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Disaster of Disguise! (337)

I'd say this was one of the more interesting contest plots in AG. It was interesting to see: would Timmy's mother eventually accept Pokemon or not? It was clear that he trained a lot off-screen secretly, otherwise he and Dusclops wouldn't be that strong. He even defeated Drew! I wish his mom would be like his dad... In real life, m And Brock dressing up was fun too, 7/10.


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"Disaster of Disguise!"

"Disaster of Disguise"? Hmm....I think this is a suitable dub title for this episode. It's much better than titles like "Delcatty Got Your Tongue" or "Claydol, Big And Tall".

Anyways, this episode was boring to me. Most of the episode was centered around COTD Timmy, who was disguising as the "Phantom" only because his mom hates Pokémon. The battle between Ash and Timmy wasn't good at all, how in the world Ash forgot that Normal-type moves dosen't work on Ghost-type Pokémon?

The only things I liked about this episode are....

- Brock disguising as the "Phantom".

- Timmy beating Drew in the Contest battle. I was getting sick of Drew winning all the time, so it's good see him getting owned by someone for a change.
It's good to see Drew get beaten from time to time, because it seems that he's so unbeatable when he's shown to be battling.

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It was great to finally see Verdanturf town as well as Drew again. I thought Timmy defeating Drew was disappointing, but I eventually felt sad for Timmy's life given how strict his mom was.


Timmy's mom was effing insane with her strict parenting. She was just awful lol. I thought that Dusclops was cool as hell, though.
I liked Timmy since he had a great backstory. I liked both parts of this Contest episode, because it had a really compelling story with the strict mother who didn't want her son to be involved with Pokemon.


It was good to finally see Shidake Town, and watching Kimimaro's Samayooru beat Shuu's Roselia at the start was oddly gratifying. Kimiyo was overbearing with the way that she kept pressuring her son, and her dislike of Pokemon was irritating. I chuckled when we saw Takeshi disguise himself as Kimimaro's alter ego.


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Timmy and his family were all really interesting characters, much more interesting than Grace, from the last contest. I found it really funny when Brock dressed up as the Phantom.


I actually empathize with Kimimaro's struggle since I too have had to deal with pressure from my parents, although I did wonder why his father didn't put his foot down and demand that Kimiyo stop pressuring their son constantly.
Awesome episode. HAHA WOBBUFFET TO THE MOON!!!!!!
Timmy's disguise is awesome and Dusclops is awesome, and the way he battles is awesome. The story behind the disguise and Timmy's mother hating Pokémon was really well done, and it was funny how Brock put on the costume.