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Digimon: Unholy Crusade - the *Reboot* (Signups)


God of Monsters
[This is a reboot of the original Unholy Crusade RPG, where I served as collaborator and co-GM. Let's bring it back!]

Digimon: Unholy Crusade
[the Reboot]

PG - 13

Creation began at a single point: Yggdrasil. The World Tree. The Tree of Life. All-Father. All-Mother. God. Goddess. Alpha. Omega. Genesis. Yggdrasil was the font of all Creation: the Miracle of Dawn. From the first spark of Yggdrasil's consciousness the Multiverse and all things within it came into being.

When the Multiverse was young and small, Yggdrasil walked among its creations. It guided them; it helped them and watched them grow. It provided laws and rules; peace and order. It provided its creations with the free will to follow or defy it as they saw fit. But as Creation changed - as Free Will and Life took hold and moved things beyond even Yggdrasil's wildest dreams - it became harder for Yggdrasil to maintain alone. So Yggdrasil called upon its most noble acolytes to govern the minutia of the Multiverse in its stead.

Saga is a digital world that exists alongside our own, closely interconnected to the growing rate of human development and technology. Throughout history the two worlds have often interacted; it was the digimon of Saga that influenced the mythologies of the human world - Analog. Its gods, angels, and monsters influencing humans through a sense of shared consciousness.

On the plane of Saga, peace and order was kept by the High Council, a collection of gods that governed the digital world. Their influence and authority kept the would-be warring blocs of Saga in check; they served as mediators and peace-keepers when tensions and old feuds rose along faction lines. This served to maintain the Balance, Homeostasis - the fragile peace that allowed Saga to continue existing peacefully. The High Council accomplished this through use of the thirteen Royal Knights. This mighty order of digimon, brought together ages ago to overcome an otherwise-insurmountable foe, had protected Saga; intervening in times of cataclysm and steering the world away from destruction.

It was only in the recent decades that human technology and society advanced enough to allow crossing over into the Digital World. The first human child entered completely by accident. But as the worlds began to know of one another, more followed. These humans partnered with young digimon and set out to explore the vast reaches of Saga. The High Council saw fit to allow this, and encouraged a partnership with the human world.

At first, things seemed calm. There were negotiations with the humans - Tamers, as they were called - on their rights within the Digital World itself and the nature of their bond with digimon. The Tamers showed respect for the digimon and their bond with their partners was equal and fair. There was peace and cooperation.

For a while, at least...

Not all were happy with this declaration. Galahad, the Alphamon, the newly-appointed High Commander of the Royal Knights, saw the human-digimon partnership as an abomination, a subjugation of digimon will and freedom. Galahad decreed the Tamers a blight against digimon the world over and a threat to the very nature of Saga. He called for all loyal digimon to take up arms against the Tamers. The High Council, however, intervened and set forth a decree forbidding all military actions against humans.

Now Galahad, infuriated by this perceived betrayal by the Council, has ceded from their authority. He has called the Royal Knights and a cadre of other digimon from all cornders of the world to his cause, and launched a bloody crusade to banish the humans from the face of Saga - by force. Under his leadership, the Royal Knights carry out this campaign without mercy or restraint, destroying partner digimon, shattering digivices and attempting to force the Tamers to go home.

The Council, outraged by these bloody and pointless acts, has summoned a group of warriors to its presence with one aim: to stop the Royal Knights before the world is plunged into war and consumed by this Unholy Crusade.


Saga: Saga is a Digital World unlike any other: where immortal gods and timeless angels live side-by-side with mortal digimon. The gods have had a contentious relationship with the rest of Saga. For centuries, the gods demanded worship from their mortal counterparts; until a war erupted between them. The energies expended by the gods unleashed a monstrous entity that threatened to consume the entire world. The gods finally put aside their differences and managed to put a stop to the monster, but not before many of their followers and holdings were decimated by the battle. The gods decided instead to take a more active role in the world, and formed the High Council to help guide mortals and each other.

The High Council: The High Council: The Council is the governing body of Saga, the final authority on all matters between nations, kingdoms, and cities. Their seat of governance is the free city of Axis Mundi. Comprised of thirteen immortal and ageless gods and goddesses, the Council prefers to allow the citizens of Saga to govern themselves in most instances, intervening only when matters between two independent parties spiral out of control. When they do intervene, their word is final.

Ephara, God of Civilization (Junomon) - Ephara is the god of city-states and building. Ephara represents and presides over any organized state of people, but in particular she is worshipped in Axis Mundi. Ephara is also the god of industry, civic wisdom, scholarship, religious sculpture, friezes, architecture, societal progress, social philosophy, and the protection and stability of the city. It is believed that her presence keeps a polis safe from beings of the wild; when a marble building or stone wall is erected, some representation of Ephara's face is almost always included.

Erebos, God of the Dead (Plutomon) - When the sun first shone on Saga, the first shadow was cast. When the gods saw it, they feared and banished it, sending it into the boundary between Saga and the Dark Area. That shadow became Erebos, the god of death. In time, Erebos accepted his role, and the gods in turn overcame their fear and welcomed him among their number. Erebos rules over death and the Dark Area, but these aren't his only duties. Because of his own origins, he is also the god of misfortune, ill fate, begrudging acceptance, envy, and bitterness. And because he is lord of the Underworld, where gold is common but valueless, he is also the god of wealth. He idly envies the sunlit domains of the other gods, but only in a daydream-like way. He knows that all mortal souls will eventually join him, which affords him a kind of satisfaction and certainty. When others suffer, it brings Erebos peace, but not glee, because the alienation and banishment of others enables them to identify with his own. The god of the underworld is worshipped by three distinct sets of mortal beings: those who exalt death, those who desire wealth, and those who pray for acceptance of their fates.

Heliod, God of the Sun (Apollomon) - Heliod represents law, justice, retribution, and the bonds of kinship. Heliod presides over matters of family honor, questions of morality and virtue, speeches, marriages, acts of protective bravery, dawn meals, and self-sacrifice. Heliod radiates with pride and self-assurance. His presence fills the sky with light, and in person he has the same overwhelming aura of awe and brilliance. He is convivial and gregarious, making friends and forming bonds easily, and he sees himself as the ally to all. But others know that Heliod can be fickle in his loyalty. Heliod's greatest ally today might be the target of his retribution tomorrow. Temples to Heliod often feature stairs up to a rooftop courtyard, enabling sun worship. The largest holiday aligned with Heliod is the summer solstice, celebrated with three days of ceremonious feasting, weddings, and oaths of loyalty.

Karametra, God of the Harvest (Ceresmon) - Karametra is the god of the harvest, hearth, and protection. She is a serene, wise god who values community, stability, and the balance of nature. As such, she is strongly associated with Glen Elendra, where worship of her is strongest. Karametra is also the god of maternity, family, orphans, domestication, and agriculture, but she is not a pacifist. She governs defense of home and guarding of territory. She is almost always accompanied by her massive bird companion, a legendary creature renowned for its great protective ferocity.

Keranos, God of Storms (Jupitermon) - A bolt from the blue can be both devastating and inspirational. Likewise, Keranos embodies the fury of the storm and the sudden blaze of epiphany. A god of little patience and less mercy, he dispenses insights and blasts of lightning in equal measure. As the embodiment of wisdom, Keranos is intolerant of mortals, whom he sees as reckless. Yet he also respects those who take action with clear purpose, especially if they seek his approval first. Such individuals earn a two-edged blessing: momentary glimpses of the future, but the inability to change what is to come.

Kruphix, God of the Sea (Neptunmon) - Kruphix is the god of the sea and also presides over the secrets of the briny deep. But he is also the god of ancient knowledge, gradual change, introspection, vast distances, long voyages, and far-ranging searches. Kruphix might also be described as the god of patterns, such as those of tides, currents, ripples in water, and even the passage of time. Kruphix is the god who is least likely to be satisfied with the status quo, but also the least likely to rush to change. Kruphix is slow to anger but implacable once roused. His anger can grow like a rumbling, cresting, unstoppable wave, taking out whole villages with its fury—then subside with the tide, dragging the evidence of his wrath calmly out to sea. Digimon and the humans along the coast comprise most of Kruphix's worshippers, as well as all who venture out to sea, whether for exploration, commerce, or war. Although aquatic Digimon exalt him above all other gods, he shows no favoritism toward them, seeming equally impassive to all mortals.

Mogis, God of Violence (Marsmon) - Mogis is the god of wrath and pain. Both Mogis and Iroas govern the domain of war. But unlike Iroas, who thrived on noble tests of mettle and the glory of victory, Mogis feels satisfaction only through destroying his opponents utterly, reveling in pleasure at the weak survivors' fear. Sadism, revenge, malice, domination—these are Mogis's spoils. From northern berserkers, to sellswords, cutthroats, and those seeking the thrill of battle, he has no shortage of worshippers.

Nylea, God of the Moon (Dianamon) - Nylea is the god of the moon, the seasons, and the hunt. Because of her reign over the hunt, she is also associated with predation and hunger. And because of her rule of the seasons, she is also the god of metamorphosis and rebirth. Nylea is usually aloof and thoughtful, but with her companions she is playful and joyful. Nylea is quick to anger and vengeance if something threatens her realm. The seasons change at her whim, and she delays the change if angered. Nylea doesn't have temples built in her honor. Her holy sites often consist of a tree surrounded by a cloud of butterflies. Some city dwellers will come into the forest to honor her, especially to pray that the seasons will change in a timely manner. Nylea hates is notoriously hard to please. Depending on their offerings, worshippers could as easily anger her as win her blessing.

Pharika, God of Affliction (Minervamon/Mervamon) - Deadly poison can be healing medicine in small amounts, and this dichotomy is reflected in the god whose province is such tinctures. Pharika is the keeper of apothecary knowledge, the source of dark magic. To those who would oppose her, Pharika is a fearsome enemy, but mortals she favors are hard to kill. She bears a potion cup from which she dispenses draughts that simultaneously strengthen her servants and slay her enemies. Pharika also governs aging—the stretch of life and the approach of death. Stories say that the secretive god has hidden medicinal knowledge within the natural world. None know whether she did so to reward or to toy with mortals who quest to unearth them.

Phenax, God of Deception (Mercurymon) - Phenax is the god of cheats, liars, and tricksters. He governs magic, gambling, deception, betrayal, isolation, planning, and secrets. He is worshipped by criminals and others who wish to subvert the rules and gain an advantage through deception. Despite this, he is not a malevolent god, as he views pure malevolence to be rather straightforward and uninspired. Temples to Phenax are typically hidden in plain sight, but marked clearly for those who know what to look for.

