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Digimon: Unholy Crusade


The Reforged Soul
Theo Grayson
Temple of the High Council

Theo nodded in greeting to Fiona and her partners as they introduced themselves and shared their story of how they'd become involved in recent events. It pained him to think that a human child so young was prepared to join in a battle that could lead to their deaths and had already faced such a possibility. The soldier laid aside the scenario from his thoughts. It would do no good to consider the battle already lost. His attention was drawn once again to the young man with the agumon partner.

"I'm James Reeve. I don't know if I'm brave, really. I just can't bear to stand by and do nothing, you know?" The youth said with confidence and an open smile.

"And I am Artanis Dawnflame," Jame's partner spoke up next, alongside him.

"I thank you for your compliment. But we are, all of us, brave. To face the Royal Knights with such resolve, one must possess true bravery. That you fight them is a testament to yours, Theo Grayson.

Theo nodded silently for he didn't trust himself to speak. He was resolved to stand up against the atrocities committed in the name of a holy crusade against the humans and their partners. Facing the Knights was not a matter of bravery to him, but rather he must to protect his partner's family. However, to do so, Theo would stand opposite of his oath-brothers and
former comrades.

The Order sowed bonds born from blood and battle, lives risked and spent for one another in equal measure for a united purpose. The same family Theo abandoned over ten years in the throes of grief and loss. No, he would need to find the courage necessary to ease the conflict in his heart and core and face them with honor and not turn away in shame.

The BlackWarGreymon glanced in the Odinson's direction, grateful for Lord Thor's hope to still convince the Knights from continuing their oppression on the tamers. If he, an old soldier, could do anything to support the Thunderer, he would.

Theo remained lost in thought as discussion continued around him.


Tessa Tesla

The deadly blade hovered in her face menacingly. She'd barely turned her hooded head back towards the demon after sharing a few chuckles with Hoshiko, when the demon made his move.

“Woah,” Tessa stared dumbfounded, frozen stiff with shock as the blade withdrew with the same fluidity as it had first appearance.

“Woah,” the wisemon repeated, starting to regain her senses, “that...was fast.”

"I suggest not antagonizing Samael if you can help it," Micheal suggested to the assembled 'Guardians'.

“Oops, my bad,” Tessa said sheepishly, scratching the back of her head. The moment of utter terror had indeed shaken the wisemon deeply, but with each passing second the cogs began turning as she full process the incident.

“By the holiest of holies...that was fast... did my orbs catch a record of that?” Tessa exclaimed, soon forgetting the near brush of death moments before.

The space/ time orbs obediently hovered in her sight from their place of safety behind her. Tessa replayed the sequence within the space orb. The wisemon frowned, yes, she managed to secure a copy of the demon in action, but the motion had been stopped mid swing. Drat. Preserving the event for a more practical use in the future...was not so practical with the Beelzemon's strike incomplete. We won't mention she was still alive due to Lord Micheal's interference, a minor detail. Plus, she hadn't cast the necessary coding beforehand for such a preservation spell. Details, all of it, Tessa reminded herself, always remember the details.

"Wise one, are you okay? A booming voice startled the wisemon from her deep thoughts. The Boltmon, Stein, knelt down beside her with concern etched in his posture. Then she realized the male Tamer, James, asked a similar question.

“Yep! Still in one piece, though I think I lost a pound from sweat. Hhmmmm...” The little mage paused with a considerable hum, yanking the front of her robes away from her body and gazed into the impenetrable darkness within its folds. “Yea, a pound and few ounces.”

"Stein was worried when he saw swords being pulled." The Boltmon nodded and chuckled to himself. "Stein thinks Wise One should be more careful. Sometimes things more dangerous than they look."

“You speak true words of wisdom, Stein.” Tessa said solemnly with a sure nod of her head, remembering the time she stumbled upon two Imperialdramon Dragon Mode digimon guarding their nest. Apparently rumors of their territorial behavior was quite true.

The wisemon noticed the Boltmon paused with hesitation when he finally spoke, "Stein was given this charm for saving someone in trouble."
He nodded to Tessa. "Wise One saved Stein when I was in trouble. So Stein wants to give this to you."

Tessa tilted her head in curiousity, not quite seeing Stein's token until he lowered his massive hand to her level. *A little vaguely egg shaped chunk of wood carved with various glyphs and with an intricate picture of a tree on the front. The wisemon held her breath in surprise and wonder.

“Stein...” the normal chatty wizard stood speechless, never had she been given something, obviously held as precious, by another, except her father.

“I would be delighted to accept it.” Manners, remember your manners, Tessa mentally stammered to herself. The lithe mage carefully scooped up the wooden charm with shaking hands, holding the item close to her chest and carefully examined the details. “Thank you.” Tessa beamed a delighted smile at the boltmon which was hidden in her hood.


Theo Grayson

The moment Samael raced in fury across the council chambers, Theo reacted automatically without thinking. A dramon destroyer stretched protectively over the partners nearest to him, Fiona and Denys. He poised crouch on his feet, ready to spring into action if necessary. The old soldier inhaled deeply with slow breathes as he intently watched the stalemate between Micheal and Samael in case things turned for the worse. The tense broke as the demon walked way after exchanging heated words with the archangel. The greymon warrior relaxed his stance rising to his full height once again.

"Can he be trusted?" Thor asked, turning to Michael.*

"Samael has his own goals," Michael answered without actually answering. And Thor was immediately remind why he avoided dealing with the Hostly sort. "But they align with ours. It benefits him to work with us."

The dragonman shook his head. The Knights wouldn't respect or take their group seriously with such divides separating the individual 'Guardians' or the established cliches. Theo tried to set aside his dour thoughts which were not helping. The Guardians needed to be united in their cause.

"Bah," Svarog scoffed. "Good 'tactics' afford you nothing with a sword in your gut." His tone was harsh and unforgiving. "Put them with me, Michael, and I won't cover their backs. I'm here for a fight. Not to babysit the soft-skins." He looked over at the Tamers again. "Children. Actual human children. What right do they have to stand beside me in battle?"

“As much as it pains me to say so, I do agree with Lord Svarog on one point,” Theo spoke up finally, “Fiona is much too young to join the battles we will face. Even the Royal Knights don't send green trainees to the frontlines in their first battle.” The older greymon added as an afterthought, "At least they didn't when I first enlisted."

“However, nothing about our conflict... is within normal conventions.”

The greymon warrior addressed Fiona and Denys with a quieter, but kind voice, “Perhaps there are still other ways you might help.”

Theo listened for her response while the banter continued between the gods and Archangel Micheal. The black dragon's attention resumed towards the main group when the thunder god spoke.

"We should make our way to the Locomon tracks. They'll be prepared soon and it won't take very long once we get underway."

"Agreed, I can go find Samuel and inform him” Theo said indicating his willinginess to work with the demon, despite voiced concerns, “assuming he has settled down by now.” The old soldier looked to the archangel to see if it were advisable, since he knew the fallen angel the best.


Tessa Tesla

Tessa raised her head from admiring Stein's gift, catching Thor's suggestion to make for the Locomon tracks. "I could get us to Kaladesh faster." The Wisemon piped up.

((OOC: If the Guardians accept Tessa's offer, the group will land 5 miles to the north of Kaladesh and 10 feet above the ground. Fair warning.)
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One world, one love, shadows of mass destruction
Shula Hernandez and Tyfrigo "Frost" Rex
Temple of the Council, Axis Mundi

She knew that Svarog didn't like them. From what she could deduce of what she's seen of him, the only reason he tolerated them was because he was getting a chance to fight and against someone who could be more than enough of a match for him. As long as they didn't stand in his way in any shape or form, he won't bother them. His words confirmed that. And Shula wouldn't have minded that. What she did mind was the fact that he was annoying them on purpose, hoping that someone, in their anger, would've tried to punch him or the like.

Shula grit her teeth and clenched her fist. She hated those kinds, the ones where the fight mattered to the point that any fight would've been better than none, even against supposed allies. And oh, she would be more than happy to punch him at that moment. But she held back. That was what he wanted and she wouldn't give him that satisfaction. But as tempting as it was to address his words with her own, pointing out that if he knew war that he should know that there were times he can't do it alone, she knew that words wouldn't reach him. So at some point she would have to prove it to him in his own terms, with power and combat. Besides, she wasn't at full strength right now.

Feeling something brush up against her leg, she glanced down to see Frost giving her a concerned look. Her anger went down considerably as she smiled briefly at the gesture, but she was still mad at the war god for wanting to tick them off. At that point, Thor pretty much agreed with her on Svarog's behavior before suggesting they go to the Locomon tracks. That was a good idea. She needed to blow off some steam (pun fully intended). Or perhaps she should save it for the Knights... Either way, she said, mostly for the other Tamers in the group,

"Yeah, we should. I'm gonna go ahead."

As she was about to make way for the door, Tessa then piped in and said she could get them there faster. She apaused in her steps, looked at the Wisemon and blinked. Well, that was handy and convenient.

"You can?" she could help but say. "I'm guessing through telelportation, right?" She gave just a brief amount of thought. After all, to her, it was a no brainer. "Well... I'm all for it." She looked to the others, giving a glare at Svarog in particular. "Certainly will shorten the waiting time."


Faithful Crusader
< Henry Vane >
- Temple of the High Council -
- After Meeting Mixer -

After giving his introductions to Michael, and receiving the angel's acceptance into the group, Henry was left with little else to do but wait. The Captain Hookmon didn't take well to standing around, and wandering aimlessly through the halls was a definite no-go. Might as well see who else was crazy enough to stick around. Learning who you were sailing with was often times the most important part of the preparations. That, and the drink. Couldn't sail anywhere without that.

Henry was used to leading the crew though, not serving as a part of it. Sure, he had done his time at that, but that had been years ago when the world was a brighter, more promising venture.

The humans certainly were an interesting bunch though. If anything, they looked more determined than most of the digimon here. It was almost like they had something to prove, which they very well might. It was odd though, the humans seemed to have at least some things in common with him on a surface level. Soft, fleshy skin, two arms, two legs, features the same places as his own. Even similarly placed hair. It was actually a bit unnerving how similar they looked now that he thought about it. They were beings from another world, right? Why did they share so much of his appearance then? A disguise? If so, who looked like who? Did the humans look like him, or did he take after the humans? The Captain Hookmon's head was spinning. He was far too sober for this line of thought.

One of the humans was staring right at him though. No wait, she was staring at something over his shoulder, a dim, simmering anger somewhere in the back of her eyes. Henry turned, following the human girl's gaze over to where the Apollomon, Svarog he figured, was standing. Ah, so they did have something to prove. Henry knew that gaze all too well. It meant the seeds of two things, glory or mutiny. Which depended on the temperament and loyalty of the person in question. Interesting.

Henry approached the girl and the BlackAgumon next to her. She seemed to calm down as he approached, mostly due to some unspoken conversation between her and the little BlackAgumon. Just what sort of bond did Tamers have with their partners? Henry approached Shula anyway, his walk slightly unbalanced due to the gun leg and all.

"I'd think twice before messing with that one lass." Henry said, nodding towards Svarog. "His type don't just live to fight, the fight is everything to them. Mess with something like that and you won't get the chance to take it back." He laughed, a hearty full-bodied chuckle. "Also, there's the wee problem of him being a massive flaming ball of rage and power, and you being a squishy little lass. He'd break you like a cannonball against a dry-rotted plank."

The Captain Hookmon leaned back against a nearby pillar. "By the by, I'm curious about something." He studied the two of them with an inquisitive look, sizing them up as a merchant might some strange looking coin. "What makes a human bond with a digimon? That is, you left your world behind right? Why do you roll your dice with this salty lot rather than go back to the safe harbors of your own world?"

Next he turned to Frost. His gaze neither warm nor cold, but a mask of curious reservation, as though not quite sure what he was getting into. "Perchance you could have a say too. What makes a Tamer and a digimon bond? The way the two of you look at each other, its the sort of thing you only see in blood brothers or sisters. A covenant, or some sort. I'm afraid I don't quite get it is all, and if I'm gonna be fighting side by side with the likes of you two I'd like to."

He looked around to the other nearby Tamers, offering the questions to them as well.


~ Aria Morningsong ~
- Temple of the High Council -
- After Meeting Mixer -

Now things were getting interesting. Nothing like a dash of drama to spice up an otherwise bland day, and smoldering gazes, new arrivals, testosterone fueled bickering, Stein and Tessa's... whatever sort of bonding that was, and what was almost a beheading certainly kept her guessing as to just what sort of madness would spring up next.

She thought about kicking up a conversation with that rugged pirate from earlier, he was a handsome sort if rough around the edges, but he had wandered off towards the humans and Aria didn't feel like retracing her steps that soon. Besides, there had been a few raised eyebrows when she addressed Svarog with such respect. Well, mulch their opinions. Fire was scary. She was not going to be on Svarog's bad side if she could do anything about it.

Still, that left her, once again, standing in the middle of a crowd with no one to talk to. Joy. Other people sure had a knack for ignoring her.

Thor said something about making preparations to head to the Locomon tracks. And Tessa offered an alternative travel method. Aria wasn't sure which sounded safer.

"Agreed, I can go find Samuel and inform him” Theo said “assuming he has settled down by now.” The BlackWarGreymon turned towards the angel, as if seeking approval. How courteous of him.

"You know, that sounds like a great idea!" Aria said, pouring on the cheerfulness as she approached Theo and patted him on the back as best she could. "Come on, I'll go with you." she said, leading him off towards the exit to the halls where Samael had vanished earlier.

Once they were a few steps away from the group, Aria sighed, all pretense of cheer draining away. "Sorry about that. Crowds are suffocating when you don't know anyone." she said, inventing an excuse off the top of her head. "All this showboating and preening, its like they have no idea what we're getting ourselves into."

The Lilamon studied the old soldier for a moment. "You seem like the rational sort. So what's your deal? Nothing better to do and retirement was too boring? Had to go find some excitement?" She shrugged. "Doesn't really matter I suppose, but I'd like to know why a level headed guy like yourself found himself here of all places. Humor my curiosity for a moment." she said with a grin.


+ Frantz Stein +
- Temple of the High Council -
- After Meeting Mixer -

Wise One seemed happy with his gift, so Stein was happy too.

It didn't take much to please the big guy, he was a mon of simple tastes and simpler pleasures. A good smile, a warm hug, a cheery tune, or a tasty morsel were all he typically asked for. Though, the hugs backfired sometimes. He chuckled to himself.

“I would be delighted to accept it.” Tessa stammered. The lithe mage carefully scooped up the wooden charm with shaking hands, holding the item close to her chest and carefully examined the details. “Thank you.” It was hard to tell with the hood and all, but Wise One did seem happy, so it was easy for Stein to imagine a smile on her face.

"Stein is glad you accept it." The Boltmon nodded to himself. "They told Stein it would keep him safe, but Wise One did a better job."

A few moments later, and the subject of transportation came up, and Tessa offered a faster method of getting there instead of using the Locomon. The Wisemon never seemed to run out of tricks Stein thought. He nodded to himself again, as though this confirmed his suspicions that Tessa was, in fact, full of surprises.

"Stein is impressed." he said to Tessa. "Stein thinks it would be fun to ride a Locomon though. Traveling on foot is all I normally get to do. Walking all the way here from the Southern Mountains took many days."
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Rabid Dusclops Fan
Fiona Lowe & Denys Angelus the Tsukaimon
The Temple of the High Council

Fiona turned to Svarog, a little bit of red tinting her cheeks. He had called her nothing more than a child. Of course it was going to happen at some point – she was tiny compared to a god – but she couldn’t stop herself from clenching her fists and grinding her teeth. ‘There is more to battling than brute force,’ she said firmly. ‘It takes strategy and brains too, even us humans know better than to act reckless.’ She glanced at Artanis as she spoke to acknowledge that she was also answering his question. ‘That is why I invested so much time into studying such things – everyone remembers the soldiers and warriors, but nobody thinks about those who fight with their minds, and besides,’ the corner of her mouth lifted into a slight smirk. She was probably going to irritate Svarog but she was in too deep already and perhaps she could prove a point. ‘I am sure that the Royal Knights have brains as well as brawn too, you know.’

At that moment Samael rushed across the room, ready to tear a Wisemon to shreds. Within that moment Theo drew out his weapon and placed it in front of Fiona and Denys. Fiona stepped back for a minute before realising what he was doing. ‘He seems very protective of you,’ Denys whispered just faintly enough for Fiona to hear. ‘Do you think he had a tamer at some point as well?’

Fiona shrugged but she couldn’t help but want to agree with him. It would confirm that the brief flicker of emotion Theo had shown before was more than just her mind playing tricks on her.

