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Digital art noob?

Discussion in 'Digital Media' started by Shane-san, Oct 10, 2009.

  1. Shane-san

    Shane-san Fading Memories

    These are all pics I've done using GIMP, using Lineart from my sketchbook. I'm really wanting to get better at this. The pictures are rather big, so I put the in spoiler tags.
    These are all OC's of mine. First up is, Ami (Pokemon):

    This took about 5 hours to do, but it was fun. also the first background I've done.

    this took like, 7 hours because I had to redo ALL the lineart on the computer. using a mouse nontheless. lol.

    And next is my OC Adria, who I'm using for an original story me and my roommate are working on.

    this was a quick one because I got lucky and my penning was cleaner. took 4 hours.

    the very very very first picture I coloured in GIMP. took me 3 hours. I know its not perfect but I like it for a first time thing.

    thanks for looking :3
    Last edited: Oct 20, 2009
  2. m!ss p!nk

    m!ss p!nk Puss wuss >3

    I just can see the first one ..

    Nice job, i like it :]
  3. Shane-san

    Shane-san Fading Memories

    oh really? Lemme try and fix that.
  4. mangaeyes

    mangaeyes Well-Known Member

    Its GINORMOUS. Please can you make them smaller? They're good but if you make them more visible then you'll get better comments, I'm sure. ^_^
  5. Shane-san

    Shane-san Fading Memories

    Hehe yes, I'll make em smaller tonight.
  6. Plusle+Minun

    Plusle+Minun fanfiction is life

    Where'd they go?
  7. Shane-san

    Shane-san Fading Memories

    Heh ^^; I reorganized my album and forgot to fix the links XD They're back up now though; Please look. <3
  8. Caelesti

    Caelesti dancing queen

    I think they look really nice!
  9. Shane-san

    Shane-san Fading Memories

    Thank you! <3

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