Purphoros, God of the Forge (Vulcanusmon) - Purphoros is the god of the forge, the restless earth, and fire. He rules the raw creative force of heat and energy that fills the souls of sentient beings. For this reason, Purphoros is also the god of artisans, of obsession, and of the cycle of creation and destruction. To sit in the presence of Purphoros is to be inspired. He forges the most ornate and delicate items only to dash them into flame and start again. He is reasonable yet ultimately follows no rules save his own creative and destructive impulses. His main flaw is that of frustration, of feeling limited and constrained. He is forever pushing against the barriers of imagination, sensing that there is much more to express. Purphoros brought the secret of Chrome Digizoid to Saga, leading to stronger objects and armaments than any created previously. But it's not only smiths who worship him. Artists, human and Digimon especially, seek his aid, ascend to altars on volcanic slopes to breathe deeply of the creative vapors. Warriors give him homage when lighting a bonfire. Potters inscribe their works with markings meant to honor him.

Thassa, God of Horizons (Venusmon) - The most enigmatic of the gods, Thassa has dominion over the potential, the distant, and the unseen. Thus, she is seen as an oracle of dreams. She also governs navigation, mystery, and the cycles of time. Mortals say that Thassa is the most ancient of the pantheon, the keeper of mysteries that no others are meant to learn. The reclusive god speaks rarely and counts few worshippers. Thassa's temple is built over a cataract at the very edge of the world. Thassa knows the truth of the origins of Saga and its deities.

Xenagos, God of Revels (Bacchusmon) - Xenagos is the reveler, renowned for his charisma and ability to whip followers into a frenzy. He has a tendency to not take anything seriously beyond his revelries, and will quickly fall to despondency and irrationality if he is kept from them for too long. Despite this, he is perhaps the god who values mortals the most on a personal level, as without them his parties would be unbearably tame. He enjoys seeing how far he can push mortals out of their comfort zones and sees the arrival of humans as a boon to his revels.


The Royal Knights: The thirteen Royal Knights are an alliance of extremely powerful knight Digimon founded by an Imperialdramon Paladin Mode in ancient times. They are the highest security force on Saga, with powers surpassing even most gods. The Royal Knights had served Saga's order and justice for nearly 1000 years from their castle Camelot on the island of Avalon, part of the independent nation of Logres. The members of the order are the greatest and most noble warriors among all of Saga's mortals; who pass their knowledge, techniques, and philosophies down through the generations via their successors. Each knight will select a disciple and train them to take their place when the time comes for retirement. The order's current iteration:

Sir Galahad (Alphamon) - the staunch commander of the knights. Galahad isn't even a decade into his leadership of the order, but he has already set himself apart as one of the greatest commanders the Royal Knights have ever had.

Sir Lancelot (Omnimon) - the most senior member of the Royal Knights. Lancelot was the best friend and confidant of Galahad's predecessor, and has served as Galahad's advisor and foil. Lancelot is often slow to involve himself in the battlefield affairs of the knights, knowing full well the devastating extent of his power.

Sir Tristan (Gallantmon) - Galahad's right hand and oldest friend. Tristan is known as the "Knight of Courage" for his bravery in the face of danger and willingness to give everything for his comrades. Tristan strives to embody the spirit of the Royal Knights at all times.

Sir Percival (Magnamon) - a hotshot and a joker, he loves making unnecessary comments, and often gets himself into trouble. He's extremely competitive, often attempting to get Sir Lamorak involved in his antics. Underneath his jovial exterior, however, is the heart of a warrior, and he is one of the Royal Knights' fiercest combatants.

Sir Guinier (UlforceVeedramon) - Guinier isn’t as chivalrous as her brother, Bedivere, though some elements of his nobility have rubbed off on her. She tends to be the realist, commonly noting what she sees as flaws in plans and generally not helping morale, which can irritate Bedivere on occasion when morale really matters.

Sir Caradoc (Dynasmon) - Caradoc was born to a family shamed by his father's deeds and from an early age fought to redeem his family's disgraced name. Because of this he is driven to live up to the expectations and role of a Royal Knight.

Sir Kay (Crusadermon) - Kay always seems to have a regal air about her. She is formal and polite when the situation determines that she act so, but she really is a bit more laid back. She is a bit naive about the outside world and she is often ignorant of any special customs or responsibilities. Kay will often ask to be called by title, and get angry with those who refuse; she may also be a bit bossy to those she deems lower than herself.

Sir Bors (Sleipmon) - Bors is straightforward. He will not dodge the issue, make excuses, or go around things. That last one may apply to physical objects as well. Bors enjoys firing his entire arsenal at once, it doesn’t matter how many or how strong the enemies are. He tends to ignore formalities, and has no interest in the ranks of nobility.

Sir Dagonet (Craniamon) - Dagonet is Bors' opposite. He is refined and respectable, and he always treats his elders/superiors with the appropriate amount of respect. He has a great sense of honor, and he will always act honorably in battle no matter how dishonorable the opponent. He tends to speak with a formal tone and he chooses his words carefully. He can’t stand injustice or cruelty, and that would be the only thing that would cause him to stand up to one of his superiors.

Sir Gawain (Duftmon) - perhaps the most brilliant tactical mind anywhere on Saga, Gawain is always twenty moves ahead of anyone he interacts with. He has a flair for the dramatic and an understanding that speeches and great displays are just as important as actual tactics.

Sir Bedivere (Examon) - Bedivere is a very chivalrous Digimon. He aspires to be a true knight in every sense of the word, and would gladly follow orders provided such orders do not go against his code of chivalry. Despite his noble intent, Bedivere is very passionate and can be driven to anger easily.

Sir Gareth (Gankoomon) - Gareth prefers to work by himself, finding that he can't trust others to do his work for him. He can be ruthless and has morally questionable opinions, but he's not reckless and has enough sense to think about possible plans. Gareth prefers solitude and honing his skills to relaxing and chatting with others. He's cynical and will point out flaws in plans or even character with brutal honesty, even if it's to his leader. However, some warriors are able to win his respect, if they're impressive and skilled enough.

Sir Lamorak (Jesmon) - the youngest and greenest of the Royal Knights, Lamorak only joined the order two years ago, having spent his entire life training for the opportunity. He's a kind-hearted digimon with an incredibly strong sense of what's right. He's genuinely nice to everyone around him and he hates to kill, going out of his way to avoid it whenever possible.

Among the knights it is always the Alphamon who serves as final authority, but he is considered only "the first among equals." All knights have equal say in their affairs, and it is only rarely that their Alphamon commander serves to break that accord and invoke his or her "Right of Rule."


The Gods: Saga is ruled over by a central pantheon of gods, the High Council, though each Council member claims dominion over various other cities and realms across the land. Almost every city of Saga bears a temple, from simple, one-room neighborhood shrines to six-story temples held up by phalanxes of marble columns. Every god has a temple in Saga, and many temples are devoted to multiple gods. Artisans continually improve the temples, swapping out broken marble or crumbling sculptures with fresh materials, and painting over grand friezes with even grander ones.

Gods are typically understood to be both ageless and undying; the gods that rule over Saga now are the same ones that did when the world first formed. Even when they are injured to the point that their physical bodies no longer exist, they are able to reconfigure themselves and survive. Except for one: centuries ago, the deity Iroas Rod was slain in battle and his essence was scattered, never to reform.

As an unofficial rule, gods refrain from fraternizing with mortals; though most (if not all) gods break this rule on numerous occasions. This has led to the birth of numerous demi-gods: Digimon that while lacking their parent's immortal nature, possess both a glimmer of their godly essence and a somewhat-extended lifespan. Only the now-deceased god Iroas Rod ever produced a full-god offspring.

Outside of the Council there are only two other widely-known gods:

Athreos, God of the Passage (Anubismon) - When Digimon die, their data must pass into the Dark Area. The pale god Athreos is their guide, ferrying the dead to their ultimate rest. Silent, bent, and tattered, he patiently fulfills his role. Though he is as much a god as any on the Council, Athreos has declined membership, opting instead to serve as a guide to the deceased mortals of Saga. Worshipers of Athreos are travelers and wanderers, those who stand apart from normal society on its outskirts.

Iroas Rod, God of Victory (GraceNovamon) - A deceased god. Iroas Rod was a beacon of glory in combat, and governed both personal valor and bravery in battle. Thus he also governed warfare. Iroas sought to encourage the honorable aspects of warfare in mortals. He favored the militaristic cities and has established the Iroan Games in many cities' arenas, whose podium is also the main temple to the god. Each year, during the height of summer, athletes and soldiers from all across Saga compete for the wreath that signifies the highest achievement in physical prowess. His devotees include champions of the Games and charismatic commanders of troops.


The Eternals: No one is quite sure how the Eternals came to be in Saga. Even the gods remain tight-lipped about the occurrences in the ancient past that saw the Eternals' arrival. Some believe that the Eternals are a line of gods themselves, a type of "New God" with simply less-refined qualities when compared to the "old gods" of the Council. Others claim that the Eternals are descended from the gods, evolved demi-gods meant to replace the old. Still others believe that the Eternals are the next step in mortals transcending their limitations and becoming gods themselves. Whatever the truth, the uncertainty and threat of the Eternals once spurred the gods into a campaign that engulfed the entire world in a war in their attempt to exterminate the Eternals. During this time many Eternals found refuge in the faraway continent of Asgardia under the protection of Bor Burison, who was himself an Eternal from a rather noteworthy line.

It was only the emergence of a shared enemy that caused the two sides to put aside their animosity and join together. A tenuous peace has held since then, with Eternals no longer threatened by the gods with annihilation.

Unlike the gods who are both ageless and immortal, Eternals age (albeit at a significantly slower rate than mortals) and can be killed if enough damage is dealt to their physical form. Eternality is not necessarily passed by blood, though having two Eternal parents essentially guarantees it and having one or more Eternal parents does make becoming a one easier. A familial line of Eternals may stretch back to the birth of Saga itself.

Becoming Eternal is not exclusive to birth alone. Eternals can be born at random in any sapient Digimon, with no outward signs of their latent potential. There is an incredibly remote chance that any given sentient, natural being will be born with a Eternal's spark. When that being is put through a period of extreme stress -- in many cases death -- the spark can trigger, causing the individual to ascend and become a Eternal. Once ascended, an Eternal can physically manifest the full measure of their power and Eternal essence, becoming godlike themselves in their capabilities.


The Holy Host: the angels of Saga are known as the "Host", and venerate the entity known as "God," considering it their "Father." The Holy Host rule over Paradise, often called "Paradise Eden." Several centuries ago, a schism divided the Host and the rebelling angels were cast into the Inferno, a pit of unrestrained dark power. The angels of the Host are the ones who select humans to become Tamers, claiming it is the word of God that guides their selection and decision to bring a human into Saga. In Paradise, time moves differently, slower. A year on Saga might equate to only a day in Paradise. Some believe this is a way to ensure the longevity of the Host's angels, as they aren't true "immortals" like the gods. Many angels also enter a sort of hibernation state where they go into stasis until they are truly needed. The rulers of the Holy Host are the Three Great Angels, who represents the true spiritual and metaphysical power of the Holy Host. The Three Great Angels are:

Raphael (Seraphimon) - Raphael is the highest-ranking of the Three and is tasked with representing God's law.

