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Discuss Serebii's Mystery Dungeon Magnagate & The Infinite Labyrinth Discoveries


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Only the Pokeforest DLC dungeon is free temporarily. It's just a place where you can get tons of money.

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Do you think they'll be $2.00 like the Pokeforest is after it's free?



Is your hero really referred to as a "he" (I didn't notice if they were)? Because I went ahead and gave my Snivy a female name, reasoning that they just wanted you "give" them a gender of your choosing through name choice...

Yes. I saw my partner say to quagsire early on "I brought him with me"


I got a team skill from a chest that isn't listed on the main site.

Team Skill: Collector
Effect: It raises the chance of enemies carrying a Treasure Box.


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Just got this mystery dungeon for chistimas, and i gave my name to my pokemon, as i always do. But im female, and its very unfair that the pokemon i turned on is treated as male.


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At least your character's gender is only mentioned a grand of three times throughout the course of the story.

Still, they could've avoided mentioning it entirely like they did in the previous games.

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Question about Gates to Infinity: I've downloaded some DLC dungeons. If I restart my games, will I still have acces to my downloaded dungeons or are they removed and do I need to buy them again?

Thanks in advance.