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Digimon: Y2KV (Rated PG-15)

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by CptDrDigi, May 22, 2012.

  1. CptDrDigi

    CptDrDigi Chickity China


    RP Thread.

    Discussion Thread.


    The pain and agony of millions, the fear of death in the eyes of the young ones, the very fact that there was no way to stop it, hard to believe it all started with a simple problem...

    It all began on a cold winter's night in the Human world, a night were many thought tomorrow would be the last day in the world, it was New Year's Eve 1999, and as you may know, we didn't explode into tiny bits of bacon. But there was something starting in the Digi-World, something horrible.

    There was an odd chilling feeling in most of the Digi-world, that odd feeling you may have had if you had ever entered a supposedly haunted house. It wasn't a flu or a virus, but something unstoppable, you see, when digimon die, they don't really die, they are just sent to be reborn again, with memories of their past. But something changed that for the worst.

    A virus hit the Digi Core Revitalization, a line of data that was created to revive the dead data of Digimon, usually they would be reborn with a calm, docile personality, never having the urge to fight or kill. But this virus changed it. Any Digimon reborn was reborn as a Data-thirsty murderous creature with no morals and no compassion, hunting down any Digimon and killing them, and when they would die, they too would be reborn as murderous creatures. And even if the infected Digimon were killed, they would just be reborn again, but with out their power.

    Appalled by this, the eight leaders of the Digi-World, Omnimon, Lucemon Chaos Mode, MarineAngemon, BanchoLeomon, HerculesKabuterimon, Houhoumon, HiAndromon and Examon hosted a summit on what to do about the virus. Some suggested all out war, some suggested attacking the DCR, but in the end, they decided to summon Yggdrasil, the creator and god of the Digi-World, to have his opinion on the situation... However this would take time, time they did not have.

    One by one, each leader would fall in battle and become infected. Upon seeing the world he created and how it had fallen, Yggdrasil sealed away six Digi-Eggs that had not been infected in a secret chamber, and began waiting for a day where a group of heroes could maybe free the world he had created from the virus...

    Since then, over 350000 Digi Years have passed, and six infected leaders have risen and taken over the Digi-World, they're names are Omnimon Zwart, GranDracmon, GigaSeadramon, DinoTigermon, TyrantKabuterimon, Ornismon, ChaosDramon, and finally Megidramon. Collectively, they're know as The Dark Generals. Together each rule a different continent and hold a key to the DCR in their data. They have also evolved to the point where they can control and lead lesser Digimon. They are always on the constant look out for Yggdrasil so that they may gain his power and take over the other areas.

    While 350000 years may have passed in the Digi-World, only a short twelve have passed in the Human world, never knowing any about the Digi-World. However due to being hard pressed for help Yggdrasil has sent emails to six different Children that live in the Tokyo area, saying how they won a trip around the world, all they need to do is go to a building in downtown Tokyo.

    And now it begins, these selected ones are on their way to a destiny no of them could ever imagine, to a world were they are the only hope of survival, together with their Digimon Partners, they must head to the DCR and use their Digivices to restart it, but to do that, they must defeat the six Dark Generals. They may succeed, and if they want to save the Digi-World, they must.

    The Digi-World.

    The Digi-World is separated into five different continents.

    The First and most North is Élevé Montagnes, a mountainous and rocky area. It's inhabitants are Wind Guardians. It is led by Ornismon.

    The next Fuoco Fiume, a North-Western Continent is rather flat land with hundreds of active volcanoes and flowing rivers of lava. It's inhabitants are mostly Dragons' Roar Digimon. It is led by Megidramon.

    The Next is Victus Silva, a North-Eastern Continent is deep and lush forest, it is said to be the area where Yggdrasil lived before the Virus, and as such it haves trees that date back to the beginning of the Digi-World. It's inhabitants are mostly Jungle Troopers. It is led by TyrantKabuterimon.