Uriel (Ophanimon) - Uriel is tasked with representing God's love.

Gabriel (Cherubimon) - Gabriel is tasked with representing God's wisdom.


The Tamers: Tamers are humans brought to Saga and partnered with digimon. Most humans are brought to Saga as children and partnered with young digimon. Tamers are usually destined for specific responsibilities before being given free rein to travel the world freely. Tamers are allowed to travel freely across most of Saga's kingdoms, though there are certain places they're discouraged from venturing to. After Galahad's decree, some of the more senior Tamers have established Tamer havens where humans gather freely without fear of the Royal Knights' reprisal.

Digivolution: Permanent Digivolution in this RPG is incredibly difficult to achieve. That is why most instead use a temporary Digivolution (like that seen in the television series) It normally requires immense energy and as such, Digivolution will leave a character very drained. Mode Changing (Burst Mode, Blast Mode, Crimson Mode etc) is treated as Digivolving and fills the same criteria, namely that it requires a lot of energy to achieve. Should you receive a lot of damage, then for the purposes of realism you can regress to a lower form, however I will allow resting time between battles for us all to achieve our main form again before another battle.

DNA Digivolution is incredibly rare in this RP. Without human partners to produce the powerful emotional and psychological connections, the Digimon must rely on external sources of energy that are few and far between to generate the power needed for DNA digivolving. Only in very rare cases can two Digimon DNA digivolve on their own, and they must rely on rare sources of power such as Golden Digi-Eggs to unleash enough energy to permanently merge themselves together. Temporary DNA Digivolution is achievable more easily, but the resulting Digimon is less powerful than one permanently DNA Digivolved.

Biomerge Digivolution can be used by some of the more experienced Tamers to combine with their Digimon partner and form a powerful Mega Level Digimon. Essentially, Biomerging involves the Tamer and Digimon fusing together, with the Tamer held within the resultant Digimon’s body inside a sphere of energy. They are fully conscious and the Biomerge Digimon usually speaks with the voices of both Tamer and Digimon in synch, though one of them can speak without the other. Biomerge Digivolution produces a Digimon slightly more powerful than is usual than its Level, thus making any Biomerge Digimon a formidable ally or opponent.

Ancient Digimon are forms derived from the essence of the ancient Proemial beings. An extremely rare but powerful evolutionary form akin to a Mode Change (but perhaps even more intense), the Ancient form grants its wielder enhanced power and temporary godhood, bestowing awareness and the ability to manifest one's divine power in the form of their essential essence. The Ten Ancients have appeared at various points throughout history; mortals stumbling upon the Proemial power during their adventures and journeys. The Ten are always drawn towards one another, gathering together in all their iterations across the ages.

1. No god-modding.
2. I am not imposing a character limit - primarily because this is Digimon and I like character interaction. That said, I'm asking that you only sign up with what you can handle.
3. Only control your own character unless given permission otherwise by the other character's owner.
4. No killing another player's N/PCs without their owner's permission.
5. If you wish to make an NPC with a large part then please just state that on the sign-ups so that it doesn't get killed. Otherwise it's open season.
6. You must have good grammar! Get a proofreader for all I care! Use the spell-check! Anything, just make sure things make sense. I can tolerate some slip-ups, but nothing on a constant basis.
7. Please try to post at least once every 2-5 days (unless you give me a reason why you can't). Any longer than that and we might lose you or leave you behind.
8. No making up histories for characters (even NPCs) that aren't your own.
9. I reserve the right to kick you out of this RPG if you break one of these rules seriously enough. I will, however, give you a chance to explain or redeem yourself beforehand in case I've missed anything.
10. I don't do reservations. Let me know if you're interested and I'll keep you in mind. But I review everything on a "first completed (ie. up to standards), first approved" order.

=====Signup Forms=====

Species: (The form you spend most of your time in. In this RPG, Ultimates or Megas are the general expectation)
Gender: (Should be fairly straightforward.)
Age: (Should be fairly straightforward.)
Appearance: (I'll accept stock appearances, but generally list anything that differentiates your character from other Digimon of that species.)
Higher Form/s: (When you Digivolve, what do you become? I'd advise searching on Wikimon for legal Higher Forms, though if a form makes sense I’ll probably accept it.)
Lower Form/s: (What does your character become when badly wounded?)
Other: (Anything of importance you think I’ll need to know.)
===Your Signup Forms: (Human-Digimon Tamer Pair)===

Yes! I allow humans now! I know, weird. But one thing the original RPG lacked was a human presence as we moved along. If you have any questions, feel free to ask, since even I'm not sure exactly what I'm expecting from Tamer signups.

Physical Description:
Personality Profile:
Digivice Description (see below):

Digimon Partner: (only one)
Species: (With Partners, Rookies are the generally-accepted "base stage")
Gender: (Should be fairly straightforward.)
Age: (Should be fairly straightforward.)
Appearance: (I'll accept stock appearances, but generally list anything that differentiates your character from other Digimon of that species.)
Digivolution Line:
Here's the critical information on human/digimon partner characters.

Digimon partners will generally be either of the Rookie level or a "small" Champion (think Gatomon or Wizardmon). These Digimon are generally younger, less experienced Digimon (as older ones would have not had the opportunity to bond with humans in their youth - it was only in the last 10-15 years that humans were able to enter the Digital World consistently). Their partnership relies on the bond between human and Digimon - it fuels the Digimon's power, providing temporary boosts of human-derived energy and digivolution capability.

Humans in this universe wield the D-3 model Digivice. It allows them to evolve their partner Digimon to higher levels, track and communicate with other previously-identified Digivices and their partner Digimon, open Digital Gates between the human world and Saga, and can repel weaker dark Digimon. Additionally, it allows its wielder enhance and specify the strength of their partner at different times. Because a partner Digimon's evolution is strongly influenced by its tamer, the tamer can direct evolution lines and branches, allowing for divergent lines and Slide Evolution based on the specific nature of a task or mission. In certain Digimon it also facilitates Armor Evolution so long as the pair has obtained the required Digimental artifact. Finally, two human-Digimon pairs have been known to activate DNA or Jogress Digivolution; where the emotional bonds between all four participants are incredibly strong.


Here is the list of off-limits/restricted Digimon species (ie. the species you're not allowed to use). These are all the ones I can think of for now. Additionally, we may come up against NPCs that aren't listed here but would be better served as unique individuals

  • Any Arkadimon Species
  • Any Dex/Death-X Species
  • Apocalymon
  • Any Millenniummon Species
  • Diaboromon/Armagedemon
  • Megidramon
  • Grandracmon
  • Bagramon
  • Chaos-prefix Digimon (ie ChaosPiedmon, ChaosBlackWarGreymon)
  • Chronomon or other videogame-exclusive Digimon
  • Azulongmon, Baihumon, Fanglongmon, Ebonwumon, Zhuqiaomon
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Name: Theo Grayson

Species: BlackWarGreymon

Gender: Male

Age: 52

Appearance: Typical BlackWarGreyMon appearance, except his blonde hair is quite grey and his armor is tarnished.

Personality: A tired old Warrior. Theo is slow to get fired up for battle, compared to his youth. However, he will accept any duty or responsibility given to him seriously and willingly. The hotheadedness of his species has been tempered with experience and age. Theo tends to look after younger and inexperienced digimon in a father-like and patient manner, revealing his caring side.

Theo was devastated when his human partner, Kyle, died in an accident in the human world. He projects a sad and somber presence frequently from the emptiness that was once filled with his partner’s life energy. Theo is very protective of human children, due to his past with his own human partner. He won’t tolerate the children being threaten and is one of the few things that can cause him to get impulsive and reckless from anger in a fight. He would take time to comfort a crying child he happened to come across.

A competent and skilled warrior, Theo can finely manipulate his attacks for precision, rather than overwhelming power and wide spread damage. Thus allowing him to conserve strength and throw opponents off guard, when using a traditional Terra Force/Terra Destroyer. He has also built up an impressive stamina over the years to endure long battles and is tenacious in refusing to surrender ground to an opponent.

Occasionally, Theo will appear to be talking to himself, when in his mind he's absently having a one-sided conversation with a memory of his partner.

History: Theo grew up in a small mountain community of dramon and other members of the Greymon-line. He became one of his village’s prominent defenders against invading forces. When he was a WarGreymon, he was lured away from the village to rescue a kidnapped rookie. However, the WarGreymon was ambushed and beaten so badly by bandits that he reverted back to his Agumon form. Barely getting away with his life, Theo fell unconscious and injured in a forest. When he woke up, a 13-year-old human boy, named Kyle Mercier, was standing over him.

Kyle shared his story how his computer had lit up while he was on the net and a voice called out to him asking if he would accept a task. Being an adventurous child, Kyle said yes and was pulled into Saga. He found himself lying in strange forest with an equally strange device in the palm of his hand and in a nearby clearing the human boy found Theo. A bond was formed that night as the two sat around a fire to keep warm.

Several baby and in-training level digimon had been kidnapped, like the rookie taken from Theo’s village, by corrupted digimon. Theo and Kyle searched out the corrupted digimon, defeated them, and escorted the young digimon back to their homes. Theo regained his Mega form overtime with the help of his human partner as they set out to complete their task. Free of their obligation, the partners would continue to travel throughout Saga to explore, meet new digimon and other Tamers.

Over the course of 5 years, Theo and Kyle grew very close. Kyle never knew his biological father, so Theo filled that void with his own age and wisdom. One day, the WarGreymon was alone in Saga, when Kyle had to return to the real world for a short time. He collapsed to his knees, clawing and scratching at his chest armor in great pain. Theo didn’t know what had happened, only that it felt like his digicore had been torn in half. A short while later, a young female Tamer and her digimon partner appeared to the despondent Theo, identifying herself as Kyle’s younger sister, Andrea Mercier. Sadly, Andrea explained that Kyle had died in accident back in the human world and presented her brother’s darkened digivice to Theo.

Sorrow and grief overwhelmed Theo, resulting in a subtle digivolution to BlackWarGreymon. His external appearance became a reflection of the black emptiness of his digicore. He became a mercenary for while, but had found he had little desire for battle anymore. Withdrawing to a remote region of Saga, Theo lived in solitude for nearly a year, when a messenger came looking for him with summons from The High Council.

Theo answered the Council’s summons to stop the Royal Knights, due to his warrior reputation and experience with humans. He also pursues a personal mission of finding his deceased partner’s younger sister and her partner to ensure their safety.