‘As much as it pains me to say so, I do agree with Lord Svarog on one point,’ Theo spoke up finally, ‘Fiona is much too young to join the battles we will face. Even the Royal Knights don't send green trainees to the frontlines in their first battle.’ The older greymon added as an afterthought, ‘At least they didn't when I first enlisted.’ He paused for a moment. ‘However, nothing about our conflict... is within normal conventions.’ Theo turned back to Fiona and Denys, addressing them in a quiet, yet kind voice, ‘Perhaps there are still other ways you might help.’

Fiona tilted her head. ‘I don’t intend to go out there without caution,’ she said calmly. ‘Of course, this is not going to be the same as the battles Denys and I have been in before – I would be a fool to believe something like that.’ She rubbed the back of her neck. ‘I would have to see these battles for myself before doing anything that requires Denys and I to go up against the Royal Knights and their stronger troops.’


Knight of RPGs
James Reeve
Temple of the Council, Axis Mundi

"You know what it's like to wrestle in the dirt," Svarog waved him off. "You don't know battle. You don't know war. But you will. And yes, as long as you do not expect my protection you're free to join us." He glared down at Artanis. "But should you fail, should you falter or get in my way, then this experiment is ended. And you will leave war to those with the ability to wage it."

"In that case, I'll just have to not fail," James replied. He was a little intimidated by the sun god, but also irritated. Did Svarog understand the stakes they were fighting for? He couldn't tell if the Apollomon's indifference to the Tamers was born out of a lack of understanding or if he just didn't give a damn for anything except a good brawl. Perhaps it was like Samael and their fight with the Royal Knights just conveniently lined up with what Svarog was after.

Or perhaps, judging by the god's next words, he was just after any fight.

James turned to Hoshiko and Tessa. If Hoshiko was still shaken by Samael's violent lunge, she was masking it well. But it probably wasn't the first time she'd had to deal with something like that. Even in her line of work, there were dangers. He hadn't followed the guild much, he wasn't interested in dusty relics and old stories, But he imagined she'd had to go into some pretty dangerous places to make some of those finds.

Tessa seemed fine, deep in conversation with the Boltmon who had stepped forward when Samael attacked. He glanced around the room. From somewhere a CaptainHookmon had apparently joined their ranks and was talking to Shula and Frost. Everyone else was talking to someone.

"What do you think?" he asked, aiming the question at Hoshiko. "Of this whole thing, that is."

She sighed. "I think we've got some real characters here, that's for certain."

James laughed good-naturedly. "Thank you, captain obvious. I just hope we don't end up fighting each other more than the Royal Knights."

"With any luck," she murmured. "I mean, we've got to win, right? There are people dying out there." It was like an icy knife thrust right into him, but he kept his smile up. Yes. People were dying out there. That was what this group was meant to be stopping, while Samael lashed out in a frenzy at small things and Svarog seemed frankly bored by any aspect other than the upcoming battle.

"We can, I'm sure of it," he replied. "I know that right now, we seem messed up, but when it really counts, we can pull together and win. We don't have to agree on everything so long as we can do that."

"I hope so," Hoshiko answered. She sounded less than certain and he knew why. No matter how much power their group radiated, the gods and Michael in particular, they were fighting the Royal Knights. She probably knew a lot more about them than he did and knowing their stories inside and out had to make them more fearsome. He hadn't even fought them directly the way they intended to, just fought to delay them. Even doing that, he'd seen how powerful they were. The failed assault had shown him even more. But the only alternative was to lose their partners and go back to Analog, living mundane lives knowing that they could have had more. He couldn't bear that, especially not while people were being cut down so ruthlessly.

"What will you do once the Royal Knights are brought down?" he asked, wanting to change the subject. "Go back?"

She seemed a little startled by that. "Go back?"

"To Ama, I mean," he clarified. "Rebuild your guild."

"Oh, yes," she murmured, downcast suddenly. He could see the grief and pain in her eyes. She wasn't like him. He didn't attach himself to a particular place here. But judging by how pained she looked, she had cared a lot about that guild and the people within it, people she had lost. "I'll try to. There are things I can't rebuild. Artifacts that were destroyed. People."

He nodded in understanding. "I'm sorry."

"You don't need to be," Hoshiko replied. "But thank you." She looked over at the two gods and the archangel. "We should be leaving soon, shouldn't we?"

"Tessa said she had something to help with that," James replied, having overheard the Wisemon suggesting it. "I don't know what though."


Artanis Dawnflame
Temple of the High Council

He had seen the sun god's like before. Among his tribe had been a warrior named Zoranis. They had fought together in their training, both showing promise. But while Artanis fought for glory and righteousness, Zoranis fought for the love of the fight. His bloodlust was insatiable. When he fought, it was in his eyes, as fierce as Samael's rage. Whatever had become of Zoranis, Artanis doubted it was good. But he did not know, for Zoranis had departed in search of a battle that could sate his thirst.

Svarog was like that, if more composed. He seemed as unswayed by the world as the sun whose power he possessed, except when the prospect of a worthy battle loomed. And he seemed to invite battle at every turn. While battle was necessary on the path to glory, to encourage it was not a virtue to be admired. Acknowledgement of its necessity, certainly. Willingness to enter the fray, of course. But not so brazenly trying to spark bloodshed to the point of needling and goading one's allies.

If it continued, perhaps he would have to have words with the sun god.

He turned to Okatsu, for their Tamers were deep in discussion, as was the rest of the room. "So how did you come to accompany Hoshiko?"

"She saved my life," the Gabumon X replied. "I foolishly stumbled into a swarm of Keramon, overestimating myself. If Hoshiko had not intervened, I would not be standing here."

"So you owe her a life debt, then?" the Agumon mused. He had heard of such a thing. It was a part of the sagas his tribe sought to emulate.

Okatsu nodded. "I do. But more than that binds me to her. She is my lady. She gave me purpose and one who I could follow." Purpose. It sounded like before that, she hadn't had one. But he had known his purpose all his life. Seek the evildoer, cast them down and gain glory from doing so. Serve the people and forge a legend. That was what they were supposed to do. Zoranis' failing had been that he sought to fight for its own sake and so sought to fight anyone.

"What did you do before?"

"I wandered. I fought evil where I found it and tried to find an ideal to strive toward or a lord to serve," the samurai explained. "I sought to restore harmony to the land. But I was incomplete." She didn't feel complete without some form of duty?

"Did you achieve great deeds?" he asked. "Did you slay much evil?"

"I slew small things by comparison, but I brought harmony to those who suffered and that was enough," Okatsu replied. "But still I felt lost, until Hoshiko saved me and in talking with her, I felt that I could obey her."

"You didn't think less of her because she was human?" Artanis wondered, recalling his first meeting with James and the disdain for humanity he had felt.

"Why would I? Courage and duty are not alien to the humans," she said. "I have seen much of both from them while I followed Hoshiko. Simply because the guild was one of scholars does not mean we did not need to fight, when it was necessary."

"I am sure that your challenges could be told as sagas," the Agumon smiled. "I hear you uncovered the remnants of such many times."

"We discovered temples and shrines," Okatsu recalled. "Frescoes telling of ancient gods. Pottery adorned with the myths of old. Hoshiko would spend much time examining them and uncovering their stories. Some we gave to museums across the face of the world, others we were permitted to keep with us for further study. I would train and Hoshiko would unlock the past."

"It sounds like a life I could not lead," Artanis said. "I am a warrior."

"As am I," Okatsu retorted. "But a warrior does not scorn the arts, nor our history. Battle is what I was trained for, but it was my duty to protect and serve Hoshiko. While I can fulfil my duty, I meet the demands of honor. What of you?"

"I was taught to fight evil where I found it, to defend the weak and to seek glory," he recounted. "I am James' partner and we are kindred spirits, in a sense. We wander the world and help where we can, in what ways we can. Slaying monsters, rescuing lost children, and now fighting the Royal Knights. Perhaps one day that will make for a fine saga."

She seemed almost disdainful. "So you seek to see yourself upon a tapestry or a fresco, then?"

"If I can achieve feats great enough for it," Artanis said.

Okatsu was silent, and before she could reply, their Tamers spoke of leaving and that Tessa apparently had said something on the subject.


God of Monsters
Michael nodded to Theo as the dragon left to find Samael. He could only hope the Fallen One was in a better mood than before. Confronting an irate fallen angel was never a good idea.

"I could get us to Kaladesh faster."

It was Tessa, the Wisemon. Truth be told, Michael didn't think much of her. Her abilities seemed useful, but her fighting abilities - the fighting abilities of Wisemon in general - were not quite up to the level he wanted in a fight with the Royal Knights. But her special tactics seemed useful at least.

"I'm guessing through teleportation, right?"

That would be useful in this instance, Michael mused.

"It would give us time to prepare for the Knights," Thor added, his brow furrowed. He was still having difficulty with the concept of fighting the Knights again. Michael knew he would need to keep an eye on that. "Especially if they're already on the move. Even with the Locomon tracks we'll only just make it there before them."

"Except we may also need to evacuate the Tamers should things take a turn for the worse," Michael interjected. He glanced around. Where were Theo and Samael? "We can't assume that we'll be able to succeed in defeating them. Plan for contingencies."


"Hell d'ya want?" Samael growled as he almost bumped into Theo on his walk back. He'd cooled off...ish, but he was really looking forward to killing something. Something armored and shiny. "Yeah, yeah. Whatever you think, shut it and let's go."

He and Theo returned just as Michael continued on about contingencies and whatever. He rolled his eyes.

"Let's just get on with it," Samael grumbled. "Hood-girl over there really started me up. Let's get to shreddin' these clowns."

"Can you teleport us there?" Thor asked, turning to Tessa. "And where would we end up?"


One world, one love, shadows of mass destruction
Shula Hernandez and Tyfrigo "Frost" Rex
Temple of the Council, Axis Mundi

When it came to surprises, Shula tried to not to let such happen to her. It was mostly because surprise usually meant a surprise attack and that would often be fatal. Lessening the chances of her being startled or the like meant that the probability of someone getting the jump on her to be successful would be small. However, other kinds of unexpected things were fine as far as she was concerned...like of one of their Guardian teammates approaching her. She couldn't help but blink, not having seen many pirate like Digimon, or pirate like anyone really.

And he basically warned her about wanting to fight him. Oh, he probably noticed her glare at Svarog.

Shula just rolled her eyes. "I know that. I'm not an idiot. I know my limits."

Though that would explain why he had been trying to annoy them earlier. Actually, it made her calm down more than even she expected. If the fight was all he had, then she couldn't really fault him too much. But still, it was idiotic to fight against allies. The least he could do is ignore them. It was better than what he was doing earlier.

"I beg to differ..." she heard Frost say, her mind easily imagining the knowing grin he was likely wearing.

She knew what he was thinking.

"Oh shut up, Frost. That time doesn't count. How was I supposed to know it was an Ultimate?"

"Well, as you would say, it looked like a bomb."

She rolled her eyes again, though the smile on her face voided any thought of being offended. "Hey, I knew you'd make it in time. I knew your limits too."

It was this point that the pirate Digimon asked a question that caught her off. He had asked her about the bond between Tamers and their Digimon, and why would she come here, away from her home. Shula face scrunched up in thought. As much as she was happy to explain, well...her reasons had been personal, and soon something she'll have to confront. But right now, what could she say? Something close to the truth, she supposed. It was better than nothing.

First things first, answer in order.

"Well, things just worked out for us really. When I met Frost for the first time, he was going nuts, but I knew there had to be a reason and when I found out, I knew he was a nice guy. After that, we decided to team to chase after a bunch of criminals we knew and got to know each other, have each other's back 'cause that's where we get our power from, our care for each other. And we've been travelling for years now, so that's why we're close."

She shook her head in slight amusement at herself. "I didn't really feel I was doing good back home. Besides, who says all humans want it safe? I was offered the chance to come here, for me a once in a lifetime chance to see something lots of people I knew thought wasn't real, and I took it."

Once again, she was surprised as the pirate then asked the same question with a comment on their closeness, saying he's only seen it between blood brothers or sisters before. She found that amusing and relieving at the time, seeing as she loved him as a partner, or as some of the Digimon she's met would've said, a mate, but she didn't really want others to know that. Not others who weren't very close to her that is. She would have to tell her family at some point when she saw them again...

Seeing as that was directed at Frost, she stayed quiet to let him answer.

"My answer is very much the same as my partner's," he said. "We've been travelling for almost ten years, and in that time we've come to understand each other. And...as sentimental as it might be for others, she was the first one to be kind to me, Digimon or human. So I felt I could trust her when we first met." At this, he threw a knowing glance and smirk at her. "Besides, I highly doubt someone who stood in front of me while I was rampaging in a poor attempt to protect others would have the mental capacities to trick me."

"Hey!" She jabbed at him, which he took without complaint, but it was clear it was pretty much a playful one with the smiles on both of their faces and the lack of strength in her "attack".

The pair looked back at him, Shula smiling while Frost's was kore neutral as usual but both with a sense of friendliness.

"Does that answer your question?" they said in perfect synch once again, genuinely curious if it was enough.

As they waited, it seemed that the demon had returned along with the Lilamon, whose name she had completely forgot to ask for, and Theo. She just decided to wait for Tessa to answer before doing anything to drop the conversation with the pirate. With that, she realized something as well.

With a sheepish smile, she said to the pirate Digimon, "Eh heh, uh, what was your name again? I didn't quite catch it if you said it earlier."


God of Monsters
Axis Mundi

"It's not so much teleportation as it is a quantum calculation that gives me access to non-binary digital computational arithmetic across fourth and fifth-level vectors."

"What?" Samael asked. There was no malice or accusation in his voice. Just the complete certainty that the Wisemon had broken herself.

"Leylines," Michael answered easily. "She's accessing Saga's digital leyline network to lessen our immediate perception of the space between two places."

"Is that what you call it? Fascinating. That's a much easier phrase." She brought out her notebook and made a few scribbles. "I'll need just a few minutes to make some calculations. A little bit of--no, that's not it. Divide...lambda? Oh! Heavens no. Not unless you want to suffocate." She turned to the group and was met with silence. "I suppose not. Yes. That makes sense. Let's see then. Probably needs a new variable…"

"While we're waiting, someone send word to the prep team," Michael said, nodding to the nearby guards. "We'll be transporting to Kaladesh on our own. Have the Locomon leave now. If the worst happens we'll need a way to evacuate the humans and their partners."

"This should give us enough time to prepare," Thor muttered, his brow furrowed.

"Except we don't know which of the Royal Knights are coming," Michael objected. They could have used the travel time to review reconnaissance data and come up with a plan. "Our only hope is to use our knowledge of their skills and capabilities against them. We don't have as much time now."

"Figure out your little strategies later," Svarog growled, his arms crossed. "I finally have a chance to fight something real. I don't need to waste my time with figuring out who is weakest."

"How about who is strongest?" Michael challenged.

"I'll know strong when I see it," Svarog shot back, glancing over the group. "And I have yet to be impressed."

"Yep! Done! Hold on everyone!."

"Wait, what about--Yah!" But the floor beneath their feet opened up and dropped him through a portal.

The world around them seemed to pitch and turn and fly by at impossibly fast speeds. Images and thoughts and words roared past them all in the span of half a heartbeat. And then, as quickly as it happened, it was over.

And they were falling again, except this time through real, tangible air. And they landed hard on real, tangible ground.

"That sucked," Samael hissed, rubbing his forehead as he stood. "Is anyone else seeing triple?"

"You're the only one with three eyes," Svarog shot back.

"No one asked you!"

"Enough," Michael groaned. He readjusted his armor and glanced around. In the distance he could see Kaladesh, gleaming metallic filigree. "We seem to have missed our mark."

"Oh, shoot! I must have missed something. That'll at least give me something to review later. Not bad for a blind go though, right? I didn't think it'd be this easy to get somewhere I've never been before. Oh well, at least I know how to get back."

"Gotta be kidding me," Samael glowered. "Well why don't we just send the humans away with her whatsit thing?"

"Too much energy," Tessa said, still scribbling. "Got all of us here, but it'll take me a bit to recharge that much. And man. Can you imagine the math on all those humans?"

"We don't have long," Michael said, taking a glance to the horizon. His keen eyes could already make out a few shimmering dots in the sky, the initial strike force of Royal Knights. Their forces would be close behind. "I need to get to Kaladesh and coordinate with their defenders. Everyone who can fly head out to the front lines as fast as you can. Everyone else, with me."


