. He grabbed Michael's head in one hand and slammed him into the ground before drawing back his other fist and driving it mercilessly into Michael's face. Michael's translucent-purple helmet and visor quickly cracked and broke under the force of Zahhak's strikes.

    "Terra Destroyer!" Zahhak snarled. He reared back and unleashed his attack from point-blank range; engulfing Michael with the blood-red sphere of energy.

    With Michael out of the picture, Zahhak turned his baneful yellow eyes to Samael. He surged forward, driving his fist deep into Samael's gut and cracking him across the face with a vicious uppercut. He flew up into the air and came down hard, smashing Samael with a monstrous double-fisted hammer blow before driving his foot into the fallen angel's side and knocking him into a building.

    "Damn it, Mikey," Samael hissed through pain-gritted teeth. "Hurry up and Digivolve already. I can't keep pullin' your weight."

    "Can't," Michael groaned. "When the Mikaboshi struck me...I don't know...it took all of my power to survive. Digivolving will kill me."

    "Not before this angry idiot does," Samael snapped, only to be put down again by a vicious haymaker.

    Zahhak hauled Samael up by the back of his head and hurled him high into the sky and out over the city. He gathered his blood-red power in his hands and prepared to fire; aiming carefully and timing the attack perfectly.


    "Hand of Fate!" Michael shouted, blasting Zahhak with a burst of holy energy.

    The Chaos Lord only stumbled forward, but his concentration broke and Samael landed with a crash. Zahhak spun around in a fury; anger radiating off him in waves. He roared darkly and surged forward. But Michael's Excalibur sparked to life, and the Hand of God rushed to meet his charge.

    Michael thrust with his blade; calculating the velocity and trajectory of his opponent's charge; knowing that Zahhak would not be able to avoid it at the speeds they were moving. But Zahhak was not as constrained by the laws of physics as Michael was, and he managed to twist the rules minutely. He stopped suddenly and grabbed Michael's sword arm, pulling it away from his chest. Zahhak pooled his burning-red power in his other hand and prepared to fire.

    "Corona Blaster!"

    A bolt of demonic power slammed into the dark dragon's back and ripped an unholy scream of anger from his throat. He spun around, forgetting Michael completely, and turned his blood-lusted eyes towards Samael. It would be a terrible mistake. Michael surged forward, pouring his power into the Excalibur, and drove it through Zahhak's back. The blade erupted from his chest and Michael used the sword as leverage to hoist the impaled Chaos Lord high over his head.

    "Samael, now!" he called out even as his own hand began to glow. Samael heeded Michael's call and quickly took to the sky. His positron cannon drew a pentagram in the air below him.

    "Corona Destroyer!" Samael roared. A conflagration of power erupted from the mouth of his cannon and thundered down towards the skewered Zahhak.

    "Hand of Fate!" Michael cried out as the bolt neared. The two powers; holy and unholy caught Zahhak in a pincer move and tore an agonized howl from his throat. The blasts suddenly detonated, and Michael tore away in order to escape.

    "That had to do it," Samael muttered. "That did it, right? He's gone?" A savage roar answered him as Zahhak exploded from the smoke and dust. His armor was sharper, more technologically advanced and refined. The X-Evolved Chaos Lord ripped forward and drove his new claws into Samael's gut before slashing them across Michael's chest.

    "Damnit, they're not supposed to be able to do that," Samael hissed. "Okay, no more playin' around. This guy wants an X-Evolved rumble? He's got one." Samael let out a roar as he shed his Blast Mode and summoned the power of the X-Antibody. Hellfire and unholy lightning danced across his form as the corrupt power penetrated his system. "Your turn, Mikey, Time to amp up. Digivolve."

    "I can't," Mcihael explained. "I told you this."

    "And I don't care," Samael hissed. "Big, bad, and ugly is closing in. And you're not pulling your weight."

    Michael eyed the fuming ChaosBlackWarGreymon X and steeled himself for the pain that he knew was coming.

    "Very well," he whispered. "Mega Digivolution." He became shrouded in holy flames as the divine armor of the seraphim formed around him. "Seraphimon!"

    Zahhak, however, seemed rather unimpressed, and stepped towards the last two emissaries of Heaven without hesitation.


    Thor was aghast; the Mikaboshi had been a powerful opponenet, but he and the others had been making headway against him. With the power they had together, the Mikaboshi was showing signs of faltering. Now, however, with this monstrous ascension to the ultimate chaos, their chances were thrown back to the dark ages.

    The Mikaboshi's Ultima Burst exploded in Thor's vision and sent him howling through the air. He felt the searing pain of the attack blister across his skin and rip into his core. Then he slammed into the hard stone and felt his world tilt sideways. The thunder god was ill-prepared to face this threat. Even his enlightened conversation with the White Sword/Odin hadn't prepared him for this.

    "No," he realized. "It is still the same. Still the same. Still different."

    The Mikaboshi pushed forward, batting Sha away with a twitch of his power. His massive arms grabbed Kole and crushed him to the ground. Even Bedivere--Digivolved under the Black Sword's power--was unable to halt the Mikaboshi's advance. Thor saw the intent in the monster's eyes. He recognized Thor; recognized his power and lineage; he knew that Thor's chances of finding a way to stop him were highest among the Peacemakers, and the Mikaboshi would not be chained again.

    Broken Destiny roared out over the sky as the Mikaboshi summoned his power; spears of burning force struck from the sky, searing into Thor and pummeling him with the unlimited power the Chaos held. When the attack subsided, Thor could barely stand. He felt his breath become shallow and wondered, for but a moment, if he was dying.

    "Blazing Helix!" a mighty voice roared. From the edge of the sky, fire lashed out and ripped downward. It slammed into the Mikaboshi and earned itself a growl from the primordial beast. All eyes traveled upward to the burning spot of sunlight.

    "It cannot be," Thor whispered. He wondered if his eyes were playing tricks on him, or if he had passed to close to the brink of death and was seeing to the other side.

    "That was a gift, Mikaboshi," the sun roared, "from Rod. And here, from my father Praamzius. Juouha!" A burst of force exploded from the sun and slammed again into the Mikaboshi. The sun then descended from the sky and stood beside Thor. The thunder god felt the healing waves of light flowing into him and his vision and mind cleared.

    "Svarog?" Thor wondered incredulously. "How?"

    "Like the firebird, I, too rise from the ashes after death, and I have been granted the Firebird Mode for my sacrifice," Svarog said proudly. His form was changed, though not by much. Two great wings sprouted from his back and his armor seemed more dignified and refined. It wasn't the armor of a angry, brawler; it was the armor of a mighty god. "It simply took me longer. But fear not, Odinson! Fear not, Peacemakers. Svarog Gilgamesh has come to save you all."

    The Mikaboshi let out a savage roar of defiance.

    "Perhaps the boasting should best be left for after we win?" Thor suggested.

    "This is not my usual way," Svarog said. "But...agreed. Now, let us show this beast what it means to face the gods, eh?"

    "Aye," Thor said with a smile. He gathered power in his chest cannon and prepared himself as Svarog raised two burning hands to the Mikaboshi.

    "Blazing Helix!"

    "Aurora Force!"
  11. PeeGee

    PeeGee ROAWR!

    Kole stared at the new A-M, an expression of horror on his face. The digimon was now a somewhat befitting monstrous size, and Kole could feel that chaos oozing from it. He watched in horror as Bedivere and Sha were knocked aside by A-M, and he got ready to attack the monster.

    It's probably not the best of ideas to do that

    Kole unleashed a barrage of Total Annihilations at the UltimateChaosmon, but it did all of nothing to A-M. All it did was attract its attention.

    I told ya

    "Thus comes the end; void of all things and being; the Ultima Burst."

    The chaotic energy collided with Kole, sending him flying. He hit the ground with a thud, and he heard some unsettling cracking noises. He picked himself up and stared at the Mikaboshi.

    "I refuse to lose," he muttered, blood starting to trickle out of the corner of his mouth.

    Just then he saw fire consume the UltimateChaosmon, and the subsequent reveal of Svarog, now sporting a snazzy new pair of wings.

    I want wings!

    Kole ignored the voice, seeing the two gods let out their attacks, decided to send his out with them.

    "Total Annihilation!"
  12. "You're in check," Nocchi said in his triumphant voice, which was peculiar when one had a sword in one’s gut.

    “Quite,” Galic said as two of his clones appeared beside Ophion and suddenly trapped him with each of their respective weapons by locking the moon-shaped blade at one end to completely encircle his the ChaosUlforceVeedramon’s chest and arms. The two MirageGaogamon BM clones then pulled Ophion off of Nocchi, still using the blades but swinging it in a way that would open up on the back side of the Chaos Lord…where another of Galic’s clones waited with an aura enhanced morning star.

    Full Moon Meteor Impact!

    The glowing wrecking ball slammed right into Ophion’s back, pressing his gut against the two blades that held him captive and causing the Chaos Lord to cough up blood. Amazingly, his armor held against the intense pressure, although Galic could see that the two blades had finally broken through the ChaosUlforceVeedramon X’s armor and drew blood, albeit slightly, due to the force of the attack pushing him at the blades at an intense force.

    “It’s not over yet!” the original Galic announced as his form appeared overhead of Ophion and his own arms over his own head, holding his weapon at an angle. The morning star was glowing bright like a full moon, radiating a yellow light that reflected on every surface that it could reach. It tinted the MirageGaogamon BM’s armor gold, giving him an ethereal look about him.

    Full Moon Meteor Impact!” he shouted, the golden energy bursting.

    Galic somersaulted on the air, spinning to give his weapon the momentum to cause even more potential damage that he sorely wanted to cause the ChaosUlforceVeedramon X. This battle was getting more and more dangerous for both the Peacemakers involved.

    All three of Galic’s clones disappeared the moment Galic’s weapon was close enough to hit at one hundred percent. The massive morning start slammed Ophion, striking his injured torso and his face, with enough charged force to bulldoze an entire building and more.

    The sheer force of the attack sent Ophion flying at incredible speeds, slamming into a building right across where Nocchi and Galic were at and caused it to shudder for a few moments before pieces of debris started to fall.

    Galic turned back to Nocchi, pulling him up and looking over the stab in his wooden chest. “You’re lucky he didn’t coat that weapon of his with his virus,” Galic told the Puppetmon. “Though you gave me a scare. We don’t want to lose anyone in this battle.” He put the Puppetmon back down. “Besides, I don’t think Gigas would want to lose his best friend,” Galic said with a small grin.

