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Taking over Serebii
May I have a wallpaper?
Image(s): X (the biggest on Google) and X (again, biggest on google)
Size: 1366 x 768
Text: None
Color Preference: Use Victini's picture pallete in Hyrule field and Hyrule Field's pallete on Victini (if you get what I mean)
Additional Information: None

3rd one's the best!


Only Mostly Dead
^ It is against the rules to request when the request slot list is full. I'm forgiving about it when I haven't updated the first post, but the requests are clearly full on the first post--so I'm going to have to give you a strike. The first one is just a warning. Please make sure you read the rules in the future.

The next batch of requests is done. chellochello will not be receiving his request and has received his first strike for violating rule #10 by bugging me about when his request would be done.

I hope you two like your requests--please remember to host them on your own accounts and to give credit.



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Nightmare Fuel

Comin' for Ya
May I have a banner?
Image(s): Can ya do the fusion in my sig?
Size: Medium
Text: If the fusion, then "Hoenn Triangle Art Head Shiny"
Color Preferences:The fusion if possible's gotta be rotom orange and purple
Additional Information:


Only Mostly Dead
@ Mew_: You're welcome!

Shinykrookodile: Accepted though in the future I might not accept sprites as images... we'll see how this goes.

ShadowSnivy: Accepted.

EzzPeon: Accepted.


Only Mostly Dead

Next batch of requests is done. Please remember to host these on your own image hosting accounts and to give credit. Hope you like them!




May I have a full signature?
Image(s): 1 and 2
Maximum Size: 350 x 160 Please
Text On Banner: What I'm Made Of!!
Text Outside Banner::
"Try to reach inside of me
Try to drain my energy
Let me show you just
What I'm made of!"
Color Preferences: Blue, Redish or Yellow, nothing pink please.
Additional Information: Thanks!! Also the second image its optional since its quality and background may be annoying to work with.
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May I have a banner?
Image(s): http://i1176.photobucket.com/albums/x335/EternalSword7/MyArt/ShinyNosepass.jpg
Size: 350×200
Text: The first sign of spring.
Color Preferences: White, light blue, or grey. I'm not picky. I would like the text to be in Spring Green if that's not too much to ask.
Additional Information: As long as you can get a majority of Nosepass' face in, plus the Spring Crocus, I'll be happy. Other than that, I don't have any more to ask. You're free to do whatever you want with it.


Only Mostly Dead
PikaPal_Lyra: Accepted, with one caveat: I can't use the background you've provided because it's not a screenshot background so it won't mesh in any believable way with the anime images. I'll use the background in one of the images you've provided or secure an anime background of my own (if you don't want to provide another one) but I can't use that one.

Newest batch of requests is done. Please host these on your own image hosting accounts and give credit. I hope you like them!




I've got two different versions for you. The first one is cute, but fairly innocent

...And the second one... is actually kinda filthy I blame Elesa and her out of control expressions ...I don't think I'd sig this one if I were you ^^;;

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