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Discord Ban Official Appeal

So my other account was banned yesterday because I mis-spoke. I was very high, and not paying attention when I was talking about my Dittos. I obviously do not have any hacked Pokémon (full honesty I don’t even know how to hack, let alone do a simple dupe glitch ) so , under the promise that I will be much more careful with what I say, I’d like to request my original account be un-banned, if possible. Please and thank you! Original account is peekatchu91#5764


POTW Writer and Discord mod
Following up from the Discord conversation we had, we will follow up with this and later decide what to do in your case. FYI being high is not a valid excuse for being stupid and claiming that you own hacked Pokemon and let alone pretend to be someone else using an alt. It is true that you did not offered them, but we will later decide whether your ban stays or not.
I appreciate that. And I completely agree, it’s not an excuse. And in my defense, I created the alt account because I didn’t even know this forum existed until the other day. I wanted to know what had happened, so I made the new account. I will happily delete it. Also, again, I can very much promise I won’t say or do anything that would directly contradict the rules. I just like being part of the community, and being able to trade. That’s all, I promise.


Discord Staff
We discussed about it, and we decided to not lift the ban due to several inconsistency with your explanation. We feel that problems will continue if we let you back in.

EDIT: The ban will be two weeks.
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I know you guys said two weeks for my ban(which I respect and have earned) but I’d like to know if there’s anything I can do or say to maybe be let back in sooner? I only ask because I’ve seen other posts of people who actually tried trading banned Pokémon, and he was only asked to state he would never do it again. If that’s on the table, I’ll happily, truthfully, and publicly make the same statement. I made a momentary lapse in my judgement, and am 1000% confident I won’t do it again. If this is off the table, you won’t receive an argument from me! I will happily wait out my two week punishment. But if this is something we can do, please let me know. In any regard, thank you for your time.


POTW Writer and Discord mod
The ban will stay, main reason why is because when you were logging into your alt, you started to attack other people while pretending to be a different person. After reading your previous exchange with @Sicksadpanda it's hard to believe that you were drunk when you claimed ignorance a first. Ban will be lifted on December 14th