    He turned back to the ChaosUlforceVeedramon X, who was beginning to come out of the rubble that Galic crashed him into. “If you’re up for it,” Galic started. “Then maybe we should finish this fight.”


    Typhon roared in anger. Just when he thought he had already gotten rid of two annoying pests, another one had to show up, even if it was a smaller one. Enraged, the ChaosGigaSeadramon rushed at Perun, mouth open wide and roaring loudly.

    Perun regarded the charging Chaos Lord with narrowed eyes. It looked like the Chaos Lord didn’t heed his warning at all. He clenched his fist adorned by the Greymon head, energy surging through his arm, electricity sparking visibly around his whole arm. He took a stance, and then as Typhon got close, he suddenly dashed to the side, his fist crackling.

    Flash Punch!” he yelled out, his voice booming.

    He smashed his charged fist into Typhon’s jaw, forcing him to snap it shut as well as knocking his head away, bringing the rest of the mechanized eel’s body with it. Perun gave an audible humph, and then saw something shadow over him. He looked to his side, and was barely able to cross his arms over his chest before Typhon’s tail, which had lagged behind, slammed right into him, sending him flying backwards.

    Typhon crashed into a few nearby building, creating a reverberating boom and completely obliterating them under his immense bulk. Perun, meanwhile, had landed into the ground, but was able to roll and quickly get back up on his feet despite the shaking ground caused by Typhon’s crash. He bowed his head as the ChaosGigaSeadramon floated back into the air, turning his head to look for the annoying pest that shockingly sent him into a crash landing.

    The Susanoomon popped his neck before taking to the air once more, leveling himself into Typhon’s view. As he did so, Typhon roared, opening various hatches on his body. “Chaotic Cataclysm!

    As missiles suddenly fired off, all charging towards him for a repeat of what they did to Tiwaz and Fenrir. Perun, however, was unfazed and simply raised his hands into the sky. Particles of light started to appear above it, spinning and shining like fireflies. “Come to me, ZERO-ARMS: Orochi!”

    The pearls of light started to swirl like a tornado, coming together and forming a single shape that flashed. What was once a shape of light had turned into a complex red and blue machine of sorts. It had two handles with which the Susanoomon held it with. He then stretched his arms to the side, a light shining brightly from the weapon’s end. And then a thin beam shot from it, ending in a sharp point. The beam stopped many lengths away from the weapon but maintained its fine edge, creating a sword of light. “Celestial Blade!”

    Perun swung the sword-like weapon horizontally, the eye-opening length of the blade allowing it to slash right through the swarm of explosives, causing the whole center of missiles to blast prematurely and setting off a chain reaction that brought the rest of the projectiles to explode along with it. None of the missiles escaped, caught up in the blast. The sky turned into a light show with Perun simply looking on with the weapon at his side. His eyes scanned through the explosions and the smoke to look for the giant Digimon that lay behind it. He didn’t have to wait long.

    Through the smoke, Typhon blasted through like a sea serpent rising from the digital sea to unleash havoc and chaos where it may roam. Well, it was close enough, and Perun wasn’t going to allow that anyway. It wasn’t like he wasn’t doing anything while he was looking for said ChaosGigaSeadramon.

    “There you are,” he muttered, his weapon already pointed up in the sky with a ball of light at the end. “This’ll make things a lot easier,” he added, his eyes glowing.

    Oh powers that lie in the throne of the heavens.

    From the sphere of light shot a dragon’s head that flew to the sky, diving into the already dark clouds that signaled the coming of a storm.

    Oh kings inscribed in ages past.

    The sky flashed with lightning and boomed with thunder.

    Hear my call…

    Typhon charged uncaringly, his mouth open wide to bite Perun into two, who simply closed his eyes.

    And descend before me!

    Lightning flashed in the sky and something burst through from the dark clouds.

    Yakusa no Ikadzuchi!

    A mere inch was left for Typhon to finally have the Susanoomon in his jaws when a large golden dragon head with a body of lightning shot from the heavens and clamped down on his neck, forcing him downwards and slamming him into the ground. Seven more “dragons” followed suit on different parts of the ChaosGigaSeadramon’s body, holding him forcibly against the ground despite how much he writhed and struggled.

    Perun looked down on him with disdain, his face emotionless. “Let lightning judge your sins,” he declared.

    And then the dragons crackled and burst with energy, electrifying Typhon and turning him into a long and extra-large light show. The ChaosGigaSeadramon roared in agonizing pain. Electricity traveled all over his body, conducted by the water and melted ice that had long ago spilled on his body during his fight with Fenrir and Tiwaz, as was the AncientGarurumon’s plan from the start. No part of his body was exempt from Perun’s divine judgment.
  13. Griff4815

    Griff4815 No. 1 Grovyle Fan

    Mordred was crushed to the ground by Guinier and Pyra's attacks. He managed to finally roll out of the attacks after having suffered their burning power.

    "Umbral Edge!" he snarled, hacking up blood as he did so. He swung the Damocles on a wide arc, making a long crescent of chaos rip from the blade towards both Guinier and Pyra.

    The two dramon dodged in the nick of time and Guinier disappeared in a flash of blue. He rammed her shoulder into Mordred's gut and thrust her Ulforce Sabre into his abdomen and kicking off of him, sending the Chaos Lord flying into the air. She cast a glance to Pyra, who responded with a nod.

    "Positron Laser!" The Imperialdramon flew over Sir Mordred and unleashed a blast of condensed positrons from her arm-mounted cannon. The contained burst pounded into Mordred's upper body and slammed him into the ground.

    The Gallantmon Chaos Mode staggered to his feet once more, growling in anger. "Chaos Eclipse!" Power tore from the Daedalus and stabbed into Pyra's armour, nearly knocking her out of the sky. Mordred then turned to Guinier and performed the same attack on her.

    The UlforceVeedramon Future Mode managed to dodge and the attack only grazed her bicep. "Ray of Victory!" she countered.

    A brilliant ray of light of a cobalt hue shone from the crest on her chest and burned through Mordred's armour. He roared and weakly raised his spear-wielding arm, which trembled from effort as he raised it to counterattack. "Chaos Eclipse!"

    Guinier disappeared in a blur and the attack ripped through the blue flash of where she once was before it disappeared. The knight appeared behind Mordred and slashed her Ulforce Sabre down his spine before unleashing another Ray of Victory on him.

    As the chaos knight was thrown through the air, Pyra readied her cannon. "Giga Crusher!"

    An aggregate of power screamed downwards through the air before washing over Mordred, crushing him into the ground. Pyra halted her attack and flew backwards. The Imperialdramon Fighter Mode descended and landed beside Guinier.

    Mordred's body smouldered and bled from within the smoking crater that Pyra's attack caused. He slowly dragged himself up and out before getting a knee and forcing himself up despite his quaking, protesting form. "I will not be... defeated by you..." he hissed as blood from hs mouth leaked through his armour and onto his chest.


    Typhon twitched and wrenched back and forth on the ground as electricity and sparks danced about his metallic body. When the eight heads of the dark, hydra-like cloud overhead released the ChaosGigaSeadramon before disappating in a gust of wind, Perun brought down the erected ZERO-ARMS: Orochi and held it in front of him at.

    The chaos creature's body quaked, stunned by the thousands of volts of electricity coursed through him, multiplied by his metal armour and the water he was doused with. Perun narrowed his eyes and tightened his hold on the handles of the ZERO-ARMS: Orochi, preparing to destroy the paralyzed serpent once and for all. "Celestial--"

    "CHAOS SWELL!" Typhon roared, suddenly coming to life again and opening his gigantic maw. Before Perun could recoil, a wall of dark power swallowed him. The pillar sent him flying, engulfing him in its grip as Perun was hurled back. The ancient god of storms felt his back collide with a stone wall, then another, then two more, and then one final one. His airborne state finally ended when he slammed into a couch within a house with enough force to flip the burnt piece of furniture onto its back.

    Perun groggily reached for the ZERO-ARMS which lay on the floor underneath one of the upturned couch cushions. He then somersaulted backwards and landed on a knee before standing to his feet. The Susanoomon looked through the Perun-shaped hole in the wall and saw four circular holes in the walls of the adjacent houses from Typhon's blast, which had disappated before reaching the third house in the row. The house closest to Typhon then collapsed while the ChaosGigaSeadramon slowly lifted himself from the ground.

    "Chaotic Cataclysm!" Typhon snarled, rearing down to allow a massive salvo of missiles to launch from the ports on his back. Perun staggered over to the wall to look through the Susanoomon-like hole and grunted upon seeing a hail of ordnance raining down towards him.

    The Susanoomon lunged upwards, shifting his massive sword to his left hand and clenching the fist on his right. "Flash Punch!" Perun delivered a mighty uppercut to the ceiling, sending a burst of light exploding out the roof of the house as he followed the stone shrapnel. The missiles seemed to grab for Perun's feet while he ascended before they dove down towards the house he was in. The stone structure was completely obliterated from the inside out. The wave of heat pushed the Susanoomon higher and he was pelted by countless pebbles which were the only remaining legacy of the living quarters.

    Typhon plowed over the other house as he angrily rushed towards Perun. The ancient warrior positioned himself in the air to face the charging serpent. He calmly raised his two arms, with the ZERO-ARMS: Orochi still in hand, over his head towards the sky. "Heaven's Thunder!" he called, his voice echoing into the sky.

    Fifteen bolts of lightning ripped from the firmament and pierced down onto Typhon and the surrounding area, ripping up a few ruins as they did. The ChaosGigaSeadramon howled in torment as the electricity stabbed into him and pulsated through his body, tearing at his muscles.

    "Now to end this," Perun said. "Celestial Blade!" A beam of bladed, coursing energy ripped from the end of the ZERO-ARMS: Orochi and pierced the cloud overhead. With a roar of intensity and struggle, Perun swung the massive light blade down with all of his might towards the stunned chaos leviathan. Typhon twitched and gazed up to see the sword of judgement coming down to end him.

    With a roar of struggle he fought against the stunning electricity and wrenched himself to the side. The ZERO-ARMS beam sliced down the side of his face, lopping off two of the black, metal, plated outcroppings on Typhon's cheek as they melted the digizoid. The surging beam blade slowly grazed the ChaosGigaSeadramon's face, dragging down the cheek and abrading a vent on Typhon's face. The vent was disturbed by the powerful blast, causing it to detonate in a an explosion that made the ChaosGigaSeadramon's head snap to the side.