Higher Form/s: WarGreymon (Slide Evolution) → VictoryGreymon
Lower Form/s: MetalGreymon --> Greymon → Agumon→ Koromon
Other: He carries a small pouch on his belt containing a few precious belongings: his former partner’s digivice and a picture of the Mercier siblings.


Let me know if I need to make any changes to Theo's app. I will be writing up at least one other sign up soon.
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EDIT: Okay! I did it! But uh... I was vague on where she lived in Analog because it wasn't clear if Analog had the same countries as ours, so yeah. And I thought since we're gonna be facing off Megas, I thought a Biomerged Machinedramon would be okay... (I thought a human would be similar to an Andromon to make a Machinedramon...)

Name: Shula Hernandez
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Physical Description: Shula is tall for her heritage, at 6'7'', it's a lot easier to spot her than most humans in a Digimon crowd. Her blonde hair is straight and runs down to her shoulder blades. Her light brown skin makes her sky blue eyes stand out. But despite those features, the rest of her body is average. She's of a medium build, she's fit, but not muscular, and her face looks rather youthful, thanks in part to the smile she keeps up often. But however feminine she physically looks, her clothing isn't your typical "girly" fare. She has black gloves over her hands, and has a pair of red goggles that usually dangle from her neck. Her long sleeved black shirt has a slightly snug fit on her, while the red short sleeved vest on top of it is more loose over her. Her dark blue pants are baggy and are held up with a white belt. For footwear, she uses red rubber shoes. The only thing that hints at her gender is the pink metal bracelet on her right wrist, given to her by her mother. Not her color of choice, but she couldn't bare to change it.

Personality Profile: Almost always wearing a smile, Shula is a cheery, energetic and optimistic person. Even after all she's heard about what the Royal Knights had done and what she and Frost had went through, she still has that upbeat personality to her. She's willing to greet others, answer the usual questions, and being friendly all around. She's also very much willing to help others out, no matter how hopeless, difficult, or ridiculous the request (unless, of course, it involves stuff she considers amoral). But if you talk with her for a while, you'll notice she can come off as a bit off. She might ask the weirdest of questions and have strange mannerisms, like her liking of staring at embers, almost like someone listening to soothing music. Those questions are mostly because she'll even give the most farfetched things consideration, seeing as nobody believed her when she thought she saw a dragon inside her computer when she was young and nobody believed her, only to find out later it was a Digimon.

Another thing others will notice is that she's a very determined and disregards her own safety a lot, often making her do reckless things. Said determination, coupled with her energetic nature, makes her rush head on into a lot of things. This has toned done a bit after years of being with Frost, but she still does plenty of things impulsively. She also treats all Digimon equally. Unless they give an obvious reason for such behavior, she won't think ill of them, virus, vaccine, data, Nightmare Soldier, whatever, they're the same. This stems from Frost as well, seeing he's supposed to be a corrupted Digimon, but doesn't act like it at all. Because of that, she also believes that, if it's clear the person is truly willing, they should be given a second chance. It doesn't matter how, they still deserve at least a chance if it's possible.

She cares for others more than herself, which is the reason of her blatant disregard of her safety, and several parts of her personality (such as her friendliness). She's protective of those she considers dear and is willing to put her own life on the line for them. Of course, Fridge has been telling her that she's no good to anyone if she's dead, and so generally tries--keyword: tries--to avoid such. That typically fails. She has a soft spot for Digimon who've been discriminated.

She has come to terms with the fact that she has, indeed, fallen in love with her partner Digimon, Frost. She has thought of telling him this, but she hasn't found the oppurtunity to do so that wouldn't make the situation awkward or worsen Frost's species' bad reputation. Then there's the fact that others might think of her as a sick mind, or endanger Frost, so for now, until the time is right, she'll keep that fact to herself.

Digivice Description: Her Digivice looks like an old model of cellphone with a red rectangular casing. In the place of the center of where the keypad should is a white circle with a yellow star symbol on it. The face of the Digivice is bright orange while the screen is greenish-grey whenever it's not lit.

History: Born in the Philippines to an American father and Philippine mother, Shula grew up rather normally for the first few years of her life. She made friends, went to school, and loved her parents, especially her mother, as well as her older brother. She, herself, acted normally, that is, until she was about ten years old. One day, she was doing research on mythology when she swore the screen glitched out and she saw a dragon. Since then, she believed that the myths and legends they knew were real and told her friends about it. They didn't believe her and, thinking she's gone mad, left her. Since then, she had gone out of her way to learn about said mythos and ended up secluding herself, in part to the research and in part to people thinking she's mad. Unfortunately, this affected her grades as well, lowering as time went on.

Her parents told her that if she didn't get good grades, she might not be able to get through life and get a job. Shula, not wanting to let them down, she refocused on her studies. But then her mother was diagnosed with a disease which had no cure, and she died in the hospital. Right before she did, she gave Shula her bracelet and told her not to give up. Despite that, she still felt sad that her mother was gone. What was worse, she could only get the minimum grades for all of her subjects. This upset her to no end as she knew she was better than that, after all, her brother was smart, so she could be too, but she just couldn't raise them higher. Her depression got worse after graduating high school, and wasn't able to enter college, her grades too low for the least expensive ones. She kept trying to look at the bright side, but it was hard to know she couldn't support her father and brother.

Then one day, when she was nineteen, she had a message from some voice asking if she could help in the digital world of Saga. Not wanting to burden her family, she took the offer and was transported to Saga. There, in one of the towns of Saga, she found a rampaging DarkTyrannomon and an odd device in her hand. Being the reckless girl she was, she stood in front of it and told it to stop. The dark dinosaur, surprised to see a complete stranger want to defend others, calmed down and devolved. It turns out the Digimon went on a rampage after seeing his "friends" hurt a young human and her Digimon. After introducing themselves to each other, and Tyfrigo getting his nickname "Frost" from Shula, the two teamed up and became good friends.

After finding out his former friends, who ran away earlier, were criminals who had been on the run for a while, they hunted each of them down over the next few years. As they hunted them down, Frost gained his Ultimate form, and net other Tamers as they journeyed, and Shula slowly realized she was bit more protective of, and a bit more open to, her partner. She at first dismissed it, until they found the last of them. Just before they fought him, the Andromon, digivolved into a HiAndromon. Frost did his best, and Shula did her share by using the enviroment, the HiAndrmon was close to killing them both. But Shula didn't want to see Frost die, shielded him with her body as the android was about to strike, wishing with all her heart that there was someway to help. A bright glow from her Digivice consumed them both, making their enemy cover his eyes from its brightness.

When the light was gone, Shula and Frost's MetalTyrannomon bodies were replaced with a single Machinedramon, with blue eyes. They took him down in minutes and finally turned him in to the authorities. After de-Biomerging, Shula came to terms that she had indeed fallen in love with Frost, otherwise, that Biomerge wouldn't have happened. With their mission completed, the duo were about to go explore Saga when they heard what Galahad has just done. Both shocked at this, when they recieved a summon by the High Council as they were one of the few Tamers and Digimon who have Biomerged, they immediately accepted it, even though at the back of her mind, doing this might end up being a double-edged sword.

Other: She knows how to speak some Cebuano and Filipino from her mother.

Digimon Partner:
Name: Tyfrigo "Frost" Rex
Species: BlackAgumon
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Appearance: Your average BlackAgumon. However, when he's biomerged with Shula, his Machinedramon form has her eyes in the usually eyeless eye sockets.

Personality: Calm, level headed, and pretty much what you wouldn't expect from a virus version of Digimon, he still has the headstrong attitude and fiery temper the Agumon species is known for, however, since he was born as a Pagumon, he knows planning is as good as an idea as charging head on. Thanks to that, he usually comes up with the more stealthy and cunning plans while both he and Shula handles the combat aspect of strategies (mostly him though). He typically tries to reign in Shula whenever she gets too impulsive or angry, but get him mad, and he won't mind joining with her. His temper is about as bad as Shula's, if not worse. But thanks to her, he has learned to loosen up a bit and try not to come off as stoic all the time. He cares deeply for Shula and was happy when they got along with each other better as time went on. Like Shula, he's usually approachable unless he's in a bad mood, and believes in second chances like her. Because of her, he knows that humans can be just as good and kind as Digimon and as such, was shocked of Galahad's actions.

History: His life wasn't easy when he was a Pagumon. Others often blamed him whenever he was in the vicinity of a prank, and, being the child he was at the time, would often get in trouble over getting angry of being falsely accused. That led to him digivolving into a BlackAgumon, which made the ridicule a little less, but not by much. When a group of Digimon moved into the town, they too were subject to similar treatment, what with one of them being an Impmon. He ended up being friends with them, which only really made things worse for him, but he didn't care. He had his first friends and they helped him at least access a Champion form, as a DarkTyrannomon. At least, that was what he thought, until a human girl and a Betamon had snuck into the group's basement and got caught on the way out. Frost would've gotten angry at them, but then his friends started beating them.

Angered and feeling decieved by them, he digivolved and set out to attack them. His anger got the better of him though as he chased them out the house and wherever they sheltered. He was going to destroy another house until another human girl sttod in front of him and shouted at him to stop. At first, he was too shocked to say anything but then saw the residents inside the house, shaking and afraid...of him. He devolved at seeing that and expected the girl to chastise him for what he's done. Instead, she asked why he did it. Surprised once again, he answered unsurely, and she asked where the hurt girl and Digimon was. The duo got her to a healer and the girl introduced herself as Shula.

He introduced himself, but Shula just decided to call him Frost because he seemed cold, which at first ticked hin off, but then she said that said coolness can "cool down" tempers. Lame pun aside, that was the nicest thing he's heard about his personality in his life. So the two, after also finding out his former friends were criminals, teamed up and hunted them for the next few years. He was eventually able to digivolve into MetalTyrannomon, which he was very happy about. He wondered why Shula seemed troubled, but whenever he asked, that troubled expression would melt away into genuine gratitude. So he kept an eye on her. Then when they nearly died while trying to capture the last Digimon, they Biomerged into Machinedramon. After handling the HiAndromon, he was very happy he Biomerged with his partner, and that she seemed at peace now. With that finished, they were going to explore Saga together when they found out what Galahad has done. For the first time in a long time, his temper flared, and when they got the summons, he accepted it with as energy as his partner.

Digivolution Line: Pagumon -> BlackAgumon -> DarkTyrannomon -> MetalTyrannomon -> Machinedramon (Biomerged with Shula)


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Woo! Whole lot of text coming up!

Name: Thor Odinson
Species: Imperialdramon Fighter Mode
Gender: Male
Age: 995 (as a member of a Eternal lineage, Thor ages slower once reaching maturity, retaining his brashness and youthful nature for centuries)

Appearance: Thor has the usual Imperialdramon FM appearance. His hair, however is a good deal longer than what's typically thought of when considering this species. He's powerfully built, a force of nature in physical form.