    Located just below and inbetween the above three is Terrae, a glorious land that used to be the capital of the Digi-World. It's a land with many altars to the DigiGods of old. It is said to be a ghost continent, only able to be found by the hightest level Digimon. It is led by Omnimon Zwart

    The Third. lowest is Acciaio Labirinto, not much a Continent, more a sprawling maze of buildings and technology. It is considered the most advanced of the Continents. It's inhabitants are mostly Machine Empire Digimon. It is led by Chaosdramon.

    Located directly between Acciaio Labirinto and Tenebres Royaume, is Magna Compi. A lush open plain, filled with many Nature's Spirit Digimon. It is led by DinoTigermon.

    The Lowest Continent is Ténèbres Royaume, a dark and shady empire, it is the most dangerous, it is fueled by violence and hatred and considered the most evil Continent. It's inhabitants range from Nightmare Soldiers, Dark Area, and Unknown. It is led by GranDracmon.

    And connecting all of the Continents is Net Ocean, a raging ocean that is never calm. Most Digimon if they want to travel from one Continent to the next using the old Undersea Tunnels that were created at the start on the Digiworld. The inhabitants here are Deep Savers. It is led by GigaSeadramon.


    -All SPPF RPG Rules apply. If you haven't read them, please do.
    -All posts should include your character's name, digimon's name, and current level.
    -If you join, please stay active, don't just go away. Stay and Play.
    -Please be nice to other players, it's okay to have fights in character, but please refrain out of character.
    -No Gary Stu/Mary Sues. No bunnying, you know the basics.
    -No duplicates of other people's digimon or the Dark Generals, however The Old Leaders are okay to use.
    -This RP is rated PG-15, so if you don't like blood, gore, violence, and potential sexual innuendos, this RP may not be for you.
    -Please wait for my go ahead to Digivolve to certain levels, after I have though, you may Digivolve to that level as much as you want.
    -If you have any questions please send me a message either via pm/VM, and I will try my best to help you understand.

    Sign-Up Sheet

    Name: (obvious)
    Gender: (obvious)
    Age: (Obvious)
    Appearance: (Self explanatory, at least two paragraphs please.)
    Personality: (Again, at least two paragraphs please..)
    History: (Basically your life story two paragraphs please.)
    Colour of Digivice: (Can be any colour. Our Digivice will look like this http://i250.photobucket.com/albums/gg244/AngelGatomon/getdigivicephp.png)

    Species: (The level you'll spend most your time in. No Ultimates or Megas please)
    Name: (Is not needed, but is definitely useful)
    Gender: (Obvious)
    Personality: (About two paragraphs please)
    Digivolution line: ( From Fresh to Mega please. I also suggest to visit here for help http://www.dma.wtw-x.net/)
    Differences: (This is were you put what makes them look different from other Digimon of the same species.)

    Accepted Characters
    - Travis Jones and Chris Shade The Impmon - Digipoke1
    - Jackson Nobi and Lady Mervus The Kotemon- CuriousHeartless.
    - Fiona Levi and Selena Moonstar The Gatomon - Mon1010
    - Yosuke Amagi and Ko Monkey The Monmon - Food Guy
    - Rebecca 'Becky' Klein and Asena The Garurumon - *Jean Grey*
    - Kaito Sendou and Siegfried Dragonheart The Guilmon - storymasterb
    - Kevin Yates and Drake Cobalast The Dracomon- Griff4815
    - Flynn Harris and Marchosias The Sangloupmon -GoldenHouou

    (All eight slots are now filled, Reserves without Asteriks will end on Saturday, 26th, 2012. Ones with Double Asteriks will be reserved until the 28th 2012.)

    Closing Word
    Thank you all for reading, and I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed typing it up. I hope this Digimon RP will work and all those who join it have an extreme amount of fun. Also thanks to Rayquaza The First for the picture at the top of the page.​
    Last edited: May 28, 2012
  2. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    Is Gatomon available to be a partner?
  3. CuriousHeartless

    CuriousHeartless Well-Known Member

    Just wanted to let everyone know I have a reserve for Kotemon.
  4. CptDrDigi

    CptDrDigi Chickity China


    Yes it is, all digimon are available except for the Dark Generals, Kotemon (Due to CH's reserve) and my line, Yaamon, Impmon, DeviDramon, NeoDevimon and Beelzemon.

