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Digimon: Y2KV

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by CptDrDigi, May 28, 2012.

  1. CptDrDigi

    CptDrDigi Chickity China


    The pain and agony of millions, the fear of death in the eyes of the young ones, the very fact that there was no way to stop it, hard to believe it all started with a simple problem...

    It all began on a cold winter's night in the Human world, a night were many thought tomorrow would be the last day in the world, it was New Year's Eve 1999, and as you may know, we didn't explode into tiny bits of bacon. But there was something starting in the Digi-World, something horrible.

    There was an odd chilling feeling in most of the Digi-world, that odd feeling you may have had if you had ever entered a supposedly haunted house. It wasn't a flu or a virus, but something unstoppable, you see, when digimon die, they don't really die, they are just sent to be reborn again, with memories of their past. But something changed that for the worst.

    A virus hit the Digi Core Revitalization, a line of data that was created to revive the dead data of Digimon, usually they would be reborn with a calm, docile personality, never having the urge to fight or kill. But this virus changed it. Any Digimon reborn was reborn as a Data-thirsty murderous creature with no morals and no compassion, hunting down any Digimon and killing them, and when they would die, they too would be reborn as murderous creatures. And even if the infected Digimon were killed, they would just be reborn again, but with out their power.

    Appalled by this, the eight leaders of the Digi-World, Omnimon, Lucemon Chaos Mode, MarineAngemon, BanchoLeomon, HerculesKabuterimon, Houhoumon, HiAndromon and Examon hosted a summit on what to do about the virus. Some suggested all out war, some suggested attacking the DCR, but in the end, they decided to summon Yggdrasil, the creator and god of the Digi-World, to have his opinion on the situation... However this would take time, time they did not have.

    One by one, each leader would fall in battle and become infected. Upon seeing the world he created and how it had fallen, Yggdrasil sealed away six Digi-Eggs that had not been infected in a secret chamber, and began waiting for a day where a group of heroes could maybe free the world he had created from the virus...

    Since then, over 350000 Digi Years have passed, and six infected leaders have risen and taken over the Digi-World, they're names are Omnimon Zwart, GranDracmon, GigaSeadramon, DinoTigermon, TyrantKabuterimon, Ornismon, ChaosDramon, and finally Megidramon. Collectively, they're know as The Dark Generals. Together each rule a different continent and hold a key to the DCR in their data. They have also evolved to the point where they can control and lead lesser Digimon. They are always on the constant look out for Yggdrasil so that they may gain his power and take over the other areas.

    While 350000 years may have passed in the Digi-World, only a short twelve have passed in the Human world, never knowing any about the Digi-World. However due to being hard pressed for help Yggdrasil has sent emails to six different Children that live in the Tokyo area, saying how they won a trip around the world, all they need to do is go to a building in downtown Tokyo.

    And now it begins, these selected ones are on their way to a destiny no of them could ever imagine, to a world were they are the only hope of survival, together with their Digimon Partners, they must head to the DCR and use their Digivices to restart it, but to do that, they must defeat the six Dark Generals. They may succeed, and if they want to save the Digi-World, they must.

    The Digi-World.

    The Digi-World is separated into five different continents.

    The First and most North is Élevé Montagnes, a mountainous and rocky area. It's inhabitants are Wind Guardians. It is led by Ornismon.

    The next Fuoco Fiume, a North-Western Continent is rather flat land with hundreds of active volcanoes and flowing rivers of lava. It's inhabitants are mostly Dragons' Roar Digimon. It is led by Megidramon.

    The Next is Victus Silva, a North-Eastern Continent is deep and lush forest, it is said to be the area where Yggdrasil lived before the Virus, and as such it haves trees that date back to the beginning of the Digi-World. It's inhabitants are mostly Jungle Troopers. It is led by TyrantKabuterimon.

    Located just below and inbetween the above three is Terrae, a glorious land that used to be the capital of the Digi-World. It's a land with many altars to the DigiGods of old. It is said to be a ghost continent, only able to be found by the highest level Digimon. It is led by Omnimon Zwart

    The Third. lowest is Acciaio Labirinto, not much a Continent, more a sprawling maze of buildings and technology. It is considered the most advanced of the Continents. It's inhabitants are mostly Machine Empire Digimon. It is led by Chaosdramon.

    Located directly between Acciaio Labirinto and Tenebres Royaume, is Magna Compi. A lush open plain, filled with many Nature's Spirit Digimon. It is led by DinoTigermon.

    The Lowest Continent is Ténèbres Royaume, a dark and shady empire, it is the most dangerous, it is fueled by violence and hatred and considered the most evil Continent. It's inhabitants range from Nightmare Soldiers, Dark Area, and Unknown. It is led by GranDracmon.

    And connecting all of the Continents is Net Ocean, a raging ocean that is never calm. Most Digimon if they want to travel from one Continent to the next using the old Undersea Tunnels that were created at the start on the Digiworld. The inhabitants here are Deep Savers. It is led by GigaSeadramon.

    Our Discussion Thread.


    -All SPPF RPG Rules apply. If you haven't read them, please do.
    -All posts should include your character's name, digimon's name, and current level.
    -If you join, please stay active, don't just go away. Stay and Play.
    -Please be nice to other players, it's okay to have fights in character, but please refrain out of character.
    -No Gary Stu/Mary Sues. No bunnying, you know the basics.
    -No duplicates of other people's digimon or the Dark Generals, however The Old Leaders are okay to use.
    -This RP is rated PG-15, so if you don't like blood, gore, violence, and potential sexual innuendos, this RP may not be for you.
    -Please wait for my go ahead to Digivolve to certain levels, after I have though, you may Digivolve to that level as much as you want.
    -If you have any questions please send me a message either via pm/VM, and I will try my best to help you understand.

    Accepted Characters
    - Travis Jones and Chris Shade The Impmon - Digipoke1
    - Jackson Nobi and Lady Mervus The Kotemon- CuriousHeartless.
    - Fiona Levi and Selena Moonstar The Gatomon - Mon1010
    - Yosuke Amagi and Ko Monkey The Monmon - Food Guy
    - Rebecca 'Becky' Klein and Asena The Garurumon - *Jean Grey*
    - Kaito Sendou and Siegfried Dragonheart The Guilmon - storymasterb
    - Kevin Yates and Drake Cobalast The Dracomon- Griff4815
    - Flynn Harris and Marchosias The Sangloupmon -GoldenHouou


    Travis Jones

    The sounds of cars honking their horns, the songs from the birds of Tokyo, the slight chill to the air, it was just a simple normal day in the life of Travis Jones.

    He was just heading home from a long day's worth of school, his green school uniform was certainly not his style, and he could only hope for the day where he would not need to wear.

    Travis continued walking and thinking of stuff to keep himself entertained, these thoughts ranged from music, to girls, and to video games.

    Travis shook his hair abit, and let out a rather big yawn, he was un-accustomed to walking this far, usually his mother would pick him up from school and drive him home, but sadly his mother and father were both out working today, Travis' father is an account, and his mother a nurse.

    Travis finally arrived at his apartment building, he simply buzzed himself in and began walking up the stairs to his parent's apartment. He slipped his key in to the lock on the door and let a yawn, trying to ignore what seemed to be shouting and cursing coming from an upper level.

    He slipped in the apartment, it was an average size for an apartment in Odaiba, Travis flung his knapsack onto a chair and went to go get changed into his regular clothes.

    After getting changed, Travis sat down on a sofa with his laptop trying to find something to do. Meh, he thought as most of his friends from the online forums he would frequent were offline. So Travis decided to check out his E-Mail.

    He looked down the line of E-Mail titles, 'New Pokémon game announced, reserve now. New Video from Tobuscus, watch now.' Travis read them to himself. He then got down to the 'You've won a trip' E-Mail, Travis did wanna check that one out, he simply clicked on the email, and it popped up the information.

    'You and seven others have been randomly selected by Nakatomi Industries, each of you is to receive a trip for two around the world. All you must do is come to the Nakatomi Plaza Building, located in Central Tokyo, go up to floor 32, room 17, and simply wait for Mr Takagi to arrive.' Travis read to himself, sure there was going to be seven other people, but hey a free trip around the world, and face it, that's pretty awesome.