Personality: Thor has a great deal of power, inherited from his father, but he is only just learning to use it to its full potential. He desires to live up to the legend of his father, and wants to prove himself worthy of his legacy, but at the same time he desires to forge his own path and not simply follow exactly in his father's footsteps. He had a habit of second-guessing himself that he has only recently taken steps towards overcoming. Thor is now a powerful and confident warrior. He has honor befitting a being of his stature, and demands the same respect that he gives to others.

He plays the stoic as well as any, and plays it in earnest. He did, however, have a much more personable and outgoing side (especially in his youth), which now emerges when he is around those he trusts and respects most. His rarely-seen easy-going side also has a bit of a wild streak, and he's been known to raise a bit of hell from time to time and city to city.

Upon going into battle, however, Thor changes completely. He becomes like a machine, unceasing, unflinching, and unrelenting. He is no longer either stoic or contemplative, but determined and focused. He becomes something else entirely, and it is in this "something else" that his separation from mortals becomes most evident. Thor becomes vicious, ferociously efficient and brutal.

History: Thor is the Odinson, the son of Odin, the Paladin Imperialdramon that first brought the Royal Knights together nearly 1000 years ago. Among the Royal Knights and the High Council, Odin was held in the highest esteem. His sword was the weapon of legend, the blade that slew the great darkness and ended the nightmares of times past. Thor grew up in the shadow of his father's ever-present legend. He was the eldest of Odin's sons and daughters, the Odinson, heir to Asgard's throne and power.

Odin took steps to ensure his son's preparedness for the role. Thor was trained by the greatest warriors in Asgard as soon as he was old enough to fight. He attempted to educate Thor as to the ways of leadership and rule. But of all his siblings, Thor had the least mind and patience for politics. He was young. He was fierce. He wanted challenges - battles - and opportunities to remove himself and grow beyond his father's shadow. He had no tolerance for things being handed to him, regardless of how easy it might be. He ventured out into the continent of Asgardia, adventuring with his brothers.

It was this bold and reckless character that led him to Vanaheim, home of the Vanir Eternals; the ancient enemies of Asgard. There was only a tenuous truce holding peace together between the two kingdoms, one that the Vanir resented, believing it favored Asgard too heavily. But Thor, caring little for political maneuvering, made his presence felt; he began a month-long revel in the hall of the Vanir king, Njord. This attracted the attention of Njord's daughter Freya and - in a fit of youthful rebellion - she and Thor engaged in a brief but passionate romance.

However brief their affair was, they separated with no ill will towards one another, allowing Odin to salvage the situation with Njord and Vanaheim. The eldest daughter of the Vanir and the eldest son of the Aesir joining together (albeit briefly) could only be a fortuitous sign, he reasoned, and could only serve to bring their two peoples closer together. Behind closed doors, however, Thor was given a stern warning that such behavior would no longer be tolerated.

Thor abided by Odin's decree for some time, continuing to hone his strength and fighting prowess, but the thrill of adventure and revels called to him; he still longed to become his own legend. And so he did as he was asked; he served as his father's emissary; he defended the realm; he fought against Asgard's enemies and the enemies of peace; he struck down all those who would harm the innocent and the weak. In his duties he met with nobles and commoners from all the kingdoms of Asgardia, some grotesque, some beautiful...and those he remembered more than others.

At this point, word of his exploits was beginning to spread, and Thor was infinitely pleased. He believed fully in the greatness of Asgard, of his father, and of himself. In a negotiation with the northern kingdom of Jotunheim, Thor's temper got the better of him and he lashed out, killing the offending party and nearly engulfing Asgardia in a continent-wide war.

To allay the fears of the other kingdoms, Odin was left with no choice but to humble his egotistical son. He banished Thor from Asgard, sending him on trials throughout the world to teach him how to serve rather than be served. Thor spent more than thirty years on this journey, traveling the world over to earn his name. He spent time serving the High Council as an enforcer of the peace until he became weary of their "petty squabbles." He spent time in other godly kingdoms, hoping to quell his legendary temper.

Ironically, found true pleasure among mortals. He found them intriguing; their lives ever so brief but full all the same. He took mortals as friends; as companions; as lovers. He ventured with them out into a world they found so utterly terrifying and showed them its beauty; and in their wonder he gained new appreciation for everything he had been given and scorned. During this time, he found himself in Vanaheim once again; though not as a reveler but as a student. The Vanir were deeply in tune with the earth and themselves. They fostered a unique sort of spiritual strength that was foreign to Asgardian concepts of overwhelming power and fury. He found Freya once again and they eventually picked up where they left off, just one hundred years more mature.

In time, he found himself not caring whether or not his exile ended at all. But it did end, and Thor was one day called back to Asgard to defend it from the enemy. So return he did, with all the power of a god and the passion of a mortal. And the enemy was powerless in the face of Asgard's favorite son returned. Thor returned to his role with renewed vigor; his time away had given him clarity and a sense of the larger picture. He sought to learn not just from his father but from those around his father; those who knew Allfather Odin best.

Then came the darkest day in 1000 years. A terrible fury rose up from the very earth, a dark force of unimaginable horror, bringing with it scores of other like-minded fiends to devour Saga itself. In the end, only Odin stood between the nightmare and Saga, and Odin - who for centuries had been as ever-present as the sun itself - sacrificed his life to make sure the darkness had no foothold on Saga.

When Odin fell, all eyes turned to Thor, especially those of the remaining darkness. It swarmed the distraught son of Asgard in masse, hoping to salvage its war and survive. But though Odin was no more, his power remained, and he passed it to Thor upon his death. When Thor reached for the mythic White Sword, able to be lifted only by those deemed "worthy", he immediately ascended to the Paladin Mode. The true power of the blade, however, was beyond Thor's reach and understanding. The sheer scope of it overwhelmed him and though he obliterated the darkness, he was forced to relinquish the form.

Since the death of his father, Thor has shied away from public eye. He has refused the throne and chosen solitude instead, forsaking all responsibilities and relationships in an attempt to finally prove himself worthy of his father's power. It hasn't been easy, but with an immortal lifespan ahead of him and the world at peace, Thor was confident in his ability to do so.

Then Galahad came to him, hoping to recruit him to his crusade. Though marred with uncertainty in his day-to-day life, Thor knew one thing: his father would not have stood to see the Royal Knights fall down such a twisted path. So he refused, and when the Council called him he answered.

Higher Form/s: Imperialdramon Paladin Mode

Lower Form/s: Imperialdramon Dragon Mode (Slide), Paildramon, ExVeemon, Veemon

Other: Thor is an Eternal. This means he has tapped into the powerful spark within and used it to manifest a measure of immortality and increased power, becoming god-like in ability. While this does denote an increased level of power, it primarily serves to maintain Thor's longevity and physical prime. Like many Eternals, it serves to raise Thor's awareness of existence, his own included.


Name: Svarog Rodsyn
Species: Apollomon
Gender: Male
Age: 1010 (as a god, Svarog ages slower once reaching maturity, retaining his brashness and youthful nature for centuries.)
Appearance: Svarog has the regular Apollomon appearance. He is powerfully built, his hands calloused by centuries of fighting and his body marred by scars of all shapes and sizes.

Personality: Svarog is the embodiment of the burning power of the sun. He is intensity incarnate. He knows his power and knows how great it is. He lives his life as if on the surface of the sun, brimming with focus and power. He is capable of great warmth and camaraderie, but also unyielding anger and vengeance. He is passionate in his beliefs, which mostly consists of him being great. Furthermore, he views his godly status with a great amount of pride, and is always looking for the next fight; the next challenge to overcome. He believes that fire is a fixed phenomenon in all aspect of his life, and lives according to the laws of flame.

In places where he is known and celebrated, he tends to seek out the nearest tavern and beautiful woman (or women if he can swing it). He's the ultimate lady-killer, using his good looks, charisma, charm, and status to win (and subsequently break) the hearts of women everywhere. He's a connoisseur of the one-night-stand and is prone to seducing women of nobility, "just for the challenge." But Svarog's eye isn't for power; he appreciates beauty no matter what social class it's found in. He enjoys the perks of his status; especially the free drinks and attention it gets him from women.

Svarog has little time for the impudence or "little mortals" (as he calls them). He cares little for their objections to his actions, or for their differing beliefs. He claims that they cannot possibly justify criticism or belief in things that they have no ability to comprehend; that his life and the existence of the gods is one or which mortals have no concept. This has served to drive a wedge between him and some of his fellows...a wedge he cares little to acknowledge. All the same, his devotion to the struggle is unflinching, and he is a mon that will gladly throw himself into the fray to deal with a superior adversary when needed.


Svarog was born in the cold northern reaches of Saga in the realm of Bogarden. His father was Iroas Rod, the god of victory, and Svarog was the first true god born since the sun first rose on Saga. If Iroas Rod knew how he accomplished this feat, he never told a soul. Svarog's mother died when he was an infant, and his father took him out into the world to gaze upon his works. Iroas Rod was a beacon of glory in combat, and governed both personal valor and bravery in battle. Thus he also governed warfare. Iroas sought to encourage the honorable aspects of warfare in mortals. In Svarog, Iroas found someone who could, from their birth, come to fully embody his vision.

Iroas Rod obsessed over glory and the greatest challenges. He sought out the worst monsters and horrors of Saga and hunted them down, traveling to where he was needed most. During the escalating conflicts between the gods and eternals, he found himself opposed by the Asgardian Allfather, Odin Borson. Despite their storied battles, the two slowly grew to respect one another, and soon became something akin to friends as they established peace between their people. The two were kindred spirits; both unchanging beings searching for answers in a world constantly changing around them.

When Svarog was still a child, his father and Odin intervened in a conflict against a nightmare horror the likes of which had never been seen before. This creature had slaughtered its way through everything in its path - mortal and eternal, until Odin and Iroas stood against it as one. In the end, Rod gave his life to delay the monster and discover its nature; allowing Odin the opportunity to gather together the greatest mortal warriors and form the first order of Royal Knights.

When Odin returned to Svarog, the boy was devastated by the news of his father’s passing, and though at first he lashed out against the Asgardian, the two would have a conversation that changed everything about Svarog’s outlook on life:
And there was Svarog, standing not far from where the sword lay, his shoulders drawn up, fists clenched, eyes squeezed shut, a scowl hiding his tears. He fought to open his eyes, and fought again to look up into Odin's. But when he did, he held his gaze. And when he spoke, it was with a clear, unwavering voice.

"You...this was not your fault," Svarog said through clenched teeth. "You are not to blame for Father's death."

Odin knelt and placed a hand on the tiny Digimon's shoulder. "But you were right. I failed you Svarog," he said, shaking his head sadly. "Rod was my brother, and I allowed him to die. For this, I am so sorry." He grasped Svarog's shoulder tightly. "I failed you, but I will not fail your father. I promised him that I would find a way to end this nightmare. And I will."