    @Curious Heartless.

    You are reserved like I said in the VMs.
  5. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    Just needed to check.

    Reserving Gatomon
  6. CptDrDigi

    CptDrDigi Chickity China


    And here is my SU.

    Name: Travis Jones
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15

    Travis stands at a rather-tall-for-his-age 5'11. His face is still young looking despite the fact that Travis has a few brown hairs growing on his upper lip. His hair is a dark Auburn and is messy-ly put together, and is rather short, not like crew-cut short, but like not-in-his-eyes-short. Speaking of his eyes, they're you know usually sized, not like a Kinkajou big, just, you know normal size. They are also a dark green, though it is hard to see them do to his glasses, which are thin and blue framed. His nose is slightly larger then average I'll admit, but you know, not like huge. He also has a slight gap between his two front teeth.

    For clothing, Travis usually wears a black T-shirt that has a simple graphic, the graphic shows two men skydiving and one man falling to his death, there is a small amount of text on it stating, "if at first you don't succeed, Skydiving is not for you." Over this he wears a red canvas jacket. He wears a pair of somewhat loose denim jeans, because, one day Travis would like to have kids biologically. For footwear, Travis wears a pair of red canvas sneakers. He also carries around a black knapsack to carry some small things, you know, like a phone, laptop, some food, some loose change. AND A DIGIVICE!!!


    Travis is quite a knowledgeable guy, he's pretty smart, smart to the point where he is in Eleventh Year already in school. However while this knowledge is good academically, it does cause Travis to get in some trouble. Mostly from pointing out flaws in people's plans and idea, and saying some stuff that can make people angry, but come on, if they say something stupid they should know and be ashamed. Due to this intelligence, Travis is capable of spotting weaknesses in enemy digimon.

    But, even though he is a I'm-smarter-then-you-and-you-know-it-guy, Travis can't really stand pressure. Sure he can takes tests and not worry about it, but when he asked to do something like drive, or babysit, he does slightly freak out meaning he is a terrible leader, unable to pick ways to go, or how to get there. But due to his intelligence he is a very good tactician, and is better made to the right hand man to the leader.


    Travis had a rather, you know normal childhood. Frolicking with sheep, rolling down lush green hills, helping dad take said sheep who could no longer frolic to the abattoir. All the things a young Welsh boy could want. And then, when Travis at the tender age of 10, his parents did the worst thing possible, they moved from the nice happy British Isle, to bloody hot America, to be more exact, the hot plains of Georgia.

    More bad news came a week or so after when Travis and his mum where in a car accident, in said accident Travis and his mum where side swiped by some drunk college frat ******* partier. His mom's face was broken in several places, and five of Travis' ribs were broken, left lung was punctured, the right one was deflated, his kidneys were bashed and his liver lacerated. But at least the drunk Douche was killed.

    After that they stayed in Georgia for about a year, but then Travis' father got a job as a doctor in Tokyo Japan, much better then Georgia, because it was colder and less Bible-Thumpy. When he arrived he excelled in most classes, getting pretty good grades in all of them.

    Then about a week ago, Travis and a few friends went to a new Internet café, while there, Travis received an email stating how he had won a trip around the world, pretty nice. And he is now on his way to the building to get his ticket.

    Colour of Digivice: A dark grey.

    Species: Impmon
    Name: Christian 'Chris' Shade
    Gender: Male


    Man, if Travis is an annoying know it all, then Chris is a troll, it isn't exactly known that Chris is made from Internet memes, but it wouldn't be a stretch to suggest it. He fears almost nothing and isn't afraid to use his troll tactics in battle or on his friends even. Stating " If they can't take a small comment from me, how are they gonna take a blast from a Mega?"

    Despite this, Chris does mean well when he trolls his friends, he doesn't mean to be mean, he is just playing. He is very protective of his friends and would do anything he needs to do to protect them. But he can also be somewhat arrogant, shouting out "POWERRRR!!!!" whenever he is doing well, and will show off during battle.