15 minutes later…

Michael nodded to the Rapidmon. Thank God for Kaladesh's advanced technology. With little assistance he'd been able to get a reading and a sense of the impending assault. Six Royal Knights were no joke, but they were far from the full force. It did mean, however, that the remaining seven were operating elsewhere. But…

One thing at a time.

The Kaladeshi were primarily cyborg and machine type Digimon, operating advanced networks and creating new inventions was a sport to them. It also meant that the Guardians would have access to those networks and inventions when the fighting started. Michael just hoped it would be enough when--

"This is a message to the Kaladesh Consulate," a voice roared from the skies. Sir Dagonet the Craniamon spoke full of conviction, as if he'd rehearsed this speech before. He rode at the front of the group alongside Sir Bors the Sleipmon, Sir Kay the Crusadermon, Sir Guinier the UlforceVeedramon, Sir Bedivere the Examon, and Sir Percival the Magnamon. Their forces still dotted the horizon. Out of range, but ready to move in.

"Surrender the humans and no one will be harmed. They will be removed from Saga and returned home. Furthermore, Kaladesh will be invited to join the Royal Knights in establishing the Free Nations of Logres - those willing to resist the Council's tyranny and join our crusade to expel the human blight from our world."

"Be ready," Michael said, speaking into the concealed communications devices the Guardians had been issued by the Kaladesh Consulate. A chorus of muttered words answered back.

Neither the Guardians nor the Consulate spoke a word or made any sign of acknowledging the Royal Knight's message.

"We believe in innovation. In forward progress," the Rapidmon explained softly. "We live it. And they would tear that ideal away from us. No. We fight."

"So be it then. War it is."


Knight of RPGs
James Reeve & Artanis Dawnflame
Kaladesh Perimeter

Kaladesh gleamed with gold. It was a beautiful city, made of industry and shining metal, filled with progress. He'd never been before, but even seeing it so briefly, James understood why the Royal Knights would strike here. If Kaladesh surrendered or was broken, an important symbol would be lost. Humans had made their homes here in their plenty, comforted by the innovation that reminded them of Analog. Not all Tamers wanted to lose themselves in Saga like Hoshiko seemed to. Some were happier with small things that reminded them of home.

From his position on Artanis' shoulder, he looked across the city, seeing the filigree and the spires. Maybe he should have come here before. He'd stayed away from cities, drawn by the wild, but maybe he should have taken up the offers people had made. Alexis had invited him here once in a way that sounded like a date. He'd spent that day fighting a mob of Gotsumon with Artanis instead.

"Thinking you should have come here after all?" Artanis asked. He had evolved to his RizeGreymon form so they could fly here, cybernetic wings spread behind him, his left arm replaced by a great revolver.

"Another time, yeah," James chuckled. He looked at the horizon. The Royal Knights were drawing in, their forces coming closer into view. "It would've been nice to see it without that getting in the way." He nodded to the approaching army.

"Then let us endeavour to defend it," his partner said. "And we may see the sights of Kaladesh once this dark business is finished."

"Whenever that'll be," James murmured. He glanced around them, where the Consulate's forces were assembling. The machines and androids were taking defensive positions, readying their weapons.

"Surrender the humans and no one will be harmed. They will be removed from Saga and returned home. Furthermore, Kaladesh will be invited to join the Royal Knights in establishing the Free Nations of Logres - those willing to resist the Council's tyranny and join our crusade to expel the human blight from our world." Dagonet's voice boomed out, echoing through the city. The Consulate's forces did not waver. None broke rank.

"No one will be harmed," James repeated, and his voice blazed with anger. "Tell that to the people I protected from you. Tell that to Hoshiko."

Artanis growled. "They still hide behind a veil of righteousness. Either they have deserted their honor or they are fanatical about this cause. Neither bodes well."

"Be ready," Michael's voice came through the communications device a soldier of the Consulate had given him a short while before. James murmured his acknowledgement and smiled to the troops around him, but inside, he seethed with anger. This was nothing new. The Knights had always carried that air, that they genuinely believed they were in the right. But then they cut down partners without mercy and forced their grieving partners back to Analog. No. There was nothing right about it. He had seen children crying in grief about the Digimon they had lost. Digimon who had committed no crime but trying to protect the humans they cared about.

An unseen signal came, for the Royal Knights advanced. They came like meteors towards Kaladesh, their forces accelerating to enter the fray. They were six lances of Digimon, pointed to thrust deep into Kaladesh and pierce its very heart. It was as well-coordinated and perfect as expected from the Knights, aimed to target vital positions and cripple the defenses. He'd seen it before, fought it before.

But this time there were shields to meet the lances.

Sir Bedivere roared into the fray before James, his Wingdramon brethren at his back. The Examon's lance spat lasers like arrows, raking the defenses as he descended, his wings blocking the sun. His crimson scales gleamed, his eyes blazing with conviction. They found James.

"So here you are once again," Bedivere rumbled. "Again we find you before us, James Reeve. Your tenacity is admirable, if tragic in its misguided nature."

"I'm sorry to disappoint," James shot back. "But I thought I'd made it clear I wouldn't let you do this."

"Clear as crystal," the Examon replied. "Pendragon's Glory!" Laser bolts sang from his Ambrosius lance, but Artanis weaved through the hail as he had in their previous battles. The RizeGreymon brought up his arm and answered.

"Trident Revolver!" Three slugs roared from his revolver, hammering into Bedivere's wings as the Caledfwlch became a shield around the dragon's form. They parted as soon as the shots were blocked, Bedivere's lance unleashing a fan of lasers that raked the Consulate soldiers.

"Solid Strike!" The revolver swung and Bedivere was knocked back by Artanis' strength, even through the Caledfwlch blocked the blow. James clung tightly to his partner's armor as the RizeGreymon soared, revolver hammering shots into Bedivere's wings.

"Is this to be our every battle?" Bedivere asked. "Your every attack failing against the Caledfwlch? But then that is your resistance embodied, isn't it? All you can do is make futile gestures such as this. You hammer away at my unbreakable shield in a heroic but pointless show of defiance."

"I've saved Tamers and partners from you," James answered. "Spared them from the blades of your swords. I heard Dagonet's little speech there. Inspiring stuff, 'no one will be harmed', 'Free Nations', 'Council's tyranny'. Nice sales pitch he put together." He glared at the Examon. "But you and I know that no matter how nicely you talk, you Knights are ruthless and cold-blooded about this."

"From your perspective, perhaps," the Examon answered, spreading his wings and circling. Around them, his Wingdramon swooped into battle. "But then to one who has known privilege, any attempt to impose restriction will seem oppressive. Your kind have had free rein of Saga for much too long. The Council silenced those who voiced concerns. Your arrogance was tolerated. Your ignorance permitted. But no longer."

"I've seen what your 'restriction' means," James snapped. "And people I know and care about are suffering and grieving because of it. To hell with it! You said it yourself: I made it clear as crystal. I will fight!"

"As will I!" Artanis bellowed. "Rising Destroyer!" Searing beams of heat shone from his wingtips, finding the Wingdramon around them and throwing them through the sky. Surrounded by a fiery glow, Artanis rose to Bedivere's level. "You and your comrades were my heroes, my idols. I saw you as the pinnacle of heroism. Come, Sir Bedivere. Show me your skill and power. So that I may overcome it and rise to your heights!"

"Test yourself against me if you wish," Bedivere answered, the Caledfwlch stretching to block gunfire from the Consulate forces. "Measure your mettle if that is what you want, Artanis Dawnflame. But you will be found wanting. That, I assure you."

"Trident Revolver!"

"Pendragon's Glory!"


Hoshiko Yukimura & Okatsu Sekishusai

Filigree-etched structures reached into the sky around her. Everything shone silver and gold, glowing with sunlight and hope. Though she had been to Kaladesh before, coming here always took Hoshiko's breath away for a moment. She loved the city, though she imagined that if she ever stayed longer than the few days at a time she had before she might grow exhausted by the bustling metropolis. Everything here was energetic. People moved fast, technology advanced fast. She preferred things slower most of the time. But there was a spark to Kaladesh that electrified her when she visited.

Even now, she felt the old excitement at the city's marvels. She looked across the shining spires and into the canals. She remembered coming here on expeditions or to test new equipment built by the guild's local branch. They were always finding new tools that she could use. Sometimes they dug up relics of their own for her to examine. She remembered coming here, always with guildmates and Okatsu. Anand had always jumped at the chance to come to Kaladesh, saying it reminded him of his home in India back on Analog. Eventually she had just asked him to lead the local branch, and she remembered his smile at the opportunity and how he had hugged her in delight.

But now he was gone. His partner cut down in the escape. He had been visiting the guild in Ama by chance. By misfortune. He had been showing her a new metal detector the Kaladeshi had been developing, excited by the possibilities it offered, how much it could make their digs more accurate, the time it could save them. It seemed as though one minute he had been excitedly chattering to her about it and updating her about the marvels of Kaladesh, inviting her to visit some time soon and see it herself, and she had smiled and agreed.

The next, the Knights and their forces were falling upon the guild and as they ran and Okatsu fought to cover their retreat, Anand stumbled and his partner went back for him. The Knights descended. The Asuramon rose and hurled an attack at them. A sword fell and struck him into motes with a single blow.

Anand screamed his partner's name and Okatsu howled and Hoshiko cried out but kept running.

A Digivice broke. Anand was gone.

Her eyes were wet and she wiped the tears away before they could be fully born. Cold rage burned along with the grief and guilt. She stared at the horizon and the Knights who stood between them and it. Now she would run no longer. Now it was time to fight.

Dagonet said something that she heard clearly but didn't process because she knew it was lies. Honey-coated lies. All she could hear was Anand screaming his partner's name.

Okatsu's paw came to her hand and she met her partner's eyes. Okatsu said nothing, but the touch was enough. Sometimes saying nothing was right.

The Knights suddenly came like meteors towards Kaladesh, branching to hit separate objectives without any communication. That was the Royal Knights. As methodical and perfect as ever. A blue flash came towards their position and Hoshiko stepped forward to meet it.

The Royal Knight stopped and suddenly came into focus. Blue armor encased a feminine form. A blue glowing blade of light ignited from the Knight's right bracer. The UlforceVeedramon regarded Hoshiko, Okatsu and the Consulate troops around them.

"It is a great pity that you did not accept Sir Dagonet's offer," Sir Guinier said. "I regret that it must come to this."

"No, you don't," Hoshiko whispered. "None of you do." She saw the guild burning in her memories.

Guinier looked at her. "I didn't think they would let you stay here. I thought they'd be evacuating you humans while the Consulate sold their lives to see you to safety."

"No one else is going to die for me," Hoshiko said in icy tones. "No one else is going to die around me." She took her Digivice and held it up. Okatsu growled in anticipation.

Guinier's eyes narrowed. "I know you. Hoshiko Yukimura. I thought you looked familiar."

"Then you know what you did to my guild, to my friends," she answered. "You know how my friend Anand was sent back to Analog screaming his fallen partner's name."

"I wasn't there," the UlforceVeedramon said. "I took no part in it. As far as I was concerned, it was one operation of several."

Hoshiko's grip tightened around her Digivice. "My friends died. My friends were exiled from this world moments after seeing the partners they cared about cut down for nothing more than trying to protect them, as any partner, any friend would! And yet, you claim to be in the right?" She tapped one of the Digivice's buttons and a single word took form as though typed: Digivolution.

Icy light consumed Okatsu, and the Gabumon's silhouette transformed. She went from half Hoshiko's size to a head taller than her partner, limbs lengthening, a cape billowing out behind her. Golden armor took shape on her form. She held out a hand and a gleaming halberd appeared in it. With a howl, she emerged, the CresGarurumon glaring with chill anger at Guinier.

"You don't see the damage you would do," Guinier said. "The Council is blind to it and silences those of us who would speak of it. Because humans must be accepted in their eyes, no matter what you may do. No matter the harm you would cause. So we were left with no choice but to do what we always have: take the steps necessary to defend Saga. If that means fighting the Council or the Consulate or any other who would try to stop us, then we must, though it may be a grim duty." She pointed her beam sword at Okatsu. "If you choose to fight me, I will not hold back. Not against any of you. Flee now if you wish. Surrender now if you wish."

Okatsu snarled and brought her halberd to bear. "No. I am sworn to Hoshiko with my life. I will not abandon her."

The Consulate's forces did not speak, but their cold silence was answer enough.

"Then so be it," Guinier said, and raised her sword to the heavens. Upon the signal, AeroVeedramon descended, setting about the Consulate's troops. Some came towards Hoshiko, but Okatsu's blade swung and one was cut from the air.

Geki: Hyougetsuga!" Spears of ice froze into being around the CresGarurumon and raced towards Guinier.

"Tensegrity Shield!" A beam shield ignited around Guinier's other arm and she brought it to bear as she charged, bouncing the frozen lances from it before dissipating the shield as she swung a blade at Okatsu. "Ulforce Saber!"

"Kiju Engetsutou!" Halberd met beam sword with a sparking crash, before the blades parted and met once again. Guinier's speed was incredible, but Okatsu's honed senses traced each swing and her beastly reflexes brought her blade to meet each strike. Again and again the blades crashed, the two warriors fighting at the heart of the battle. Hoshiko watched with haunted eyes, that chill anger in their depths mixed with the nightmarish memories.


Rabid Dusclops Fan
Fiona Lowe & Denys Angelus the Tsukaimon
Fiona had heard about Kaladesh from many other tamers. Some told her of the technology the city took pride of, while others described the vast amount of tamers living there due to the uncanny similarities to their homes back in Analog. But most of these stories had one thing in common, and that was how people described the appearance of the city: beautiful, immaculate, shiny, all of these adjectives and more had cropped up in the conversations, and now Fiona could see why. The gold and silver coloured buildings were far grander than words could ever describe them. Clearly the Digimon in charge of crafting such places had given their all to make this city great.

Fiona bit her lip when she realised that all of this could very well be destroyed in a matter of seconds.

She had opted for a less visible position – partially to relieve those concerned about her youth and partially so that she could watch and learn what she could from this fight. That being said she wasn’t alone, for troops accompanied her and her partner. “There they are,” Denys suddenly whispered. He pointed to the horizon and Fiona’s eyes followed his paw until she too could see them. Her chest tightened. She could make out at least six of the Royal Knights in total (excluding their forces, of course) – meaning that just under half of them had come here to fight today. Denys tapped the back of Fiona’s neck. “Are you still sure you want to do this?”

Fiona opened her mouth to respond but another voice cut hers off.

"This is a message to the Kaladesh Consulate," It was Sir Dagonet, a Craniamon. "Surrender the humans and no one will be harmed. They will be removed from Saga and returned home. Furthermore, Kaladesh will be invited to join the Royal Knights in establishing the Free Nations of Logres - those willing to resist the Council's tyranny and join our crusade to expel the human blight from our world."

Fiona’s chest grew tighter, but not out of fear as she would’ve expected. What accompanied this tightness was a sudden rush of white-hot fury that coursed from her chest to her palms, forcing her to ball them into tight fists and grind her teeth. She wasn’t anywhere near the Knights, but she could feel their contempt regardless. She guessed that they weren’t just seeing the tamers like her as pathetic, but also the Digimon of Kaladesh as well, in fact Sir Dagonet sounded more like he was saying: “You can’t survive this war without us,” just in a fancier, smarter way.

Fiona narrowed her eyes and dug her heels into the ground. She had made her mind up. “I’m sure, Denys.”

“Be ready,” Michael’s voice came through from the communication device one of these troops had given to her. She looked over at the Consulate troops and nodded to them, receiving several nods in return. It was the only sign of communication that passed between them, for the rest of the soldiers of Kaladesh stayed silent, stating to the Knights which side they had chosen to fight for.

And then it happened – the Royal Knights began their descent on the city, falling forth like brilliantly coloured meteorites with their army in tow. These lights branched off and Fiona’s eyes grew when she realised that one of them was heading towards her, a ruby-red one tipped a brilliant shade of gold, followed by ranks upon ranks of Qilinmon. She stepped forward and Denys jumped down from her shoulder, back hunched and ready to fight. The light faded and Fiona looked up into the face of Sir Bors the Sleipmon, who stared right back at her in silence for a second.

“Pathetic,” he began. “A child – the High Council has actually called upon an inexperienced child to fight for them.” He shook his head. “A word of advice, child: get off this battlefield if you want to keep your life.” He gestured to his army. “I will not hesitate or hold back from making you leave by force.”

At that moment all the fears buzzing in Fiona’s head ebbed away. She held Sir Bors’s gaze, unwavering and unmoveable, and responded by bringing up the purple Digivice in her right hand, pressing one of the buttons and spelling out the word: DIGIVOLUTION.

