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Discussion of Serebii's Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Discoveries

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So idk if people know this already, but i recently discovered two things:
1. There is another kecleon that Serebii didnt mention yet. In route 120, it is located on the left side of the stairs (the stairs behind the scorched slab). Its level 30 and it has color change.

2. The max EV for certain stat is now 252, not 255. I tested this a couple of times. The EV of two stats from one of my pokemon were maxed out and i wasnt allowed to increase them, but i still has 6 EV leftover.

I've found that Keckleon, though it never occurred to me to check to see if it had been noted.

The max EV change has been in place since XY, as well.


Yeah i knew the Ev change was in XY, but when i checked the Effort Value section of game mechanics, it still said that a stat can only have 255 EV.


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Yeah i knew the Ev change was in XY, but when i checked the Effort Value section of game mechanics, it still said that a stat can only have 255 EV.

Yes, it is still the max. You just can't get more than 252 in Sixth Gen. Any Pokemon from previous generations traded up wont break the game or lose EVs, though.

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I am 90% sure that DexNav Chaining used the Search Level to increase the chance if shinies,because I had two very high Search Levels and a chain of 5 twice and I managed to get a Shiny Swablu and Shiny Eevee


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Hey guys! For all you people out there saying that Cresselia on ORAS is encountered upon a luck, I have a unbelievable theory for you! While I was on Mirage Island, I decided I was gonna catch all the pokemon on the island, so I did, and when I did, I used my Eon Flute and left, and I noticed right away there was a Mirage Spot on my map that wasn't there before, but it wasn't called Mirage Island, it was called Mirage Forest. So I landed on Mirage Forest, nothing special there, just a item, and I also caught every pokemon on this island, then I used my Eon Flute again, but this time there were two more Mirage spots, Mirage Cave and Mirage Mountains, nothing special on either and I caught the pokes on both. The reason I'm telling you guys this is because I believe there are 5 different Mirage Islands. Mirage Island, Mirage Cave, Mirage Forest, Mirage Mountain, and Mirage ???. I believe if you catch all the pokemon on every 4 Islands each day, eventually there will be a mysterious Mirage Island with the legendary Cresselia awaiting us!


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No, no "unbelievable theor[ies]" at work here. It's luck.

We've known for weeks that there are different types of Mirage Islands. Your game generates one of those Spots randomly each day, and you can see other such Spots daily by StreetPassing with people locally or whatever they call the online equivalent via the PSS, the same way you get other people's BuzzNav bulletins and Secret Bases in your game.

Cresselia's Crescent Isle does appear randomly or if you exchange information with someone whose game randomly generated it on a given day, but your slight misinterpretation of the concept doesn't factor in to its appearance in your game.
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I'm going to guess that somehow no one bothered to talk to Lanette in her house (which is always tidy and clean, of course!) after getting the Lotad (or possibly seedot if its version specific?) on route 114?

Because I did, and now I've corrected that blasted order that should've been fixed oh so long ago. Simply put, where the normal people accept that deposit/withdraw/organize is the established order, I do not! I will put organize first, and honestly not care what order the other box options are in anymore!

(In plainspeak, Lanette will allow you to optionally put 'Organize Boxes' first in her PC listings for moving around pokemon, and you can change this as often as you wish. Why they locked it behind 3 badges, 4 routes, and a doll I'll never understand)


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This was discovered right around the time people were reaching that point in their own games, as is the case for just about anything anyone is posting in this thread at this point. There's nothing left to be "discovered".


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Apologies then. I hadn't seen it mentioned in any of the updates day-by-day, or anywhere in the ORAS sections of the site itself.

(Nevermind that I'd been too lazy to read the whole thread here, if it's been mentioned)

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I got the Eon Ticket from StreetPass from last Friday and also, I did found one missing requirement that it wasn't listed in the Legendary Page that the player needs to use Mega Evolution and the Mega Bracelet before Norman makes arrangements for the Ferry and go to the Southern Island where the Latias/Latios event is.

That I did tested this out and Norman can't send you to the island because I haven't got the Mega Bracelet yet.


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I caught a protean kecleon in the space center
Why is it in there
Maybe a reference to the geckos that Russia sent into space recently? A chameleon isn't exactly the same, but the closest to a gecko is a Treecko, and they weren't going to put one of those hanging around in the space center, especially when the whole point is Kecleon's whole being invisible in strange places gimmick.


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What is Team Magma's Azoth project?
A means beginning
Z means ending
Could this lead to the next version's names?

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I am pretty sure everyone else discovered this by now, but ORAS's Battle Institute has trainer classes from XY, which are otherwise absent in the games.

May sound dumb, but I was honestly expecting to run into same Kindler or Diver while battling. Guess they just copy/ pasted the institute.
I don't know if I'm just stating the obvious but I was doing some ev training, but the pokémon I wanted to train didn't have a move to knock out an entire horde, so I turned on exp share, put my swampert with surf in the front of the party and gave the pokémon I was trying to train the macho brace, and much to my surprise the macho brace actually doubled the evs it should have received. I thought this was interesting and worth sharing, unless everyone already knew this and I'm just slow
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