    Digivolution line: Kiimon - Yaamon - Impmon - DeviDramon - NeoDevimon - Beelzemon

    Differences: While Chris' Digivolution line is mostly similar to other digimon in his line, there are still a few changes. For example, instead of Yaamon's face being brown, it is white. Instead of red gloves and a red bandanna on Impmon, they are grey. And all the metal bits on Beelzemon, such as his metal boot spikes, arm bracers, and shotgun holster, are gold, the same shade of gold as NeoDevimon's mask. Beelzemon's arm bandanna is also grey.​
    Last edited: May 26, 2012
  7. PeeGee

    PeeGee ROAWR!

    Can I please reserve a spot with Monmon please?
  8. CptDrDigi

    CptDrDigi Chickity China

    You are reserved Food Guy.
  9. *Jean Grey*

    *Jean Grey* Night Triumphant

    Can I reserve a spot for Garurumon? XD
  10. CptDrDigi

    CptDrDigi Chickity China

    @*Jean Grey*
    Sure ya can. Reservedness.

    Also, only one more spot open, so come and get it while it's hot!
  11. storymasterb

    storymasterb Knight of RPGs

    Mark me intrigued. I'll Reserve Guilmon (sure you can guess where this Digivolution line's going :p)
  12. CptDrDigi

    CptDrDigi Chickity China

    @storymasterb; you are reserved.

    Okay, all spots are now filled. Reservations will be un-reserved on Saturday. But hopefully by then, we will have our characters ready to go.
  13. storymasterb

    storymasterb Knight of RPGs


    Name: Kaito Sendou
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15

    Appearance: A slender, athletic-looking young man, Kaito is at first glance relatively unimposing due to being rather short. His lithe frame disguises surprising strength given his age, honed by martial arts practice over several years. His hair is a dirty blonde shade, and is usually cut quite short, while his eyes are a murky blue shade. Several small scars are visible on his face from various small injuries over the years, and his skin is lightly tanned.

    Kaito usually wears a grey T-shirt emblazoned with a Nintendo logo, and plain dark blue jeans. In colder weather, he adds a black coat to this outfit, while in warmer weather he might change it for a plain white T-shirt and grey shorts. His usual footwear is a pair of white Nike sneakers, and he usually carries a silver-gray rucksack around with him, often for his schoolbooks, lunch and other supplies, but occasionally for other things.

    Personality: Often stoic and polite, Kaito comes across as someone who does not like to talk much. He usually speaks in response to other people more than taking the initiative himself, which is often taken as an indication by others that he is shy. In truth, he is quite happy with his own company, and is perfectly willing to talk to other people if he wants to. When he does talk, he is relatively straightforward and courteous most of the time, being respectful to those he sees as his betters.

    However, Kaito can be exceedingly judgemental of people, to the point of remaining cold towards others from the slightest negative impression he gets of them. Often he is quite stubborn about his views, and it is difficult to change his mind once he is resolved towards something. Due to his stoicness, he can often appear indifferent towards others, even if they are his friends, causing him to be seen as uncaring and distant. As such, people who know him tend to see him as being aloof, a factor not helped by his generally excellent school grades and results in his martial arts training. In general, Kaito does not wish to cultivate this image, but finds it difficult to overcome it and make friends with new people, meaning he only has a few friends who have known him for a long time.

    History: Kaito was born to a happy set of parents in the Fuchu area, Tokyo. His father had a managers position at a small local business, while Kaito's mother worked as a nurse. As both worked long hours at their respective jobs, Kaito learned to cope for himself while relatively young. As part of this, he took up lessons in martial arts from eight years old onwards. Attending a local school, he often achieved good grades, and made a few friends. However, when he was nine, his parents began to argue frequently, eventually leading to a messy and complicated divorce. As his parents argued, Kaito often remained out of the way, and these events only cultivated his stoic persona further.

    Eventually custody was settled, with primary custody going to Kaito's father. Kaito continued much as normal, if more stoic than before due to the experience of watching his parents fight so bitterly. He moved up to high school, and there continued to live much as he had, working hard at school while remaining stoic and quiet. Life carried on like this over the next six years.