Within that moment purple light encased Denys, turning him into a silhouette. He began to grow, becoming at least double the height that Fiona was, and when the light faded he was no longer a Tsukaimon. The Mummymon stood proudly in front of his partner, poised for battle with his gun ready and aimed at Sir Bors and his troops.

The Sleipmon dipped his head and chuckled. “Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

The Qilinmon behind him suddenly charged all at once but that did not sway Denys or his partner. He pulled the trigger on his gun and shouted “Necrophobia!”

A shower of bullets exploded forth from the muzzle which whistled past the Consulate troops heading in the direction of the oncoming Qilinmon. Some of these bullets hit, others did not, but regardless it would help the Digimon who had sided with her and the High Council. Now all Fiona could do was watch wordlessly, as stern and as still as a commander.


God of Monsters
Kaladesh Perimiter
vs. Sir Dagonet - Craniamon
Svarog Rodsyn

Svarog slammed into Dagonet. The grey-armored knight cried out in surprise as the fiery war-god knocked him to the ground. The Royal Knight surrounded himself with a protective field from his shield in an attempt to ward Svarog off and regain his bearings. But Svarog countered back. Fire spilled from his very soul, hotter than any other. The sun itself bled from Svarog's eyes and poured from his core. The flames ripped through Dagonet's protection and surrounded the grey knight.

"I have spent my life searching for worthy adversaries," said Svarog from amidst the flames. "Will you, Sir Dagonet of the Royal Knights, provide me with the challenge I seek?" He increased the tempo and intensity of the flames, bringing enough heat to bear that even Dagonet's black digizoid shield began to glow red-hot. It would melt soon enough, and Svarog would smash the knight under the weight of his own fury.

But Dagonet was well aware of the effect the flames were having on his armor, and knew he had to stop it. He steadied his stance and launched a swift strike towards Svarog's voice. The spear clipped the god's shoulder and sent him spinning. Then Dagonet dashed forward. He ripped through the maelstrom of flame and slammed into Svarog. The sheer force of the blow sent Svarog flying through the air and skidding across the ground.

"Indeed," coughed Svarog. "Indeed I believe you knights will be worthy adversaries." Svarog raced forward, fire burning from his entire body and he slammed his burning fist into Dagonet's ready shield. The blow shook the knight off his feet and sent deep, white-hot cracks through his armor. Dagonet attempted to rise once more, but another blow from Svarog's burning fists knocked him back to the ground.

Svarog leaped back and pooled fire between his hands. A great sphere of flame began to form, brimming with all the might Svarog could muster. The ball shook with power flashing between white-hot flames and sun-powered corona. He took careful aim at Dagonet, who was dazed from the blows and was only just shaking off the cobwebs.

"Sol Blaster!" Svarog roared. The great orb of power ripped from his hands and slammed into the red knight. Its solar-hot flames spilled over Dagonet, and the knight let out a howl of pain. Indeed, he was almost roasting alive in his own armor. But the black metal of his shield was supernaturally strong, and it insulated him, protecting him from the flames that would have killed a lesser warrior.

Dagonet strode from the inferno, brimming with barely-contained rage, swathed in the protective power of his shield's aura. He charged, moving far more quickly than Svarog was prepared for. The fire god only just managed to react in time and planted himself. He absorbed Dagonet's charge with a groan of protest, forcing his weapon away, but he managed to hold back the charging knight.


Kaladesh Perimiter
vs. Sir Kay - Crusadermon
Samael Cain

"I've got this pointy little pinky," Samael snarled. He drew his swords and leaped towards Kay. But the Crusadermon simply raised her ribbon-blades and easily parried Samael's blows.

"Fist of Athena!" Kay called out. She drove her fist up and into Samael chest, and sent him flying. The Fallen Angel struck the ground hard but managed to rise up once again. He coughed, spitting blood with a snarl, and Kay scoffed at his insolence.

Samael bared his teeth as Kay stalked towards him. He had one last chance for victory. With an savage roar, Samael tossed his two swords into the air above Kay's head. She glanced up, and it was all the distraction Samael needed. He drew his shotguns and dashed forward, blasting at Kay and forcing her to defend herself. Two rounds slammed into her thighs and dropped her to her knees, and she dropped her guard.

The Fallen Angel dropped his guns and leaped into the air. He grabbed his swords as they spun towards the ground, and prepared to swing down on Kay's head with all his might.

"Spiral Masquerade!" Kay shouted. Samael was suddenly and viciously assaulted by the razor-edged ribbons, and his attack was halted in midair. He crumpled to the ground and was sent flying courtesy of a merciless kick to the face by the Crusadermon. She attacked relentlessly, driving blade, fist, and knee into him, enjoying the feeling of his resistance crumble to her. She drove him into the ground, laying into him with her massive gauntlet over and over until the ground around them fractured and heaved up.

The fallen angel would have none of it. Beaten and bloody as he was, he was still the Venom of God; the black wrath of heaven. He'd been almost-killed in way worse and way more painfully ways than some little Royal Knight was ever going to inflict upon him.

Samael lashed out with one of his blades, cutting a long gash across Kay's chest. His black blades cut through her armor and drew blood. The sheer nerve of Samael combined with the suddenness of the attack stunned her, and she was only just able to dodge a potentially fatal stab aimed at her throat. Kay was momentarily overwhelmed and Samael looked to take full advantage of the situation.

"These babies are pure obsidian digizoid," Samael smirked, reading the shock on the knight's face. "Super light-weight and super-dense; they can cut through just about anything." Samael readied his blades and charged Kay once more.

The knight took a fighting stance. And then vanished in a blur of rose petals.

"Spiral Masquerade!" Kay shouted. Samael turned just in time to witness the razor-edged ribbon blades of the Crusadermon slice across his flesh. He let out a howl of pain and dropped to the ground. A sudden sharp pain in his gut told him that he'd been injured. Samael looked down to see the blade of Kay's ribbon-blade protruding from his stomach. The blade withdrew from his body and pain flared through him as he choked out a cry. But the cry was smothered when Kay struck.

"Fist of Athena!" she growled. She slammed him into the ground with a powerful blow, forming a rather large crater around the point where his body impacted the earth.


Kaladesh Perimiter
vs. Sir Guinier - UlforceVeedramon
Michael Ha'Yisrael

Guinier was fast. Blindingly so. Michael had seen his share of speedy Digimon; Samael was no slouch: he had the quick-twitch reflexes of a cat and the poise of a serpent. But this was something entirely different. Guinier seemed to move in every direction all at once: she was everywhere and then nowhere. He could barely follow her. Okatsu was keeping up, but only for the moment.

Already Michael could see the momentum shift in the Royal Knight's favor. Her tempo was too great; she could block, parry, reposition, and retaliate in the same time Okatsu could strike and block. In addition to the actual weightlessness of her energy blades, Guinier moved with three sword motions to Okatsu's two, and the wolf would soon find it was an unsustainable pace to be disadvantaged at. Guinier was toying with her. Guinier wasn't fighting for her life or her existence. She was stretching her muscles. She was having fun.

As Guinier toyed with Okatsu, Michael made his move. Guinier sliced downward and Michael shot forward to intercept and blocked the blow with his Excalibur beam sword. He pushed Guinier back with a grunt and helped Okatsu to her feet. But Guinier wasn't about to wait for them to organize. She struck, her blade a iridescent flash of silver and cobalt. Michael responded in kind, rushing forward, slashing. But Guinier's Ulforce Saber cut deep, and Michael stumbled forward, clutching his side.

"Got you," Guinier said with a smirk.

"Yes," Michael muttered through gritted teeth. "But I also got you." Guinier looked down and noticed the small gash carved into her chest armor. Michael rose, the shallow cut on his side didn't much concern him. He could match her blows, together with Okatsu - three blows for every three of hers; perhaps they could even push past that.

"Indeed you did," Guinier conceded. "This should be fun."

The sudden heat of Guinier's beam sword as it passed mere millimeters from his nose snapped Michael back to the situation at hand. Michael turned and braced himself as Guinier slammed her beam shield forward. The two combatants clashed together, each braced behind their respective shield. They pushed against one another while slashing and stabbing around the shields.

Guinier suddenly spread her wings and pushed forward, forcing Michael to backpedal, but Michael shifted his weight so that the blue-armored knight stumbled forward. As Guinier faltered past him, Michael spun and slashed with the Excalibur.

But he only cut through the knight's after-image.

Guinier appeared above him, her armor sparking blue. "Ray of Victory!" the knight shouted. Power tore from her chestplate, and Michael barely managed to raise his beam shield to block the attack. He glanced back up, but Guinier was gone again.

"I expected much more from the infamous 'Hand of God'," Guinier said from behind him. A stiff kick sent Michael tumbling. He regained his bearings, but Guinier was upon him again. She drew Michael's head back and slammed it into the ground. "But all I see here is a good little soldier ready for-"

Michael didn't let her finish. The archangel spun around and slashed his blade across the inside of Guinier's right arm then cut a deep gash through his armor and across his chest. The ferocity of Michael's attack overwhelmed Guinier, and he drove the knight to the ground, poised to run the Excalibur through Guinier's throat. But Michael held back and growled in frustration.

He wouldn't kill this noble knight, no matter how misguided.

Guinier's armor lit again, and Michael found himself cursing his hesitation and crying out in pain as light and force slammed into him from point-blank and sent him careening through the air.


Kaladesh Perimiter
vs. Sir Percival - Magnamon
Thor Odinson

Thor floated in the air, watching as the battle unfolded. He swallowed down bile and anger; anger at the Royal Knights, anger at the Guardians, anger at himself. He should have been better than he was. He should have been able to take up his father's place as well as his sword. He was nearly a millennia old - young by god standards, sure, but if Balder and Loki could take seats at the Council - he should have been able to help guide the Royal Knights to a better path.

"Been a while, Thor," said Percival. The Magnamon floated before him, with his quintessential aloof cockiness. "Hell of a mess we're all in, isn't it?" The Royal Knight glanced at Kaladesh below.

"It didn't have to be," Thor said, his voice low. "It still doesn't have to be. This can stop. All of it."

"Sorry, Thor, it's too late for that," Percival said with a shrug. "We've seen 'em - seen what's coming for us if these humans stick around." He glanced over his shoulder to the battle around them. "And we're not standing for it."

"Then punish those that transgress, not an entire species," Thor snarled. He felt the thunder rumble up in his chest. "That isn't our way!"

"Isn't it?" Percival asked. "When the demons fell, weren't they all banished? Didn't Lord Odin banish the Dark Gods and all the primal terrors that he came upon?"

"That's not the same."

"Oh, really?" Percival smirked. "It is from where I'm standing. We gave you a choice, Odinson: join us or stand aside. Instead you chose to plant yourself in our way...in my way. And I'm done talking."

Percival struck in a flash of light, driving his fist into Thor's face and hurling him through the sky. Thor fanned his wings and caught his flight, then he set himself crackling with electricity and ripped through the sky. He spread his lighting out along his path, as he made his way toward the shimmering golden visage of Sir Percival the Magnamon. Thor tacked the knight, falling from the sky like a thunderbolt. A large crater ripped outward where they landed. Thor wrapped his crackling fingers around Percival's neck and drove his heavy fist into the knight's face.

He raised his fist to strike again, but Percival caught the blow and quickly turned the tables; hammering Thor with a bone-shaking punch to the gut. The blow was accented by a burst of energy that drilled into Thor's chest and sent him sailing through the air. The Magnamon wasted no more time. He rushed Thor, assaulting him with a swift combination of punches and kicks before slamming him into the ground. Thor shook away is disorientation just as Percival dropped from the sky, his fist brimming with golden energy.

"Magna Punch!"

"Splendor Blade!" Thor countered. Their fists met. Golden energy and crackling lightning tore against one another before exploding violently outwards and pushing the two combatants back. Thor readied himself, but Percival seemed somewhat perturbed, as if he hadn't expected Thor - or anyone else, for that matter - to possibly match his moves.

All questions were forced to wait as Percival lit with energy and rocketed into the sky. Thor swathed himself in thunderous force and took off after him. Percival spiraled through the air and launched his Magna Rockets, but Thor responded in kind with his Positron Laser. The blast and rockets slammed together, cancelling one another out. Percival spun around and his armor burst with light as power built between his hands.

"Magna Blast!" he shouted. A beam of golden energy tore towards Thor.

"Giga Crusher!" Thor answered. His blast howled and met Percival's attack; it proved superior and it powered through, smothering the golden-armored Percival with white-hot lightning. Thor roared forward, plowing through his own attack. "Splendor Blade!" He decked Percival and sent the knight smashing into the ground.

Thor slowly descended from the sky as the dust around Percival began to settle. The thunder god was not surprised to see Percival standing calmly amidst the dust and debris. He knew the strength of the Royal Knights. Their stories had been passed to him through the ages. In fact, only some scorch and scuff marks on Percival's armor and bruises on his body even indicated that he had been in any type of altercation.

Percival was not about to let even that slight insult stand. A constant, strong, golden glow began to spread over his armor, and Thor readied himself, bringing the lightning around him to bear. It wouldn't be enough.

The Magnamon Percival shot forward, trailing golden lightning in his wake. The suddenness of his attack caught Thor off guard, and Percival landed a perfectly-executed golden-powered punch to the thunder god's midsection that sent him flying through the air. Percival shot after him and landed a crushing kick to the side of Thor's head that knocked him completely in the other direction.

Thor rose from where he had crashed and shook his head to clear it. He glanced up and saw the Magnamon simply waiting for him, floating in the air. Thor frowned and and launched his Positron Laser. A crackling beam of iridescent power streaked through the sky towards Percival, but the Magnamon simply powered through it, batting it away with his armored gauntlets. His fist lit with golden power.

"This again? Fine!" Thor roared in challenge. "Splendor Blade!"

"Magna Punch!"

Their two fists collided and once again fire and light exploded out, bathing the world in radiance. But amidst this clash of powers and the tremendous sound of explosions was a sickening crack. Thor's arm twisted sharply and his armor around it splintered. The thunder god reeled back, roaring with pain, clutching the limb.

"Magna Blast!" Percival's attack slammed into Thor and sent him screaming into the filigree city below. He landed with an appropriately thunderous boom, one that shook the very earth. But Thor persevered. He rose from the dust and the filth, bathing the world in crackling light. His injured arm pressed to his chest, but determination was etched onto his features.


One world, one love, shadows of mass destruction
Shula Hernandez and Tyfrigo "Frost" Rex
Current Form: BlackAgumon -> Megadramon -> Machinedramon (Biomerged)
Battle against Sir Bors

To say the least, the teleportation was disorienting. That was, ironically, something she agreed with Samael of all people or Digimon. But it didn't take long to regain their bearings, which was a good thing because they didn't have the time. As soon as Michael stood, he ordered whichever Guardians that could fly to head for the frontlines while he coordinated with the forces of Kaladesh itself. Everyone went their seperate ways. Well, almost everyone.

Shula quickly had Frost change into a Megadramon and followed Fiona to help her. Although it was true it was partially because shewanted to keep an eye on the girl, she might be courageous and calm, more so than her as far as she could tell, but she couldn't help it. She felt like keeping an eye out for her. There was a more tactical reason for that though. They were both Tamers, so they were more likely to get along, something she didn't want to fuss over about right now, and she had a strategical mind, certainly more trained for it than Frost.

As she followed the girl on Frost's back, she noted how the city looked. It was pretty much what she expected a futuristic metropolis would be like. The buildings were sleek, made of silver, or at least something that looked like it, lined with gold. Everything was shimmering and clean, likely maintained by a combination of its advanced technology and hard work. It wasn't her kind of place, she had always prefered being closer to nature, especially the beach as she's had many good times with her family in such places, but she understood the beauty of this place. It wasn't just a city, it was a symbol. The progress and effort of Digimon and humans alike, trying to improve the future, to reach it. It was hope.

And the Royal Knights were willing to tear it down.

She wasn't going to let them.

She stared ahead, her face determined. She was behind Fiona, not too far from her. Around them were all the soldiers of Kaladesh and she was on Frost's back, having made him in his alternate Ultimate form. They heard the words of the Craniamon, Sir Dagonet, from what Frost told had her. He asked that Kaladesh merely send the humans to them to send back to Analog and they will leave the city well enough alone, saying inspiring stuff like the Council being tyrants and what not. Shula let a scoff escape her. If that was true, they wouldn't have brought their soldiers. At that moment, Michael told them to be ready through the special comm. links the Kaladesh citizens gave them.

Nobody answered their demands. They didn't need to. The lack of an answer was enough.