    The hard-to-control sword then continued desending, missing the rest of Typhon as his body was shifted by the explosion, before the ZERO-ARMS' beam implanted into the ground. The chaos serpent took this opportunity to push himself forwards, pass the restraints the electricity held at him. He reared up and lunged into the air towards Perun, who was hastily attempting to retract his lengthy beam blade. Typhon caught him in his jaws in mid air and landed on the ground.

    Perun grimaced and strained to place his feet between the teeth on Typhon's lower jaw. He used his right arm to attempt to hold up Typhon's upper jaw, which threatened to clamp down and crush him. The Susanoomon grimaced and felt his muscles protesting at the sheer power of the ChaosGigaSeadramon. The right side of the leviathan digimon's face was scorched black and coated with blood and metal shrapnel from the explosion and the loss of his two metal plates.

    Typhon smirked as he started to get the edge over Perun, feeling his might of his jaws begin to dominate the resistance of the Ancient. Perun's form was lit up by white tendrils that coated a black beam that began to build up in Typhon's throat cannon. Perun's eyes widened and he swung around his left arm that held the ZERO-ARMS: Orochi.

    "Celestial Blade!"

    The giant beam of light burst from the sword just as Typhon released his Chaos Swell over Perun. An explosion ripped through the ChaosGigaSeadramon's maw, throwing Perun far back into the ruins of a half-destroyed watch tower. The maelstrom of the two amalgomated attacks erupted in the inside of Typhon's mouth with enough pressure to shatter two and half of his giant metal teeth, while the blast burned the interior of his maw.

    The Chaos Lord screamed a throaty roar and smoke billowed out of his mouth. In a furious state, he glared at Perun, who was embedded in the side of the ruined tower. "CHAOS SWELL!" he bellowed. A raging beam of chaos ripped from his ravaged mouth and slammed into Perun as the Susanoomon was preparing to pull himself out. The Ancient let out a cry of pain as the power burned against his armour and kept him pinned against the tower without destroying it since Typhon concentrated the beam enough.

    Fractures appeared in the stone behind Perun's form as the attack crushed him. Typhon wasn't done yet however. "Chaotic Cataclysm! The ports on his back opened once again and a swarm of missiles burst into the air. The projectiles shot towards the pinned Susanoomon, whistling in a grim melodiousness.

    Kheprius, in his GrandisKuwagamon form, punched a hole through his stony prison and poked his head and arms out of the large pile of rubble. He looked in the direction of the whistling ordnance and saw Typhon blasting an unfamiliar figure with a continuous beam.

    "Who the hell is that?" he muttered, narrowing his eye to focus on the digimon. "...Is that...?"

    The missiles slammed into the guard tower and erupted within it, creating a symphony of explosions. The fire engulfed Perun's form and the Chaos Swell attack caused him to burst through the obliterated tower and slam into the ground where the beam continued to pin him down and crush his armour.

    "Yo, shark-bait!" a voice called from beside Typhon's face. The ChaosGigaSeadramon glanced out of the corner of his right eye and saw a GrandisKuwagamon floating beside him, giving the Chaos Lord a 'friendly' wave. "I've got you hook, line and sinker!" Kheprius then drove his two Gran Killers deep into the exposed, burnt side of the serpent's face, raking them across his bloodied cheek. Blood leaked from the savage wounds and Typhon roared in pain, rearing his head back to face the sky.

    Perun suddenly felt the immense pressure cease as the beam changed its trajectory towards the sky abruptly. The confused Susanoomon stood up and looked around. He spotted Kheprius sinking his pincers into Typhon's cheek, snap them shut, and yank out flesh in a gruesome display. The ChaosGigaSeadramon let out an agonized snarl and slammed his head into the GrandisKuwagamon, throwing him through the air.

    Kheprius righted himself and glanced over to Perun, who gave the bug a nod of thanks. The Susanoomon ached all over from Typhon's aggressive and powerful attacks, but he held his head high once again. He narrowed his red and blue eyes, observing Typhon who had his head reared up towards the sky in pain from Kheprius' assault.

    "Behold... Heaven's Thunder!" he yelled, extending his open-palmed right hand towards the sky before closing his fingers into a clenched fist.

    Lightning ripped from his storm cloud in a cannonade of charged pillars. The bolts of lightning speared through the air, down towards Typhon, collecting in the air to become a massive column descending from the firmament. It lanced into Typhon's open mouth, driving the electricity down his throat and ripping through his insides. The Chaos Lord attempted to give a garbled roar of torment, but it came out muffled and barely comprehensible.

    Every turret on Typhon's back snapped open and fired a desperate barrage of missiles every which way into the air.

    "Yakusa-no-Ikadzuchi!" Perun bellowed. Eight draconic pillars ripped from the same storm that unleashed the lightning. The electric-bodied dragons split off in seperate directions, soaring across the dark sky. The draconic beings coursed through the flying munitions that showered down in front of the sky. They swept through the majority of the missiles, causing a multitude of explosions to detonate overhead.

    Dark fire burst throughout the air, the explosions causing undetonated missiles to rupture and blow up. Kheprius landed on the ground and crossed his arms in front of him to brace from the wave of heat that swept across the portion of the ruins of Avalon that surrounded them.

    Typhon growled in rage and desperation. "Chaos Swell!" the giant serpent bellowed. An enormous blast of chaos ripped forward towards the Susanoomon.

    Perun narrowed his eyes and swung around the ZERO-ARMS: Orochi that lay idle in his left hand. He grabbed the other handle in his right and brought it high over his head with effort. The god of storms and wind stared calmly at the oncoming mass of beam energy.

    He raised the cross-adorned aiming sight on the top of the ZERO-ARMS: Orochi. The metal visor on his head then lowered in front of his crimson and azure eyes. It fast approached and a far-reaching, huge beam blade jutted outwards from the tip of the ZERO-ARMS and extended far outwards above the Chaos Swell.

    With a roar, Perun dragged the blade downwards as the chaotic beam surged towards him. The Celestial Blade cut straight down the middle of the rushing beam, causing the Chaos Swell to be divided and branch off in seperate directions away from Perun. As the beam blade parted the attack, Perun also thrust it further downwards with all of his might. The edge of the energy weapons sliced down the end of Typhon's face, causing his head to be pushed downwards and the beam to slash down the end of his metal snout.

    Perun then snarled with effort and yanked the blade to the side as he rushed towards Typhon. He swung the sword to the left, bringing it up in a circular motion before swinging it down towards the Chaos Lord once again. Typhon roared and raced towards him. Perun grunted and pulled the Celestial Blade downwards grazing the side of the charging Typhon. The Susanoomon pushed further and the beam blade collided with Typhon's right flipper. The beam held against it for a few moments before slowly cutting into it.

    The holy blade sped up phenominally when it cut all the way through the flipper, causing the appendage to fall to the ground. Typhon yelled in pain as he watched his flipper hit the scorched earth. Perun sneered and yanked the sword to his left. The blade slowly slashed across Typhon's chest, smelting the armour and ripping through to his core, stopping the ChaosGigaSeadramon in his tracks.

    Perun then lunged upwards with and cut the ZERO-ARMS: Orochi down Typhon's other side, flaying the edge of the chaos lord's left side before engulfing the other flipper in a thick blade of energy. An unequaled roar echoed into the skies as Typhon's other flipper melted and disintigrated within the beam of the ZERO-ARMS.

    Literally disarmed, Typhon flailed his tail about wildly in a last ditch effort to hit Perun and try to gain a sort of advantage over him. The Susanoomon easily evaded the clumsy swings and swung around the massive weapon he led once again. The serpent's tail descended upon him from the air, but Perun sliced up the side of the tail with his beam weapon.

    "It's all over for you, Mister Chaos Lord!" Kheprius taunted from the sidelines, not wanting to get in the way of Perun's brutal attack. "You think you can devastate an entire city without suffering the consequences?! I guess it doesn't matter how old and feared you are; if you don't have the power to back it up, then it means nothing! You're nothing but an overgrown ancient eel if you can't stand up to a guy in a fancy suit of armour!"

    Typhon could hardly hear the insults over the sound of his own roars, however. Blood gushed from his wounds and he writhed and flailed his body in his upright position. Perun flew in the air in front of the Chaos Lord and levelled the ZERO-ARMS: Orochi with him, preparing the killing blow.

    "This is your end... your requiem, being of chaos," Perun said lowly.

    He fingered the dual triggers on the handles of the ZERO-ARMS: Orochi, which his hands firmly gripped. The Susanoomon looked forwards, staring at the hunched over, pathetic-looking ChaosGigaSeadramon who bled immensely form his wounds. His fingers hovered over the triggers.

    "Return to the void that you know so well," he said. He then tensed his fingers and pressed against the triggers.

    ...But the ZERO-ARMS: Orochi didn't fire...

    Perun looked down in surprise and saw his index fingers upon the triggers, but they didn't press hard enough to shoot the beam blade. The fingers seemed to tremble in struggle as he tried to force himself to fire.

    "What is going on?" he wondered in irritation. "Why can I not bring myself to fire. I want this being of chaos destroyed."

    Then he realized what... no... who was preventing him.

    "...Tyr..." he thought. "He will not even kill this despicable monster. Despite the numerous digimon Typhon has killed... His will is so strong that the other three parts of me who also want this thing dead can't overpower his desire... Tyr, do you not know--"

    "CHAOS SWELL" Typhon roared in fury, taking advantage of Perun's distraction and inhibition.

    The beam that ripped from his blood-soaked mouth was twice the power, twice the speed, and twice the size and dispersal of his other Chaos Swells in a desperate last stand from Chaos Lord.

    Perun looked up, his eyes widening. Even as the beam only began to leave his mouth, the Susanoomon could feel its sheer power. He knew that if this hit him, he could very well die, even despite his previous beating of Typhon.

    "Get out of there!" Kheprius yelled from the ground, having to brace himself even from down there.

    Perun, however, knew that he couldn't escape. The attack was so fast, wide and powerful that he couldn't dodge it or fight against it with his Celestial Blade. He stood steadfast, knowing that this could very well be the end.

    As he began to brace is arms across his chest, his form suddenly became engulfed in light, much to his own surprise.