    Then, several days ago, Kaito received a mysterious email telling him he had won a trip around the world. Interested, he decided to show up and collect this prize.

    Color of Digivice: Crimson red


    Species: Guilmon
    Name: Siegfried Dragonheart
    Gender: Male

    Personality: Noble and regal, despite his Rookie Level status, Siegfried is a warrior who enjoys battle. He never feels more alive than when he fights his enemies with no restraints, merely struggling in a life-or-death battle. Due to his noble birth, he tends to look down on other Digimon who he sees as 'commoners' below his royal status. However, at the same time, he regards himself as a defender and champion of the common people, whose duty is to fight in their name. As such he is always willing to place himself in harm's way for the sake of those he considers under his protection.

    Due to his view of the world, Siegfried often finds the notion of fighting alongside others a difficult thing to accept. Living in the world that he does, he feels that if one cannot survive with their own power, then they do not deserve to survive. He does not mean this with any malice or contempt, but merely a cold acceptance based on his experience of the corrupted Digital World. He seeks to overcome the order which has taken his world captive with all his resolve, denying the fact that he is simply not capable of fighting the minions of the Dark Generals alone, let alone the Generals themselves. As such, it can be said that his greatest wish is to stand as a hero acknowledged by all for his deeds, and show the evil of the world the power of a true hero the like of which has not been seen in the Digital World for many, many years.

    Digivolution Line: Jyarimon - Gigimon - Guilmon - Growlmon - WarGrowlmon - Gallantmon

    Differences: Siegfried's Digivolution line has several small differences to the normal. Instead of the usual amber colour of his kind's eyes, his eyes are a cold blue shade, something which is present in all his forms. In his Guilmon form he has several battle scars on his arms, legs and back, which are also present in his Growlmon form. Finally, in his Gallantmon form, Siegfried has a royal blue sigil on his shoulder plates, the symbol of his noble family, which looks somewhat like two crossed lances before a winged dragon, within a circle of laurel leaves.
    Last edited: May 26, 2012
  14. CptDrDigi

    CptDrDigi Chickity China


    Accepted! Very nice character.
  15. Griff4815

    Griff4815 No. 1 Grovyle Fan

    If somebody doesn't sign up, I may be interested in joining.
  16. GoldenHouou

    GoldenHouou going, going, goon

    Seconding Griff up there; if someone doesn't turn up, I'd like to snatch a spot.
  17. CptDrDigi

    CptDrDigi Chickity China

    Hmm, okay, due to popular request, I am bumping up the amount of slots to eight.

    And due to Griff's comment above, I will give him the reserve on one, so that means, there is another spot open! Reserve will only be counted via a post in this thread, so PM/VMs to me do not mean a reserve.

    Please state which Digimon you would like to reserve.
    EDIT: Scratch that, all slots are filled again.
    Last edited: May 25, 2012
  18. Zalck

    Zalck Back Again...

    If any of those eight don't end up making it, I call that empty slot!
  19. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer


    Name: Fiona Levi
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18

    Appearance: Fiona stands at about 5'8", which is about average height for a girl her age. She has a slender frame, but puberty has been good to her, and she developed nicely in all the right places. She has long straight red hair, that flows to her waist. She combs her bangs to the side, to keep them out of her eyes, and she wears a blue headband on top of her head to keep it tidy. Her eyes are almond shaped, and are an intense green color. Her complexion is pale, and free of any blemishes. She does not usually wear makeup.

    For clothing, her outfits tend to vary. She can usually be seen wearing a slim red top, with a frilly white miniskirt that reaches to her mid-thighs. On her feet, she wears red stiletto heels that add three inches to her height. Occasionaly, she will change these for red and white sneakers if the situation demands. She wears a pair of red, heart shaped, stud earrings on her ears, with a gold chain necklace, with a matching red heart charm around her neck. She carries her items in a red and white purse, that seems to be able to hold more items than it's size would suggest.