    Travis slipped on his sneakers, put his phone and laptop in his knapsack in case the Ticket givers need to see proof, and began to walk out of his apartment, making sure to lock the door. He began making his way to the building, he really needs to get a bike with all the walking he does.

    Finally he made his way to the building. He walked into the lobby and up to the receptionist. "Excuse me, I'm heading up to the 32 floor, I am one the contest winners." The receptionist had a slight confused look on her face, but shrugged her shoulders and buzzed Travis through.

    Travis made his way to the elevator, and pressed the button to get to the thirty-second floor. Then that horrible elevator music started. 'Jesus Christ, Kenny G must've made fortunes from this elevator thing.' Travis thought to himself as the elevator arrived at the thirty-second floor.

    Travis made his way to room 17, opening the door he found a desk with a computer, a couple paintings on the wall, and eight swivel chairs. He couldn't resist it and sat on a chair and started spinning around, waiting for Mr Takagi, and the other seven.


    OOC: No need to put the Digimon bold part, because you don't have it yet.
    Last edited: May 28, 2012
  2. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    Fiona Levi

    "Hey John, it's me, Fiona." The redheaded girl said into a cellphone. "You promised me to meet me in front of the library three and a half hours ago, and you still haven't shown up. This isn't the first time this has happened, and I'm really getting sick of waiting. You know what, I'm just gonna go now. Thanks for nothing!" she pressed a button on the phone, and threw it into her purse. "Ugh, that bastard!" she shouted angrily, and crossed her arms.

    A young man who was nearby couldn't help but overhear this, approached the girl. "Excuse me, is everything alright?"

    Fiona sighed. "Sorry you had to hear all that. My lame excuse of a boyfriend stood me up, and my dad's at work, as usual... Now I'm stuck here."

    The boy smiled kindly. A damsel in distress, and a cute one at that. This was the perfect opportunity for him to score. "Well, if you want, I could give you a ride."

    "Well, I don't want to be too much trouble..."

    The boy took out a keychain with several keys on it, and spun them around his fingers in an attempt to look cool. "It's no trouble at all."

    A look of relief appeared on Fiona's face. "Well, thank you. Your such a gentleman" she said with a giggle.


    Nakotomi Plaza building, Central Tokyo

    A fancy red sports car pulled up to the office building. Fiona sat in the passengers side. You can drop me off here. My house isn't too far from here. Thanks for doing all this."

    The guy smiled. "Like I said, it's no trouble at all."

    "It was still very sweet of you though." She gave the boy a kiss on the cheek, then stepped out of the car. The boy blushed, and grinned giddily.

    Fiona waved good bye as the boy drove off. As soon as he was gone, she immediately burst out laughing. "Ha! That was too easy!" Her boyfriend John did not exist. She had been talking to herself the entire time, and acting the part. Knowing some random guy couldn't resist being the hero to help a pretty girl. She even slipped the boy her phone number, but her cell phone was disposable, and she would have a new one, along with a new number before he ever calls back. "Boys are so easy to fool." she said smugly to herself as she entered the building.

    While browsing the web on a computer at the library. She had gotten an E-mail that said she, along with seven others had won trips around the world. It was suspicious, because Fiona didn't enter any contest, and even if she had, that type of thing would be told to you over the phone or in person, not in an E-mail. Still, they gave an address, she figured she may as well go see what this was about. It wasn't like she had anything to lose. So, she duped some unsuspecting boy to give her a ride.

    After getting past the receptionist, and getting up to the 32 floor, she made her way to room 17. When she got there, she saw that the room was rather plainly decorated, and that there was only one other guy, spinning around in a swivel chair, and six other people that needed to show up, plus a man named Mr. Takagi who was supposed to give him their prize. "Eight kids waiting around for a mysterious man? That doesn't scream creepy?" The girl thought. Still, she was already here, she may as well see how this goes. So, she sat in one of the seven swivel chairs that were in the room, rolled her seat against a wall, and waited.
    Last edited: May 28, 2012
  3. storymasterb

    storymasterb Knight of RPGs

    Kaito Sendou

    The door quietly closed behind Kaito as he entered his home. Dressed in a neat black school uniform, he cut a smart, well-dressed figure. The young man took off his sneakers, walking into the house in silence. As expected, his father wasn't yet home. As he passed the door to the kitchen, his stepmother glanced back.

    "Hey, Kaito."

    "Hello," he replied, passing on and walking up the stairs. He passed across the landing, and into his room. Like Kaito himself, the room was neat and in order. Several posters hung on the walls, advertising card games. Each displayed a particular being, a knight, a dragon, an angel. Several decks were arranged in their cases on his desk, next to his laptop. Placing his school sachel down, he quickly changed into his regular clothes, then sat down on his bed and picked up a card deck, retrieving the cards from their case. He fanned the deck, examining the cards. "Hm... could probably use another Phantom Blaster Dragon... or maybe I could get The Dark Dictator..." He considered. "I'll have to see later." He put the deck away, and picked up his laptop, opening his emails. A few stood out, such as a message titled 'Vanguard Regional Championship Application', and something about Extracurricular Studies from his school. However, there was one in particular he was interested in at the moment.

    Scrolling down to the email about the world trip, he opened and read it, checking the instructions to ensure he had them remembered correctly.

    Good. He had remembered the instructions right. Now he just had to get to the Nakatomi Plaza Building. He supposed he could catch the train into Central Tokyo and walk from there. Closing the laptop and powering it down, he retrieved his phone from his uniform and walked downstairs, pulling on his shoes.

    "I'm going to check that world trip thing," he called to his stepmother, who appeared out of the kitchen.

    "Be careful," she replied. "See you later, Kaito."

    "Goodbye." With that, he was gone.


    Some time later, he arrived at the building, and walked into the lobby. Quickly taking it in, he walked over to the receptionist.

    "Can I help you?" she asked.

    "I'm here for the contest... on the 32nd floor," he said quietly.

    "Ah, right," the woman said, and buzzed him through. Kaito took the elevator up, listening to his own music via his phone rather than the elevator music. The tones of JAM Project's Believe in my Existence sounded in his ears as the elevator ascended. Once the elevator arrived, he exited it and walked through the corridors until he found Room 17, entering it. There were already two people seated inside, a boy about his age, and a girl. Two of the other winners, Kaito presumed. He went and took a seat of his own, sitting still as he took in the room. Aside from the chairs, there was a desk with a computer, and a few paintings.

    "Hello," he finally said to the two.
    Last edited: May 28, 2012
  4. *Jean Grey*

    *Jean Grey* Night Triumphant

    Rebecca Klein
    Nakotomi Plaza building, Central Tokyo

    A tall young woman dressed in black sighed as she parked her motorcycle in the closest spot she could find near the Nakotomi Plaza, the building the e-mail mentioned as the meet-up place, without getting a ticket. As she hopped off, she stuffed her keys into the pocket of her black leather jacket, before getting on the pavement. The girl was Rebecca Klein, more fondly known as Becky, and she supposedly won a trip around the world...if the e-mail was to be believed. Though she was still a teenager, if one was not looking closely, the silvery blue streaks in her dark hair could easily be mistaken for white, sometimes making her seem much older than her nineteen years despite her youthful face, skin and clothing.

    After a short walk, Rebecca reached the building. Shedding off her jacket, she made her way to the receptionist, who looked at her, confused. Rebecca stopped in front of the desk, propping her left elbow on top and leaning close. This had to work. The e-mail clearly said that this was the building, and the last thing Rebecca wanted was to be embarrassed.

    "32nd floor, I'm a contest winner." She said casually, starting to take out her iPhone if in case she didn't believe her. The receptionist gave her one look, which Rebecca saw as slightly suspicious, thought for a moment, then buzzed her through. Rebecca gave her one last look before she got into the elevator. She could have sworn she heard the receptionist mumble about how she was the fourth one on a row.

    The elevator was pretty quick, and she reached the 32nd floor in a short time. She got out, then walked down the corridor, trying to remember what room the e-mail told her to go to.

    It was 12, right? No...I think it's 27 or 3...no...17! Yeah, 17!