In mere moments, each of the six Royal Knights lead a charge, streaking across the sky as if they were meteors. They didn't flinch. Instead, she just clenched her fist and readied her own Digivice. Fiona went to meet the Knight heading their way. When it stopped, it was revealed to be a Sleipmon, Sir Bors, Frost explaine, who instantly thought it was pathetic that a child was on the battlefield. There was a short exchange between Fiona and the horse knight, her respect for the girl raising as it went on. Dennys soon digivolved into a Mummymon. Behind Bors Shula could see his soldiers ready to strike. Shula prepared herself as well, tapping Frost to tell him to do the same.

She took this moment to speak to her comm. link and said to Fiona, "If you have a plan, just tell us and we'll do our best."

Everyone charged. The Qilinmon ran straight for them, prompting Dennys to fire his gun at many of them. Some of them were hit, some of them weren't. But she wasn't after them. Frost dashed forward and soon the Megadramon crashed at the shield of Sir Bors, startling him but most likely from how reckless they had been. Just as the Sleipmon prepared to return the favor, Shula shouted.

"Biomerge! Activate!"

Another light surrounded the two and, though it had definitely hurt, almost like hitting a mountain, they had caught the shield in their Machinedramon claws, but just barely. This time, Sir Bors was genuinely surprised before digust came over his expression.

"So you're one of those Tamers and Digimon that can biomerge, huh?"

"Have something against us?" she answer in automatic, their synchronized voice more of hers because of that.

The stallion scoffed. "As if you Tamers enslaving Digimon isn't enough, now you're using their bodies."

Her temper flared. So did Frost's. They managed to push back the Knight just a tiny bit.

"He's not my slave," she said, with a hint of Frost's voice again.

"I'm her partner," he said, with a hint of Shula's voice in it.

"Giga Cannon!" they said, their voices in synch.

At point blank, even Sir Bors couldn't avoid the blast, even more so since they were holding his shield. The stallion was pushed back, but only by a few feet as he stamped his other legs into the ground to hold fast. Soon, the attack was over as he regained his shield, ripping it from their grip and used it to block the attack. There was no point in continuing against that one. It wasn't worth trying to break it.

"Partner my ass! I've seen what you humans are doing and we know what it will lead to!"

Shula's resolve faltered just for a moment, long enough that Sir Bors attacked again, this time with an arrow of ice, striking them in the shoulder. It was freezing. But they ignored it to return the attack with their Booster Claw, but it did nothing but hit the shield of Sir Bors. The thought of destruction, especially because of humans, brought fear in her. But it was only for a moment. Frost reminded her of the other Tamers, of her family, and of their time together. And he also chatised her for even doubting their cause. Mentally, she smiled.

"Then maybe you should look harder!"

And the two giants charged at each other once again, their body taking more hits than they would've liked. But they knew the knight wasn't using everything he had. If Thor was injured from their last fight, how much more against them? But, in all that is holy, if Sir Bors won't let anything stop his way, known to get rid of any obstacles, figuratively and literally, than she was going to give him a run for his reputation.


Knight of RPGs
James Reeve & Artanis Dawnflame
Kaladesh Perimeter

"Solid Strike!"

Artanis soared at Bedivere, his cybernetic wings stretched wide. James clung to his partner as Artanis swung his revolver arm, dealing a hefty blow to the dragon knight. But Bedivere shook off the strike like it was nothing. He had suffered far worse in battle before. To him, such a blow was just an insect's bite, a mere irritation.

Still, he answered.

"Avalon's Gate!"

The Ambrosius thrust at Artanis' heart, but the RizeGreymon blocked it with his revolver arm. Even so, the force pushed him downward no matter how he strained against it.

"Your tribe are mighty warriors," Bedivere said. "I have heard of your ways. Trained since birth to fight for glory and recognition. And yet, here you are, allowing a human to be your master. Were you not meant for greater things, Artanis Dawnflame?"

"I am his partner," Artanis answered, still straining against the Ambrosius as he growled the words. "Not his servant. Not his slave. Is such a concept alien to you? That when united, we are stronger than when separated?"

"Perhaps," the Examon answered dismissively. "Though how such fragile creatures can strengthen us has eluded me, I must confess. And you, in your belief that your bond to such a creature can strengthen you, blind yourself to the reality. You are, in truth, his pet."

"That's not how it is at all," James answered, shouting over the screaming metal from their clash. "I would never consider Artanis my pet, or my servant, or anything but my equal!"

"And yet your kind dub yourselves 'Tamers', as though you seek to master us," Bedivere retorted. "Do you see the arrogance of humanity? As you dominated and poisoned your world, so you would do the same to ours. And we, the Royal Knights, defenders of Saga, cannot allow it!" He pulled the trigger at the Ambrosius' hilt and a shell burst from the lance's barrel, exploding against Artanis' revolver and hurling the RizeGreymon downward towards the golden spires of Kaladesh. He caught himself just above those spires, glaring upward. "If you would side with this human who would 'tame' you, Artanis, then we must view you as an enemy of Saga as well!"

"I once thought the same as you," Artanis replied. "I once scorned humanity. I thought them all cowards and criminals. But I was proven wrong. I found a human who shattered those misconceptions, who I was proud to fight beside. And that human is the one I call partner. Through him, I have found glory and strength I could not have achieved alone! And I will fight to defend that sort of strength, the strength formed by the bond of human and Digimon!"

"Then be found wanting, for we shall not relent." Bedivere ascended, rising high into the heavens above Kaladesh. "Be broken, as all who stand against this world's defenders must be! As the demons were broken! As Lord Odin broke the Dark Gods!" Fiery energies burned around his form. "Dragonic Impact!"

If the charge of the Royal Knights had seemed like the descent of meteors, this put that to shame. Bedivere became a meteor, descending toward them with terrifying speed and power. The air shuddered beneath him. The wind screamed as the Examon came crashing down like the burning hammer of an enraged deity.

"Steel yourself!" Artanis cried, and James clung to his partner more tightly as the Royal Knight howled closer and closer.

The impact almost sent him flying from Artanis' back and falling into Kaladesh. He felt it shudder through his bones even as Artanis parried the Ambrosius with his revolver arm. Even so, the metal screamed in protest, almost buckling under the immense form. Artanis was pushed back, almost crushed into a golden spire, but he resisted. He stopped just above the city, holding Bedivere back with all his might.

"Perhaps you are not so wanting," Bedivere mused, seeming almost unconcerned in comparison to the clear strain Artanis felt. "But you will fail in the end. All who challenge us inevitably do."

"Then I shall endeavour to change that fact," Artanis growled. "For every warrior must inevitably face an opponent who defeats them, be it a mortal foe or Death itself."

"Try, if you wish," the Examon answered dismissively. "I shall show you the fate that awaits all who oppose us, Artanis Dawnflame. Defeat." He broke away from Artanis, rising once more and aiming the Ambrosius. "Pendragon's Glory!" Lasers descended from his lance, raking Artanis and the city.


Hoshiko Yukimura & Okatsu Sekishusai
Kaladesh Perimeter

Okatsu accepted Michael's entry to the fray with a nod of thanks as he helped her up. She watched for a moment as he and Guinier clashed, and as he was blasted by the UlforceVeedramon's Ray of Victory, the CresGarurumon reengaged, cutting down an AeroVeedramon that stalked too close to Hoshiko. She saw now how Guinier fought, that she had underestimated the knight's speed. Her reflexes were keen, but had Guinier kept going at that pace, eventually those reflexes would have failed.

And she could not fail. Not when Hoshiko was so close and when losing this battle meant losing everything, losing her.

"Geki: Hyougetsuga!" Icy spears formed and were thrown at Guinier as she recovered from blasting Michael, the UlforceVeedramon dodging each with her incredible speed. But Okatsu moved with them and struck. "Jurou Daikaiten!" She spun as she charged, her blade whirling with her as she hit Guinier's shield like a lethal spinning top. But she could sense Guinier's movements. The Royal Knight found the blade at each rotation and parried it with sword or shield. The beam sword found a hole in the whirling attack and stabbed at Okatsu's arm, dancing through the armor. Blood welled from the strike.

Okatsu stopped and the handle of her halberd rammed into Guinier's face. The Royal Knight dodged back, reeling from the blow, but still parrying the follow-up stroke.

"Are you holding back as well?" Guinier asked mockingly, dancing around Okatsu's strikes. A sweep of claws almost caught the UlforceVeedramon's neck, but only just passed by her.

"I do not hold back," Okatsu retorted, and lunged. The halberd stabbed one way gripped in one hand, while her claws slashed another. Guinier blocked the halberd with her shield, dodged the claws and struck back with her sword, raking it across Okatsu's chest.

"But you are holding back, or at least the Hand of God is," she replied. Okatsu snarled and her jaws snapped towards Guinier, but the Royal Knight kicked her away and regained her composure. "Can it be that you're not trying to kill us?" She chuckled. "I'd have thought the Council wouldn't be playing nicely. They're so ardent about humans belonging here." She gestured past Okatsu, at Hoshiko. "Are you really content to allow her kind to run rampant?"

"I thought my answer was clear," Okatsu retorted. "Hoshiko is my partner. I have fought for her ideals for years now, and I will not stop simply because you wag your finger and tell me humans are a blight." The battle continued around them as the Consulate's forces fought Guinier's AeroVeedramon subordinates.

"Then we shall continue to fight," Guinier said. "And if I must, I will kill you. It is regrettable, but necessary. Humanity cannot be allowed to stain this world. We have seen the calamity they would call down upon us, even if the Council is either blind to it or wilfully ignores it." She lunged forward as a blue blur and Okatsu met her. Their blades crossed once more, but this time Guinier shone. "Ray of Victory!" The blast tossed Okatsu back towards Hoshiko, but she caught herself, claws gripping the ground. She rose and prepared to strike alongside Michael when next the angel moved. It was plain to Okatsu by this point that Guinier was not a foe she could overcome alone.

She hoped that realisation would also strike the rest of their group. Including that glory-hungry Agumon at James' side.


Rabid Dusclops Fan
Fiona Lowe & Denys Angelus the Tsukaimon
(Current Form: Tsukaimon > Mummymon)

In the distance Fiona could hear muffled thuds and sharp explosions – it sounded like the other members of the Royal Knights weren’t holding back either. Shula and her partner had opted to follow her – she couldn’t blame the two of them for wanting to protect her – and they too had not backed down while Sir Bors had offered Fiona his warning. Frost charged forward, the force of his speed creating a strong gust of wind that smacked at her side. If it hadn’t been for the fact that Fiona had been living in Analog long enough to see larger Digimon, then seeing Frost as a Megadramon would’ve unwound her nerves in seconds.

“Biomerge! Activate!”

It was Shula who’d shouted that. Fiona didn’t get time to question why she’d said those words because both Shula and Frost were encased in light. When it faded an even bigger Digimon emerged and Shula had disappeared. She soon figured out why: the Machinedramon’s eyes were a striking shade of blue – something that Machinedramon were not known for having at all. Fiona’s lips parted.

The two of them had become an entirely new Digimon.

The cogs in Fiona’s mind began spinning with this new information but she shook her head. Now was not the time to think about how this phenomenon worked. She had to focus.

She didn’t realise that a Qilinmon had broken off from the stampede and was heading straight for her, aiming its horn at her body.

Denys whipped around, his eyes growing wide as he saw the winged horse charging. “Fiona!” he cried and darted forward, snatching his partner up in his free arm and releasing some of the bandages covering his body. “Snake Bandage!” he roared and the once limp ropes of fabric tensed up, acting like cobras ready to strike. They whipped around the Qilinmon and tightened themselves – leaving their victim completely immobile. He then let Fiona climb up so that she was perched on his shoulder. She’d let him perch on hers, it seemed only right to return the favour. “Are you okay?”

Fiona nodded wordlessly and kept her eyes on Shula and Frost. Meanwhile, Denys fired off another round of bullets. She watched as Sir Bors flung insult after insult at the two of them and then to the shield in his hands. She put a finger to her mouth and sucked on one of the nails. Attacking the shield was a pointless endeavour – if a powerful Digimon like a Machinedramon couldn’t do anything against it then there was no point in even trying to even leave any dents.

But then Fiona noticed something – something she almost kicked herself for not seeing before: most, if not all of Sir Bors’s forces, were attacking the soldiers. She surveyed the troops – there were more than enough to hold things together for now. Fiona’s eyes darted to Sir Bors and Sula and Frost, then back to the Qilinmon forces, slowly balling her hands into tight fists.

One powerful Digimon alone might not be able to overpower him.

But who said that two couldn’t at least get him to reconsider his position?

Fiona glanced at Denys. “Don’t focus on Sir Bors’s army,” she told him. “Come on – we need to help Shula and Frost.”

Denys’s eyes widened for a second time, her reflection appearing in his yellow irises. “Are you serious?”

Fiona nodded. “I am,” she replied. “We might not be able to defeat him, but we can try to help Shula and Frost keep him back.”

Denys lowered his gun for a moment and bit his lip. “I don’t want you to get hurt, Fiona.”

“I don’t want you to get hurt either,” Fiona said. “But it’s worth a try – we can fall back if necessary.”

Denys was silent for a moment. “All right,” he said and broke into a sprint, heading for Sir Bors. “I don’t like this idea, but let’s do this.”

She activated the communication device on her collar and took a deep breath. “Frost, Shula,” she began. “Denys and I are going to help you with Sir Bors.” Tense sweat laced Fiona’s forehead but she completely ignored this. “We’ll go back to dealing with his troops if the soldiers are struggling with them, all right?”

She didn’t wait for their answer. Denys bent his knees and leapt up onto the roof of one of the smaller buildings, aiming his gun at Sir Bors, who had turned to notice them. “So,” he said as he charged at Shula and Frost. “Even you wish to fight me?” He brought the shield up. “Listen girl – Digimon are not toys, your slave up there won’t stand a chance –” the Sleipmon glanced at the Machinedramon in front of him. “Even with those two protecting you!”

At last Fiona broke her silence and scowled at Sir Bors. “Denys is no toy,” she said, masking the fury in her heart with cold calmness. “He chose to be my friend alongside my partner – if it were not for him I wouldn’t be here.”

Denys’s index finger tensed – ready to pull the trigger once more. “And if it weren’t for Fiona, then I wouldn’t be here either,” he said. “Data, Virus, Vaccine – none of those traits mean anything to me now.” The Mummymon prepared himself. “We are fighting as one – the High Council, the Tamers, their partners and Digimon who care enough about people like Fiona,” he narrowed his eyes as he spoke. “And aren’t heartless like you.”

Denys didn’t hold back – he unleashed a hailstorm of bullets upon the Sleipmon below. Sir Bors flinched for a second as several of the bullets pierced through his armour but waved them off as Denys leapt down to be at Shula and Frost’s side.

Fiona smirked internally.

It was two against one now.


The Reforged Soul
Theo Grayson (BlackWarGreymon)
Temple of the Council

The old dragon turned down towards the direction Samael was last seen heading, an overly cheery voice called out after him. “"You know, that sounds like a great idea!" The same Lilamon, Aria, he'd met during the battle at Camelot sped after him and patted his shoulder. "Come on, I'll go with you."

“Very well,” he said, gesturing for the plant fairy to join him. However, he noticed the Lilamon's disposition changed as they put some distance between them and the group.

Once they were a few steps away from the group, Aria sighed, all pretense of cheer draining away. "Sorry about that. Crowds are suffocating when you don't know anyone." she said, inventing an excuse off the top of her head. "All this showboating and preening, its like they have no idea what we're getting ourselves into."

Theo nodded, acknowledging the Lilamon with a side glance. “They are frustrated, some of them, bound up with energy with no outlet for it in the present moment.” He'd been much the same way starting out in the Order's forces, though his brother had been much worse. Time and experience had tempered his emotions to deal with the slower lulls.

The Lilamon studied the old soldier for a moment. "You seem like the rational sort. So what's your deal? Nothing better to do and retirement was too boring? Had to go find some excitement?" She shrugged. "Doesn't really matter I suppose, but I'd like to know why a level headed guy like yourself found himself here of all places. Humor my curiosity for a moment." she said with a grin.

The black dragon paused briefly, considering the question before resuming his pace down the hall. “The thrill of battle, such as it was for me, lost its glamour a decade ago, when I resigned from my previous post,” Theo explained without going into much detail. He would have preferred to leave it at that, but he realized he was hardly answering her sincere curiosity. Perhaps the Lilamon could even be of help, she seemed the type to get around a lot.

“I am...searching for a Tamer and her partner.” Theo pulled out a well worn photo of two humans, a male and female. He carefully covered the image of Kyle with a clawed thumb and held the photo out for Aria to see, “her name's Andrea and I believe a hawkmon accompanies her.”

