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Disaster of Disguise! (337)

The Big Al

I just keeping Octo
Mrs. Grim reminds me of my Grandparents. It's a long story an kind of off topic.


Meowth said Bling Bling? That's just wrong... I really wish I had been able to see the dub version of this, I slept straight through it. Even though 4kids ruins the music and such it is at least in a language that I understand.
You know that is true. But even more so, it is kind of weird to hear the words Bling Bling come out of Meowth.
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Psychic Venusaur

Pokemon Master
Timmy's mom was annoying. Timmy's dad was cool.

Phantom sort of reminded me of one episode of Medabots with Phantom Renegade. Renegade had an injury on his forehead, which could have been used to find his identity. It's kind of like Timmy's cut. They're both masked "phantoms" as well.

Too bad Drew got rejected by Dusclops. Nice way to start the episode.

I wasn't sure that Meowth said "bling bling". I thought he did, but I thought that maybe I heard wrong. I guess I heard right. I'm not that surprised Meowth would say something like that.



Old Coot
Anyone notice that when the Rocket Gangs did their motto in the first part of the Phantom episodes, they dressed EXACTLY like Tuxedo Kamen (Tuxedo Mask) from Sailor Moon? Even Sonansu busting through the moon was indication enough. XD


Well-Known Member
The Big Al said:
THey had to make Ash a moron again. He knows that normal attacks don't work on Ghost's but what does he do? -_-

I thought the implication was pretty clear that Ash simply didn't know at the time that Dusclops was a Ghost type.

Meowth: "Some major bling-bling goin' on!"

Yep, he did say that word.

The Big Al

I just keeping Octo
Edward Elric said:
Anyone notice that when the Rocket Gangs did their motto in the first part of the Phantom episodes, they dressed EXACTLY like Tuxedo Kamen (Tuxedo Mask) from Sailor Moon? Even Sonansu busting through the moon was indication enough. XD

I think I mentioned that earilier. Yes, they ripped on Sailor Moon bad. (Card Captor Sakura AND Sailor Moon, it looks like Pokemon has decided to declare war on Shoujo.)


Team Rocket's rockin
I didn't notice Meowth say "Bling-bling". Whatever, I guess I just didn't notice.

Drew didn't get to try to hog the spotlight in this contest, because Dusclops put his Roselia in bad condition. I like Drew, but seeing him lose was kinda fulfilling, in a way.

I liked "The Phantom". I especially liked his costume. His Dusclops mask reminded me of that skull mask Ash once wore to scare Misty and Brock close to the beginning of the episode, "The Tower of Terror".

Timmy's mom was too strict. And she somehow got very chubby after all these years. His dad was cool, he used to be The Phantom. And then he helped his son out. Did anybody else notice that his hairstyle was exactly like Max's? Except the gray hair, of course.

Brock disguising himself as The Phantom was hilarious. And he wouldn't let James fish his mask off. Jessie said something like, "What did he do, glue that thing to his head?"

Yeah, this episode was nice. 8/10.


Well-Known Member
The group's bad acting during their little scheme was hilarious. Bet the VAs had fun with that. :D


Yep, definitely a Sailor Moon parody. :D
What is this, a good episode again, I forgot what these were like (and would forget again once the next epi airred) it had been 3 weeks since a good episode had been on. This was funny, and charming, good music, good battles, nice story, just a good episode.

The Big Al

I just keeping Octo
Hope springs eternal. Not to mention there are real gems of episodes (like this one) just as there are some duds.


I really loved this episode. It was the best episode I've seen in a long time. Timmy was pretty cool and his Dusclops owned Pikachu in that battle. His mom was kind of mean and ''over'' strict.

Pokemon Fan

Knuckle Trainer
Th' Duck said:
it was an ok episode. I know the anime doesnt go by the game, but will-o-wisp appeared to do damage to Drew's Roselia
Well it makes sense considering how it works in the games too. It is a bunch of dark energy that inflicts the Burn status. As I recall it would go like this in the games.

Dusclops used Will-O-Wisp!

Roselia was Burned!

Roselia was hurt by Burn! *HP falls*

They just went right ahead and had Roselia immediately suffer damage since turns don't really occur in the anime. ^_^

I was disappointed by how short the battle between Dusclops and Pikachu was, but overall it was a okay episode. I wondered how they would do Normal attacks not effecting Dusclops as it seems so solid. It's certainly different from the Gastly line, where they've always had the Pokemon just pass through them. Brock's and the group's little farce really made the episode though!

*Seviper wraps Phantom Brock*
Phantom Brock: "Get this thing off of me!"

*Ash tells Pikachu to attacks but stops as he realizes he could hurt Brock, May then orders her Pokemon to attack and Brock blasts off*
May: "Oh no! Brock I'm sorry!"

Brock had some funny and clever lines, it was nice to see his goofiness concerning something other than girls.



--First thing's first. The Ash abuse was HILARIOUS! I laughed my aching butt off(had a nasty fall on my tush the other day ^^()). I wish they do this more often.
--God, this episode was so KANTO! I'm lovin' it! :D
--I thought Meowth's "bling bling" comment was funny. First it's that, then "Disguise Da Limit"...4Kids is going ghetto! :p
--Timmy...was...spectacular. What a great character. This is the creativity we want in one-shot characters! This is like...Gizelle material! Maybe even up to A.J.'s standards.

This episode was just great. Awesome, awesome, AWESOME filler. Big, fat, 8.5/10
Cybercubed said:
I find it funny that you hate half of Hoenn yet keep watching.

I watch only because of the other half, it is worth it to watch all of it to watch the ones I enjoy. Crap like the next episode and the Torkoal capture episode just happens to be thrown in there. But few episodes are as bad as those 2 were.


Old Coot
How in the world was the Torkoal capture episode in any way bad? e_e


So what was the Ash bashing all about? I mean I don't like Ash bashing but I'm game to hear about it!