    Remembering that it was 17, she looked around until she found the door. She turned the knob, then walked inside. There were others who had already arrived, three to be exact. Two guys and a girl. Figuring that there were more, based on the empty chairs, Rebecca took her seat and crossed her leg. Taking a look at the guys, she grinned.

    "Hey there." She greeted, smirking slightly. They seemed to be younger than her. Perfect, the younger ones were more trusting after all.
  5. Griff4815

    Griff4815 No. 1 Grovyle Fan

    Kevin Yates

    The warm, humid breeze swept through his long hair as he approached the Nakatomi Plaza. As he gazed up at the tall building, Kevin raised his arm and readjusted the sunglasses resting on his forehead.

    He reached into the pocket of his soft, blue shorts and pulled out his blackberry, reading the email on the screen.

    "I think this is the place," he muttered to himself. "Read it in both English and Japanese. Nakatomi Plaza, huh? Gee, I sure hope we're not taken hostage by German terrorists."

    He grinned and walked inside to the large lobby. He wasn't entirely sure that this whole 'trip around the world' thing wasn't a hoax, but it was a boring day and if it wasn't a fake, then all the better. He didn't have anything to lose except for time.

    Instead of going over to the secretary, Kevin headed straight for the elevator and pressed the '32' button. "Hmm..." he wondered to himself aloud. "A trip for two, huh? If this thing is real, who should I ask? ...Maybe one of the cute girls from my class. Or maybe..."

    When the elevator doors slid open, he ceased his talking and walked out into the hallway, scanning the numbers on the doors as he walked.

    After a few minutes of wandering, Kevin let out a victorious 'hah!'. He walked in front of Room 17 and stopped. "Okay, Kev. If it's just you and some creepy old geezer in there, kick him in the nuts and run."

    Kevin put his hand on the door and pushed it open. To his surprise, he found four other teenagers inside, sitting at a table. Two guys and two girls.

    "Maybe this thing is legitimate..." he thought to himself, walking in and giving them a smile. "Hello, there. I guess you're all here for the contest too, right?"

    He took a seat in one of the chairs and leaned back in it. "Sooo... My name's Kevin. Good to meet you all. Now which countries were we supposed to be going to, exactly?"
  6. GoldenHouou

    GoldenHouou going, going, goon

    Flynn Harris
    Streets -> Nakatomi Plaza Building

    And yet another one.

    A tall teenager shifted his weight from one leg to the other, constantly sliding the keyboard of his cellphone out and then back in again nervously. He was leaning against the wall of a small grocery shop, his gaze fixed intently on the large business building on the other side of the road from his current standing place. Flynn had been standing around for a while now and even though it didn’t show, he was anxious. Some time ago he had gotten an e-mail congratulating him about winning a contest he sure as hell hadn’t taken part in, and for almost an hour now he had been trying to decide whether he should show up in the assigned meeting place or not. On the other hand showing up and telling them they had send the email to the wrong person was the right thing to do especially if he wasn’t the only one whose address they had gotten wrong, but on the other…

    Flynn flinched as he saw yet another teenager enter the building.

    On the other hand, there were people inside. And not just any regular townsfolk you pass by on a regular basis, no, these would be business people. Stiff and formal and above everything else, foreign. It’d be chaotic. It was horrible enough having to communicate with people when you shared a common tongue, but when you took even that away… it’d be awkward flailing and dictionary browsing all around, and he really had no interest to take part in either.

    And then there’d be the rest of the kids he had been watching enter throughout the hour, the rest of the supposed contest winners, no doubt. Kids like those definitely had no place in a corporate building like that otherwise. They’d all be there when he entered the room, all eying him funny and probably wanting to engage in a conversation or something, especially since quite a few of them had looked non-Japanese as well. Ugh.

    Flynn shook his head and flicked his cellphone closed once more, sticking it inside his pocket and heaving a sigh as he watched people pass him by. He did his best to avoid looking at anyone or looking approachable in any way however, as he had made the mistake of smiling out of habit quite a few times earlier today, instantly making some of the tourists think he was trying to initiate a conversation or something. At least the Japanese people kept to themselves and didn't like going up and talking to strangers. Flynn felt like he could grow to like this country. If, of course, it weren't for the aforementioned tourists. Especially like the young female ones he had just accidentally smiled at earlier.

    A shudder ran down his spine. Never again.

    Truth be told, he should have just ignored the message altogether, would have saved him a lot of hassle. He’d probably already found that gym he was looking for, too. If only he wasn’t so god damned emphatic. So pathetic. Being nice only brought trouble anyway. ‘Sides, this was a huge corporation he was talking about, they probably wouldn’t lose too much money even if they had sent the wrong e-mail to like, ten people. They didn’t need his help.

    Really, going in'd be stupid. He had better things to do.

    Flynn pushed himself away from the wall, shaking his head and ruffling his hair as he started to pace away from what had been his standing place for probably half an hour by now.

    No, really, it’d be really freaking stupid.

    Flynn passed the revolving doors and walked inside, his face showing absolutely no traces of the inner debate that was going on in his head. Even his steps seemed lazy, relaxed, like he was walking back into his room after a regular schoolday ready to hit the couch.

    Yeah, seems like I’m freaking stupid then.

    “I,” Flynn began as he reached the counter and got the receptionist’s attention, pointing at himself with his thumb before he held up his cellphone. “E-mail.” He spoke slowly, nodding after each word like it would have somehow made her more likely to understand him. “Mr. Takagi.”

    The woman smiled awkwardly.

    “I can speak English, sir,” she assured with a somewhat pitying tone and offered a small bow, at which Flynn felt his eye twitch. Suddenly he felt like spinning around on his heels and running back into the revolving door. Repeatedly.


    “Well of course you can,” Flynn muttered with a glare, pocketing his cellphone carefully. He glared at the woman, annoyed, though even his glare didn’t much differ from his regular expression. At least he still had his face under control. “I got an e-mail about winning a contest I didn’t partake in. Gonna go tell about it to Mr. Takagi. Floor 32, room 17. Now if you’ll excuse me…”

    With that Flynn walked off, not waiting long enough to see the slightly confused look on the woman’s face. before she returned back to her work. Flynn marched into the elevator the second it opened, only to find himself crammed in a corner behind a handful of businessmen.


    One of them turned to him, and Flynn smiled and blurted out a greeting out of reflex. Big mistake.

    When the elevator finally stopped at the 32th floor, Flynn practically flew out, stumbling and dashing off into a run before the men could start telling him more about… whatever they had been sharing with him so enthusiastically the whole way up. God he hated people. He hated smiling and hated talking and he especially hated elevators that encouraged the former.

    He grabbed the doorknob of the room lettered as 17, but by the time he pushed the door open his actions were calm again, as was his expression. Wouldn’t do to look all flustered. He entered calmly, closing the door behind him and smiling absentmindedly at everyone present before he walked up to one of the two vacant chairs and sat down, his form looking way more relaxed than his mind was. It seemed like Mr. Takawhatever wasn’t there yet, so he’d need to wait with the rest for the time being. Great.

    Now just… for the love of God, don’t talk to me.
    Last edited: May 30, 2012
  7. CuriousHeartless

    CuriousHeartless Well-Known Member

    Jackson Nobi
    Nakatomi Plaza Building/Street in front of it.

    "Let's see," the boy muttered to homself, sitting in a car in front of the large building and looking at it. "Nakatomi Plaza Building." He read the eMail off his phone and looked at the building, double checking it was the right one. "Yep, this is it. Bye mom," the boy said turning to the woman in the driver's seat.

    "Do you have everything, honey?" the woman asked her son.

    "Got my stuff in my bag. I'll be out to get my other things after we're done talking to this guy," the boy replied, grabbing a backpack off the ground and shouldering it. "This probably won't be too long." The boy got out of the car and walked to the building.

    Once he got in, he walked up to the desk and the receptionist looked at him before sighing in annoyance. "And you are here for Mr. Takagi on the thirty-second floor because of an eMail," she said with a fake smile.

    "Yeah, how did you know?" The boy, Jackson Nobi, asked.

    "Six others have already come through about the same thing. Just go up kid."

    "Okay ma'am," he replied as he walked to the elevators. He pressed the button and waited for a few minutes as the elevator returned. When it did, a few businessmen got out and he entered. As Jackson went to press the 32 button, an old businessman walked in and started talking to himself before pressing all buttons with 3 and 8 on them.