    Personality: Fiona is an outgoing and social person. She isn't shy in the slightest, and she says exactly what she thinks, regardless of how this would affect others. She isn't the nicest, or the most caring person in the world. Actually, she can be a bit of a bitch. She believes the ends justify the means, and she's been known to manipulate people to get what she needs. She is clever, sneaky, and manipulative, and she has learned how to convince people to believe an outright lie. Traits she seems to have picked up from watching her father.

    She's been spoiled by wealth growing up. As a result of this, she believes that money can get you whatever you want (and for her, it kind of does.) She often uses her female charm, and money to woo people into doing what she wants, or just to trick them. Despite these things, deep down, Fiona is actually quite protective of those she cares for, even if she won't admit to most of them. Around those she is close to, she can be kind and gentle. She has a playful, and even flirty side of her that she rarely shows. She is ultimately a girly girl, and she has a soft spot for cute things. What she really wants, is to live her own life away from her overprotective father.

    History: Fiona was born into a wealthy family in New York City. Her father, was a wealthy businessman, who owned hotels all over the world. He is often too busy financing his hotels to be concerned with his daughter. On the other hand, her mother, a successful photographer, was the more available parent. Fiona was much closer to her mother than to her father. People would often say that Fiona took after her. Tragically, Fiona's mother died while on her way to a photoshoot when Fiona was young. She only had the wealth of her father to comfort her. After the death of his wife, his father swore to care for his daughter, and that he did. He moved the family to Tokyo Japan, where his lastest business venture was taking place, and cooped her up in a private mansion in an upper class neighborhood, and heavily guarded it with security.

    She was homeschooled, and was forbidden to leave the property. She had guards watching her every move, and her father would check in at random times. While everything she could ever need or want was brought to her whenever she asked, she still didn't like being locked up like she was in some kind of prison. So, she escaped. Every night, she would sneak out of her house and have a little fun around town. She always found it fascinating how easily people manipulated were. Simply by batting her eyes, and playing the part of a helpless girl, she was able to get anything. From getting them to buy her things, to giving her rides. Those that caught on to her tricks were easily silenced by the promise of a stack of dead presidents. Every night she was able to return home without rousing suspicion.

    It was during one of her nightly escapades, when she got the E-mail that would change her life. While at the library, so she can use the internet without being monitored, she recieved an E-mail saying she had won a trip around the world. Naturally, she was suspicious. Who gives that kind of info away in an E-mail? She also never entered any contest. At the same time, she was also intrigued. If this were the real deal, then this would be the perfect opportunity to get away from her fathers wing. Even if it wasn't real, this would still be a good adventure. So, she convinced some unsuspecting male with car to give her a ride to this building in Downtown Tokyo.

    Other: Her father is completely aware of everything his daughter has been doing. He doesn't do anything though, because he is actually impressed by her skills. It seems she learned something from him after all.

    Digivice Color: Pink


    Species: Gatomon
    Name: Selene Moonstar
    Gender: Female

    Personality: Selene is a rather playful, and mischievous individual. In fact, she takes after her human partner in a lot of ways. They both can be sneaky and manipulative, and they both use their charm to fool people. Selene likes it when enemies forget the fact that she is a Champion level Digimon and underestimate her. She'll often play the part of a helpless Digimon to mess with them. It makes it all the more satisfying for her, and all the more humilating for them, when she beats them. She likes to keep herself looking tidy, and she hates being a dirty. As you would imagine, Selene and Fiona get along well.

    Despite this, Selene has a good heart deep down. She has a strong sense of justice, and a dislike of evil. She is also very motherly and caring of those she is close to, and would do anything to protect them. These traits become more apparent as she Digivolves further. That's not to say her manipulative qualities go away when she Digivolves, they still come out every once in a while. They're just toned down.

