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Discussion of Serebii's Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Discoveries

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So apparently no mega stone needed for Mega Rayquaza!? How will this work? In the Mega evolution anime special we have seen that Rayquaza's mega evolution isn't permanent. So does it maybe need to be in a special location to mega evolve? (nearby that crystal thing that has something to do with mega evolution or maybe only in space?). Or will it respond to a certain key item?
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Wow, I was just off this site for a bit and the discovery report is already this much? Serebii are you even a human? O3O You already beaten the whole game... like... what?
Man, this game is sure a huge pile of legendaries and starters. And megas... okay basically almost everything. This is perfect owo
Though the number of gift and easily get legendaries are making me a bit... idk. But it was still amazing!

I am wondering about Rayquaza too... I hope we still can use Mega Rayquaza in online battles
Oh well I guess I will wait for the informations to be uploaded.
Thank you for your hard work as always! :D


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Out of curiosity, the day/night feature wasn't implemented again, right? I'm assuming that we either use the clock in our room like in the original or the game's time is based off of whatever our 3ds is set to, but I just wanted confirmation if anyone was aware of the answer.

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So an NPC in the Battle Maison mentions that he's scouted the Pike Queen and mentions Scott. Hopefully that means that they're considering adding the Battle Frontier as DLC later. It would be a rather cruel thing to include in the game if they weren't going to. I really hate the Battle Maison.

The way the Swarms work in this game is interesting. I'm not looking at the lists till I get my game so I'm not sure what's available. Are Pokemon with HAs available with the DexNav?


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Will he tell us about the woman that chases Prof. birch?


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Correct. Confirmed to be no new Megas besides the ones we already know about.

I am still hanging on a little hope. Maybe they are hiden well? :D I mean, it took them quite some time to find hidden megas in XY, too. I just can't believe they would reveal ALL of them.
OR/AS seems to be quite the starter-fest, going to be hard to choose one per set haha!


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Just saw Serebii's discovery of battling recurring characters at the Battle Maison, so I'm hoping this means we'll be able to rebattle gym leaders there. It's not much, but at least it's something


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Two thing I've been wondering about, how soon do you get the exp share? I know it similar to XY's. The other thing is doesn't the secret bases only work in certain locations like they did in the originals or can it be "almost" anywhere?


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Any news about pidgeot or beedrills mega stones?


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There are Move Tutors in these games! :D

Even if the Battle Frontier didn't return in these games, I'm still glad there are Move Tutors. And since there apparently is a mention of Lucy, then I guess that might be a clue to as the future might bring? Or just a reference. Either way, it's kind of neat, I guess. Looking forward to seeing which moves are available through Move Tutor. If Dragon Pulse is in there, I'm defintely going with Treecko instead of Torchic in Omega Ruby.

And wow, so many starters! I guess since the Kanto starters showed up in Kalos, the other regions' starters sort of just decided to meet up in Hoenn.

Also, nice reference to that Unovan ship not being built yet. And yay, Deoxys can be caught! (Wonder how it's forme changes are handled in these games?)

Looking forward to more information, and I'm guessing I should be using this as a bit of motivation to get my homework done so I have a little more time available for when these games come out here in Europe next week. :p
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