    "Fenrir!" a voice shouted.

    An orb of light surrounded Perun and from within the bright sphere quickly came Tiwaz. Fenrir floated in the air behind him, looking perplexed. "Sorry about this," Tiwaz quickly said before swinging around and slamming his tail into Fenrir's side.

    The AncientGarurumon slammed into the ground near Khep. Having gotten Fenrir out of the way of the attack, Tiwaz turned around to see the beam ripping towards him.

    He glared. "Tyr!" the AncientGreymon yelled, becoming engulfed in light himself.

    "Tiwaz!" he shouted in response, appearing from the light in his VictoryGreymon form.

    "Victory Charge!" he roared, hastily taking his Dramon Breaker sword in his left hand and raising it in front of him, pushing his right palm against the side of the blade.

    Tyr let out a cry as the attack slammed into his blade and parted around it so that the blast split into a 'V' around him. His arms were pulled backwards but he barely managed to hold firm. His muscles flexed to the extent of their ability as he desperately pushed against the overwhelming beam. The heat from the attack burned at his skin and caused him to sweat from its intensity, but he refused to give in.

    After several more moments, which seemed like an hour to Tyr, the beam finally disappated and the VictoryGreymon's body slackened. Typhon narrowed his eyes, hoping to see his enemy's data particles after the attack and nothing more.

    The ChaosGigaSeadramon's eyes widened upon seeing Tyr still standing and none the worse for wear. Tyr landed on the ground for a quick breather, still holding the Dramon Breaker tight in his left hand, as Khep's training urged him to do.

    Typhon let out a furious snarl, frustrated that he couldn't kill Tyr and that he was able to block his strongest attack, though the Chaos Lord was in a weakened state. His eyes were then drawn to Fenrir and Kheprius, who were on the ground. If he couldn't get Tyr, he figured he could at least the those two before he died.

    "CHAOS SWELL!" he roared, unleashing another, slightly smaller beam from his blood-soaked maw. The beam ripped towards the two digimon.

    Tyr saw that the attack wasn't aimed for him, so he turned his head to look at its target. The emerald eyes widened upon seeing Fenrir and Kheprius on the intended recieving end of the blast.

    "NO!" he shouted as he tore across the ground towards. He stopped in front of them and then bounded off the ground with every ounce of strength, flying up to meet the attack in mid air. "VICTORY CHARGE!" he roared with determination.

    Tyr angled the Dramon Breaker upwards in front of him, but the angle was prepared hastily. As the intense beam slammed into the sword, it rebounded off the metal diagonally behind him. The VictoryGreymon roared in agony as his hand was caught in the deflected blast and subsequently vapourized by the power.

    "Tyr!" Kheprius yelled in horror.

    The attack faded and Tyr doubled over, clutching his handless arm that bled profusely onto his chest. The blood poured down his chest armour and he slowly raised his head, grimacing, to look up at Typhon.

    "Chaotic Cataclysm!" Typhon weakly shouted. A barrage of missiles burst from his back and arced in the air to fly towards the VictoryGreymon. The ordnance whistled, growing louder and higher as they descended upon the VictoryGreymon.

    "Tyr! Get out of there!" Khep shouted. "Revert to your Ultimate before its permanent!"

    Tyr flew backwards in the air. Typhon watched as the thirty missiles converged on the same place in front of the dragon-man, where they detonated. The ChaosGigaSeadramon almost smirked, as he watched the form of the VictoryGreymon seemed to be enveloped and completely destroyed by his attack.

    His eyes widened when Tyr burst through the flames, untouched by the attack thanks to his quick withdrawel. Tyr charged Typhon, his Dramon Breaker clenched in his left hand and his right arm still trickling blood.

    "Chaos Swell!" The horribly wounded Chaos Lord hastily fired off a quick beam blast towards Tyr, hoping to hit him. The dragon-man merely corkscrewed in the air, shooting to the side to have the laser harmlessly pass by him.

    Tyr positioned his Dramon Breaker so that he held it high, in an overhand stance. With a roar, Tyr hurled the giant sword towards Typhon like a javelin. The Dramon Breaker pierced deep into the end of the serpent's snout, just above his mouth.

    Tyr approached him quickly as Typhon howled in pain and writhed his head to the side, trying to shake the sword out. The VictoryGreymon flew in front of his face and grasped the sword, holding Typhon's head in place and placing his remaining hand firmly on the hilt. The Chaos Lord then looked into Tyr's eyes, whose gaze softened upon returning the glance.

    His grip tightened and loosened insecurely. "Is... is this what a true hero would do?" he thought to himself, loosening his grasp on the sword.

    "Killing only brings sadness and hate... How can I possibly do this?" he thought, closing his eyes. "I can't kill anybody... I can't do that... Not me. I promised. I promised I wouldn't..."


    “I…I’m going to keep everyone safe no matter what…right Tyr?” Dunk asked him. The VictoryGreymon felt worse as he saw his friend's tears drop to the ground. Tyr moved over and sat next to the Cerberumon. He nodded and put his arm comfortingly around Dunk, proceeding to look at the ground as well.

    "I am... If you want to too, then I'll be right beside you every step of the way," he said quietly. "I'm not going to let anybody else die. Not you, not my other friends, not anybody. That's a promise, Dunk. We'll keep them all safe together..."


    Still haven't killed anyone, right, Tyr?" Ulik asked.

    "Of course I haven't," Tyr replied, almost insulted.

    Dhazbog cast a look up to the BlackWarGreymon, who returned the glance. "Tyr, we've all had to at some point. Me, Ulik, Sigurd and Gunnar all have. It wasn't pleasant at all, but we had to..."

    "No one ever has to kill anybody," Tyr responded, his tone darkening a bit.

    "It's not that simple, Tyr," Dhazbog tried to explain.

    "I've managed to not kill a single person and I've been in the military for as long as you guys have. We all signed up together! Now can we please talk about something else?"


    "To stop me... you're going to have to kill me!" Agent Grath shouted as he raised his right fist and drove it towards Tyr in their heated battle.


    "I’ll do what I have to do to make sure that my friends are safe..." Tyr's words echoed.


    Tyr doubled over and released his grip on his sword to clutch his pounding head with his left hand. "I... I don't know what to do..." he whimpered.

    "I can't kill him... but if I don't... what if he...?"

    "You have to, Tyr!" Tiwaz barked. "Do it! Kill him now! He'll kill us!"

    "No!" Tyr yelled.

    "Do it! That's an order!" Tiwaz shouted "If you don't, I will!"

    "Tyr!" Kheprius shouted from down below. "What are you doing?! Now's your chance! Kill him!"

    Tyr weakly shook his head, tears forming in the corners of his eyes. "No..."

    Typhon smirked. Tyr was right where he wanted him. Energy began to build up in his throat cannon as he opened his mouth wide.

    The VictoryGreymon looked into his mouth and saw the power beginning to build. He quickly took hold of the Dramon Breaker. "No! Please!" he begged.

    The ChaosGigaSeadramon didn't care what Tyr had to say. The power began to reach his apex.

    Tyr's eyes widened. "Don't do it!" he pleaded.

    The power brimmed at the end of the cannon.

    "NO!" Tyr yelled

    Tiwaz roared. "TYR!"

    The power began to break loose.

    Typhon bellowed, "CHAOS-


    Tyr ripped the Dramon Breaker downwards, hacking it through the roof of Typhon's mouth and aiming into his throat cannon. The VictoryGreymon unleashed a primal, agonized roar as he fired an immense beam of power that ripped from the three tips of the sword and slammed into Typhon's own beam. The attacks exploded and the beams ripped through Typhon's head. The power propelled out of the Chaos Lord's eyes and shot behind him to meet the massive beam that continuously ripped out of the back of the ChaosGigaSeadramon's head.

    The beam continued flowing through Typhon's body, coursing through his insides. Then an explosion echoed inside of him. The attack hit one of the missiles in his gun ports, blowing it up. The explosion then started a chain reaction, causing every missile inside of him to detonate at once. He let out a final roar as the explosion ripped him from the inside out, exploding his body to the end of his tail. His whole body was obliterated asunder from the explosions.

    Tyr was pounded into the ground by the blasts. He lay on his back, staring up at the sky where Typhon's data cascaded through the air.

    A tear rolled down his dirt-covered face. "What... What have I done?" he whispered, mortified, before his form was engulfed in light.

    Tiwaz's AncientGreymon form emerged and sighed. He looked down to his right forearm and saw his foot still intact. "It wasn't too late... Good..." he muttered before limping towards Fenrir and Kheprius.

    Kheprius sighed in relief and walked towards him. "Close call..." he said. "Now... can you guys please do the thing again where you two become the guy with the huge sword?"

    "...Why?" Tiwaz asked.

    "That..." he said, pointing to the towering UltimateChaosmon in Avalon.
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    As Mordred weakly rose with a howl of agonized rage, Guinier moved once again, a cobalt blur that stuck thrice in a flash, tearing a blade across his shoulder through his armor's joint, stabbing the second blade into his midriff and finally decking him with a roundhouse kick to the face, the Chaos Lord howling fury at her as his wings burned with energy.

    "Chaos Eclipse!" Energy speared towards her, but she evaded in another blur of cobalt, the chaotic forces cracking the sky in their passage. "Ebon Dusk!" As she reappeared, Mordred hurled the Daedalus like a mythical deity tossing a thunderbolt, the spear ripping towards her in a blaze of chaos, but she struck it aside with an Ulforce Saber as she raised a hand towards him.

    "Ray of Victory!" Power lanced from her fingertips and ripped into him, shattering through his chest-plate and stabbing into his core, tearing a howl of demonic pain and bloodlust from him as he was hurled to the ground and consumed by the power of potential. The UlforceVeedramon Future Mode spread her wings wide and shot towards him as he stood with another roar, only to be speared on her blades.

    "Vermin!" the knight howled, hurling her aside with a rage-augmented blow of his chaos-lit fist, before raising the Damocles. "Insolent worm!" He swung the burning sword, only to be stopped when she parried with one blade and stabbed his shin with the other, making him roar in pain before she lunged and thrust her saber into his wrist. With another terrible howl, he released the Damocles, which Guinier slashed aside with her Ulforce Saber before leaping and lunging in one motion, sending both her blades stabbing into his chest, piercing his core.

