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Discussion of Serebii's Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Discoveries

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation VI Discussion' started by Serebii, Nov 19, 2014.

  1. Andrew Shard

    Andrew Shard Shards of Fury...

    After I completed the Delta Episode I got acess to all starters. I just had to enter my house, rest and exit again for the prof to show up.
  2. Ze DreamGirl

    Ze DreamGirl Future Vaporeon

    Is it me or is it really easier to find hidden pokemon once one has the 5th badge?
  3. Inconspicuosaurus

    Inconspicuosaurus Bone-ified dinosaur

    I think it's you. I get Pokemon pop up of their own accord a couple of times at least each time I pass through a route. And it's always a Wingul...

    If you mean HA Pokemon, it may simply be because you've accumulated a higher search level for Pokemon you are at that point re-encountering, so they are more likely to have HA's or egg moves, etc.
  4. Jzny

    Jzny Arcanine Master

    Although I cannot completely prove whether that is true or not. In my experience, it really isn't.

    I was dex nav chaining for numerous items that are standard wild hold items. Such as twisted spoons on Abra or poison barbs on tentacool, or like I said before shed shells on Venemoths ... All of those items are available with or without dex nav and to double check I went ahead and encountered the same Pokémon without dex nav and found then to have the same items. This of course excludes as I said earlier Venemoths with Silver Powder which it no longer holds at all it seems.

    Basically to my understanding, Dex Nav allows Pokémon to hold special items, but it doesn't remove the standard ones.
  5. TorterraOwns

    TorterraOwns Pokemon:My Friends

    I've noticed that May never goes outside of Her house after the Delta Episode. Has anyone been able to find her outside of it?
  6. Ze DreamGirl

    Ze DreamGirl Future Vaporeon

    What I meant is that prior to getting the fifth badge I had to use the search feature of the dex nav to find hidden pokemon in caves, water, or the desert. Pokemon only poped up of their own accord in tall grass...
    Since the 5 th badge, I had pokemon appear by themselves in the desert, bodies of water, and the cave between rustboro and verdanturf...

    I wonder if other people noticed that...
  7. Quincy0807

    Quincy0807 The Fire Master

    Well the desert is only accesable just before the fifth gym, few caves exist prior to it, and surfing isn't possible before beating your dad. I think your issue is based on rarely having access to random encounters in areas other than tall grass before gym five.
  8. Inconspicuosaurus

    Inconspicuosaurus Bone-ified dinosaur

    Ah, okay. Well, I don't remember seeing hidden Pokemon in water until I had Surf, which is the fifth badge (although you can trigger them yourself as soon as you have the old rod). And when I went back to Granite Cave as soon as I had the Mach Bike, I didn't get any hidden spots that I hadn't made myself the whole time I was trying to chain Aron, but in later caves I encountered plenty. So my experiences do seem like they agree with you.

    You do see plenty of water though, and not once did I see a water spot, though I see plenty even when I'm not surfing now. And I spent a long, long time in Granite Cave looking for Aron and I did not see a single naturally-spawned hidden Pokemon spot. I think Ze DreamGirl is right.
    Last edited: Dec 14, 2014
  9. Kingudora

    Kingudora My favourite

    Apparently there is another spot on route 119 where it's guaranteed to find Feebas, but during the night. If you fish around the lone rock in the water, in the southern part of the route, you can find them there.
  10. blastaero

    blastaero Member

    During my first play through, I found a random encounter whismur in Verdanturf tunnel. I remember it clearly popping up by itself and thinking "what the heck is that dust cloud". I only saw a few other than that randomly during the game, without manually having to use the DexNav function to search for them via caves.

    It's worth noting, I had my DexNav app OPEN on the lower screen, which is how I played 95% of my first walkthrough. Hope this helps.
  11. Ze DreamGirl

    Ze DreamGirl Future Vaporeon

    Was it before or after the fifth badge? I also got two too but after the fifth badge...
  12. HiPcavallo

    HiPcavallo Member

    It's just you. I had several Geodude's and Zubat's pop up on their own in Granite Cave (It may be worth noting here that as soon as I could get into Granite Cave I immediately started looking for a Zubat with Infiltrator and max IV's), as well as a few Whismur in the tunnel between Rustboro and Verdanturf before I got the fifth badge. I didn't go to the desert until after I got the fifth badge so I can't comment on that but the only thing I never had were dexnav pokemon in the water, and that may possibly just be because I couldn't surf until I got the fifth badge.
  13. SerenaForTheWin

    SerenaForTheWin Yusarin >_<

    not sure if this has been discovered, after defeating a black belt named Nob in a rematch, there is a slight chance that he will give you a Protein for defeating him

    he would say something like this: " I have no choice but to give you this for defeating me fair and square" something along those lines

    can anyone reconfirm this for me?
  14. HiPcavallo

    HiPcavallo Member

    Whereabouts is he? There are several trainers that give you stuff after you beat them in a rematch, they've been recorded in the Pokéarth so you should check there.
  15. SerenaForTheWin

    SerenaForTheWin Yusarin >_<

    route 115, the route where meteor falls has another exit, ah i see i'm not sure about the item list for trainers rematch - if this hasn't been added maybe someone could add this to the list then
  16. blastaero

    blastaero Member

    To answer your questions a couple days late, I found the Whismur upon my first occurrence in Verdanturf tunnel. I had 1 badge at the time and was going in to fight Team Aqua.

    I remember it clear as day.
  17. Eagleironic

    Eagleironic Member

    I'm not sure if this has been covered but I found a couple of items (shoal sand and I think and ice heal) in one of the rooms that wasn't shown on the pokeearth page for shoal cave.
  18. SerenaForTheWin

    SerenaForTheWin Yusarin >_<

    this is the first time i heard about shoal sand, i only know shoal salt and shoal shell really exist
  19. Eagleironic

    Eagleironic Member

    Your right, I made a mistake, shoal salt is what I meant.
  20. txgam3

    txgam3 Gam3

    So idk if people know this already, but i recently discovered two things:
    1. There is another kecleon that Serebii didnt mention yet. In route 120, it is located on the left side of the stairs (the stairs behind the scorched slab). Its level 30 and it has color change.

    2. The max EV for certain stat is now 252, not 255. I tested this a couple of times. The EV of two stats from one of my pokemon were maxed out and i wasnt allowed to increase them, but i still has 6 EV leftover.

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