“If you happen to see her, would you mind letting me know?” the old soldier asked softly. “I wish to know she is well and safe.”

Theo waited Aria's response, when he turned around a blind corner and nearly ran into the Beelzebumon. The black dragon stopped, “Samael,”

"Hell d'ya want?" The demon man snapped, his mood still foul.

“We getting ready to head out for Kaladesh. I came to find you.” Theo responded unfazed by the fallen angel's temperament.

"Yeah, yeah. Whatever you think, shut it and let's go."

Upon the trio's return to the main chambers, the decision to have Tessa teleport everyone was being consider. Theo raised an eyebrow at the suggestion. That would be a first for him. Suddenly, a vast opening appeared beneath him and the Guardians, falling through at a rapid rate and finding himself colliding with solid ground.

Theo regained his feet shortly afterwards, his pride bruised more than his rear end with the undignified landing. The blackwargreymon heard the Archangel speak with urgency to make the rest of the way to Kaladesh. The soldier followed Micheal's gaze to the distant horizon. Theo frowned grimly at the sight of the approaching Royal Knights and their forces. Time was running out before they'd meet his former compatriots in battle again. He glanced down at the photo resting in his palm. Second guessing himself as he had from the beginning was not an option if he wished to ensure their safety. Provided he wasn't too late.

The old soldier blasted off the ground, spraying dirt in dust cloud, to join the frontlines at Kaladesh.

Kaladesh Frontlines

The Blackwargreymon stood alongside the Kaladeshi Consulate forces waiting for the ever encroaching Knights. Theo kept himself hidden in the shadow if two towering Megagargomon. Among the golden radiance of Kaladesh, the old soldier stuck out like a sore thumb with his charcoal black body. He wanted to keep his presence low key until the very last possible moment.

"Surrender the humans and no one will be harmed. They will be removed from Saga and returned home. Furthermore, Kaladesh will be invited to join the Royal Knights in establishing the Free Nations of Logres - those willing to resist the Council's tyranny and join our crusade to expel the human blight from our world."

Sir Dagonet. Theo could remember passing the Craniamon in the grand halls of Camelot before he ascended to the position of Royal Knight. He closed his eyes during the proclamation, his clawed hands curling into fists. The Order had spared no partnered digimon and destroyed friendships of the closest degree. He would be no different in their eyes if the knew. Plus, he understood all too well the pain of loss.

“Be ready,” Archangel Michael.

“Acknowledged,” the old soldier muttered into the concealed device connecting communications between the Guardians and Consulate. The Knights arrived in a perfect spread out formation.

Theo stood a fair distance away from, James and Artanis, in ultimate form, as the RizeGreymon hovered in the air in heated exchange with Sir Bedivere, and at the side flank of the Wingdramon formation.. The black dragon studied the situation. Sir Bedivere’s Wingdramon ranks swiftly reached the edge of the city beginning their bombardment. However, Theo was more at ease with the Consulate forces backing the Guardians up and the better organization. However, could they keep up with the discipline and skill of the Order was yet to be seen, but Theo could work with that and compensate.

“Be mindful of any apparent near misses from Knight attacks,” Theo advised over the communicator quietly to the Consulate forces. “I would not put it past them to fire at targets beyond those engaging them directly.”

The heavens broke loose with thunderous noise as both sides collided. The Wingdramon forces let loose their attacks on the Consulate ground forces in an orderly formation. The ground forces and the city would suffer heavy losses if something wasn’t done to grant the Kaladeshi a reprieve. Fortunately, dealing Wingdramon and other members of that evolution line was something Theo had plenty of experience with. Back in his Order days, a great rivalry existed between theirs and the Greymon unit when they fought each other in the annual War Games.

What he planned to do was dangerous and maybe suicidal to most, but Theo stood the best chance of succeeding. Kneeling low to launch himself into the air, he called through the communicator to the MegaGargomon forces, “Create a thick path of cover fire from our position to the frontline of those Wingdramon.”

The MegaGargomon launched their arsenal in the pattern of Theo's request. The black dragon erupted from the earth, soaring mere feet above the ground, using the smoke and fire from the exploding payloads to hid his approach to the advancing dramon. His vision obscured as well, but the black dragon was experienced in this maneuver often alongside Asher providing the fiery distraction while Theo sailed beneath it or even sometimes within. Visualizing his position in relationship to where the nearest dramon should be, jerking his body vertical in a rapid ascent and leaving behind his cover.

Black Tornado!

The black dragon plowed into the formation from its flank, driving the Wingdramon in all directions from the wind speeds of the attack. Those unfortunate enough to get hit head on burst into data. The old soldier continued through the ranks until his momentum slowed and the intensity of the winds faded. Theo lashed out his dramon destroyers as he darted between opponents, shredding wing sails and damaging joints that kept the dramon airborne.

Theo’s storming of the ranks found him high in the atmosphere, a lull in the combat permitted the dragon man is survey his surroundings. Below him further into the city, an uneven duel was taking place between Artanis and Bedivere. The Rizegreymon valiantly soared to meet Sir Bedivere and trying to push him back with his attacks. However, the great wings, Caledfwlch, folded forward to protect their master. The two clashed repeatedly throwing the Rizegreymon and his partner through the air. The odds weren’t looking good for the pair. Theo knew immediately what needed to be done to hopefully gain advantage against the Examon. Get inside the range of the Ambrosius and ground him.

The BlackWarGreymon dropped from his altitude, angling his flightpath to intersect with the distracted Knight. His speed increased with each second, gravity pulling him down. At the last second, Theo threw out his dramon destroyers in front of him. Dragon Crusher!

One dramon destroyer met its mark, piercing into the scales near the base of where Examon’s right wing connected to the rest of his body. Theo’s other dramon destroyer merely glanced the surface of the actual wing, protected by Chrome Digizoid. Examon roared angrily from the impact, his flight faltering slightly. Caledfwlch spread out further to stabilize Examon, but Theo grabbed at the right wing with his free hand, yanking back with all his might to prevent Caledfwlch from correcting and forming a shield for the dragon knight momentarily.

However, the moment as short lived, as Sir Bedivere wrapped his long tail around Theo’s waist and tossed the old soldier through the air.

“Who dares such a cowardly move!” The Examon’s eyes lit with untold fury. Theo leveled himself out and met the Royal Knight’s gaze without wavering.

“Just a soldier, who I am is irrelevant,” Theo said evenly, his emotions cool allowing him to think straight. “But your crusade on the human children and their partners is the coward’s ploy.”

Sir Bedivere scowled, “You’ll pay for your words, Soldier.”

Pendragon’s Glory!

At such close range, Theo only had time to reach for his Brave Shield to take the brunt of the attack.


Tessa Tesla (Wisemon)
Kaladesh Frontlines

The Royal Knights and their forces drew close. They would be within attacking range of Kaladesh in a matter of minutes.

Tessa hovered in the air on her father’s great tome above the Kaladeshi forces. Her earlier excitement from the fairly successful teleport (She didn’t get them stuck below the earth’s surface, right?) diminished, leaving her to sober up for the upcoming battle. Having experience one battle already against the Royal Knights, Tessa understood she’d have to drag the big guns out. However, the spells to do so would require greater concentration and time to prepare. She would need to make use of opportunity as it came to her.

From thin air, the Space/Time Orbs blipped into existence, hovering on either side of the wisemon. Holding out her hands to each orb, a maelstrom of light emitted from within as digi High Code made looping streams around her. In her mind’s eye, a grid outline stretched out over a portion of the battlefield nearest to her location. Sweeping out the terrain, invisible digimoji swirled about laying the groundwork for playback preservation spells. Her orbs were recording everything, so hopefully something useful would occur in her select space for later in the battle.

One task done, she only needed to maintain the preservation spell with a small effort, allowing her to tackle other tasks. Her multitasking skills were going to be pushed to the limit, she could tell. By the time, she finished this prep work the Royal Knights engaged and attacks were called out and slung about in the city.

“Ahh!.” Tessa exclaimed, her Book dropping to the side automatically to avoid one stray attack. The young mage watched the madness of the ongoing battle, unsure of where to be most useful. She soon catch sight of Shula and Fiona and their respective partners teaming up against Sir Bors. Tessa perked up. The Sleipmon was within her preservation spell’s area of effect! Studying the horse Royal Knight, a idea came to mind, but it would take some time to implement.

Light erupted in the air around her once again, creating a light show of swirling High Code. The display drew the attention of a nearby Qilinmon. Wind Cutter Sword!

Tessa jerked her head up at the advancing Qilinmon. Throwing a palm up, a portal conjured in the space in front of the Qilinmon immediately, the digimon disappearing into the dimensional rift and then reappearing right behind Sir Bors’s rear and continuing head at full steam. Needless to say the poor Qilimon met with a swift...end and Sir Bors bucking his rear legs to swat away the source of the nasty pinprick.
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Knight of RPGs
James Reeve & Artanis Dawnflame
Kaladesh Perimeter

The air trembled as the MegaGargomon unleashed their munitions. Shells and missiles detonated among the ranks of the Royal Knights' army, joined by volleys from Tankdramon. James and Artanis weaved through the explosions, duelling Bedivere among the fury of Kaladesh's defenders.

"Trident Revolver!" Artanis roared, sending a volley of shells piercing through the smoke and fire. The sound of the shots bouncing from Bedivere's wings rang through the air, like the ringing of a bell, and James grimaced.

"We can't get through those wings," he muttered.

As if to answer him, Theo came from the battle like a dark missile. His Dramon Destroyers ripped into Bedivere, one bouncing from the Caledfwlch, the other striking into the joint at the base of the wing. Bedivere roared in surprise and pain as Theo grabbed the stricken wing, before his tail lashed around and caught the BlackWarGreymon.

"Who dares such a cowardly move!" the Royal Knight cried.

“Just a soldier, who I am is irrelevant. But your crusade on the human children and their partners is the coward’s ploy.”

James nodded in agreement as Artanis wheeled around, lining up to strike the distracted Bedivere.

"You'll pay for your words, Soldier. Pendragon's Glory!"

As Theo brought up his Brave Shield against the barrage Bedivere hurled his way, Artanis struck. "Rising Destroyer!"

Fiery lasers burst from the RizeGreymon's wings, lancing down into Bedivere and crushing the Royal Knight down towards the city. Bedivere snarled and wheeled around, the Caledfwlch angling to block any follow-up moves as he rose to Artanis' level and higher.

"So now there are two of you," he noted, looking at the pair, then at Theo. "I suppose I ought to say three, but then one of you cannot fight."

"Yet he is here," Artanis replied. "Beside me in battle despite his fragility compared to us. Does that not prove his courage?"

"His courage is not in question," Bedivere answered. "Do you think it's as simple as that? That if you convince us of humanity's worth, Galahad shall fall to his knees, repent and beg your forgiveness? Were Lord Odin here, he would see as we see, and he would be with us. Of that, I am certain. And so your words, even if they were not naive and so lacking comprehension, shall not sway me."

Artanis' eyes narrowed. "Make no mistakes, Sir Bedivere. I am under no delusion that words will sway you. Too much blood has been shed for that." He soared at the Examon, dodging and spinning around the lasers that Bedivere hurled his way.

"You have seen how this ends," Bedivere declared, watching their approach. "Again and again your attacks shall meet the Caledfwlch. Again and again you shall fall back. Even with 'just a soldier' at your side, that shall not change."

"Trident Revolver! Solid Strike!" Artanis loosed three slugs from his revolver arm, then wheeled around and swung the barrel at Bedivere's face. The Caledfwlch closed, the slugs ringing away from them, then came around to block the barrel. But Artanis' right arm lunged and caught Bedivere's left wing, preventing it from closing fully. Seeing Theo had given him that realisation. The barrel slipped through before the right wing could compensate, hammering into Bedivere's skull. The Examon snarled and his wings burst open, dragging Artanis with the left. His tail came around like a whip, lashing the RizeGreymon away.

"You were saying?" James said with a chuckle.

"You shall not be so fortunate a second time," Bedivere answered, bringing up the Ambrosius. Around them, the battle continued. Bedivere's Wingdramon ravaged the defenses, the soldiers of the Consulate fighting them for every step. Commandramon poured fire from their rifles into the attackers as their Sealsdramon leaders grappled with the dragons, stabbing at weak points with their knives. Rapidmon soared between the spires, duelling the Knights' aerial forces. MegaGargomon and Tankdramon bombarded the incoming enemies from entrenched positions further back. It was carnage across the beautiful city.

A duelling Wingdramon and Rapidmon soared close to the four. Artanis moved, diving to engage the Wingdramon, but Bedivere's shots pierced the sky and the Rapidmon cried out as the lasers ripped through it. A second later, Bedivere filled the air and his lance thrust through the cyborg, unloading a shell into it. The Rapidmon exploded into data.

Artanis was knocked back by the explosion, James clinging to him. The Examon twisted through the air and came at them, the Ambrosius raised to repeat the killing. Artanis dodged under it as Bedivere struck, right arm grabbing the lance's barrel and pushing it aside so he could thrust his revolver arm towards Bedivere's chest. But Bedivere's free arm caught the barrel and for a moment the two struggled, faces close, eyes glaring into each other.

The RizeGreymon headbutted the Examon, aided by his helmet, and as Bedivere reeled from the blow he kicked the Examon and flew back. "Trident Revolver!" Three slugs roared from the revolver, hammering into Bedivere and knocking him away.


Faithful Crusader
+ Frantz Stein (Boltmon) +
- Kaladesh Perimiter -

Stein let out a mighty roar as he brought his huge tomahawk down on the Mistymon's blade. Try as he might, the soldier of the royal knights was no match for the Boltmon's raw power. The Mistymon's blade shattered with a sharp twang of metal-on-metal and the ax nearly took off his arm. Stein wasn't here to kill, not if he could help it, but there was plenty of room between unharmed and alive. In one swift motion, Stein brought the flat side of the ax to bear and hit the Mistymon hard enough to crack bone. The soldier flew through the air and landed in a crumpled heap like the dozen or so Stein had faced before him.

As the group had split up for the battle, Stein had found himself next to the god of fire, Svarog, and had opted to clear the way for the lion man as best he could. Even now, Guardian met Royal Knight with an intense show of power, heat and force radiating like the core of a blazing sun. Even Sir Dagonet's troops kept their distance from the brawl, which made Stein's current mission rather unnecessary.

The Boltmon clenched his massive fists, hefting his tomahawk into the air. These grunts were in the way. They needed to go. Stein's fight was with the Royal Knight, not them.

"Surrender and Stein will not hurt you!" Stein called. "Stein will fight the Foil Knight instead!"

The Mistymon between him and the two clashing titans exchanged nervous glances. "We will defend the honor of Sir Dagonet!" one called. "We won't abandon our post."

Stein stamped his feet in frustration. "Stein has no time for throwing words. If you will not stop hurting digimon, Stein will make you stop! TOMAHAWK STEINER!" With a heave, the Boltmon launched his massive battle ax, the huge metal blade spiraling through the air like a boomerang. It hit the first Mistymon with explosive force, crumpling him like a freight train hitting a cardboard box. Before the rest of the Mistymon could prepare for the blow, Stein was charging straight at them, bellowing a way cry loud enough to wake the dead. His fist caught one soldier in the gut, doubling him over before a mighty backhand sent him flying. His shoulder took out the next two, charging through them without even slowing down. Three more Mistymon fell to his spinning blade before the fourth finally deflected it.

Stein reached out to hit him, and the Mistymon smirked as he drove his flaming sword into Stein's ribs.

Stein's vision went red. The pain, the fire, the anger was all he could feel, all he could be. He was rage, he was fury. The blow that struck the Mistymon next was not quite his own as Stein's fist connected with the Mistymon's chest-plate with a sharp crack. The tattered shards of metal that were once the soldier's chest-plate stuck in Stein's fist, piercing his knuckles, his fingers, his wrist. The pain was fire in his veins. The Mistymon coughed up blood and collapsed, his chest broken. With a roar, Stein grabbed the burning blade in his side and ripped it out. Sparks and oil dripped from the partially cauterized wound, staining the soil black.

Stein looked up at the Mistymon still standing with the gaze of a monster, ready to strike them down. And they believed him. They wisely backed off, moving on to fight other fights on the battlefield. Now, nothing stood between the Boltmon and Sir Dagonet's duel with Svarog.

They stood even now, locked in struggle. Fire poured from Svarog like the fury of a supernova, and Sir Dagonet stood amidst the flames resolute as a statue. These were not warriors, these were forces of nature. The Mistymon could not handle Stein, but could Stein handle Sir Dagonet? Could he handle Svarog's flames? Not without the pain. Not without the fury.