    What!? Jack thought to himself. What is with this guy? It took about three minutes and six stops, but the elevator finally reached the 32 floor and Jack got out.

    "Now what room was it?" he asked out loud, checking his phone again and pulling on the goggles around his neck. "Room 17." He walked down the hall, trying to locate Room 17. When he found it, he opened the door. "Hello, everyone," he greeted as he walked in.
  8. PeeGee

    PeeGee ROAWR!

    Yosuke Amagi

    Yosuke was sure his mother wouldn't mind him going out for a little wander around Tokyo. She trusted him, and he did leave her a note to say where he was going, so it wasn't like he was just going away without letting her know about his whereabouts. Standing outside of the building that was said to contain his for a free holiday, Yosuke realised how actually thinking about how his mother would react to his actions when he was already there. Oh well, might as well get his free holiday, maybe he could bring his mum along or something?

    "Hello there," he said to the secretary, with a big old smile on his face.

    "Are you here for the contest as well?" asked the secretary, a hint of annoyance in her tone.

    Well not Yosuke was able to pick up on that. "Wow how did you know that?" he asked, his eyes going wide.

    "Seven other people have already come through here about it," she replied, "Just go on a head."

    Yosuke thanked the secretary, his smile still big and old and hopped in an elevator. He pushed floor 32 and began to chuckle as the elevator moved up and his stomach felt all funny. Sadly the feeling went away when the elevator reached his floor.

    "I want to go again," he complained to himself, it wasn't like there was anyone else around.

    Yosuke poked his head out and looked left and then right. With a grin and a chuckle, he pressed the floor 1 button and the elevator went down again. This time when the elevator got to floor 32, Yosuke stumbled out, now feeling a little queasy.

    I shouldn't have done that again he thought to himself Next time I have to remember to only ride it once... or twice

    He looked for room 17 and, opening the door when he found it, walked in.

    "Wow," he said, glancing at all the people inside, they all looked older than him.
  9. CptDrDigi

    CptDrDigi Chickity China

    Travis Jones

    The Welsh boy let out a small childish deadpan giggle as he spun on his swivel seat, he honestly did not notice the first two people to come in to the office. Travis stopped the spinning as the second one said "Hello." Travis looked around the room and saw a ginger against a wall, and a boy about his age.

    "Oh, Hi there." Travis said to the boy that was around his age. "I guess you are the other winners." Travis said to the boy and the ginger.

    Travis opened his mouth to talk, but another girl came in, she was dressed in a sorta Gothic fashion, she also looked to be a couple of years older then Travis and the other boy, and the Ginger. "Hey there." The Gothic girl said with a German accent.

    "Oh ****, you're here for the 640 million dollar's worth of bearer bonds, arn't you?" Travis said to the Goth girl with a slight laugh. And then another four people came in, almost instantly one after another.

    "You guys get off the same bus of something? The first one was a guy maybe, one or two years older then Travis, he was a tall and athletic guy with blonde hair, he was wearing a simple white shirt, jeans and a pair of glasses on his head. The second another tall athletic guy, but this time with black hair, a pair tank top and a pair of jeans. The Third was another boy around Travis' age, he wears wearing a pair of goggles on his head, who the hell did he think he was? Some sort of diver? The fourth and final was a chubby kid dressed up in bright colours.

    These bright colours were giving Travis a migraine from them, so Travis just shook his head at the sight of the chubby kid. "Well I guess with every saying hi I guess I should too, name's Travis." Travis said standing up from his swivel chair. "Anyone have an idea where Mr Takagi is?" Travis asked, however before any could get a chance to reply a burst of white light appeared in the room momentarily blinding Travis and the others.

    Travis Jones and Chris Shade the Kiimon Digi-Egg/Kiimon/Yaamon/Impmon.
    Victus Silva.

    When Travis regained his sight he notice how the room had changed, the desks and the swivel chairs were gone, even the room it self had changed. It now resembled a World War 2 bunker. The rectangular room was barely big enough for the group of teenagers, there was submarine esque door with a big spinning wheel door nob thingy on it, four large eggs, about a foot in size, on each long side of the room. And towards the back of the room was a large computer, it appeared to be an old super computer, with one Blue Ball on the screen.

    "Hello and welcome to the Digi-World, my name is Yggdrasil." Said the blue ball thing. "I am the Lord Protector of this World, and you have been selected to become my warriors of the light..." Yggdrasil said in an oddly bewildering tone. "Long ago, my World was attacked by a virus. It corrupted my World and drained me of my power... You now have to free this world with the help of your partners, those eggs. I am unable to keep up this conversation for long." The Blue Ball said as it slowly began to fade. "You must head to the Tree of Life in this region, to obtain more information..." And with that last sentence, the blue ball disappeared from the screen.

    "Ho-lee-Shiitttttt!" Travis shouted. "Okay, we must be on like Punk'd or something, I mean this is just unbelievable, I mean this is a hell of a lot of pressure on kids, right, I'm not wrong about that." Travis said as he entered a sorta panic attack, panting like crazy. A flash a light appeared from a dark purple egg on the left side of the wall.

    "It isn't that crazy..." said a purple gumdrop sorta thing as it hopped out of it's egg shell.

    "Okay, I've must've gone crazy, or this a dream or something, because this is entirely impossible, that purple thing just spoke." Travis freaked out.

    "I can do more then speak! Bubble Blow!" The Purple thing said as it shot out about three bubbles at Travis, hitting him square in the face. "GET IT TOGETHER MAN!"

    Travis slowly rubbed his face. "I must be awake.... Where's my phone, I've gotta call like the police or something." Travis said as he rummaged through his bag, only to find his laptop, and a strange grey device.

    "What's this?" Travis said pressing random buttons. "It doesn't work like that..." Chris said to Travis. "Then how does it work?"

    "Like this!" Chris said focusing his energy, and then another burst of light appeared, and Chris changed from a gumdrop to a head, and then from a head to a small imp like thing.

    "Now that's how you do it!" Chris said he did a few poses. "Names Chris Shade Bum-bum-bummmmmmmm The Impmon, but you can just call me Chris." Chris said as he continued jumping in place.

    OOC: Okay, go ahead meet your partners, act crazy with them, and get them to rookie!
  10. CuriousHeartless

    CuriousHeartless Well-Known Member

    Jackson Nobi

    Jack stared in...confusion as one of the other boys in the room was spinning in a swivel chair and laughing like a little kid. Another kid followed him into the room and the boy in the swivel chair got up.

    "Well, I guess with everyone saying hi I guess I should too," the swivel chair boy greeted. "Anyone have any idea where Mr. Takagi is?"

    "N-" Jack started before an enormous light overtook teh room, cuting him off and forcing him to close his eyes.

    Jackson Nobi
    Victus Silva.

    When the light faded, Jackson looked around to see him and the others standing in a small bunker-esque room. "Where is this?" He questioned quietly.

    "Gello and welcome to the Digital World, my name is Yggdrasil." Jack stared in surprise at the screen as the blue ball appeared on it and started talking. "I am the Lord Protector of this World, and you have been selected to become my warriors of the light..." Yggdrasil said in an oddly bewildering tone. "Long ago, my World was attacked by a virus. It corrupted my World and drained me of my power... You now have to free this world with the help of your partners, those eggs. I am unable to keep up this conversation for long." The Blue Ball said as it slowly began to fade. "You must head to the Tree of Life in this region, to obtain more information..." And with that last sentence, the blue ball disappeared from the screen.

    After that happened, swivel kid started freaking out and one of the mysterious eggs on the ground let off a light and became a small creature that proceeded to have what is best summarized as an idiot argument with Swivel Kid-err, Travis. Finally, they had somehow made use of a strange grey thing Travis pulled out of his bag and made the little thingy become humanoid.

    "Names Chris Shade Bum-bum-bummmmmmmm The Impmon, but you can just call me Chris." The humanoid figure said.

    "Oy vey," Jackson said with a sigh as he sunk down next to one of the eggs-a grey one. "It's like an anime in here. I'm going to take a guess we all have one of those little thingies and a partner whatever-you-are," he said pointing at the digivice and Chris. He reeched into his backpack and pulled out a similar looking device to the one Travis had, but pink. "Hey, why do I have the pink one?"