Svarog nodded quickly, his face scrunched up to fight back his tears. Odin's heart broke for the boy.

"Your father's last words to you..."

"I would...like very much to hear them now."

Odin smiled. "Your father's last thoughts were of you; how much he loved you, how proud of you he was, and how great he knew you would one day become," Odin said, remembering the words of the war-god. "He said, 'do not weep for the dead, but remember their lives lived with honor and glory.'"

"Is that all?" Svarog asked. And Odin almost laughed. True, those words did not seem like they would be Rod's last.

"His final instructions to you," Odin said. And Svarog nodded eagerly. "'Do not go gentle into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the light.'"

"Rage," Svarog whispered the word in reverence. His face scrunched up. "But...that's it? He said nothing more before he died?"

"Ah, I see," Odin said, nodding sagely. The light and brightness had returned to Svarog's eyes. He was too young to truly appreciate his father's last words. He wanted the story of his father's last deeds. "Your father, mighty Rod, took up his mighty blades. And with his body glowing with all the fires of all the heavens he let out a mighty roar. He looked the monster in the eyes and said. 'Beast! Nightmare thing! In the name of all the glories past and yet to be! Die!' And then he struck that nightmare monster with a blow unlike any I have seen in my very long life."

"And those were his last words? Truly?" Svarog asked, and Odin nodded. "And the monster?"

"Let out a wail, so horrible and agonized, that were it not for the echo of your Father's voice across the cosmos, it would have slaughtered the stars themselves."

Svarog nodded, his eyes sparkling with flame and tears. And Odin sensed the boy grow in that moment, and bind his life to those few words. And Odin saw, as Rod had, how great this boy would become.

"Lord Odin, should you or Asgard ever require aid, you need only sound the call and Svarog, son of Rod, shall answer it," the boy declared, tearless and fiery. Son of Rod, indeed.

"The universe would tremble if those such as we ever stood side by side," Odin said with a smile. "But that must wait for another time and another place. Do you understand?" And Svarog nodded. "Good."
But Svarog would never see Odin again. Svarog attempted take his place among the other gods. With his father gone and his seat empty upon the Council, it left a vacuum of power that needed to be filled. Svarog was left as the sole heir to everything Iroas Rod represented. But he was viewed as little more than a pest by the other gods at best, and at worst as a usurper by Heliod.

As he grew, Svarog realized just how far from his father's ideals, and he washed his hands of it. The Council had fallen; lorded over by sycophants and power-hungry fools who knew not what they wanted or needed, just that they wanted and needed more. And Svarog would not partake in their self-gratifying ways.

He left both his birthright and his father’s title in his past. No longer in the shadow of another, Svarog was free to pursue his life as he saw fit. Like his father before him, Svarog chose to travel the world, exiling himself to the frozen north and the burning deserts where he lived and fought all on his own. He forged himself into a mighty warrior, seeking challenges and trials to test himself against. He combated several great threats: a terrible Argomon hell bent on conquering the island-nation of Jhess; a rampaging Boltmon; and through sheer happenstance cause a bar fight that crippled the mastermind of a potential coup d'etat in the kingdom of Acheron.

Over these centuries Svarog continued to hone his power, becoming a god of sun, fire, and war. He made sure to never ally himself with petty rivalries - never involving himself with the squabbles of bureaucrats like those he hated. Instead he joined with those who shared his beliefs, his passion, and his fury. Chief among them was a RustTyrannomon named Venser. Throughout his prolonged, mechanical life, Venser journeyed with Svarog for an entire century of adventures and revelries, but along the way they angered another god: the god, Mogis. In a fit of godly rage, Mogis slew Venser, and Svarog declared war on the horned god, revealing his true identity as the son of Rod and nearly sweeping all of Saga’s gods up in the conflict.

It was only the arrival of an even greater enemy; a swarm of monstrous undead, that forced the gods to set aside their grudges and work together with the Royal Knights and the mortal armies to turn back the tide of darkness. In the end, Svarog yielded his vendetta for the safety of Saga, but not before beating Mogis as a warning to all others who might cross him.

Alone and consumed by his rage, Svarog retreated to the north for the first time in centuries - back to the abandoned ruins of his birthplace - where he remained until he was summoned by the High Council.

Higher Form/s: N/A
Lower Form/s: Flaremon, Firamon, Coronamon

Other: Svarog is a god. What this denotes most significantly is a level of resilience and durability that is almost unmatched. While he lacks the literally-undying cosmic existence of his fellow gods, his physical durability is tremendous. Additionally, he can physically manifest his godly power in the form of his essential essence; in Svarog's case, the elements of the sun, fire, and war.


Name: Michael Ha'Yisrael
Species: MagnaAngemon
Gender: Male
Age: 40 - as an angel of higher order, Michael's lifespan occurs in a different reality than most. In the realm of Paradise Eden time moves differently so that while in Saga, Michael has "lived" for over 1000 years, he has only aged 40.

Appearance: Michael appears much like a regular MagnaAngemon, but his body is more muscular and toned. His "Excalibur" beam sword is also slightly longer than average, allowing for improved range. It is closer to "standard" sword length (instead of the glorified "arm spike" that other MagnaAngemon have).

Personality: Michael is powerful and devoted, calm and collected. He has the utmost dedication to his purpose and his mission. He is cold and calculating, but also merciful. He will not needlessly hurt or maim, but will kill without hesitation when the time calls for it. While he was initially completely devoted and obedient to the will of the Archangel Lords, he has since grown to value his own opinions and thoughts, and question the orders he's been given.

Michael is a rather unique character, especially for an angel. As a youngster he followed the rules and instructions of the Holy Host, but was not opposed to finding ways around them (without breaking them). Still, he respects the rules of the Host and understands the inherent logic in their placement. He clearly enjoys his status and power as a Saint; he sees the great power now afforded to him as a blessing.

Michael is a noble being with an extreme distaste for evil and the corrupt. He values honor, duty, and family. He values strength--of the body, mind, and spirit. In fact, it is through the spirit that Michael found the core meaning of his existence. He is able to perceive and harness the inner nature of a being, giving him an inherent understanding of them and their motives.

He embraces that inner self, forging a contradictory sort of personality. On one hand he embodies the values of the individual; dominance through strength and competition; the survival of the most fit, intensity and fury. On the other hand he values the notions of honor and morality, of peace and society; purity of thought and action.

History: He is the "Hand of God", Heaven's ultimate option. Michael is their greatest weapon and their greatest warrior. He has dedicated his entire life the Holy Host and became their greatest asset.

His start was anything but remarkable. He was an Angemon of admirable skill but little renown. He intervened in mortal affairs at the behest of the Three Great Angels alongside his brother, Lucifer, though it was Lucifer who stood out among all the angels of Heaven. Lucifer was brilliant; skilled, powerful, intelligent, charismatic, and confident. He was the most beloved of all the angels, and even the Three doted on him more than the rest. He was Michael's best friend and beloved brother. Together they traveled the world, slipping through time to bring the word and power of God to the rest of the world when Saga needed it most.

Michael and Lucifer were among the last to stand against the nightmare that catalyzed the Royal Knights' creation before Odin and Rod intervened. It was this meeting between angels and gods that changed Michael. He emerged from that battle with a new sense of purpose, devoting himself fully to the perfection of his crafts: war and combat. Alongside him, Lucifer too grew. They were inseparable, determined to change the course of the very world.

It made Lucifer's fall all the more painful. No one knew why he and the others fell, only that they did. They became enraptured with something other than God: themselves, and it was Lucifer himself that led the way to damnation. The Seven Demon Lords pulled others to their cause - both of the Host and the mortal world - whispering promises of power and fortune. Their cores were corrupted by the darkness, and the Host split: Holy and Unholy. The war between the two factions spilled out into greater Saga, with the Holy Host scrambling to protect the innocent civilians prevent casualties.

It was Michael that led the Holy Digimon against the rebellion of the Seven Demon Lords. His tactical mind allowed them to stalemate their unholy counterparts at every turn, even though their numbers and individual powers were lacking by comparison. Realizing that nothing could be won until the Seven were dealt with, Michael took the fight to them. After a climactic battle that nearly saw him killed, he cast Lucifer the Inferno, the pit of dark energy that the Unholy Host had been feeding from. With Lucifer gone the rest soon followed, and the Holy Host filled the Inferno with the damned.

It was this heartbreaking success that earned Michael the title "Hand of God," and he's carried that title proudly. He continued to serve the Holy Host, and garnered a tremendous level of prestige. Because of his status and rank, he was Heaven's first choice to send at the request of the Council to stand against the Royal Knights.

Higher Form/s: Seraphimon

Lower Form/s: Angemon, Patamon

Other: Like many MagnaAngemon, Michael's power is well beyond that of the typical Ultimate-Level Digimon, this is even more obvious in Michael's case, as his power and capability exceeds that of even some Megas. What he can achieve in his Ultimate form, however, is rather limited, and his apparent power is mostly a result of his mastering the MagnaAngemon form. Additionally, Michael is well trained in a half-dozen martial disciplines. He is a master combatant and swordsman.


Name: Samael Cain
Species: Beelzemon
Gender: Male
Age: 29 - as a former-angel and resident of Paradise, Samael's lifespan occurs in a different reality than most. In the realm of Paradise Eden, time moves differently, so that while in Saga, Samael has lived for over 1000 years, he has only aged 29. Furthermore, after his Fall, he was cursed with a form of agelessness.
Appearance: Samael appears as a regular Beelzemon but--aside from his normal weaponry--also carries two scimatars strapped across his back.

Personality: Samael is wild, ruthless, merciless, and murderous. He's sarcastic, quick-witted, and hates authority. He loves the thrill of battle and often loses himself in its insanity. He is capable of making friends, though he has a tendency to betray if the outcome suits his needs at the time. He's surprisingly tactical and has a great wealth of knowledge.

Before his fall, Samael was a humble, devoted, and courageous angel belonging to the Holy Host. He served the order faithfully, dedicating himself to the protection of mortals and destruction of all dark forces on the plane of Saga. He was motivated by duty, honor, virtue, and loyalty. But it was those qualities that brought him low and turned him into an abomination. His sense of duty and purpose, his desire to see the righteous cause of the Host through to completion, made him vulnerable to the manipulations of the newly-fallen Demon Lords.

Now Samael barely resembles his former self. He is cunning, calculating, and deadly. His devotion to an ideal has become devotion to himself, and he often exemplifies the self-indulgent demonic nature. He's self-serving and selfish. He has dedicated his existence to following his whims, and this easy life of pleasure has brought him detachment and easy confidence. He has become a sort of bon vivant, seeking novelty and new diversions. But despite his fundamentally hedonistic nature, Samael does feel the pull of more lasting concerns, and over his long life this tendency has resulted in an arcane schedule of engagements and forays to far-flung lands. As a result Samael is a busy man, traveling frequently to pursue concerns known only to him. Samael always seems to have business elsewhere.

