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Discussion in 'Other Video Game Discussion' started by stu770, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. stu770

    stu770 Soul Trainer

    I have heard that a Digimon game is going o be released on the Wii but there hasnt been any information released on it in over a year. I was just wondering if anyone had any information about this game at all, such as a picture, a tiny bit of info, anything.
    Thank you
  2. Dragodynamite

    Dragodynamite ÆØÅ

    If i heard correctly there are 2 new digimon games coming. one for the DS, called Digimon tournement. This game is coming in a few weeks/ months (not sure)
    Also im not as sure but i think digimon world 5 is coming for the wii, Ps3 and X-box... But i dont think its been 100% confirmed yet. But i guess its about time a new one should come.
  3. stu770

    stu770 Soul Trainer

    Well asll I hope is that they bring out a Digimon game on the Wii and soon! I have been waiting for one for ages.
  4. Dragodynamite

    Dragodynamite ÆØÅ

    If it comes a new one, lets just hope its not gonna be like digimon world 4... If it is then its not worth to buy it...
  5. stu770

    stu770 Soul Trainer

    Digimon world 4 was a complete let down, I expected a game that would be similar to either Digimon world 1 or Digmon world 3. But after seeing what 4 was like, I would have to take a look at some videos and pictures to make sure that 5 would not be the same.
  6. dario

    dario Banned

    digimon world 4 was good and they still havent said that it is
    going to be 5
  7. stu770

    stu770 Soul Trainer

    Yes but if you go to www.gamefaqs.com it has a section for a new Digimon game on the wii, however there is no information which suggests that there will be a game that is going to be released on the wii some time in the future.
  8. fhqwhgads

    fhqwhgads _____________

    If you go to www.gamefaqs.com, you can also see people saying there's Brawl DLC. :/
  9. BCVM22

    BCVM22 Well-Known Member

    Well of course. There has to be! Sakurai lied and promised 50 characters, so obviously there's going to be some for us to download in the future. Duh.
  10. woot21

    woot21 super noob

    And he lied about Ness not being in the game too. One of the DLC things will be to remove Ness from Brawl, or that was the plan until now.

    Now to be honest I've never been that interested in Digimon period, but I have heard that the Digimon games aren't awful. Is this really true, and are they worth purchasing for a non-Digimon fan?

    woot21 out dawgs
  11. ~Sirnight~

    ~Sirnight~ Come along, dear

    For the non-Digimon fans, the World games may be worth your time. They go back to the roots of raising and training with a Digimon from the start.

    Though the names of the games themselves slip my mind, does anyone recommend those two "version" Digimon games that came out for the handheld not too long ago?
  12. Dragodynamite

    Dragodynamite ÆØÅ

    You dont have to be a digimon fan to like the digimon games. And I think they are really good. especially digimon world 1 and 3. Digimon dawn/ dusk isalso really good games... and they are pretty different from eachother so dont think its a pokemon clone or anything.
    You dont have to now every 1000++ digimon that exists in the world to enjoy these games.

    as the games "digimon dawn and dusk" never got realesed where I live i never got to finish them but of what uive been playing they are really good games with great stories, a great RPG game for the DS.
    Last edited: Aug 30, 2008
  13. Zero Nexus

    Zero Nexus Stand up, go for it

    I been waiting for a new one since Rumble Arena 2. And it had BETTER come out in Europe this time. Why should they not release it in Europe in the first place?
  14. Dragodynamite

    Dragodynamite ÆØÅ

    i believe its because they went moronic and stopped showing the anime, therefore the games also went down with it...
    Europe seems to hate digimon ;_;
    But i guess we were lucky that we got digimon world 4. (even though it sucked)
  15. stu770

    stu770 Soul Trainer

    yeah, at least they ddint forget us there. But unfortunately we may not even get Digimon World 5 if it is released due to the lack of interest in Europe :/
  16. Zero-Wolf

    Zero-Wolf Lost my memory....

    Hmmm...I am wondering if Digimon world 5 will be different. =/ I have played Digimon 3.
    I haven't beaten it yet..-_-
  17. (s.i.e)

    (s.i.e) ★skydragon★

    is it just me or is digimon a vanishing a bit lately?
    sure there are still games but they had better times.

    i hope this game will be good, digimon 3 was good since i played that game so i hope the best for them.
  18. Zero Nexus

    Zero Nexus Stand up, go for it

    We didn't get Digimon World 4. It wasn't released in England.
  19. Zero-Wolf

    Zero-Wolf Lost my memory....

    That's odd... =/ I will probably get Digimon world 5 for Wii.
  20. stu770

    stu770 Soul Trainer

    digimon world 4 was released in England. I have the game, check www.amazon.co.uk and search for it. You will find it on there to buy it.

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