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Discord Ban Appeal


New Member
I was banned on discord roughly a year, maybe even two years ago. Username is Daxay #4047. I had posted something along the lines of "LF *some shiny or event* FT any shiny pokemon." An admin messaged me saying to be more specific as to what shiny I was offering. I have a full (and legit) shiny dex(of all legitimately obtainable shinies) and was willing to offer any of them. I re posted saying something like "LF *whatever shiny or event I was looking for* FT any shiny pokemon. I have a full shiny dex." I think admin thought I was being sarcastic and I was instant banned without any further discussion. I was by no means trying to be rude. If what I posted still wasn't specific enough then I apologize and it won't happen again. But can my discord ban be removed? That is the only trouble I've gotten in on the discord and it was a mistake if what I posted still wasn't okay. I attempted reaching out when I was initially banned over email and never heard back. Hopefully the forum is more responsive. Thanks for any help or advice!


POTW Writer and Discord mod
Your ban has been revoked. Moving forward, please be more aware of the rules in the future.