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Disappointment In Starter Evolution?

Overall with Starters they aren't exactly my favourites because you see them all the time, but i personally like the GSC starters. I love them :) they are just so cute but turn out to be so awesome when they are fully evolved!


I was disappointed with the entire Tepig Line.
The Chikorita Line also Surprised me a little.


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Overall with Starters they aren't exactly my favourites because you see them all the time, but i personally like the GSC starters. I love them :) they are just so cute but turn out to be so awesome when they are fully evolved!

I agree with this completely. I don't think any of the starters are great, but visually the Johto ones always win. I think that their evolutions do make sense, and they are the best mix out of all the regions. They look good together!


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I dont like beginning stage pokemon. If there are 3 evolutions of a given pokemon, and the third is it's most powerful form, then that's the form I judge. Harsh, I know. I'm picky, what can I say.

So, I like: Venusaur, Blastoise, Charizard, Feraligatr (my 1rst fav. Starter), Typhlosion, Empoleon, and Serperior (my 2nd fav. Starter).

The rest are either stepping stones to great things or not-4-me-emon.
The only starter that disappointed me was Piplup. It's evolutions make me feel bad that it turns that ugly. The rest are okay.
I think they should just change every starter to a fighting sub type so people will stop worrying about it. IMO, ya I disagree with Samurott not being Fighting/Water, but at the same time Emboar's Fire/Fighting type was so appropriate


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competetively, the 5th gen starters were a disappointment. All of them currently NU. However, the worst looking poke for me was emboar while the best one was typhlosion


I sense a huge "Your opinion is wrong 'cause I don't like that Pokemon" debate occurring, but oh well. This is the internet. It's almost expected.

Anywho, I like all the starters. They provide key elements to both the Metagame and Ingame. Whether someone likes a design or not is entirely up to them.


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I find all the starters to be great, at first i'll admit I wasn't a fan of tepig but then I realize I wasn't a fan of Emboar who eventually turned out to be pretty good especially with its Hp being able to back up its defenses.



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I was disappointed that they made ANOTHER ****ing Fire/Fighting starter. They also made Servine suck.

Treecko's Awesomeness

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I've always liked the starters, Emboar being the only line that didn't impress me, and even that line I've grown to like in time.


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I remember hating Samurott's design when it was first revealed. I was OK with Serperior and wasn't fond of Emboar (though I didn't care much about that one). Now I love all three Unova lines.

To this day I'm not a fan of Meganium, but I love Chikorita and Bayleef. Typhlosion is alright, but I like Quilava better. I still wouldn't want a Venusaur, but instead would want Ivysaur or Bulbasaur, and Blastoise and Squirtle < Wartortle. Turtwig is better than Grotle, and Grotle is inferior to Torterra's awesomeness.

I don't actually hate any stages of any Starter lines. I like them all. I just like some more than others.

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personally i was disapointed in treecko's last evolution, i mean his first evolution Grovyle was epic and cool and fast, but his last evolution just looked weird, like it didn't belong with treecko's ninja style.


It's a shame to get three fire/fighting in a row but worse things have happened.


My blood flow sped up when My bayleef evolved. I love meganium and all, but it wasnt what I expected.
Tepig, tepig, tepig. It could've been given so much potential, but intead it was given the same final typing as two other starters, evolves into a fat pig, and is overall weird in my opinion.


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I always loved all starters... except untill 5th gen, I picked up tepig, and the first opportunity I had, I placed him into my box after catching some different pokémons. ( Sandile was my starter in my mind! :p )


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I love all the starters, the only one i never really liked was Bulbasuar > Venusuar ect.
my most favorite ones are Fraligatr,Sceptile line and most Waters.