He's become a charmer and a smooth-talker in this time, he has a vicious way with words and a critical eye that combine to make him extremely competent at picking someone apart and deducing what makes them tick. His ability to analyze and dissect people and situations mentally, combined with his physical lethality has made him an incredibly deadly individual.

Samael relates to others as his playthings, as he's found few beings capable or worthy of gaining his respect. He's found immense pleasure in traveling the multiverse. Essentially, he's a narcissist, with an "I come first" sort of attitude.

"Hyper-lethal" is the most appropriate way of describing Samael. His true nature is that of a killer: he combines the worst and most deadly aspects of an angel's unflinching determination with a demon's sadism and hedonism. Within him lurks his "darkness," a pseudo-aware aspect of his personality that resulted from the mix of powers, energies, and magic that came with his fall. The darkness drives him to fulfill the Hunger and the Need, the primal urges of his demonic nature.

History: He began his life as an Angemon named Cain, following the footsteps of his brother Abel in serving as an emissary of the Host. He was talented; quick-witted and insightful, able to pick apart flaws in personality and argument in the blink of an eye, and this carried over into his military training. From the beginning, however, he envied his brother's success and status. Abel was a master orator and the first one to be called upon when the Host needed a speaker, regardless of how well and often Cain poked holes in that logic. Cain's combat training, while limited, should have been enough to get him recognized. But in the shadow of his brother's wings, how could he compare?

Even the woman Cain adored over all others couldn't see him past his brother's presence. Abel was admired throughout the Host, loved by all - he could have had any wife he wanted. But he chose Shayera, the woman of Cain's dreams, who he had loved his entire life but never once approached. When he confronted Abel, he was met with a smug "too late" and rebuffed. Everything Cain ever wanted, his brother had.

It made him an easy target for the Demon Lords, who secretly spent night after night whispering in his ear and his dreams, tempting him with power, fortune, glory, and passions. And for nights Cain fought sleep, fearful of what his dreams might bring. He spent his days wandering, half-aware, not sure if he was awake or asleep; not sure whether what he experienced was a nightmare, a dream, or reality. When confronted by Abel and Shayera about his erratic behavior, the voice of the darkness grew even louder. And Cain finally snapped.

All at once he sloughed off his angelic form and emerged as a NeoDevimon - the first of many. He attacked Abel and Shayera and found himself overwhelmed by the power he now possessed. He crushed Abel under his heel - crippled him - and carried both him and Shayera off into the darkness. Over the next seven days he wreaked unspeakable torment on them, loosing all his inhibitions; every twisted desire and screaming need of the darkness within came bubbling out of him, filling him with laughter and terrible glee. Only after those seven days, after dancing in seven sins with the two he loved more than anything else in the world, did the blood-haze clear and Cain realized what he had done.

But by then it was too late. He was enraptured by the power and the thrill of being godless and free. He was seduced by the power offered to him by the Seven Demon Lords, and they renamed him Samael, "the Venom of God."

Samael's natural talents were finally put to good use under Daemon, and he found that what he'd initially believed to be meager combat skills were simply those unsuited for an angelic form. As a NeoDevimon and later a Beelzemon, he was a monster; a terrifying force to behold. He cut a bloody path through the Holy Host, killing scores of angels and leaving even more whimpering shell, muttering fearfully of the horrors he inflicted upon them. Anything at all to silence the whispers of the darkness.

However, as the war started to turn in favor of the Unholy Host, Samael turned on the demons and rejoined the forces of Heaven. Whether through a moment of clarity or because what remained of his soul was still holding on, no one knows. He betrayed key tactical information that was vital in the Host's efforts to rout the army of the Demon Lords and defeat the Demon Lords themselves. In recognition of this, the Three granted some measure of amnesty; allowing Samael to live and continue to serve the Holy Host. Samael has since served as the Host's wildcard, Heaven's Black Ops - their unconventional choice when things go south, hoping to earn his way back into Paradise.

When the Royal Knights' crusade was uncovered, the Holy Host sent Samael

Higher Form/s: *Beelzemon X, Beelzemon Blast Mode, Beelzemon Blast Mode X

Lower Form/s: NeoDevimon, Devimon, DemiDevimon

Other: Samael--aside from his normal weaponry--also carries two scimitars made of black Digizoid strapped across his back. In his X-Evolved form, Samael does not have wings (as opposed to traditional depictions). That evolution is designed for intense close-range combat, and simply improves his strength, speed, and reflexes. Likewise, his Blast Mode is his flight-capable evolution, and his unholy cannon has the unique property of being able to cancel-out holy energies. He has learned to combine the two forms to create a "Blast Mode-X" form (like the official images of the Beelzemon X, with wings and a positron gun) that combines the strengths of both forms.
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@ SolSabre: Good signup. Theo is Accepted.

@ CharredDragon: Not bad. There are a few things I need to nitpick though.

1. In order to avoid some confusion, I'd prefer if your characters didn't have the same names between RPGs.

2. I'm a little confused by this: "He was eventually able to digivolve into a less dark digivolution, Megadramon." How is a Megadramon "A dark dragon Digimon that is said to boast the strongest, wickedest power among Dragon-type Cyborg Digimon of the Ultimate level. As a Digimon that was artificially remodeled by someone, it was programmed to destroy everything." less dark than...well...anything else? It's just a little weird that he splits so drastically from the Tyrannomon line.

3. Yes. Analog is exactly like our world. All the countries, languages, places, events, etc are exactly the same...other than that some people get to become Tamers.


A Trickster and his Not-Cat
Okay, I've edited it. Is that any better?


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Blimey, Tes was fun to write!

Name: Tessa ‘Tes’ Tesla

Species: Wisemon

Gender: Female

Age: 27

Appearance: Typical Wisemon appearance except Tes wears a lavender belt and shawl over her robes and is slimmer due to being female, though it is impossible to tell underneath the thick robes. Tessa often get mistaken for a male of her species on first impressions.

Personality: Lively, perky, knowledgeable, and intelligent, Tessa is generally a well-meaning digimon... and sometimes a bit ditzy. She has an insatiable curiosity. She loves to study old manuscripts and scrolls for ancient knowledge and can always be seen with her face in a book or scribbling down notes of her own. She's capable of reading or speaking many ancient languages, or at can at least translate them from her books if given enough time. Tes gets very excited when she finds something fascinating, whether it is an artifact, architecture, flora/fauna, scrolls, etc. Despite living a reclusive life with her father, she knows most of her manners, however, she is a bit oblivious to some social cues like personal space, staring at people for long periods of time, nosing into other people's business, etc...

On the rare occasions Tes does get mad, she can be a bit childish and pouty. If someone irritates her enough, she'll make a teleportation portal appear underneath their feet and cause them to drop out into another nearby location, usually in embarrassing ways. She also hates it, when others belittle her eccentric father.

Tessa does get very serious and focus when she's working her 'magic' with the Space and Time Orbs. She doesn't have much combat experience, however, Tessa is quite creative in the use of her abilities to defend herself. Her long-distance teleportation skills are a little iffy. Line of sight teleportation is quite easy for her, however, using the coordinates recorded in her father's ancient tome often results in her being miles off target. Once she's been to a location, she can determined the specific manipulation needed of the Space/ Time Orbs to complete a successful -and accurate- teleport. Most of the time, however, Tessa will deliberately do a blind jump just for the thrill of discovery. She'll also ride her father's Book through the air like a magic carpet.

Tessa is very modest, she is quite comfortable in her robes. She'll be mortified when she eventually evolves to Kuzuhamon and discover just how revealing her outfit is.

She also has a moderate affinity for healing, a trait she inherited from her mother. Tessa hopes to someday have the opportunity to meet her mother.

History: Tessa’s story begins long before her birth. Her father, Nikola Tesla, was a Demon Man Wisemon, who lived a hermit life studying ancient scripts and conducting experiments with digital High Code. Her mother, Suriel, was an Angewomon from Paradise Eden and member of the Holy Host's mighty Choir.

Nikola was out gathering herbs for potion, when a falling light crashed through the woods. Ever curious, he found the wounded form of an Angewomon having fallen during a fierce battle in the skies above. The humble Wisemon assisted the downed angel to his cottage home to treat her wounds. Suriel, as she introduce herself, stayed with him for a time as she healed. During their time together, they grew close and soon in love. Long after her wounds healed, Suriel delayed returning to Paradise Eden. Eventually, the Angewomon could no longer ignore her duty in heaven, leaving the care of their daughter, Tessa, to Nikola.

Nikola did not mind, his daughter carried the same radiate beauty and kindness of his beloved angel and cherished the gift Suriel blessed him with. Tessa proved to be a diligent and faith daughter assisting her father in his studies and research for years. When Tessa was 21, her father became very ill and later spoke his parting words to her:

"Tes, I used to travel across Saga, learning her secrets and witnessing her wonders. I've even tried recreating various mysterious phenomenon, sometimes successful, others not so much. Don't let fools tell you lead can be turned into gold! I would know! I tried! Nor is there no such thing as a wise owl! Their eyes take up two-thirds of their skull space! I left behind the known digital world to conduct my research in secret from those that would steal it. .But, you...you.. my beautiful Tessa are my greatest creation..."

In the quiet of the night, Nikola passed away, his data fading into the world and leaving the young Tessa alone. She didn't drown in grief for very long. Rather, she dove into her father's books, continuing his work, and following her own path for knowledge. After scouring through her father's extensive hidden library for years, she discovered a large ancient tome hidden in a secret compartment. It was her father's Book, filled with his personal notes of his journey through Saga, destination coordinates, and the secret of a powerful artifact he'd hidden.

Realizing the extent of the world beyond her father's books and scrolls, Tessa set out with gleeful abandonment from the quiet forest she'd live in her whole life. Each day was a new discovery and experience for her, often getting herself into trouble unknowingly. One day, a mysterious message appeared in the pages of her father's Book, summoning Nikola to come before the High Council in Axis Mundi. As the sender did not appear to know her father was gone, Tessa decided to answer the summons herself and teleported to the free city of the High Council. Instead, she ended up at the bottom of a lake outside the city.

Higher Form/s: Kuzuhamon, AncientWisemon (Ancient Evolution)
Lower Form/s: Sorcerimon→ Tapirmon → Gummymon → Zerimon
Other: Tessa will need to use an artifact called the Sage's Medallion, containing the Spirit of Steel, to evolve to AncientWisemon. The same powerful artifact her father kept secret to protect.
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@ Solsabre: Looks good. The only issue I have is with her mother's name "Adonai", a Hebrew term for "God". Because there's a lot of mythology in this RPG I'm going to have to ask for that to change.