    They stood for a moment in absolute silence as Mordred's eyes widened in shock, gazing down at the twin blades impaled through his core as Guinier's clenched fists began to glow with a fierce, brilliant radiance that blinded him as her hands shone white-hot with her power.

    "Ray... of," she spoke softly, "VICTORY!" Her power screamed into his bloody chest, piercing data layers and stabbing into his burning, hellish core, red overwhelmed by cold blue as the future annihilated the burning chaos void within Mordred, tearing through his form, which was fractured by lines of azure and cobalt. The light speared from him and lit the heavens with its glory as the Chaos Lord exploded in a burning blaze of chaos and data, hurling Guinier aside violently. She crashed down as the remnants of Mordred fell apart into data, which glowed like fireflies before finally winking out of existence.

    The UlforceVeedramon Future Mode stood once more, gasping for breath for a moment before turning to Pyra, who looked just as battered and weakened by the fight.

    Turning her gaze to the ruins, Guinier took in the battles. Typhon was gone, killed by his opponents, while the other Chaos Lords were still locked in grim war against the Peacemakers, all of them bar Yam Lotan having seemingly taken more advanced forms to combat their opponents. The Mikaboshi itself was battling several opponents who she couldn't see clearly, but given the lightning Thor had arrived, and the flames that attacked the titanic form of the UltimateKhaosmon were probably Bedivere's Black Sword-empowered attacks, while Kole's tremendous Apocalymon form, while dwarfed by the Mikaboshi, was clearly visible also as was Sha's Leviamon form.

    As almighty attacks from Thor and the burning sun-like being she assumed was Bedivere struck the Mikaboshi, it retaliated in a voice that cracked the sky, clearly audible even from the distance she and Pyra were from the creature.

    "Thus comes the end; void of all things and being; the Ultima Burst." Burning power streaked from its form, visible even to the two mode-changed dragonesses from their viewpoint some distance away, and struck the white thunder-god and his fiery red-and-gold counterpart, consuming them in wrath and chaos. Likewise, Sha and Kole were knocked down, crushed by its tremendous arms as it spoke again, "Now is the terror; the expansive eternity; the Broken Destroy."

    "They need us!" Guinier called to Pyra, taking flight and streaking towards the towering Mikaboshi as the storm raged overhead...


    Bedivere took a moment to evaluate, glad for the brief respite Svarog's arrival and added power brought. The fiery god had evolved to a new level, which he had seemingly dubbed the 'Firebird Mode', though in truth it was more angelic than anything else, with crimson-feathered wings of pure flame. He and Thor attacked the Mikaboshi at full force. with attacks of divine power, surging lightning and raging flame that speared the creature's Digi-Cores and made it howl rage as the lightning ripped into one eye-like core and flame seared into the other.

    It counterattacked at full force, unleashing its Ultima Burst, which consumed the two gods in its force, while its Broken Destroy struck into Sha and Kole, crushing them with the monster's immense arms.

    "No!" Bedivere roared, taking flight as his fiery golden wings spread. Spinning the Black Sword in his grip to focus its power, he gripped it in both hands as he raised it, the blade's power burning around it. "Ouryuken!"

    With an almighty sound like a million thunderclaps, the attack struck the Mikaboshi's chaos, sending power tearing across the heavens as the powers collided, a white-hot spark burning at the very point of impact. The Ultima Burst shattered apart, split into fragments and then atoms by Bedivere's more focused strike.

    The chaos avatar turned its baleful gaze to Bedivere, withdrawing its arms to its side. As the Slayerdramon stood beside Thor and Svarog, he felt the latter's burning aura wrap around him, driving off weariness and restoring his strength. He gave a roar of power and pride towards their foe, as the Mikaboshi regarded the trio with the emptiness of its chaotic void, the world it desired...
  15. Hotshot

    Hotshot Don't ask questions.

    To Gigas' dismay, Tiamat didn't follow his previous suggestion of "staying down." In fact, she rose with a vengeance. With a savage roar, the Chaosdramon X hurled herself into the massive insect, throwing Gigas backwards. The HerculesKabuterimon X stumbled back a few steps, but soon regained his balance and readied himself for another of Tiamat's enraged attacks.

    And it came soon enough. Tiamat thundered at Gigas, who halted her claws with his own. The hulking bug was carried backwards by Tiamat's momentum, and had to dig his feet into the ground to finally come to a stop. The two Digimon stood there for a moment, locked in a stalemate. But Tiamat wore a wild grin. Dark, chaotic energy formed in her cannons, aimed directly at Gigas at point-blank.

    But Gigas wasn't going to go down so easily. He lifted Tiamat's huge claws in front of her cannons, so that she now had a choice. She could either hold off the attack, or she could strike him, but lose her arms in the process. She chose the latter. "HYPER INFINITY CANNON!"

    The blast exploded upon them both, slinging them backwards. The power of the attack at point-blank threw Gigas backwards in a cloud of smoke. As his body was sent skidding thirty yards away, it tore up the ground, leaving a trail of smoke, dust, and debris in his wake. When he finally rolled to a stop, his body crackled with energy from the attack, and he lay in a pool of his own blood.

    Across from him stood Tiamat, who had lost both her forearms in the blast, leaving only crackling, mechanical stubs in their place. Several places on her armor were singed black, and she was breathing heavily. Never before had she been faced with an opponent with this much physical power at his disposal.

    The Chaosdramon X watched as Gigas lay on the ground, confident that he was finally beaten. Then, just as she was about to turn to finish off the others, Gigas rose. His entire body shone with electrical energy, and a cloak of lightning covered his massive form.

    With a rumbling akin to thunder, Gigas rocketed in Tiamat's direction. "HORN BUSTER KAI!!!"

    The HerculesKabuterimon drove his horns into Tiamat's torso, skewering her and destroying her insides with lightning. The Chaosdramon X let out a pained snarl and then a gargled moan. Her eyes went blank, and she fell to the ground, dead.

    Gigas dropped to one knee, chuckling. "Hohoho...got her. I got her pretty good."


    Nocchi grinned weakly, clutching his wound with one hand. Snickering wheezily, the Puppetmon said, "Nyeheh. Yeah, an' I don't think we've got time to come up with another plan right here." Nocchi glanced up at Galic, and then at Ophion, who had readied his weapons and was preparing to take off. "But I've got a scheme, an' if it works, we'll win for sure. We'll use Dark Tristan's speed against 'im...just follow my lead."

    Cringing, the Puppetmon readied his hammer. "Nyahahaha! Now, let's get it on!"


    Sha rose from the ocean of crimson that enveloped him. It seemed much, much bigger than before. But that wasn't so. He was merely much, much smaller. Having been reduced to a mere Shawjamon, lying broken in his own blood, Sha was no longer much help in the fight. But still, he persisted. Rising slowly from his blood pool, Sha let a pained hiss escape his lips.

    His body had been torn, shredded, and snapped. A dozen bones in his body were broken, hindering him from even standing. But pure willpower won over the pain, and he finally succeeded in rising. Clenching his fists, letting the blood flow from his knuckles and fingers, the Shawjamon growled, "Don't forget about me."

    Sha glared up at the Mikaboshi, who had disregarded the fallen demon to contend with Bedivere, Thor, and the returned Svarog. Enraged, but terribly wounded, Sha snarled, "Don't you dare forget about me, Mika-Mika. I'm a demon, an angel, and a god. You can't afford to underestimate me."

    Stepping forward defiantly, Sha exclaimed, "Don't underestimate me! I am Sha Wujing!"
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  16. PeeGee

    PeeGee ROAWR!

    Pain burst through Kole's body as A-M's attack hit him. He let out a groan and felt his body shrink. Soon the Apocalymon had turned back into Piedmon.

    Why did you de digivolve?

    "I must have been hit a little too hard," muttered Kole, teleporting himself away from A-M. "There is no way that I can take on that monster now."

    Then what about that black and white version of you?

    Kole turned his head and saw Yam Lotan, who had been fighting Duo and Trowa.

    "That could be fun. Let's see him take on some pure Piedmon power."

    Isn't he an upgraded version of you?

    "Shut up," growled Kole before getting Yam Lotan's attention. "Hey, Mr Depressed!"

    The ChaosPiedmon turned his head towards Kole, and smiled at the harlequin. He flicked his wrist, and Kole found himself dragged towards Yam Lotan, the ChaosPiedmon's swords ominously floating. Kole splayed his hands, and started to push against Yam Lotan with his own telekinesis. As Kole continued to push, he didn't notice two swords start to float up into the air.

    You might want to move

    Looking up, Kole saw two swords zooming towards him. Narrowing his eyes, the Piedmon motioned with his head and two of his own swords flew to Yam Lotan's. As his swords kept the other ones bust, Kole began to focus his attention back on his opponent. However, the effort was futile, Yam Lotan's pull was too strong and he soon found himself right in front of the black and white harlequin.

    "You are an inferior version of me," the ChaosPiedmon sneered. "What made you think that you could possibly defeat me?"

    "This!" yelled Kole, swinging his fists up.

    The attack caught Yam Lotan off guard, and sent him stumbling backwards, freeing Kole from his telekinesis. Taking advantage of the digimon's momentary surprise, Kole splayed his right hand and fired a beam of energy at Yam Lotan. The ChaosPiedmon deflected the attack and clicked his fingers. His two swords flew back to him, and joined the other two, Kole doing the same.

    "You up for a little spar?" asked Yam Lotan, "I'm sure it will be a hoot."

    Be careful, and don't let your body get destroyed.

    "Why not," answered Kole, "Trump Sword!"

    The eight swords sprung into life, each trying at get a swipe at the enemy only to get blocked by another blade. Seeing the stalemate, Kole grabbed two swords and charged at Yam Lotan.

    "It's digimon like you that bring disgrace to the virus community!" yelled Kole, lunging at his opponent.

    Says that guy that turns into Apocalymon

    Ignoring the voice, Kole lunged again, but he was parried by two of Yam Lotan's swords. The ChaosPiedmon lazily gave a way of his hand and Kole was sent flying backwards.

    "I told you," started the Chaos Lord, "You are inferior, and therefore you can't beat me!"

    Kole let out a growl and threw his hand out at Yam Lotan. The ChaosPiedmon was flung into the ground, a surprised look on his face. He picked himself up and glared at Kole.

    "Is that how you wish to play?"

    He flung both his hands out and Kole felt his limbs seize up. Yam Lotan slowly began to clench his hands, and as he did so, Kole felt pressure start to build up on his limbs. He started to moan in pain, an action that brought a smile to Yam Lotan's face.