    The grey egg next to him glowed with a light like Chris' and hatched into a small computer mouse-looking creature. "I-I like it."

    "Woah," Jack said, shooting up. "Not expecting that one. What are you?"

    "I-I'm Lady M-M-Merva," it said slowly, stumbling over itself multiple times, in a girlish voice. "I'm a Metalkoromon."

    "Okay. I wonder if we can use this too," Jack said as he held up the digivice and pressed a few buttons. "How does this thing work?"

    "I think you got it," Lady Merva replied, still stumbling over herself but the RPer finding it too annoying vocalising all of her stumbling and just typing it normally She glew with light and grew into a helmeted raccoon head with tail and then into a small figure wearing Kendo equipment. "It worked, I've digivolved. Now I'm a Kotemon. Who are you?"

    "The name's Jackson, just call me Jack. Where are we?"

    "I'm not sure." Jack did a small facepalm at that answer, but she did just get out of an egg so he let it mostly go.
  11. storymasterb

    storymasterb Knight of RPGs

    Kaito Sendou and Siegfried Dragonheart
    Victus Silva

    Kaito gazed around the transformed room in shock, uttering one word. "What...?" Then the blue ball on the computer screen began to speak.

    "Free... this world?" Kaito repeated quietly. "Save it from what? And... 'partners?' He rose from his chair, glancing at the eggs. He stopped on a crimson one marked with black patterns. He couldn't explain why, or how, but he felt connected to the egg. As though he and its inhabitant belonged together.

    The egg then began to crack, crimson arcs of light shining from within. The shall burst completely, and a small, cute red creature appeared from its depths. The creature looked up at the stunned Kaito with blue eyes.

    "What are you?" Kaito murmured.

    "I am Siegfried," the Jyarimon replied in a noble tone. "Proud descendant of the Dragonheart lineage. "And you are my partner."

    "Partner?" he echoed. "Like Yggdrasil said... and he said we were meant to 'free the world'. Free it from what?"

    Siegfried frowned. "I believe you shall see." As he spoke, Kaito felt something in his pocket and retrieved it. He held a white and crimson device of some sort, with several buttons. "What... is this?"

    "The device which binds us together," the Jyarimon replied. "It binds our spirits to this cause, and lends your power to mine when the time comes."

    "'Cause'... you mean freeing this world... but why... me...?"

    "It is your destiny," Siegfried answered. "That is all I can say. But of that, I am certain." As he spoke, he focused, and began engulfed in a crimson glow. His form began to twist and expand, first into a larger crimson blob with small wings, and then to a dinosaur about Kaito's size. His scales were crimson, his chest white, with black markings adorning his form. Tensing his claws slightly, the transformed Guilmon opened his eyes, revealing them to be the same shade of blue. "I am Siegfried, a Guilmon, and your partner in this destined quest." He paused. "I see you have doubts. Cast them aside now, if you wish to continue. Doubt holds you back and makes you weak. To succeed, you must strike for your goal with all your will, or else fail. And in this world, partner, failure leads only to death." He gazed up at Kaito.

    "I... guess..." Kaito replied, looking at the Guilmon, then the strange device, and then back. "If it's destiny, then... I'm your partner in this."
  12. Griff4815

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    (OOC: Apparently I accidentally posted while making my post, somehow... This is the full version.)

    Kevin Yates and Drake Cobalast

    Kevin let out a grunt and quickly pulled his sunglasses down over his eyes as the entire area became engulfed in a blinding light. "Gah! What in the- Turn the lights down! Damn over-efficient Japanese lightbulbs; I can't see a thing!"

    When the light died down, Kevin opened his eyes slightly and raised up his shades again. While he could see a bit, his vision was largely clouded by giant black spots. He tried his best to blink them away, and when he felt he did, he kept on blinking. This time, in dumb shock.

    "Weren't... we just...?" he mumbled, looking around at the bunker-like area. He had no idea what had just happened. How did they go from an office to this?

    After a few moments, Kevin started laughing. "Haha! Okay! I get it! This is one of those crazy Japanese reality game shows, isn't it?" he asked, looking around. "Super Happy Go-Bots Awesome Time or something! Okay, well, I'm in! Where is this tree of life? Do we have to do anything weird when we get there?"

    "What's a gaime show?" a high-pitched, Australian-accented voice asked.

    "Wow, somebody has yet to hit puberty," Kevin thought, turning around towards the voice, who he thought came from one of the other teenagers.

    Instead, he found himself looking at the wall and a broken blue eggshell that had red triangles on it. Kevin blinked when he saw a blue horned ball suddenly morph shape in front of him, in a burst of light, into a floating, green... seahorse?

    Before he could so much as utter an incredulous noise, the reptilian creature suddenly started changing again. The light faded and revealed a large dragon creature with red horns, red wings, sky blue scales and a white underbelly. It stood as tall as Kevin's waistline, but the wide-eyed teen was more preoccupied with looking at the dragon's sharp finger and toe claws, as well as the set up jagged sharp teeth.

    The Dracomon blinked and looked at him with curious, almost perplexed red eyes. "...You're lookin' like you've nevah seen a digimon before? Is something wrong?" he asked. "Oh! By the way, my name's--"


    Kevin started backpedalling as quickly as he possibly could, but found himself tripping and landing on his backside. "W-What the-?! What's going on here?! It's Crocodile Dundee except actually a bloody crocodile!"

    The Dracomon frowned. "I'm not a 'bloody crocodile dundee'! I happen to be a Dracomon - a one hundred percent pure and genuine dragon digimon, thank you very much! And I'm not an 'it', I'm a bloke. And my name is Drake Cobalast," he explained, folding his short arms across his chest.

    "D-Dragon...?" Kevin asked. "I thought you were all extinct!"

    Drake frowned and tilted his head to the side. "...How did I get stuck with the dense 'uman?" he asked. "Rude too... Won't even tell he 'is name..."

    "N-Name?!" Kevin asked, still in a state of shock. "R-Right! Uh, E-Evan. I mean 'Kevin'! Kevin Yates!"

    Drake smiled and walked over. "Great! Nice to meet ya! I guess you're my human. You and I are partners from 'ere on out!"

    "Y-Your human...?" Kevin asked. "...So you don't want to eat me with a side of vegemite?"

    The Dracomon laughed. "Oh, please! You don't look tasty at all!" he replied. "...What's vegemite?"

    "You're the Australian here," the blonde teen responded.

    Drake shook his head and palmed his forehead. "No, no... 'DRAH-COH-MON'. By Yggdrasil... this mateship isn't gonna be easy at this rate..."

    "...Please tell me that means 'partnership'. Because I'm straight and certainly not into dragons!"

    "It means 'friendship', actually," Drake replied, not exactly sure what Kevin was talking about, but he wasn't about to admit that.

    Kevin sighed. "Right... So... You're sure that this isn't a dream or you're not a robot or something?" he asked.

    "It's as real as the horns on my head," Drake explained. He looked around at the other humans and their digimon. "Who are your friends?"

    Kevin looked around too. "I don't know these people- holy crap there's more monsters..."

    "Digital monsters," Drake corrected. "Digimon, to be specific."

    "Okay..." Kevin sighed, putting a hand to his face. "Something tells me that this isn't a gameshow... And I don't think we're in Tokyo anymore..."
  13. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    Fiona Levi and Selene Moonstar
    Nakatomi Plaza Building, Central Tokyo/ Victus Silva, Digi-World

    As the other contest winners began walking through the door, Fiona couldn't help but notice that there was only one other girl besides herself. The other girl also seemed much different from herself. She knew by looking at her that her father would release the hounds if he found her on his property. A thought that made Fiona chuckle.

    A few moments after it seemed like everyone had arrived, the room filled with a bright light, which Fiona had to shield her eyes from. When it passed, the whole room had completely changed. It had gotten a lot smaller, and looked like a military bunker she had seen on TV. There were some strange looking eggs in the room, which seemed a bit...out of place. Toward the back of the room was a computer. It wasn't a nice one, it was old, and took up most of the room. There was a blue ball on the screen. Suddenly, the computer started to speak. It called itself Yggadrasil, and explained that they had been sent to a place called the Digi-World, and that it was attacked by a virus, and that we have to save this place using those eggs. It also said that they had to go to some place called the Tree of Life, whatever that was. Then the computer turned off.