The Reforged Soul
No prob, I had another choice if that was the case, can I use "Suriel", angel of healing whose name means "God's command."?


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I'll throw my hat in the ring, and I'll bring Kole and Tia back and I think I'll also make a RustTyrannomon character.
One thing with regards to Kole, keep in mind that Loki is also starting out as Piedmon in this iteration. Back during the first run storymasterb and I didn't have a concrete idea of the world-building and the Council and all that, so we just kinda threw species out there left and right. Dunno if that changes things for you, but thought I'd point that out.

No prob, I had another choice if that was the case, can I use "Suriel", angel of healing whose name means "God's command."?
Forgot to recheck. You're APPROVED now.
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Save me a seat, boss!

Nocchi (Puppetmon), Gigas (HerculesKabuterimon), and Sha (Shawjamon) are making a comeback! The Triple Trouble Triad, baby.

I'll have their sign ups ready soon.


Don't ask questions.
Name: Pinocchio "Nocchi" Marion (some have called him "Redcap Nocchi" or simply "Redcap")
Species: Puppetmon
Gender: Male
Age: 29 (though his high-pitched, nasally voice might cause some to mistake him for a "tween")
Appearance: Just your average Puppetmon. He carries his hammer over his shoulder and can throw the two wooden planks on his back like a boomerang.

Personality: Nocchi is an intriguing character. His holds himself high, despite his short stature, in an effort to present himself as braver and stronger than he really is. Below this front, he is mischievous, distrusting, cowardly, and would do anything to save his own skin. His nose, a mechanism which detects his own deceit, often betrays his true intentions, however. Aware of his own weakness in the wake of much stronger Mega levels, Nocchi keeps Gigas the HerculesKabuterimon around as his muscle. Nocchi himself, the brains of their operations, is the tactical one (albeit with impish tendencies). His mind is cunning, sinister, and incredibly strategic, and he wields it as a weapon. The Puppetmon's true strength lies in his mind, for he is unpredictable, and never battles the same way twice.

Most tend to underestimate him due to his size, and that's why he nearly always comes out on top. Nocchi's only weapons are his hammer (which can conveniently fire bullets) and his puppet strings. Those, in combination with his cunning personality, stubborn will, and unpredictable behavior, make this little guy a force to be reckoned with. Just as a note, whenever Nocchi has an opponent caught in his strings, he acts like a maniacal two-year-old with a new toy.

History: As an Alraumon, Nocchi was partnered with a young female Tamer named Eva. Together, they attempted to deliver Nocchi's woodland-home from the clutches of a Petaldramon. With the help of a squad of Floramon and Mushroomon, Eva and Nocchi launched a desperate attack on Ulvus, their Petaldramon oppressor. But Ulvus was too powerful for them, and devoured their Floramon and Mushroomon companions effortlessly. After a desperate battle, Eva was severely wounded, but kept fighting alongside her partner.

They matched Ulvus wit-for-wit, blow-for-blow, and finally defeated their evil enemy... But at the cost of Eva's life. She died as Ulvus disintegrated, cackling maniacally. To this day, Nocchi can still hear the Petaldramon's howls in the back of his mind. Losing Eva left Nocchi hardened. He became a traveling bounty hunter, avoiding interaction with humans as often as possible, because they reminded him of his lost partner. He found companionship in a new partner... A HerculesKabuterimon named Gigas Kranatos. Their partnership in capturing or deleting wanted criminals has made quite a name for them.

Higher Form/s: AncientTroiamon (eventual)
Lower Form/s: Arbormon, Woodmon, Alraumon
Other: Nocchi's puppet strings are nearly invisible to the naked eye. In addition, whenever he tells a lie (if he knows it's a lie), his nose will grow longer. His laugh sounds like a constipated Unimon (according to Gigas): "Nyeheheh."


Name: Gigas Kranatos
Species: HerculesKabuterimon
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Appearance: A normal HerculesKabuterimon when it comes to appearance, but a fair deal larger and more muscular.

Personality: Gigas is a jolly ol' bug with a heart bigger than his forehead and a compassion for others that's larger still. He laughs in such a way that some, without looking, mistake him for SantaAgumon. Gigas' strength is unmatched by pretty much everyone, and he uses it to beat down on his opponents. Despite his awesome size and strength, he can't bear to see anyone innocent get hurt, and he can rarely bring himself to hit a girl. He has the defensive capabilities of the Kuwagamon line, and the offensive power of the Kabuterimon line. As such, he is considered to be the supreme insectoid Digimon in those areas. He doesn't like to brag about it, though.

Most consider Gigas to be indecisive, when in fact, it just takes him a long time to make up his mind. He thinks things through very heavily before deciding on something. Nearly everyone is intimidated by his massive size, enormous strength, and fearsome countenance, but beneath the ugly exterior lies a friendly, caring Digimon. Gigas has a pretty limited brawn-for-brawn battle-style, but tries his best to adhere to Nocchi's complicated strategies. He will risk his life to save his friends, and would do it a million times over if he had to.

History: Gigas' background isn't known by most, because, really, there isn't much to tell. He struck an imposing figure and was never welcome anywhere. When he discovered his herculean strength as a MegaKabuterimon, he used it to defeat a horde of Vikemon and Zudomon raiders, who were attacking a nearby town. The big bug defeated them handily, and sent them on their way. Off a cliff. Into a ravine.

Nocchi the Puppetmon saw his herculean feat and quickly enlisted his help as a bounty hunter. The two of them became inseparable (one, because Gigas gets overly-attached to people; two, because Nocchi needs a big lug to stand behind him and intimidate the many people he offends). Gigas' strength, more than Nocchi's intellect, was what made them famous among the towns dotting the landscape. Together, they took down dangerous criminals and delinquents. But this will perhaps be their biggest mission yet.

Higher Form/s: HerculesKabuterimon X, TyrantKabuterimon (Slide), AncientBeetlemon (eventual)
Lower Form/s: MegaKabuterimon (Red)
Other: Gigas has titanic strength and is, physically, one of the strongest known Digimon in the world.

((Note: I'll hopefully have Sha's sign up ready soon!))

((Also, let me know if they're not long enough. I got lazy with their histories, because I used them in the original.))

EDIT: I'm planning on making Nocchi the incarnation of the Ancient of Wood, and Gigas the Ancient of Thunder, but expounding upon both as the story progresses.
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One thing with regards to Kole, keep in mind that Loki is also starting out as Piedmon in this iteration. Back during the first run storymasterb and I didn't have a concrete idea of the world-building and the Council and all that, so we just kinda threw species out there left and right. Dunno if that changes things for you, but thought I'd point that out.
I think that this time round, I may have Kole start off as his Ultimate form, but still digivolve into Piedmon.


Actually after a little bit of thought, I've decided that I'm not going to use Kole and Tia and instead will be having a completely fresh start like I did in CW.


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@ Hotshot: 1.) I'd like a little more on their back stories. Just a bit more history of the two. Flesh out what makes them tick (maybe literally in Nocchi's case).

2.) I'm not sure if you've read it, but Ancient-types are a little different here: they're manifestations of the power of these pre-elder gods. There's more on them under "evolution".


Here's my first character!

Gentaro Kisader
Species: Justimon

Gender: Male

Age: 28

Appearance: The parts of his body that are blue are instead black, and he wears a pair of orange goggles on his head, though they have no practical purpose. Other than that, he looks like a normal Justimon.

Personality: There are two things that sum up Gentaro, his love for justice and his drive to make everyone become his friend. Gentaro is quite an optimist, beliving that nothing can go wrong, nothing can end badly, nothing will end badly. No matter the situation, Gentaro believes that things will turn out for the better by the end of it, that things can't possibly go that badly as long as everyone keeps their hopes up and makes sure to believe.

He has a strong drive to make everyone he meets his friend, sometimes it has even extended to digimon who are currently trying to kill him. Linked to his optimism, Gentaro believes that there is good in everybody and that he can bring out that good by becoming their friend. Even if there is no way that someone would become his friend, Gentaro won’t stop his almost neverending pursuit to make them his friend. That being said, the moment one of his friends is threatened, Gentaro will do his best to protect his friends.

He also isn't that smart, something that becomes evident quite quickly upon meeting him. Sven pretty much believes anything anyone tells him, with the except of things that make him sound worse than he obviously knows he isn't. After all, those that say bad things must just be jealous of him, Yggdrasil knows Sven would be. It takes very little for him to believe what people say, a fault that has been exploited in the past.

History: Gentaro’s life starts off with his birth, as most tales are wont to do. Born in in a village filled with those of the Gargomon line, Gentaro’s life started off quiet and peaceful. He digivolved into Terriermon, as was expected of him, however once he became a Champion, everything changed. He was expected to digivolve into a Gargomon like everybody else, instead he became a Black Gargomon. Gentaro was cast into a pseudo exile, seen as having been corrupted and a bad omen upon the village. With no one in the village even acknowledging him, Gentaro’s life became miserable. The psuedo exile eventually took its toll on him, and after several months of being ignored Gentaro left the village, prefering to risk whatever was out there.

At first it was difficult, Gentaro lived a nomadic life, drifting from place to place, never quite settling down. That was until he met Kouto, a Justimon who essentially took Gentaro under his wing. Gentaro discovered that Kouto considered himself a Hero of Justice, and he became Kouto’s sidekick. While at first, Gentaro thought the idea was silly, he slowly grew to like the idea of being a Hero of Justice. Gentaro was officially upgraded from being a sidekick to a full fledged Hero of Justice when he had to protect a group of Numemon travelling. The group was attacked by a flock of Saberdramon, and Gentaro was almost killed but he digivolved into Black Rapidmon, and was able defeat them, saving the Numemon.

With his new title and his new form, Gentaro finally felt like he belonged. Together Kouto and Gentaro travelled around Saga, helping those in need and fighting for Justice. In fact he even digivolved into Justimon during their travels, something he achieved after stopping a herd of Mammothmon from flattening a herd of Jagamon. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. Gentaro didn’t know it at the time, but Kouto was actually quite old, and had been in a great number of battles in his lifetime. One day Kouto collapsed, and couldn’t get back up again. Gentaro was crushed, but in his last dying breath, Kouto told Gentaro how proud he had been of him and how he wanted Gentaro to keep fighting for Justice.

Once again Gentaro was alone, but this time it was different, he wasn’t truly alone. He would always have Kouto with him in his heart. Shortly after Kouto’s death, Gentaro answered the Council’s summons, ready to help win the fight for Justice!

Higher Form(s): Black Mega Gargomon (Slide), Fuijinmon

Lower Form(s): Black Rapidmon, Black Gargomon, Terriermon


God of Monsters
PeeGee: Looks good. I'm not sure where Fuijinmon comes in, however. Still, your character is accepted.