    "What's wrong?" asked Yam Lotan, "Is the pressure getting to you."


    "God, that was awful," complained Kole. "And here's what I think about your damn puns!"

    Despite the immense pressure, the Piedmon started to move his arms, the pain excruciating. Kole gave a little wave of his hand and there was a loud crack. Yam Lotan let out a cry of pain as one of his arms bent backwards at an unnatural angle.

    "If Amatsu Mikaboshi wasn't able to kill me, what makes you think that you have a chance?" gloated Kole.

    "Because I know for a fact that you were weakened by the Mikaboshi's attacks, and I am better than you," replied Yam Lotan, his arm hanging limply from his body. "Clown Trick!"
  17. Kamotz

    Kamotz God of Monsters

    Zahhak tore forward with a howl and Michael rushed to meet his charge. He locked his hands with the Chaos Lord's clawed gauntlets and held the dragon shock-trooper in place. Between him and Samael, Michael's Seraphimon form was the stronger of the two, and could most easily match Zahhak in a contest of physical strength. Even so, Zahhak was monstrously powerful and was not to be underestimated. He powered through Michael's attempt to contain him and tossed the mighty archangel to the ground without so much as batting an eye.

    "Darkness Claw!" Samael snarled, ripping his razor-sharp claws across Zahhak's front. In his X-Evolved form he was certainly faster than the Chaos Lord and would use that to his advantage. Zahhak was more well-armored, however, and Samael's claws did very little to his thick plate, and while Zahhak's exposed flesh seemed eager to have Samael tear it to shreds, the wounds caused were only superficial; all of Zahhak's vitals, it seemed, were well protected behind his armor.

    "Terra-Chaos Destroyer!" Zahhak growled, blasting Samael with a vicious burst of red-hot energy. The fallen angel tumbled through the air and slammed into the ground. Though he was quick to pick himself up, Zahhak was more tenacious than he had predicted. The Chaos Lord was already upon him, his claws drawn back and murder in his eyes.

    "Hallowed Knuckle!" Michael called out, ripping forward; his fist burst with holy energies and he thrust it forward into Zahhak. But the Chaos Lord quickly spun around and blocked the strike with his large gauntlets. The shockwave of holy power rolled through his body and exploded out behind him, but he was relatively unscathed. Zahhak let out a roar as his body erupted with burning energies and forced the two Peacemakers back.

    "How do we stop this ***-hat?" Samael snarled. "No matter how many times we hit him, he keeps coming back for more!"

    "No," Michael said, as the battle played out in his mind. "Not always. When we struck him together before, we forced him into this form. He would have been destroyed otherwise."

    "You think he's gonna let us stab him in the back again?" Samael hissed in annoyance. "I thought you were smarter than that."

    "It is not the manner in which we attacked that struck him down," said Michael. "It was the source of our power: holy and unholy, a union of opposites."

    "That seems...way too simple," Samael said.

    "Nothing is as it seems," Michael said cryptically. "That is the essence of Chaos. It defies logic and reason. The simple becomes complex, the complex becomes simple."

    "Okay, so now all we gotta do is get him to stand still while you and I charge up the big guns," Samael hissed sarcastically. "I'm sure he'll let us do that--hold on."

    Zahhak surged forward, trailing distortion behind him, and Samael rushed to meet him. The demonic clashed with the chaotic as the Fallen One fought to overcome the self-proclaimed third Chaos Lord. Zahhak's claws raked across Samael's chest, but he fought back with equal tenacity, tearing through the cybernetic armor of the Chaos Lord with his black-bladed weapons.

    "Hades-Chaos Force!" Zahhak howled, his hands and body exploded black energy that swept over Samael and crushed him to the ground. Even Michael could not escape the blast's radius and was swallowed whole.

    "Gah, this isn't working," Samael growled. "Can we please find a better way?"

    "If you have a better plan I'd love to hear it," Michael winced.

    "You're the freakin' fancy-pants general!"

    "You're the impeccable killer!"

    "Then why can't I kill this thing!?"

    Zahhak let out a roar and tore forward, slashing wildly with his claws. Samael reacted quickly; blocking the single-strike with both black-bladed scimitars and wedging the blades between Zahhak's three claws. The Chaos Lord struggled with Samael for a moment before deciding that the better tactic was to simply skewer him with his other gauntlet.

    Luckily for Samael, however, Michael intervened. He slashed the materialized Excalibur against Zahhak's gauntlet, knocking him loose from Samael but also knocking him back and off balance. A burst of holy energies flooded from Michael's closed fist and drove Zahhak to the ground. Michael leapt at the opportunity now presented; he stood over Zahhak with his sword pointed downward, he raised the holy blade, and with a mighty cry he drove it down.

    But Zahhak trapped the blade between the claws of his two gauntlets just as it was millimeters from piercing through his throat. A snarl accompanied a burst of black-coated power, and Michael was hurled through the air. He landed in a heap, with black smoke wafting off his armor. Zahhak began stalking towards him.

    "Samael," Michael coughed, almost begging for the fallen angel to intervene. "Where are you?"

    "Here!" Samael shouted. "Corona Destroyer!" A bolt of pure demonic power ripped towards Zahhak, but the Chaos Lord reacted just in time and raised on of his large gauntlets to shield himself and hold off the blast.

    "Hallowed Ascension!" Michael cried out desperately, improvising on Samael's actions. He remembered how their opposing powers had nearly killed Zahhak before and hoped to repeat the event. Once more, however, Zahhak was prepared; and he raised his other gauntlet to block Michael's attack before it struck. With attacks pushing at him from either side, Zahhak was forced immobile.

    "He can't hold it forever," Samael smirked, sliding back into his X-Evolved form. "Let's get him. You take the front, I'll take the back."

    Michael and Samael struck in tandem, moving around the Chaos Lord and charging forward together.

    "Black-Chaos Tornado!" Zakkah snarled. He spun wildly, deflecting the attacks around him and towards his two opponents. Samael's attack slammed into Michael while Michael's slammed into Samael. As the two crashed to the ground, Zahhak struck. He raked his terrible claws over Michael's form, ripping through his shining armor as if it were nothing more than a tin can. The archangel let out a cry of agony as he dropped to the ground.

    "Mikey!" Samael shouted, not bothering to hide his concern. He raced to aid his brother only for Zahhak to anticipate the move, spin around, and impale Samael on his claws. He drove them to the hilt.

    Samael struggled, trying desperately to pull himself from Zahhak's clawed gauntlet, but the Chaos Lord grabbed him and held him there. He wrenched upwards with his claws, sawing ever-closer to Samael's core. Samael's eyes were wide and wild; but not with thoughts of frenzied slaughter. The drive for survival shone through and he thrashed wildly against his impalement. His gasps and growls were strangled; choked on the blood dripping copiously from his mouth. And his pitiful sounds seemed to only give pleasure to Zahhak.

    A roar erupted, and the Chaos Lord swung his free hand to the side. It knocked the Excalibur from Michael's grasp and quickly wrapped around the archangel's throat. He let Samael slide from his claws and collapse to the ground in a bleeding, mewling heap.

    "I'll finish with you later," Zahhak sneered as he tightened his grip around Michael's throat. "We're going for a ride." With a laugh, Zahhak launched into the air--hauling Michael with him by his throat.

    "Michael," Samael coughed, clawing his way to his feet. He listened while Zahhak's laughter faded away as he flew out of sight. Anger welled up in the Fallen One's cut-to-ribbons chest; he was powerless to stop Zahhak; and--weakened as he was by the Mikaboshi--Michael wouldn't last much longer. "Gotta help him."

    But Samael could barely stand, much less fight. He would need to enter his Blast Mode to fly up and reach Michael, and it would only be torn to shreds. Even with all the outrageous close-combat abilities afforded by his X-Evolution, Zahhak had taken him apart. If only he had wings now...

    A sudden pain flared in his back and his entire body quaked with agonizing spasms. His eyes bled and hellfire poured from his mouth to lick at his skin. He felt his bones shift; breaking and unbreaking to accommodate some new power. A liquid metal seeped from his skin and wrapped itself around his hands and forearms; it quickly solidified, forming a tight, flexible sheath. Lightning and hellfire formed into black-and-red armor. And finally, with one great sceam, four red wings erupted from his back.

    "Now this," Samael said, breathing heavily, he could already feel the power of his new form mending his wounds. "This is more like it. Blast Mode X!" He turned his eyes to the sky. "Hang on, Mikey! I'm coming."

    Samael tore up through the air, propelled by a power he'd never known before. He reached Zahhak and Michael in seconds, and an instant later, he had wrenched Michael from Zahhak's grasp and hurled the Chaos Lord through the air. The liquid metal sheath around his right arm warped, forming his trusted positron cannon once again.

    "Corona Blaster!" Samael shouted, slamming Zahhak with a bolt of burning demonic power. "And don't you forget it."

    "You've combined the two powers?" Michael asked, impressed with Samael's ingenuity.

    "Yep," Samael said smugly. "And I'm gonna use this new power to take that b*stard apart." Down below, Zahhak rose to his feet and let out an angry roar.

    "Our best bet is still to combine our power and trap him in between," Michael insisted. "Singular force alone is not enough. Not for this kind of opponent."

    "He still ain't sittin' still for us," Samael pointed out. "Remember what happened last time?"

    "I remember," Michael muttered. "But I have a plan. I need you to draw a pentagram on the ground."

    "I think he rang your bell one too many times," Samael said. "He ain't a demon, Mikey, devil's traps won't work on him."

    "No," Michael agreed. "But it will make your attack far more powerful."

    "And how do we get him there?" Samael asked suspiciously.

    "Leave that to me," Michael answered. "Just be ready."

    Michael rushed forward as Samael fell back to prepare his part. The archangel collided with the Chaos Lord, driving his fist into Zahhak's gut and pushing him to the ground. He swung Zahhak around and hurled him towards Samael's pentagram, but Zahhak stopped himself before entering it. Michael let out a mighty cry and hurled two glowing spheres at the Chaos Lord, but they passed by him harmlessly. This was all to the archangel's plan however.

    "Hallowed Knuckle!" Michael cried, slamming Zahhak with a mighty blow.