    Fiona snapped her fingers, "I knew this contest was a scam!"

    "Well of course." said a high-pitched female voice that sounded like that of a child. "Did you honestly think you'd won a random contest you never entered?"

    "That's what I figured..." Fiona turned around to look for the source of the voice, and found it was coming from a small, round, yellow, cat-like thing. It had a gold collar around its neck. Fiona's eyes widened when she saw it. "Oh my gosh! You are absolutely adorable!" and immediately ran up to hug the thing. Practically squeezing the life out of it in the process.

    "Thanks for stating the obvious. Now...could you let me go...I can't...breathe!"

    Fiona complied, and let go. "What are you anyway?"

    "Name's Selene. Selene Moonstar. I'm a Nyaromon, but I won't be for long. Now, could you do me a favor and get something out of that bag of yours? I'd do it myself, but I don't have hands."

    "I hope your not expecting me to pay you." The redhead girl said as she opened her purse, and look through it's contents. She found some sort of pink device she was not certain had not been there before. "What is this?"

    "It's a Digivice. Press the buttons." Selene practically demanded.

    "Alright, no need to be pushy." Fiona pressed some random button, and suddenly, Selene glowed with a bright light for a moment. When she finished glowing, a new creature was standing in her place. This one resembled a puppy.

    "Congratulations, Selene Digivolved to Salomon!" the dog said playfully.

    "Aw! And you're still cute!" Fiona cooed. She then put the digivice back into her purse, and picked her Digimon up. While carrying Selene in her arms, she made her way to the door. Before attempting to open it, she turned her attention to the others. "Are you all going to just stand there, or do any of you plan on doing something? Because were not going to get anywhere if we stayed here looking confused."
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  14. PeeGee

    PeeGee ROAWR!

    Yosuke Amagi and Ko Monkey

    Yosuke rubbed his eyes as his vision returned. The room was completely different now, with eggs along the sides of it... and a giant freaking computer!

    "Whoa," he said, gazing around the room. "Wait, is this my free vacation? But I wanted to bring my mum along."

    However he stopped talking when the blue ball on the computer started talking.

    "Hello and welcome to the Digi-World, my name is Yggdrasil." Said the blue ball thing. "I am the Lord Protector of this World, and you have been selected to become my warriors of the light..." Yggdrasil said in an oddly bewildering tone. "Long ago, my World was attacked by a virus. It corrupted my World and drained me of my power... You now have to free this world with the help of your partners, those eggs. I am unable to keep up this conversation for long." The Blue Ball said as it slowly began to fade. "You must head to the Tree of Life in this region, to obtain more information..." And with that last sentence, the blue ball disappeared from the screen.

    Around him Yosuke watched as the eggs started to hatch and people found themselves with their partners.

    "Wow," said Yosuke, his eyes wide. "Wait do I get one? That's so cool. Wonder which one is mine?"

    The boy walked down the walls, trying to see if any of the eggs would react to him or something. He found himself stopping in front of a green dotted egg, and something made Yosuke reach out and touch it. The moment his hand left the egg's surface, cracks began to form and it hatched to reveal a small purple ball covered in white fluff.

    "Hello there, my name is Ko Monkey," said the ball in a voice that came across as both cute and serious as the same time.

    "I'm Yosuke," introduced Yosuke, excited to see his partner. "Are you going to get bigger as well?"

    "I don't know," replied Ko, "I would hope so."

    Yosuke nodded his head, his eyes still as wide as humanly possible when his hand brushed against something in his pocket. Retrieving the object, he found a strange device.

    "What's this?" he asked Ko, maybe he knew what it was.

    "That would be a digivice," replied Ko, before he suddenly started to glow. "And looks like I'm 'going to get bigger' now."

    Yosuke watched in amazement as Ko turned into some sort of plant thing before turning into a green monkey in a blue toga-thing. Looking at the monkey, who was now the same size as him, Yosuke let out a bit of a squeal before hugging his partner.

    "This is so awesome!" he cried out, oblivious to Ko's attempts to pry the young boy off himself.
  15. *Jean Grey*

    *Jean Grey* Night Triumphant

    Rebecca Klein and Asena
    Victus Silva

    "Oh ****, you're here for the 640 million dollar's worth of bearer bonds, aren't you?" One of the boys suddenly asked Rebecca, who shook her head, a playful grin on her lips.

    "No, I'm here....because my brother doesn't know." She replied, noticing that a few more people had entered, all of them males. There was only one other girl aside from herself, slightly younger with red hair...and rather...girly. She reminded Rebecca of the alpha females back at her old Gymnasium from the way she dressed. The boy introduced himself as Travis, and was about to ask where a certain man was when a bright light suddenly flashed, forcing Rebecca to shield her eyes with her arm. The light died down after a few seconds. When Rebecca looked around again, the room was different, definitely changed, now resembling a bunker. A computer was on the other end, a big old-style one. A blue ball was in the middle of the screen.

    "Hello and welcome to the Digi-World, my name is Yggdrasil. I am the Lord Protector of this World, and you have been selected to become my warriors of the light... Long ago, my World was attacked by a virus. It corrupted my World and drained me of my power... You now have to free this world with the help of your partners, those eggs. I am unable to keep up this conversation for long. You must head to the Tree of Life in this region, to obtain more information..." The blue ball said, introducing itself and explaining some things that Rebecca couldn't quite grasp before disappearing.

    "Man, Elon's gonna shoot me for this. What the hell have I gotten myself into? Whatever, I think this is going to be fun." She murmured as she walked over to where the eggs appeared, looking them over. For some reason, she felt drawn to the snow-white egg with violet stripes. Most of the others already hatched their eggs, various creatures coming out. Picking it up, she noticed that it was starting to crack. Moments later, a cerise slimeball emerged.

    "Hey, name's Asena. And you are...?" It started talking. Rebecca's eyes grew wide for a moment before looking back at it...no, him. His voice was definitely not a female's.

    "Rebecca. But you can call me Becky. You're a guy...right?" She answered, before asking the question just to make sure. The slime ball scoffed.

    "What? Of course I'm a dude! Does this voice sound feminine to you? Just because I'm almost pink?" He replied, almost mockingly. Rebecca shook her head, smiling.

    "Anyway, look inside your bag. There's something for you. It's called a Digivice." He continued. Rebecca opened her shoulder bag and saw that her money was gone, and there was nothing inside except for a strange, black device. Even her iPhone was gone.

    Fuck...Elon's really going to have my head!

    Taking it out, she studied the black device, which Asena called a Digivice. There were several buttons, all of which seemed new to Rebecca, who instinctively pushed a few random ones, without anything happening. Looking at Asena, she started mashing a few more buttons.

    "Oi, oi! No need to be violent, you'll break the device!" Asena warned, before the teenager pressed another button. This time, something did happen. Asena started glowing and growing bigger. First, he grew to a round head with a horn, then he grew even bigger, taking the form of a yellow creature wearing a white pelt striped with purple on its head. Where he was covered by the pelt, he seemed like a mammal, but his belly and legs pointed to him being a reptile. A long horn jutted out of his forehead. Rebecca watched as he finished, grinning.

    "Cool, man!" She exclaimed, placing her hand on Asena's back to touch the silky pelt.
  16. GoldenHouou

    GoldenHouou going, going, goon

    Flynn Harris

    Flynn had decided to completely ignore the insignificant chitchat some of the others were engaging in, deciding to fiddle with his phone instead. He was still smiling as pleasantly as ever however, even if his mind was racing. More people entered after him, and this Mr. Takagi person was nowhere to be seen. Would he even show up? On second thought, maybe it would have been better to state his business to the woman in the lobby. There wasn’t really any reason for him to bother this Takagi person about it. Flynn shook his head. Well, it wasn’t too late to leave now, was it?

    He started to stand up, flicking his phone closed when suddenly… it was too late to leave.

    Flynn Harris and Marchosias
    Victus Silva

    So the office room had turned into a bunker of sorts, and a strange voice coming from a computer screen had told them they were in another world which they now needed to save with the help of… the colorful eggs standing about in the room.