The Royal Knights were responsible for all the deaths so far. Everyone who died at the island. Every tamer and partner who were separated forever. All the sadness and the hurt. It was their fault. No more. If Stein could end it here, then he would end it here. All the rage, all the pain, all the righteous fury. Stein let it reign, let the monster take root. The Factory had instilled in him two forms. His current Boltmon form, and the weapon they wanted him to be. A destroyer to be leashed and unleashed. A monster. If it meant stopping Sir Dagonet, Stein would be that monster for a while.

A glow came over Stein as he charged towards the fight. With a burst of power, Stein's Boltmon form faded away and he became something even larger and even more fearsome, a Titamon. The hulking digimon was a mass of green muscle, golden armor, and a huge sword carved from a dragon's skull. Stein was still in control, somewhat. But the red was everywhere and everything now. He was rage incarnate, and he would be unleashed. Stein roared, shaking the earth as he charged towards the duel. Svarog had just deflected a blow from Dagonet, who was no doubt saying something patronizing now, when Stein came down upon him with the wrath of an angry god.

"SOUL BLADE ATTACK!" Stein brought his huge blade down, swinging to grind the Royal Knight into dust, shadows billowing like smoke along the edges of the weapon. Sir Dagonet brought his shield up even as he masterfully sidestepped, not so much blocking the Titamon's deadly blow as deflecting it into the dirt where it rent the earth in two.

"ROYAL KNIGHT!" Stein swung again, forcing Dagonet to either block or step further back. He blocked, catching the Titamon's blade with his spear and holding it at bay. "YOU WILL PAY!"


< Henry Vane (CaptainHookmon) >
- Kaladesh Perimiter -


The Knightmon's head snapped back, clumps of data trailing from the hole where its left eye had been. Henry twirled his "First Mate", smoke billowing slightly from its long barrel, as the Knightmon crashed to the ground with a clang of armor on rock. Another enemy stepped up from his left. The Knightmon's blade tore through the air towards Henry's neck and impacted Henry's anchor with a sharp twang as the CaptainHookmon deftly blocked. Even as he matched weapons with this opponent, yet another Knightmon was coming from his right.

"Blast it all!" Henry cursed, "You lot can't take a hint can ye?"

Henry locked the left Knightmon's sword in the prongs of his anchor, giving the odd but effective weapon a violent twist. The poor knight gave a startled shout as he found himself being whipped across Henry's shoulder to land directly between the pirate and the other approaching Knightmon. The motion brought Henry to his knee. In one swift motion Henry leveled the barrel of his Peg-leg Revolver at the Knightmon's gut and fired.


The force of the shot sent the bullet clean through the first Knightmon where it continued onward and hit the second directly in the kneecap. The Knight crumpled like a sack of spuds now that he was down a leg. With a grunt of annoyance, Henry rolled the first and very much dead Knightmon off of him and clicked his right boot back into place. A sharp clinking sound rang out as a brass casing the size of a scroll bounced away.

Looks like he was clear for the moment. "Now, where'd that Royal Knight lass slip away to..." There she was, going tit for tat with that hotheaded demon lad. Well, for the moment. Even as Henry caught sight of them, Kay seemed to steal the upper hand. With a swift flurry of hits, Samael was sent crashing into the earth where he impacted hard enough to leave a crater. Henry laughed to himself. So this was the power of the Royal Knights. No wonder they thought they could rule the world. Well, not on Captain Henry's watch.

More Knightmon were starting to rally between him and Samael's crater. "No time to waste on these rabble." Henry muttered to himself. He couldn't hold the form permanently, presumably because he had only achieved it out of a desire to see that other demon man he knew to a well earned grave. But it's power was not to be trifled with. Kay and the rest of the Knights deserved their dues. Their victims needed avenging.

Henry Vane crached his knuckles, a crimson aura enveloping him as his thirst for vengeance gave him strength. A flash of shadow, and Henry was off. Now an AvengeKidmon, Henry stretched out his two black wings, gliding over the ground with speed and purpose that no doubt shocked the Knightmon before him.

"Destruction Trigger!" Henry kicked the first Knightmon in the face as he past by, a blast of red energy erupting from the gun that made up his leg, both his legs now, sending the knight flying. Two more followed suit, each with a well aimed blast. The AvengeKidmon flipped over the last of them, firing pot shots as he went that buried the soldiers in a cloud of dust and debris. In merely a moment, three Knights lay defeated, several more disoriented or injured, and Henry was standing beside Samael's crater staring up at the rapidly descending Crusadermon.

"Don't suppose you'd like a hand," Henry said in Samael's direction.

Sir Kay wasn't pulling any punches. The Crusadermon was diving full force, shifting her target to Henry now.

"Misery Bullet Rain!" Henry leveled his arms at the Royal Knight, firing a thick volley of energy blasts from his fingers. Sir Kay spun as she approached, her Spiral Masquerade attack blocking the blasts with her spinning ribbons. Still she dove, pulling back her fist to deliver a crushing blow. Henry shot towards her, letting the full force of his strongest attack fly. Blasts and bullets from all over his body burst out, pelting the Crusadermon with a wall of ammunition and energy blasts before Henry spun to deliver a blow with his leg guns. A single ribbon flew out of the fireball before him and struck Henry clean in the shoulder. His wing shuddered, warmth spreading around the wound as it began to bleed. Henry pulled back in time to see Sir Kay regrouping as well, her armor battered and dinged from the blast and bearing a nasty wound Samael must have inflicted earlier, but still looking ready to duel.

Looks like he might need Samael's help with this after all.


~ Aria Morningsong (Lilamon) ~
- Kaladesh Perimiter -

Aria soared through the air like a hummingbird, a tiny little flower fairy weaving and dodging the hectic fire of a swarm of Raidramon. It was all she could do to keep the swarm, or flock, or whatever the proper noun was for these losers off of Thor. And she was barely managing that.

Another Raidramon was diving in to make a pass at Thor, who was rather occupied trading blows with the Royal Knight Sir Percival at the moment. Aria dropped down, intercepting the Raidramon and landing square on the metal beast's forehead. "Beauty Shock!" The Lilamon jabbed her flower-like hands into the Raidramon's eyes, delivering a powerful electric shock directly to his optics. The creature let out an ear piercing screech as it fell, disoriented and blind, and crashed directly into a group of Mistymon from another skirmish. Once again, she was quite thankful that she was hardly larger than a human.

Is this the best I can do? Aria frowned as she watched Thor and Percival trade blows that would likely vaporize her in her current state. I'm practically useless here. Why did I think that winning a bunch of bar brawls meant I could fight a war?

The god of thunder and the golden Royal Knight were now blasting energy blasts and peals of lightning across the sky. The attacks were so bright, she couldn't even look directly at them. Just what were these beings? She watched as a stray bolt of lightning cleaved a Raidramon into smoldering pieces of data like an afterthought. No, she didn't belong here. Not unless she could be stronger. But her Rosemon form simply didn't sync with her. It was strong yes, but it felt like wearing a second layer of skin that wasn't hers. It didn't fit right. And in a fight like this that could get her killed. Well, she would die anyway if she didn't do something. May as well go down fighting.

Aria tried to focus the energy, tried to channel the power that enabled her higher form. It took a moment but she finally digivolved into her Rosemon form, already feeling much more powerful. She cracked her thorn whip a little awkwardly, the sound not quite snapping as it should and Aria frowned again. So much for willpower and motivation. As that was left was a desperate desire not to be vaporized. It would have to do.

A pair of Raidramon noticed the burst of data and dove her way. Their glowing claws were held out and ready to tear into her. "Prickle Storm!" She shouted. Nothing happened. Aria let lose a string of increasingly colorful curses as she backpedaled. The Raidramon were on her now, screeching like banshees. The wailing made it even harder to focus. "Prickle Storm!" she tried again. This time it worked. A hail of green thorns erupted from her outstretched whip and impaled the Raidramon in their faces and wings. Still shrieking, the two metal creatures dove past Aria missing her by a hair on either side. The claws of the left one barely caught her at the last moment, cleaving four narrow trails of blood across her forearm.

No time to dally. Thor had just been knocked down towards the city itself, Percival was looking rather smug, and the Raidramon were still angrily buzzing about. Her arm was the least of her concerns.

"I'm counting on you Thor." she said as she dove down towards the god. "My life is quite literally about to count on you. I hope its worth it."

Percival approached Thor, ready to deliver another powerful Magna Punch no doubt. Now or never. "Ivy Hug!" Thankfully it worked on the first go. Her whip dug hungrily into the ground, fissures spreading out towards the Magnamon. The fissures converged on the Royal Knight just as he was reeling back for the punch. Like the tentacles of an angry sea beast, thorn vines erupted all around the Royal Knight, twisting around his arms, his legs, his torso, trying to reach his neck and strangle him. Thor probably had about two seconds before the Royal Knight made her vines look like tissue paper. Hopefully he could put it to good use before Percival killed her.
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God of Monsters
Vs. Sir Kay - Crusadermon
Samael Cain

"Get away from me ya' weirdo," Samael muttered to Henry as he hauled himself from the crater. "Double Impact!" He drew his shotguns and let out a storm of bullets that peppered the Royal Knight. Between himself and Henry they were able to force Kay to a backpedal.

The hail of gunfire forced Kay back as the powerful bullets dented her armor. Samael leaped into the air, guns still firing. He did a quick front-flip and then landed a strong dropkick to Kay's chest. This seemed to surprise the knight and she stumbled back. Samael dropped his guns and lashed out with his darkness-infused claws. He raked them over Kay's pristine armor, but they did little more than scuff the super-dense chrome digizoid. Samael then leaped up and struck with a spinning kick, but the Crusadermon simply raised her arm and blocked the blow with great ease.

Kay struck, rocking Samael to his very core with a vicious haymaker punch to the stomach. The blow sent Samael flying through the air, though he corrected himself in midflight and landed gracefully in a crouched position. He struggled to catch his breath, and Kay allowed him his moment of recovery.

"B*stard," Samael growled. "Let's see you do that again!" He raced forward, but Kay met his charge. She drove another mighty fist into Samael's gut and slammed him to the ground. The Fallen Angel let out a cry of pain, but it was stifled when Kay wrapped her razor ribbons around Samael's throat and lifted him into the air.

"A Demon Lord," Kay mused. "Don't you have the decency to remain in oblivion?"


Vs. Sir Dagonet - Craniamon
Svarog Rodsyn

"Yes," Svarog rumbled. "Rage. Rage and burn!

"Phoebus Blow!" Svarog roared. He landed a terrible, fiery blow to Dagonet's face and sent the massive Royal Knight flying through the air. A massive explosion of flame followed directly after him. Dagonet skidded to a stop, his armor smoking, but Svarog continued his assault. He rained Phoebus Blow attacks down on the fallen knight, each punch was accented by a nova of white-hot flame.

Svarog grabbed the knight by his neck and lifted him up to send a red-hot glare into his eyes.

"Those actually hurt," Dagonet wheezed through the pressure on his windpipe.

"Then you'll hate this," Svarog sneered. Fire began to billow around him and the knight. It erupted from his very core, setting the winds and the earth ablaze. The sand underfoot became glass, the air caught on fire, and a column of burning flame roared into the sky. Svarog and Dagonet remained in the center of the inferno.

"Burn!" Svaorg roared. The black digizoid of Dagonet's armor began to glow red-hot. The heat penetrated the armor's defenses and seared Dagonet right to the bone. All the while, Svarog continued to increase the tempo of the blaze, and Dagonet was forced to his knees.


Vs. Sir Percival - Magnamon
Thor Odinson

Percival's power was overwhelming; each strike was so perfectly precise and so utterly overwhelming that Thor doubted he'd have the strength to stand against him alone. Odin's Blood he was strong, and his Miraculous Aura made him damn near unstoppable. Thor's arm had almost shattered just by trading blows with him. Aria had stepped in to buy him a moment to recover but her abilities were limited in the sheer brutality of their fist fight.

A flash of light sent Aria flying with Percival tearing after her. Thor gasped - it had been seconds, mere seconds, of respite before Percival was on the verge of ripping Aria apart. He grabbed her ankle and crashed her into the ground.

"Positron Laser!" Thor shouted, sending a crackling blast towards the golden knight. But Percival calmly raised his glowing arm and the attack fractured against his vambrace.

He charged, a roar of "Magna Punch!" flying from his lips, Aria still in his one hand. He drove his fist into Thor's gut and swung Aria in a brutal arc, beating her into Thor and slamming them both into the ground. His armor flared, and a blast of golden light danced from his hands into Thor and Aria.

Thor rolled on top of her, flaring his wings and bracing himself against the onslaught of power. He could survive it better than she could - but a heavy blow drove him back to the ground and sent darkness creeping at the edges of his vision. Percival stepped over them.

"I'm sorry, Thor," he said, and shook his head. His fists clenched and his armor crackled with blistering golden light. "But we warned you what would happen if you interfered again." His armor flared, blinding. "Magna Explosion!"

Power erupted from Percival's core, a cataclysmic flash and supernova of power rushing towards them like a tidal wave.

Thor threw himself in front of Aria. In that same instance he reached into the space between moments and called the White Sword. The sword solidified a heartbeat later and he drove it between himself and Percival's power. It folded around the sword, clipping the edges of Thor's wings. He weathered the blast, holding against the heat and the force.

The weapon shook in his hands, vibrating along innumerable wavelengths, trying to carry him along with it, in and out of existence. He felt his body tremble under the pressure; he felt it try to unravel everything around him only to realize it was him unraveling. He tried to redefine himself, to separate the edges of his own existence with the edge of the sword.

Except...that was only making it worse. He'd always tried to fight against the sword. To define where he ended and the sword began. And it had always hurt. So then what if…

Thor calmed, trying to embrace the sword in his hands. Let the boundaries of his existence merge with the sword.

"Not bad," Percival said as the attack ran its course and faded. Thor and Aria stood mostly unharmed. "And I don't mean to be cocky, but you're about done." He nodded to Thor. "You can barely hold that weapon, and I heard about what happened last time. You can't even chang forms; you just swing that thing around like a--"

Thor raised the sword and angled it towards Percival. There was a pulse, almost imperceptible, and a flood of power lit over Thor's body. His armor blanched white and his wings flared silver.

"Well, guess I spoke too soon," Percival said with a sigh. He crouched low and settled into a fighting stance. More golden energy bled from his armor.

"Come with it then," Thor snarled.


Vs. Sir Guinier - UlforceVeedramon
Michael Ha'Yisrael

Michael and Okatsu traded blows with Guinier. Alone they might have been overwhelmed by her speed, but together they were at least able to match the tempo of the Royal Knight. Michael recognized that even if she was able to block with her shield, parry a strike, and retaliate herself, they were forcing her to be perfect; any mistake on her part would allow him and Okatsu to capitalize, while a mistake on either of theirs simply meant that the other would have to compensate slightly more in that instant.

Guinier struck, pushing Michael back abruptly and landing a stiff kick to Okatsu's gut. The Royal Knight danced back to put space between them, and then transformed her shield into a second blade.

Michael frowned; so much for his calculations. Her dexterity would increase; her precision and striking capability as well. He could contain her, of course, except…

"This isn't the battle we need to fight," he muttered to Okatsu and Hoshiko. "Our focus must be on the Tamers. They'll be caught in the crossfire if we continue. And that will only serve to further the Royal Knights' agenda."
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The Reforged Soul
Frontier Rescue - A few miles north of Kaladesh
Deneb Odedu (Hawkmon)

The hawkmon paced anxiously outside the Frontier Rescue Outpost, the green feather in his headband bobbed with each step. Activity swarmed around him as digimon and humans prepared for the upcoming conflict approaching Kaladesh. Deneb would have joined with the effort, but he had a personal concern he had to see to first.

She was finally coming back today and the timing could not have been any worse.

What could be taking so long? What if she was delayed a day or two? Would the Outpost still be standing if that was the case? Would he still be alive-

Deneb’s thoughts slammed on the brakes like an out of control Trailmon. He did not wish to go down that line of thinking. Andrea would keep her word and return on time. He would be here to meet her as planned, explained the deteriorating situation, help evacuate if necessary, and leave for safety else. Yes, Deneb thought firmly in his mind, a sound plan indeed…

A familiar ripple in the air appeared, distorting reality for a brief moment till a wormhole formed. A very tanned and solidly built female human stepped through the swirling vortex. A dark brown braid slung over her shoulder under a faded army cap. She gripped a heavy backpack with ease on the other shoulder and adjusted her forest green jacket to be more comfortable in the changing climate. A small smile lit Andrea’s face upon seeing her best friend for the first time in months. However, her expression changed to a concern frown as she took notice of the growing tension among the passing guild members.