    Zahhak stumbled back into Samael's circle, but when he tried to strike forward, he found himself unable to move. His arms flew up and stretched to either side. He realized, with blinding rage, that he had been trapped; two Gates of Destiny floated on either side of him, holding him in Samael's pentagram. Even so, Zahhak struggled to free himself; he dug in his sharp talons and pushed forward, straining with all his might against the power of the two gates.

    "I can't believe I'm saying this," Samael said. "But that ain't gonna hold him."

    "I figured as much," Michael muttered. He hurled another two glowing spheres, this time to the front and back of the Chaos Lord. Two more gates materialized, and together, the four held Zahhak tightly in their grasp. "Now, Samael."

    "You got it, Mikey!" Samael floated above Zahhak and traced a pentagram in the air; this time, however, he didn't stop at one. He slashed his claws wildly, burning lines of power into the air. Four more pentagrams followed, joining with the first to form a large five-pointed star: a pentagram formed of pentagrams.

    "Corona Annihilator!"

    "Gates of Destiny!"

    The two powers flared from their respective wielders; a cross of holy light and force burned into Zahhak from the sides as demonic fury ripped into him from above and below. There was no escape from the conflagration, and the Chaos Lord was consumed by the combined power of heaven and hell. The two angels watched the smoke clear and the dust settle with baited breath, watching for any sign that Zahhak had survived. But when all was cleared, there was nothing of the Chaos Lord remaining.

    "Well that's that," Samael said smugly. "I think that deserves a big commendation."

    "We are not done yet," said Michael as he turned his eyes towards the massive new form of Amatsu-Mikaboshi. "Not yet."
  18. Standing in front of the Puppetmon to position himself between his fellow Peacemaker and the upgraded, Chaos Lord, Galic blinked, then he nodded. He was wondering if Nocchi got the same plan that he had been formulating for the past few minutes. In any case, from the looks of it, both of them had noticed that Ophion’s speed had already reached a prime peak, and Galic had experienced its enhancement first hand.

    “If you’re thinking what I’m thinking, then this might be our chance,” Galic said, materializing his golden weapon in a bright yellow flash. Under his helmet, he made a devilish grin, and he brandished the scythe-end of his weapon. “In this case, I trust that we have come to the same conclusion!” He then turned back to the ChaosUlforceVeedramon X.

    “But first,” Galic started. “To match the speed that he’s so proud of!”

    “Time to give ‘im him a taste of ‘is own medicine!” Nocchi cackled between raspy coughs.

    Facing his enemy, the MirageGaogamon Burst Mode jumped high into the air, creating multiple clones that sped towards the charging Ophion, who took a little bit of time taking out each one with a flourish of swipes and slashes, though it seemed like it took no effort from the ChaosUlforceVeedramon X at all.

    Galic flipped in the air, gripping his weapon tightly as it began to glow brightly once more. The energy that surrounded the scythe grew, lengthening and refining its edge. Brighter. Longer. Sharper. Stronger. The MirageGaogamon Burst Mode’s height and momentum only allowed him to spin once, with his body almost parallel and facing the ground. “Now, Nocchi!”

    Bullet Hammer!” Nocchi shouted, spinning around just enough to gain momentum to slam the end of his hammer on Galic’s feet. The MirageGaogamon Burst Mode sped off, using the added force of the Puppetmon’s attack to greatly increase the speed at which he charged at Ophion with. Behind him trailed two of his copies, criss-crossing each other’s paths in way that made to confuse the Chaos Lord of how many of them they really were.

    Of course, he probably didn’t care at the moment, because he was suddenly knocked back, barely able to parry the end of Galic’s sharpened scythe with his own weapon. He growled, enraged and appalled that the MirageGaogamon was actually able to make him feel slow.

    Galic had already noticed a while ago that each time he struck him, the angrier the Chaos Lord became and the less he relied on thinking. And then the former just decided that two could play that game. He just Galic stopped thinking about acting and just started acting. Each move was a reflex or a spontaneous move, and it allowed him to fight on even grounds with the Chaos Lord, who had been using that tactic from the start. He narrowed his eyes at the increasingly irritated sneer on Ophion’s face. Good, now all they needed was-

    “Hey, slowpoke!” Nocchi called from all the way to the across the field. He stood feet away from a gap of pair of large broken-off pillars parallel of each other, looking like he was standing behind a gateway. “Yea, I’m talking to you, ya butt-ugly excuse for a tortoise with broken horns and butterfly wings!”

    Ophion’s already frowning mouth twitched, his eyes glancing to the side to see Nocchi slapping his bum in provocation to the Chaos Lord. He then had to turn back to Galic, whose speed was rapidly catching up to his own.

    “Oh, wait, that’s insulting to all butterfly-winged and broken-horned tortoises everywhere!” Nocchi added with a laugh. “Even they’re faster than you, slugfeet!”

    And then Ophion’s face contorted into one of intense fury. He had just about enough with the unendurable slurs that the Puppetmon would send at him. With a bloodcurdling roar and burst of strength, he blasted Galic away, forcing him to crash into a wall and leaving a MirageGaogamon BM shaped imprint on it. He then turned to Nocchi, his seeing everything in red.

    “Ha! Ya think ya can catch me, huh? Well, guess what! I bet you can’t even touch me!” the Puppetmon provoked. “I’d like to see you try!” he said, a maniacal grin on his face and with his arms outstretched.

    “Die-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e!” Ophion screeched, his sword raised up high and reaching maximum speeds.

    He would speed right through the pillars and towards the Puppetmon and this time, he would finally be triumphant. This time, he would drive it through the Puppetmon’s head. This time, he would make sure to cut him into small pieces of lumber that no one would even recognize him. This time, he would get the satisfaction of finally getting rid of the pest. This time, he would make sure that he killed the annoying gi-

    And suddenly, he felt himself run through something. And he could feel intense pain on his body…or what he thought he could feel, because his whole body was suddenly cutting itself up, falling off of each other like a tower of meat collapsing and separating into multiple pieces. He was barely able to turn his head back a few to see a pair of Galic’s clones pressed against the pillars, but in peculiar positions, as if they were holding something tightly against the pillar’s sides. And then he could see strange crisscrossing lines running across the two pillars. They were stained red, dripping scarlet liquid. Blood. His blood, he realized.

    Right behind the lines, Galic’s real form approached a solemn look in his eyes. “So impatient, aren’t you? So much that you failed to see the trap that laid for you. You even failed to realize the threat that sir Nocchi had,” he said, narrowing his eyes. He pointed the scythe towards Ophion. “This is check and mate. Farewell, and may you never stand on our home’s earth ever again.”

    Ophion let out an agonized scream as his body started to fall apart, his arms, hands, and even his legs started to fall down, forcing his body down, slamming it hard into the hard ground. The fallen body parts started to disintegrate into data, much like his body was starting to. He turned to face the Puppetmon in front of him. He was close. So close to getting rid of the bane of his existence.

    He let out a macabre wail.


    Fenrir knew that there was the threat of the suddenly enlarged enemy that was proceeding to beat the lives out of their allies, but for everything he knew and believed in, he just couldn’t help himself. He approached Tiwaz in a flash and jumped, raising his height to the AncientGreymon’s head.

    With narrowed eyes, the AncientGarurumon said, “This is for hitting me with your tail.” He let out a growl as he slammed his leg onto the side of the dragon’s head, utilizing enough strength to force the ancient of fire to stagger onto the knees of his right legs.

    “What are-“ Tiwaz started, anger loud and clear in his tone.

    “Don’t you ever do that again!” Fenrir’s surprisingly louder and enraged voice snarled, drowning out Tiwaz’s own. He glared into his supposed comrade’s eyes, showing him just how he felt at the possibility that Tiwaz was going to do to him what their former companions had done to the two of them so long ago. “If you ever, EVER, make me relive that again…I will never forgive you,” he said in a low voice. “Whatever happens from now, we go through it together, and we survive through it together, like always. And if you got something against that, then you’ve forgotten how stubborn I can be,” he told the dragon, turning back to Amatsu-Mikaboshi.

    He grabbed the two Sharpness Claymores that lain on the ground that Tiwaz forced him to slam into, and then brandished them. “If you don’t have anything to say for yourself, then I suggest that we get this over with.”
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    Caradoc looked on as Gigas obliterated Tiamat with his mightiest blow yet, the Chaosdramon X collapsing to the ground, where she shattered into data particles which blew away in the burning winds.

    The Ravemon Burst Mode gave a gentle sigh, before hardening his visage as he turned to behold the towering form of Amatsu-Mikaboshi. The UltimateKhaosmon rose up over Avalon's ruins, a titan of primal might and force, a being of pure destruction and ruination. It had to be stopped.

    "We have to help them," the jet-black Digimon spoke to Gigas and Lucia, his piercing eyes fixed on the forms of the Peacemakers battling the horror. "With me!" He charged towards the UltimateKhaosmon, his burning Burst aura shining around him as his wings spread wide.

    "Crimson Formation!" Blades of fiery power tore from his wings and lashed towards the terror like glowing hail, but though the attack raked across its form, there was no visible damage. "Mourning Dance!" He tore into it in a berserk dance of bladed feathers, but though he struck true with each blow, there was no effect on the Mikaboshi.

    "Thus comes the end; void of all things and being; the Ultima Burst." Power howled from the terror and speared Caradoc, hurling him to the ground, ablaze with chaotic force that tore screams from his throat as he impacted in a burning detonation of force. As he rose, Burst Mode shattered by the blow, power burned from the Mikaboshi, a spear of infernal chaos. "Chaos-ordered life; these things must exist alone; End of Paradox."

    The End of Paradox howled towards him, threatening to tear him asunder, atom from atom, particle from particle, but then azure light and power ripped through the super-destructive strike, tearing it apart in the radiance of a bright future, Guinier descending to land beside her lover as her power and light shone bright from her form.

    Power collected in her grip, an azure sphere that shone like a star. "Ray of Victory!" The attack sang from her hands and speared the Mikaboshi's shining central mass, piercing right through, but the wound instantly healed and its baleful eyes fixed on the UlforceVeedramon Future Mode...

    "Ouryuken!" The Black Sword ripped across the eye-cores of the Mikaboshi as a bolt of chaos, drawing the monster's attention as the blade reformed in Bedivere's grip and he descended, burning wings spread wide as he raised a hand which burned with crackling, writhing energies.

