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Discussion of Serebii.net Black 2 & White 2 Discovery Thread

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N's Castle is Victory Road? That's pretty sweet! Finally something other than a cave.

I saw things saying we could see N later in his castle, so I guess that means he lives in VR now.

EDIT: Oh crap, the original road is there too?! This actually seems like a real test of strength now.


danger chili pepper
Staff member
does anyone know when lapris and sandile can be captured?

We don't know the exact location yet but...

Lapras is a rare Pokemon (Dark Surf Spots) at a specific route, and is around Lv.30-40.
Sandile can be caught at around Lv. 17 onwards. Meaning, it's early. Most likely at Desert Resort.


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Unfezant Lv. 55, Bouffalant Lv. 55, Ape Lv. 55, Starter Lv. 57

See now you're on your way to a nice team.
But come on man an Unfezant? I know you need a flier but maybe pick up a Sigilyph or something. Oh well
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