    Digivolution: Yukimibotamon, (Fresh), Nyaromon, (In-Training) Salamon, (Rookie) Gatomon, (Champion) Angewomon, (Ultimate) Ophanimon (Mega)

    Differences: Selene looks like any other Gatomon. The only difference is that Selene wears a gold chain collar. This collar has a crescent moon shaped charm attached to it, and the charm has her name engraved into it. The collar is present in all of her forms, and it actually changes sizes to accommodate each of them. Additionally, Angewomon and Ophanimon have one streak of black amongst their normally blond hair.
    I'm not sure if I should go with Ophanimon, or Magnadramon as the Mega. I went with Ophanimon, but if you'd prefer Magnadramon, or if anything needs to be changed/added, just say so.
    Last edited: May 26, 2012
  20. PeeGee

    PeeGee ROAWR!

    Sign-Up Sheet


    Name: Yosuke Amagi

    Gender: Male

    Age: 13

    Appearance: Yosuke is a chubby little tyke, still carrying the puppy fat from his even younger years. He is quite short, hoping that puberty will bring along a growth spurt. His hair is kept short, and is dark brown. His skin is fairly pale, with freckles dotting the bridge of his nose and his cheeks. His eyes are dark brown, and his eyelashes are admittedly long and girl like, much to Yosuke's chargrin, but they are useful when he wants to charm his way into getting something.

    Clotheswise, Yosuke likes wearing bright colours, like really really bright colours. Not yet having any sense of fashion and colour coordination, his favourite clothes at the moment are his white shirt with fluro yellow and green squares blotched all over it and a pair of long legged bright red pants. He always carries a small black back pack around with him, just so he always has a place to carry what ever his mum decides to give him for the day.

    Personality: Yosuke is very hyperactive, as in a bundle of energy that is condensed into human form. He is nearly always in a cheery mood, and likes to ask questions, like a lot of questions. In additon to that, once Yosuke gets on a train of thought, he will nearly always follow that until he gets bored, rinse and repeat.

    Yosuke also forms attachments really quickly, in fact it is a little alarmingly as to how quickly he forms them. He also tends to always see the good in people, and subsequently ignore the not so good in them, which is not always the best way for someone to view the world. He very rarely gets angry, sure he gets annoyed fairly easily, but Yosuke rarely actually gets properly angry, and when he does, he pretty much shuts off the outside world and has a rather large temper tantrum.

    History: Yosuke grew up in Inagi, living a pretty decent life, making friends, enjoying his school and finding the city pretty fun to live in. Both his parents were school teachers, so they were living a very nice life. However that all changed three years ago when his father was on his way home from work. A man driving his car had a heart attack, and as a result swerved off the road, slamming into Yosuke's father, who was on his bike. His father was killed on impact, as was the driver.

    A year after the incident, Yosuke's mother still wasn't dealing with the death of her husband, and Yosuke himself wasn't as bad as his mother, but he also wasn't coping. She decided that there were too many memories tied into Inagi and so they moved to Mitaka. Moving helped them move on, and his mother even eventually fell in love again. The day after his mother got remarried, Yosuke got an email that said he had won a free trip around the world. Figuring that his mother wouldn't mind him being gone for a day, he left a note for her and went on his way to check the offer out.

    Colour of Digivice: Bright yellow

    Species: Monmon
    Name: Ko Monkey
    Gender: Male
    Personality: When people think of monkeys, they probably think of joyful tricksters who are probably a bit immature. Ko is completely opposite of that. He is dead serious the majority of the time, and is quite often referred to as a stick in the mud. It's not like he doesn't like having fun, but Ko thinks that there is a time and place for fun and a time and place for being serious.

    He is also very easily annoyed, viewing anything that he doesn't think of as time appropriate as being unnecessary and that person should quit it. However, when Ko does find a time that is appropriate for fun, well he goes off the handle. The perception of monkeys? Yeah that's what he turns into, except times like a million. Luckily for everyone else he barely ever thinks that there is an appropriate time and place for fun.

    Digivolution line: Yuramon -> Tanemon -> Monmon -> Apemon -> Makuramon -> Marsmon
    Differences: Ko's toga thing as Monmon is dark blue instead of yellow. As Apemon his crest is blue. As Makuramon his pants are light blue. As Marsmon his top is dark blue instead of red.
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