    Just… Just keep your cool.

    One by one the eggs had started to hatch and the other kids in the room had started to get all friendly with the creatures that popped out, some of them faster, some of them only after some panicking. And truth be told, it was close that Flynn didn’t panic himself; it was only through huge amounts of willpower and self-assurance (as well as reminding himself constantly of how futile panicking was in the end especially since this was most likely just a really fucked up dream) that he managed to keep himself standing still with that same, eerily pleasant smile in place. His face did twitch noticeably every time one of those creatures spoke however, and whatever sense of self preservation he had told him to just grab the closest chair and start beating the monsters up before they thought to do the same to him. And he most likely would have done just that had he not been practically frozen in place by fear and shock.

    The creatures started to change shape from mostly harmless looking blobs to… not so harmless looking animals. Flynn felt like he was about to lose it and went straight back to playing with his phone, his fingers flipping the cell open and closed so fast the device was on the verge of snapping to half.

    Calm down, they won’t attack you. If you don’t breathe, maybe they won’t notice you. Panicking helps no one. Breathing is overrated anyway. You don’t need to breathe. Just… just…

    Against his own advice Flynn took in a deep breath, and before he even noticed it he had vocalized his thoughts in the form of a shaky mutter: “Focus and assess the situation…”

    “Haha, you said ass!”

    Flynn froze. Very, very slowly he turned towards the voice, his eyes diluted and smile twitching like something invisible had been pulling his cheek every which way. He didn’t need to turn all the way around to see something on his shoulder. Something round, black and with a fus-

    “A BOMB!” Flynn gasped out loud, finally cracking under the pressure. He grabbed the thing off of his shoulder and flung it across the room in one swift motion, scrambling back to avoid the explosion that’d surely follow. But, as the round object hit the wall there wasn’t anything even resembling an explosion to be heard, just a high-pitched whimper. The bomb thing moved on its own and levitated up from the ground, looking just a tad disoriented from the impact. Flynn stared in shock, and much to his horror, the bomb stared back. With three eyes.


    “Oww, what the heck was that for, you meanie?! Don’t you have any sense of humour, geez. Ass isn’t even a real cuss word, it’s-“

    “The ass thing wasn’t the problem!” Flynn gasped before he even realized it, anxious and desperately trying to piece together his fake smile to hide behind once more. “It’s that you’re a…” He never believed he’d say this. The whole situation felt so surreal. “A… bomb.”

    The fuse on the creature started to crackle and burn faster, and the look on the monster’s… face, if it could be called that, grew angry. It jumped closer, and Flynn had to hold onto the table to keep himself from running across the room screaming. That would have been unsightly.

    “Who’re you to judge, huh?!” The Bommon shouted as it hopped onto the table and glared up at its supposed partner. “You’re a strangely shaped, naked tree with hairs on top of you. Who’s the odd one now, huh?”


    “I’m not-“

    “Who cares, who cares, who cares!” The bomb shouted, jumping up and down, the fuse burning at an alarming rate. “Just pick up your Digivice and lemme digivolve, damnit!” Flynn’s expression must’ve looked pretty blank as the Digimon rolled its eyes only seconds after and then nodded towards his pocket. “In there. Grab it.”

    Not really even realizing he had done so, Flynn stuck one hand into his pocket and fished out a dark purple device that resembled a small radiotelephone to him. How’d it gotten into his pocket?

    “The buttoooons!”

    God the monster was annoying. The more time Flynn spent standing there, talking to the bomb the less he started to fear it and the more he just wanted it to go away. It was worse than some of the people that kept pestering him for company. Shaking his head, already a bit calmer – though possibly only because he had snapped from the pressure and went so far into panic mode he made a full circle – Flynn started to play with the buttons of the device. He stuck one hand in his other pocket and shook his head after a while however.

    “Look, I really don’t think this is gonna-,” Flynn’s heart made a forceful attempt to leave through his throat when he realized that the bomb in front of him was gone, instead replaced by what looked like an arrow-headed missile. And in a blinding flash of light the thing disappeared and was replaced by something that seemed to be pulled straight out of some kid-oriented Halloween movie; it was a small creature Flynn would have likened to an imp, with sharp claws, eyes on its hands and a small hood pulled over its head to hide its features.

    Flynn stifled another gasp.

    The Dracumon tilted its head and crossed its arms, a small, devilisih laugh escaping its mouth.

    “Kekekee, surprised~? Good, good, you should be in front of your new, glorious master. I am Marchosias, the future ruler of all!”

    Oh great, so now the monster was trying to enslave him. And probably the entire world or something. This promised to be a good day.

    Flynn felt like he needed to sit down right about now.
  17. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    Fiona Levi and Selene Moonstar
    Victus Silva

    Not one of them had answered her comment. They were all too busy being enamourmed by their new companions. "Hmph, well that's rude." Fiona thought. But it didn't really make much of a difference to her. It's not like she would need their help and companionship or anything. She was perfectly capable of taking care of things on her own. "Fine then, you all can stay here. I'm going off to look for this Tree of Life, and find a way out of here. Tata." And with that, she put Selene down for a second to turn the knob of the huge metal door to open it, then she picked her back up, and took off. As she did, she saw one of the younger kids running towards the door out of the corner of her eye. She smirked, "Well, at least one of them has some sense."

    When she stepped outside, Fiona saw that she was in a lush, green, forest. Nothing but Trees as far as the eye could see. Being a city girl all her life, forests were not something Fiona was used to. "Great. There are trees everywhere. How am I supposed to find that Tree of Life in all of this?!" as she walked straight ahead.

    "Something called The Tree of Life really shouldn't be that hard to find." Selene said calmly. "By the way, I told you my name, you never told me yours."

    "Fiona" the redhead answered as she walked. When she got further ahead, she saw something that made her stop in her tracks. She saw eight creatures nearby, all of them resembling various species of insects, and none of them looked friendly. "Selene, who are they?"

    "Kabuterimon, Kuwagamon, Yanmamon, Stingmon, Roachmon, Flybeemon, and Honeybeemon. They're not anyone good."

    "Well, that's just lovely." As Fiona tried to think of a way to sneak past them, a bright light glowed from inside her bag and started beeping loudly. "What on Earth?!" Fiona dug through her purse, and pulled out her Digivice, the words DANGER in big red letters took over the screen. "Yeah, I know that!"

    "It's about to get worse. Look." Selene got Fiona's attention, and pointed to all eight of the insect Digimon angrily flying toward her.

    Fiona gulped loudly. "Please tell me you can do something?!"

    "Don't worry, I got this!" and with that, Selene lept up into the air, and glowed for second before a new Digimon stood in her place. A white cat with a long striped tail, big ears, and yellow striped paws. She landed back on the ground on all fours. Her eyes were now glowing. "Cats Eye Hypnotism." She whispered. Her voice was a lot less childlike than before.

    Suddenly, the Digimon froze in their tracks. Suddenly entranced by Selene's glowing eyes.

    "Purrr, that was too easy." She smiled, and began licking her paws.

    The effect didn't last long however. The one in front, some blue humanoid bug thing with four arms, four wings, an open jaw with huge sharp teeth, and some kind of helmet like thing with a horn in the middle quickly broke out of it's trance. And it was not happy. "Grrr, ELECTROSHOCKER!" It fired a blast of electricity at Selene and Fiona.

    "Fiona move!" But before the human had a second to react, Selene pushed Fiona out of the way. Both only barely managed to dodge the move.

    "Silly human. You don't stand a chance against all of us." and with that threat, the other bugs broke out of their trances too. Suddenly, Fiona and Selene were surrounded.
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    (OOC: I have not read the Discussion Thread, so if I go against anything in their just disregard it and I'll fix it later.)

    Jackson Nobi and Lady Mervus
    Victus Silva.

    Jack heard one of the others say something about going alone, well alone with her partner. She went to the door and opened it before leaving. One of the other kids followed her and Jack and Lady trailed them.

    "What are you, stupid?" he yelled as he noticed her, or at least a sorta human shape. "You don't ever go alone." His digivice-which Jack was still annoyed at for being pink- then started beeping and glowing. He pulled it out of his pocket and read it. DANGER. What does that mean? A blast of lightning a bit away from him pulled his attention up. The girl who ran off was surrounded by eight bugs, and a weird cat was standing near her.