    "A gift, from Artorius," he spoke. "Digitalize of Soul!" The emerald power flashed, a hundred arrows of emerald light that pierced the Mikaboshi's arms, wings and central body, tearing across it with power. As the UltimateKhaosmon took the attack, Caradoc and Guinier ascended to his side.

    "Bedivere," Caradoc acknowledged. "You looked like you needed help... isn't that Svarog...?" The Slayerdramon gave a curt nod.

    "Take your Dynasmon form," he ordered. "We need our full power to win here." Caradoc nodded once, and was cloaked in an evolutionary light.

    "A shroud of hope engulfs the night. With dragon's wings I shall take flight. Justice, fill me with dragon's might. All shadows beware - the Dynast Knight! Draconis Evolution! Dynasmon X!"

    Emerging from the light of evolution, he was cloaked in burning aura of spectral flame as Guinier gathered azure radiance to her hands and Bedivere raised the Black Sword as it lit with his power.

    "Together!" the Slayerdramon commanded. "Ouryuken!"

    "Ray of Victory!"

    "Breath of Wyvern!"

    As Bedivere hurled the Black Sword and its form burned into pure energy, Guinier unleashed a bolt of shining radiance from her hands and Caradoc fired his draconic aura as a burning, fiery wyvern. The attacks spiraled together as an inferno of energy, lit by the azure flames resulting from the combination of Caradoc and Guinier's attacks, and plowed into the Mikaboshi, spearing its cores with burning energies that shrouded it, consuming it in the inferno of power...

    "Chaos-ordered life; these things must exist alone; End of Paradox," the Mikaboshi rumbled, its voice like thunder. Power screamed from the flames and speared the three dragons, though they tried to guard with Black Sword, with draconic aura, with Tensegrity Shield, hurling them down. If not for Bedivere's sword and the fact the attack's power was divided between them, the three battle-weary dragons would likely have been consumed and destroyed in an instant. As it was, they were crushed to the ground by the chaotic forces unleashed.

    Bedivere rose first with a roar of fury, the Black Sword crafting a crimson aura around him as he burned with rage and courage.

    Caradoc and Guinier rose next, supporting each other, barely holding their forms after the barrage they had taken. Bedivere cast a glance towards them, but spared them no more thought. In this battle, the Mikaboshi was all that mattered, it had to die, no matter the cost to the Peacemakers.

    As he raised the sword, crimson fire blazing around it and his form, the storm spoke its rage as thunder crashed and lightning rent the heavens, but he ignored the wrath of nature as he focused on the attack.

    "Omega Corona!" he roared, unleashing a burning conflagration from the chaotic weapon. Tiwaz's attack roared forth and wrapped the Mikaboshi in howling fire. As the flames roared, the Slayerdramon focused once more and a chill blue aura settled around his sword. "Absolute Zero!" The ice of Fenrir spoke next, a crushing blizzard-like burst that froze the fires and speared the chaos avatar with icicles of frozen power.

    As the Mikaboshi was consumed by fire and ice, Bedivere charged with a feral cry of rage, raising the Black Sword as lightning split the skies around him. He gathered his focus for yet another attack, an almighty strike to obliterate the chaos avatar once and for all.

    "OURYUKEN!" he roared in a voice akin to the thunder that howled above in the heavens, slashing the Black Sword in a fiery arc of power down the Mikaboshi's form, spearing its central form with the blade as chaos tore into the horror to rip it asunder.

    The storm raged overhead, sending lightning into the Mikaboshi in reaction to the chaotic force Bedivere unleashed, even as the UltimateKhaosmon was consumed by chaos and ruin...

    "Chaos-ordered life; these things must exist alone; End of Paradox." Bedivere was speared by the attack and hurled to the ground, his wings torn and armor shattered by the force of the blow he suffered. Still he rose, raging against the Mikaboshi, howling his right to exist, to live and love with every motion, with every desperate blow...
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    “Don’t you ever do that again!” Fenrir’s surprisingly louder and enraged voice snarled, drowning out Tiwaz’s own. He glared into his supposed comrade’s eyes, showing him just how he felt at the possibility that Tiwaz was going to do to him what their former companions had done to the two of them so long ago. “If you ever, EVER, make me relive that again…I will never forgive you,” he said in a low voice. “Whatever happens from now, we go through it together, and we survive through it together, like always. And if you got something against that, then you’ve forgotten how stubborn I can be,” he told the dragon, turning back to Amatsu-Mikaboshi.

    He grabbed the two Sharpness Claymores that lain on the ground that Tiwaz forced him to slam into, and then brandished them. “If you don’t have anything to say for yourself, then I suggest that we get this over with.”

    Tiwaz was stunned to silence for the first time since his resurrection. He stared in shock at the AncientGarurumon, his cheek throbbing and swelling up from Fenrir's sudden strike. The sudden intense emotions from the warrior shocked him... he was used to his anger and annoyance from the countless times they've argued, but rarely the rage he just witnessed.

    After several quiet moments, the flames on Tiwaz's back flared up as he let out a low growl at the digimon. "As always, it's all about you..." he responded, his voice savage. He took a slow step forwards, toward the AncientGarurumon.

    "And what about me?" he snarled, his bright blue eyes narrowing as his feelings shone through them. Tiwaz bent his neck down so that his head was close to Fenrir's level. "You talk as if you had my permission when you suddenly disappeared without a trace. ...Tell me, Fenrir, did we go through it together when you decided to die?! No... When I was finally able to seek you out, I found out that you had been dead for a week. Where were you then?!" he spoke, his voice wavering ever-so-slightly.

    Tiwaz grimaced and closed his eyes. He grew silent for several moments and the intensity of his tempestuous flames died down. Upon opening his eyes, he retracted his head and looked over to Amatsu-Mikaboshi. "Pfft..." he spat, regaining his cold composure. "Fine then, Fenrir, let's go through this together... and I know the best way to do just that."

    He closed his eyes and a chant came from his fiery lips. "With power and glory, to protect is my goal. The bright flames of courage burn hard in my soul!"

    Fenrir did likewise. "My code, my light, my oath that transcends time. Drive me forward, judge their hideous crime!"

    "The forces of evil shall be torn asunder. Behold the judgement of lightning and thunder!" For the second time that day, their voices spoke and their hearts beat in unison, though their previous exchange would have made even the most perceptive think that they were anything but seeing eye-to-eye. Despite where their minds might be, their hearts both drummed the same song: Amatsu-Mikaboshi's funeral march.


    The forms of the two Ancients combined into one as Perun Sturmrächer, who emerged from the light, fists clenched and ready for battle. Without a word, he raced through the darkened sky towards the menace that is Amatsu-Mikaboshi.


    Kheprius sped towards the UltimateChaosmon, having went on ahead of Tiwaz and Fenrir as they argued.

    "Great..." he muttered, scowling as he looked up at the giant. "Somebody even bigger than the eel. This looks like a job for GranKuwagamon. Slide Evolution."

    Kheprius' GrandisKuwagamon form glowed and grew, shifting into his larger form though sacrificing speed. The GranKuwagamon continued flying towards his comrades but soon felt a presence beside him. He turned his pincer-donning head to his left and reflexively tensed up upon seeing Pyra in her Fighter Mode form. The last time he saw her like that, he recieved a gaping hole and a fractured digicore.

    "Kheprius," Pyra said calmly, despite her uneven flying from her fight with Mordred.

    "Pyra?" he asked in surprise, looking at her and relaxing slightly. "...You're not going to try to blow me up again, are you?" he asked.

    "Only if you annoy me," she replied with a small smirk behind her helmet.

    Kheprius grinned. "You're not bad-looking in that form by the way. That form really compliments your... form."

    Pyra rolled her eyes. "We have more important things to worry about," she responded, flying faster.

    "Oh, I disagree!" Kheprius retorted, looking back forwards.

    The Imperialdramon Fighter Mode flew up alongside some of the Peacemakers who did battle with Amatsu-Mikaboshi. She then turned around, glancing at Kheprius and about to suggest to him to go around to the other flank. However, before she could do so, she felt an unfamiliar presence. Her gaze looked behind the GranKuwagamon and rested on Perun, who raced towards them.

    "Who is that?" she asked in surprise.

    "Well, he sure feels like one of those pretentious gods, doesn't he? ...Wait... 'pretentious god' is redundant." Kheprius said. "It's Tiwaz and Fenrir smooshed together to get a guy with a massive, possibly over compensating sword who would make even the most colour-blind to shield their eyes."

    Pyra sighed a breath of relief, knowing that meant Azur and Tyr were okay as well.

    "Speaking of pretentious gods..." Kheprius added. "Why do I feel like--" he was cut short when one of Mikaboshi's attacks launched towards the two, forcing them to seperate in opposite directions. Kheprius darted to the right but stopped upon another attack blasting in his path, causing another digimon to be thrown back to near he was.

    The GranKuwagamon stared, dumbfounded upon seeing a winged Svarog before him, glaring up at Amatsu-Mikaboshi. "...What the hell?! Svarog?!" he yelled. After the initial shock wore off, the bug digimon grinned. "What's it take to get rid of you?!" Kheprius asked him as he flew up towards the UltimateChaosmon.

    "Grand Darkness!" he called, unleashing a surge of void onto, Amatsu-Mikaboshi's left bicep. It didn't seem to do a whole lot. "What the hell is this thing?" Khep growled before he sank his pincers deep into the chaos being's arm.

    The UltimateChaosmon swung his arm to the side, throwing Kheprius to the side, who flapped his wings frantically to stop himself before hitting the ground.

    Pyra approached from the other side of his face and aimed the cannon on her chest. "Giga Crusher!" Power howled from the armoured jaws and slammed into his face.

    "Thus comes the end; void of all things and being; the Ultima Burst." Chaos ripped from the nearest digicore to Pyra and slammed into her, throwing her far back through the air.

    While Pyra and Khep pestered him from his sides, Perun rushed up his center and summoned the ZERO-ARMS: Orochi in his hands. He glanced to either side of him and called out to the two who he knew had the strongest weaponry. "Thor Odinson! Bedivere Stormheart! Let's all attack as one!" he shouted. "Celestial Blade!"

    Power ripped from the tip of the blade and surged towards Amatsu-Mikaboshi in a linear fashion. The god of storms was pushed back slightly in the air from the initial recoil of the powerful beam, but soon stopped himself and held his weapon steadily. The blade dug into the UltimateChaosmon's chest, contending with the chaos being with a balanced power.

    "Now!" he bellowed.

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