“Deneb?” Andrea Mercer asked with a soft tone, her eyes further taking in the scene. She knelt quickly and fiercely hugged the hawkmon tightly. Deneb shared the feeling of renewed friendship, glad to be together again. The hawkmon pulled away slightly, their arms still holding onto one another. “What’s going on?”

Deneb sighed heavily, “Do you remember the rumors going around about the tensions between the Royal Knights and the High Council over human presence in Saga before you left?” The female tamer nodded her head in affirmation. “The Council defended the case of humans and digimon partnering together, but the Royal Knights did not concede to their ruling. They’ve declared war on us.”

The hawkmon’s voice quivered and Andrea gave a sharp intake of air as the dire situation sunk in. “Several Tamer Encampments have already been attacked,” Deneb continued, shaking his feathered head in disbelief, “the Knights..they’ve killed partnered digimon while they defended their humans and destroyed digivices....Many of the survivors have sought shelter here in Kaladesh.”

“Our sister guild in Ama was one of the first places hit by the Knights,” an airy female voice carried over to the pair. Andrea’s heart picked up a pace, the archeology guild owned by Hoshiko. She remembered visiting there several times with Deneb to deliver historical parcels.

“Welcome home, Andi,” the mechanical avian form of Sal Lightspeed interrupted them as she exited from the broad entryway of Frontier Rescue. The RaptorSparrowmon loomed over the two partners, “Wish I could say so under better circumstances.”

“I understand, Sal, but thank you,” Andrea replied, standing up to address their boss. “Where can we help?” She asked, switching gears with ease in face of the emergency situation.

“I’ve got field agents coordinating with the Consolate forces with preparations,” a siren wailed in the distance towards the city in warning. “The Knights have turned their attention to us now and will be here at any moment. The Consolate is taking a stand and fighting back.”

Sal tilted her head to the side for a moment, an updated sitrep was being transmitted to her. The RaptorSparrowmon returned her attention to the pair, “It seems the Council has sent a specialized team to help combat the Knights. There are likely to be partners joining in the fight to defend the city, but there are evacuation plans in place if things turn bad. Go to the city and help organize the Tamers and their partners too young to fight in case worst comes to worst. I’ll probably meet up with you later. Myself and a few others are packing things up here to relocate to a safer location.”

Deneb quietly gulped, not realized how badly the situation had become that he’d be forced to abandon his home for the last few years. “You can count on us,” he saluted, sounding far calmer than he felt. Then again Andrea tended to keep him anchored.

“Fair winds carry you far and wide.” Sal called, starting to turn back into the Outpost.

“And home again to safe harbor,” Andrea finished the saying. The partners were alone again. Wordlessly, Andrea dropped her backpack and dugged into a side pocket for her climbing gear, while Deneb flew back to his quarters quickly. By the time, she had her safety harness over her legs and secured around her waist, Deneb returned with slim, lightweight device.

“Here my dear,” Deneb said, handing off the device to her and turning around. Andrea carefully placed the device on the hawkmon’s back. The device-the varible energy harness with attachment point- was a recent patent developed by the Kaladeshi Consulate specifically for Tamers and their partners. The ingenius and innovative device produce an invsibile energy harness on the partnered digimon to secure a discrete loop of metal amounted to the digimon’s back or shoulder - depending on the form. The tamer can than attach their own safety line and remain on their partner’s back or shoulder without fear of falling off.

The device activated with a flash as streams of energy crossed over Deneb’s shoulders and chest before disappearing. Andrea held up her digivice and asked, “Ready?”

Deneb took a deep breath and nodded in affirmative. The digivice glowed with a blue cool light and the symbol of Friendship washed over the bird mon to reveal a larger, stronger bird digimon, Thunderbirdmon. Deneb crouched down and Andrea grabbed a handful of feather to haul herself up. A second later, the female tamer clipped her harness to the attachment hidden among Deneb’s feathers. The pair were than off, flying at full speed to the city.


Explosions erupted in the skies around them. Deneb and Andrea skimmed over the city’s skyline as they met up with the backside of Kaladesh’s forces. At the edge of the battle, Andrea spotted several Raidramon chasing a handful of young tamers and their partners in the city streets. She tapped on the Thunderbirdmon’s thick neck to get his attention and pointed towards the scene. Deneb altered the course of his flight soon coming directly above the attacking Raidramon.

Stretching his wings to their full extend, he dived and screamed with a terrible keening. Closer, closer, closer, the pair dropped until they were upon the Raidramon and Deneb swept his jagged wings in front of him. SPARK WING!

Dozens of feathers fell upon the Raidramon, striking and stunning them with its electrified properties. One Raidramon escaped Deneb’s attach and retaliated with its own electic attack. The Thunderbirdmon grimaced from the blow, but weathered the electrical stream as he countered it with a greater output of his own. Andrea pressed herself deep into his back, the fine thick feathers insulating from the conflicting electrical currents. The Thunderbirdmon dove again, grabbing the enemy in his sharp talons and throwing the Raidramon into a another part of the city. Deneb soared ahead to the fleeing tamers, back winging to maintain his position in the air.

“Hurry to the shelters just two streets to the left!” Andrea hollared down to the young tamers. She watched until they left her sight and satisfied they’d made it safety. The older teenager glanced around realizing she and Deneb had progress further into the heart of the battle going around them.

Not far from the pair’s position, she spotted a Ceresguarurumon and a Magnangemon enaged with Sir Guinier. Near them fighting, Andrea thought she saw someone she recognised. Hoshiko? For a moment, the two digimon seemed to be keeping the Royal Knight on the defensive, at least until Sir Guinier switched her shield into another sword and began to make the battle more difficult.

Andrea pursed her lips thought. She recalled one of the ballads Deneb always used to sing detailing the various strengths of the Knights and Sir Guinier’s speed was legendary. Hitting a target that faster was nearly impossible if you couldn’t get a direct hit, however, there were other ways of slowing a target down.

“Deneb! How’s your singing voice today?” Andrea called out over the roar of battle. The Thunderbirdmon’s craned his neck to give his partner with a sketical look. He knew he was about to do something dangerous when he heard that tone in her voice. Resigned, but trusting his partner’s judgement, he replied, “Warmed up as I do every morning.” And he did it without fail too.

“Good, cause we need to put the brakes on that Knight.” She pointed to their left. Deneb shuttered, but flapped his great wings and drew closer to the fight. Andrea held up her left arm high above her head, her digivice nestled securely in a protective wristband on her forearm. Deneb once again became emerged in a gleaming light of greater brillance than before. Andrea dropped the short distance to the ground as Deneb evolved and ran up alongside Hoshiko, communicating her idea to her partner through her digivice. The light died away revealing Sirenmon.

Deneb flipped through the air like a swallow, his slight form far more elegant, but more powerful than his Thunderbirdmon form. Speeding ahead, he joined the wolf and angel warriors. Darting to just in front of them so they won’t be affected by his attack, Deneb inhaled deeply and released the breath with as much fortitude as possible. No. 2 <<Aria>>!

Like an opera singer, Deneb projected his song in the deepest of basses. The soundwaves caused a thick distortion in the air as the frequency spread out in a great arc towards Sir Guinier. The attack causes little in the way of physical damage, but rather targets the enemy’s semicircular canals and destroying any sense of balance or inducing severe vertigo.


Skies above Kaladesh
Theo Grayson (BlackWarGreymon)
Vs Sir Bedievere (Examon)

Sir Bedievere’s attack never hit. Theo lowered his shield; Artanis had intervened and halted the oncoming strike. The blackwargreymon maintained his position in the air as Artanis and Bedievere exchanged blows and words. A squadron of Wingdramon swept pass underneath in hot pursuit of several Consulate ground forces.

Theo glanced over his shoulder at the Royal Knight and the pair of partners he’d found himself fighting alongside. As much as he wanted to aid the Consulate forces, he didn’t dare leave James and Artanis alone to deal with Sir Bedievere alone for a moment. With a growl of frustration, Theo sailed in the Examon direction after he’d been knocked back by the Artanis’s Trident Revolver. He struck at Caledfwlch with his dramon destroyers with a growing fervor. The great wings held with their perfect defense. They snapped opened with a sharp crack, the force of the motion buffering Theo back through the air.

Sir Bedievere snarled and released a Pendragon’s Glory in Theo’s direction. The old soldier dodged out of the main path of the strike, getting singed by the edge of the blast. A tall spire began him erupted a blinding light from the colliding laser strike sending rubble into the streets below. Theo grimaced from the sheer destruction. They needed to stop Examon somehow or get him outside the city. Or limit his options of attack.

Theo met Artanis’s eyes to make sure he had the RizeGreymon’s attention. “Follow my lead,” He yelled over their communication network, hoping James and Artanis would trust him. The BlackWarGreymon flew at the Examon again as fast as he could, but pulled out at the last second in a feint. Using his smaller size and greater manuvueribility, Theo dodged and weaved around the Examon, never going too far out in the Ambrosius’s line of fire and just out of reach of his claws. Like a small songbird mobbing a great eagle, Theo maintained the fevered pace, striking out with his Dramon Destroyers where he could around Caledfwlch’s defenses and hoping Artanis could keep up.

On the great dragon’s left, he charged the energies between his hands releasing a series of explosions. War Blaster! The Ambrosius swung through the wave of explosions, catching Theo in the side with its own attack. Avalon’s Gate! The BlackWarGreymon roared in agony from the hit and set tumbling to the ground into a crater.

Theo laid in the crater numb with pain from his bleeding side. The battle continued to wage over head. He clutched his side, sucking in a painful breath. His side was on fire, but oddly it paled in comparsion to the pain he once felt in his core a year ago. He called Dramon Fire to his right palm only to scream as the fire cauterized his wounded side to staunch the bleeding. Theo laid there, breathing unevenly and trying mentally to keep his grip on reality.

A familiar hand touched his face. Theo gasped as he tried to focus his eyes, but he couldn’t make out who was touching him. Instead, a comforting voice carried to his ear, “Come on, Theo, we’re not done yet. You’re not done yet.”

Theo shuddered at the painfully familiar voice. Nonetheless, he drew strength from the words and dragged himself to unsteady legs. The black dragon stared up at the sky in a daze. With an effort in concentration, he whispered, “Great Tornado.”

Fierce winds swirled around increasing their speed exponentially, lifting the old dragon off the ground and into the air once again. Using the momentem of the tornado, Theo slingshot himself back into the battle with Artanis. He still hurt terribly, but used the pain to drive himself on and race through the air towards. Dramon Destroyer extended ahead of him and aimed direction at Sir Bediever, Theo yelled, “Black Tornado!”

His worn body began spinning and blurred in the heart of the vortex. Caledfwlch snapped protectively over Examon seconds before the attack connected, but Theo wasn’t aiming for Examon’s chest. Instead, the spinning black tornado bent downward ever so slightly and Theo reappeared from the whirling black winds; his dramon destroyers sunk deeply into the mid region of Examon’s tail. Theo used the momentum of his attack to off balance the Dragon Emperor out of his flight path.

“Artanis! Dislodge the Ambrosius from his grip!” Theo roared to the winds as he fought with all his strength against the pull of the Great Wings, Caledfwlch. Over the his still intact comlink, he called in a ground-to-air strike, “All available MegaGargomon, fire your entire payloads on Sir Bedeivere once Artanis Dawnflame has cleared your sights.” He called in the order knowing James or Artanis would hear the order over the com network as well.


Knight of RPGs
Hoshiko Yukimura & Okatsu Sekishusai
Kaladesh Perimeter

"This isn't the battle we need to fight," he muttered to Okatsu and Hoshiko. "Our focus must be on the Tamers. They'll be caught in the crossfire if we continue. And that will only serve to further the Royal Knights' agenda."

Hoshiko nodded. The thought had occurred to her, especially as Guinier's Wingdramon fought the Consulate's soldiers around them. But how to disengage from Guinier?

Before she could answer that question, help arrived, help that she recognised. A Sirenmon swooped past, the light of evolution fading from its form, and footfalls sounded as a Tamer ran to join her. She turned to meet the new arrival, seeing shoulder-length brown hair, green eyes, and a face covered with freckles.

"Andrea," she murmured in acknowledgement.

Ahead of them, Okatsu took a kick from Guinier that came under her guard as she blocked the Knight's blades, gracefully rolling with the attack to draw back. Before Guinier could continue, Deneb swooped into the fray, diving in front of her and Michael. The wolf recognised him, remembering him from those days at the guild.

"No. 2 <<Aria>>!" Deneb cried, sending a sonic shockwave reverberating through the air towards Guinier. Recognising the attack, Okatsu immediately followed.

"Geki: Hyougetsuga!" The icy spears formed around her and she hurled them forward, the cold blades racing behind Deneb's attack. If it worked, Guinier would be disoriented enough by the shockwave for Okatsu's volley to strike home. Regardless, the CresGarurumon continued, lunging to the left to cut through a Wingdramon which loomed towards Hoshiko and Andrea with a snarl of "Jurou Daikaiten!" before angling her whirling form back at Guinier.


James Reeve & Artanis Dawnflame
Kaladesh Perimeter

Bedivere hurled Artanis aside with a blow of his wings, following with a barrage from the Ambrosius that the RizeGreymon only barely evaded. He had done well to keep up with the Royal Knight thus far, but he had been outmatched from the start. Perhaps against a normal Mega Level, he might have been able to compensate with all his training and experience. But not against a Royal Knight.

James clung to his partner's back, gripping the RizeGreymon's armor tightly. "Follow Theo," he called over the wind and the roaring explosions. "We can't keep this up."

Nodding his agreement, Artanis dived after the BlackWarGreymon. They evaded Bedivere's stabs and slashes narrowly, until Theo was caught by the Ambrosius and sent flying with a roar of "Avalon's Gate!". The BlackWarGreymon fell like a meteor towards Kaladesh, but James couldn't follow his fall for long, drawn by Bedivere's violent motions around them. The Examon redoubled his attack, wings blocking the shots Artanis hurled at him, lance retaliating with lasers and its vicious tip. Artanis bled from multiple wounds, some cutting deep through his scales. The wounds burned as he soared and he knew his strength was lagging.

Against this opponent, he simply could not compete, despite his words. Not forever. Not even for long.

Bedivere's lance burned Artanis' side with a fan of lasers, a howl of pain ripping from the RizeGreymon's throat. Bedivere drew back the Ambrosius, aiming it for Artanis' chest.

"Fall," he commanded.

"Black Tornado!"

Theo roared back into the fight. The Caledfwlch snapped closed, wary as ever, but the BlackWarGreymon struck around their guard. His dragon-slaying claws sliced into Bedivere's tail and the Examon's flight wavered, tipping from his graceful path through the battle-torn skies.

“Artanis! Dislodge the Ambrosius from his grip!” Theo roared to the winds as he fought with all his strength against the pull of the Great Wings, Caledfwlch. Over the his still intact comlink, he called in a ground-to-air strike, “All available MegaGargomon, fire your entire payloads on Sir Bedeivere once Artanis Dawnflame has cleared your sights.”

Artanis lunged as Theo called out, but Bedivere heard the BlackWarGreymo's first instruction too. His tail lashed, attempting to dislodge Theo as his wings burst open. "Avalon's Gate!" The Ambrosius thrust and Artanis took the blow on his armored shoulder only with a swift pivot that nearly made James fall. The impact made their bones shudder, such was Bedivere's strength. Then the shells roared from the Ambrosius and the metal of Artanis' armor buckled with an almighty CRACK. The RizeGreymon toppled through the air, his metal arm sparking around the gashes inflicted by Bedivere's attack.

"Gargo Missiles!" Even at this distance, the titanic MegaGargomon could be heard. Apparently mistaking Artanis' descent for a disengagement, they unleashed their payload through the skies, missiles roaring towards Bedivere. Artanis caught his fall as the payloads impacted, some intercepted by unfortunate Wingdramon, others striking their mark as Bedivere wrestled with Theo. The Examon and BlackWarGreymon vanished into a fiery explosion.

"Theo," James said into his comlink as the flames began to recede, hoping for an answer.

"Explode Sonic Lance!" The air buckled as a Wingdramon dived at them with incredible speed. Artanis caught the lance strike head-on, growling in pain as it dug into his scales, then grabbing the dragon by the head and pushing it back enough to bring his gun barrel to bear.

"Trident Revolver!" Three shells hammered the Wingdramon's core, sending it plummeting as Artanis released it. The RizeGreymon ascended, the aftermath of the bombardment around Bedivere clearing overhead.