    "Who are they, Lady?" He whispered to his partner.

    "A bunch of bugs, all of them look like bad business. What should we do?" Lady replied

    "Help her out, of course."

    "Okay, let's do this." Lady Mervus charged at the bugs, glowing and changing into a small armored figure and stopping mid-run.

    "What just happened?" Jack questioned his partner.

    "I digivolved. Now I'm a Gladimon, which means I'm more powerful than before. Wheel Dash!" She charged again, swinging the two thin swords she wielded.

    "The cavalry's arrived," Jack stated, trying and failing to use a southern accent.
  19. storymasterb

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    (For the purposes of dealing with chronology issues otherwise inherent here, I'm placing Kaito as the one who first followed Fiona)

    Kaito Sendou and Siegfried Dragonheart
    Victus Silva

    "Wait!" Kaito called after her as she left. "You don't know what might be out there!"

    "We should follow her," Siegfried said. "The chances are that she'll run into something out there she can't deal with herself." The Guilmon stalked forward, glancing back at his partner with a cold blue eye. "Are you coming, partner?"

    "Right..." Kaito said quietly, walking after the Digimon with his Digivice tightly in his grip. The two emerged into a verdant forest, the trees seeming to go on for miles. Kaito stopped. He gazed around in awe, looking up through the canopy at the sky overhead. "What... what is this place?"

    "This is the Digital World," Siegfried replied simply. "My world." He paused, regarding it, taking in the scent of the forest air. The air smelt of pollen and leaves and trees, the scent of nature washing over them. "In any case, shouldn't we continue to follow her?" He indicated Fiona with the tip of his tail, moving forwards, hunched low in a predatory manner. If Kaito hadn't been stood there, the scene would have come across as a lot creepier. As it was, he silently followed the crimson dinosaur after the woman, looking over his Digivice with a questioning eye.

    Then the device began to glow a fiery red and the word DANGER shone on its screen as it wailed an alarm.

    "Kaito!" Siegfried growled in alarm. The young man looked up, seeing the eight Insect Digimon sweeping into combat, only to see them freeze in place as Fiona's partner Digimon did... something to them. "Let's move!"

    "They're frozen," Kaito pointed out.

    "I know that," the Gulmon snapped. "But the effect of that attack doesn't last very long. They won't stay frozen." The Guilmon lunged forward, racing to join Fiona and her partner, and Kaito chased after him.

    "Why is this happening to us...?" he murmured aloud. He kept his eyes on the insect Digimon.

    Then they unfroze.

    One of them blasted an attack at Fiona, which she and her partner dodged, and Kaito threw himself aside as it lanced towards him. The other seven insects unfroze, looming over the woman and her partner.

    "Siegfried!" Kaito called out. "Help them!" His Digivice burned with light as he spoke, and on instinct he raised it up, letting rays of crimson light shine forth and strike Siegfried. The Guilmon was consumed in burning energy, light washing over his form. He began to transform, growing larger. A mane of hair sprouted across his neck, and blade-like protrusions grew from his arms. Siegfried opened his eyes, and roared fiercely, evolved. His tail lashed as he glared at the insect Digimon.

    "Pyro Blaster!" he declared viciously, loosing a beam of crimson flames from his maw. The Kabuterimon shrieked in pain as it was struck, the insects scattering and realigning themselves to cover both Fiona and the new threat.

    Siegfried stepped forward, the Growlmon glaring fiercely at the insects with his cold blue eyes. "If you want to survive," he said to Fiona and Selene, "I suggest you stand up and get ready to fight." He settled into a combat stance, claws ready, glaring at the insects.

    "There are two of you and eight of us!" the Kabuterimon hissed. "You're outnumbered! Outmatched! Prepare to die!" Lightning crackled around his form, and he spoke. "Electro Shocker!" A bolt of power lanced from his horn and struck towards Siegfried, who snarled and dodged aside, letting the bolt rip past him until it struck a tree, detonating with a loud crackling sound.

    Kaito ran up to Fiona's side, Digivice still clutched in his hand. "I think... we should leave it to them," he said, regarding their partners. Compared to their Digimon, the two humans were fragile and weak. Fighting against the insect Digimon themselves would probably end in getting killed.
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    Kevin Yates and Drake Cobalast
    Victus Silva

    Kevin and Drake watched as several of the other teenagers and their new partners started heading outside of the bunker.

    "I guess we should join 'em, eh, Kev?" Drake asked, looking at him.

    Kevin rubbed his forehead with his fingers. "Yeah... Might as well... It's not like this day can get any weirder..." he replied.

    Drake grinned and started running towards the door, Kevin following behind him in a brisk walk. They suddenly stopped upon hearing ominous noises coming from outside. It sounded like a steady droning sound. Kevin and Drake looked at each other and nodded, quickly running outside and suddenly finding themselves in a large, humid forest.

    Kevin blinked and came to a stop. "A-A forest?!" he shouted. "But we... We just... And he... And then!"

    "A forest is the least of our worries right now!" Drake said, pointing with his claws into the air.

    Kevin looked up and saw eight giant bugs - some as tall as him and some bigger than his room. "Th-Those..." he stammered. "...AM I THE ONLY ONE FREAKED OUT BY ALL THIS?!"

    "Get freaked out later!" Drake said. "Stay back while I take on the Stingmon!"

    "The who now?!"

    "Green guy with the red hair," Drake replied. "Get your digivice out!"

    "My what?!"

    "The thing in your pants!" Drake shouted hurriedly.

    "That is not a digivice!" Kevin retorted, backing up and looking very defensive.

    The Dracomon sighed, ran over, reached into Kevin's pocket and pulled out a strange looking, green device that had the word "Danger" on the screen.

    "Incredibly helpful!" Kevin grunted. "...What is this thing?"

    "It's a digivice!" Drake explained, gritting his teeth as he watched the Stingmon swoop towards him. "Hold it up or something!"

    "Right..." Kevin stared at the Stingmon and suddenly held up the digivice's screen towards it. "Have some of this!"

    Instead of something shooting out of the screen like he expected, Drake suddenly started glow in a familiar light. His Dracomon body began to grow and elongate. A bipedal, cobalt dragon emerged from the light, sporting a lean yet athletically fit form, and long, strong looking wings and tail. He had red horns on his forehead and snout and a row of red spines going down his back and tail. Drake turned around, revealing his off-white underbelly.

    "'Ey, Kev," he said with a large grin plastered on his face, also retaining his Australian accent. "I'm a Coredramon now."

    "Big... dragon..." Kevin said. He suddenly let out a laugh and jumped up. "I have my very own big dragon!"

    "I'm the one who has a human, you mean!" Drake the blue Coredramon replied. He turned around and narrowed his eyes at the Stingmon. "Don't try me, buggaboy!"

    Drake flapped his wings and took off with surprising speed, zipping towards the Stingmon.

    "Spiking Strike!" the Stingmon shouted, a large, glowing blade emerging from his forearm and he drove it towards Drake.

    Kevin's eyes widened. "That thing has a beam sword?! ...There's such thing as beam swords?!" he demanded. "Drake, look out!"

    Drake ducked under the stab and flapped his wings, deftly rotating his form. "Strike Bomber!" As Drake spun, he received enough momentum to slam his muscular tail painfully into the Stingmon's chest, throwing it backwards.

    The Stingmon gracefully righted itself and charged Drake again. "Drake!" Kevin shouted with some worry. The blonde haired teen looked around the ground frantically. He quickly picked up a small rock and hurled it at the Stingmon. "Take this!"

    The rock bounced off the top of Drake's head. With a bland expression, the Coredramon turned his head to face Kevin. "...Whose side are you on, exactly?"

    Kevin rubbed the back of his neck. "...Sorry."

    Drake turned back to the Stingmon. "Blue Flare Breath!" he shouted, breathing hot, azure flames onto the humanoid big digimon.

    Kevin took a step back and watched what was going on around him. "Damn... If only I could help somehow..." he muttered. "But then again... giant bugs with deadly abilities... Maybe I'll just cheer Drake on for now..."
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