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Discussion of Serebii's Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Discoveries

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation VI Discussion' started by Serebii, Nov 19, 2014.

  1. clubchloe1

    clubchloe1 Member

    Just wanted to let you know that Arceus's different plate formes are now being recorded by the dex in ORAS. This gave me a reason to find all the plates.
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  2. Spider-Phoenix

    Spider-Phoenix Go, Go Power Rangers

    Tried to see if that was posted here already, but search function didn't return anything, so...

    I think I just found a "glitch" of sorts in ORAS: I have breed a 5 IV Pichu and Togepi in Y and transfered them to AS via PokéBank for EV training, leveling up and evolution, though after EV training, grinding them a lot, they just... didn't evolve.

    The happiness level was completly at its maximum (checked on Verdanturf happiness checker), yet no matter if I leveled them up in battles or via rare candy, they just didn't evolve.

    After "PokéBanking" them back to XY, it was just a matter of feed only one rare candy and... evolution triggers.

  3. devilmonkey

    devilmonkey ROWROWFightDaPOWAH


    After seein' the Hoopa movie thing I realized: all of those golden rings in ORAS that house the legendaries? HOOPA PUT THOSE THERE. THOSE ARE HOOPAS RINGS! Totally blew my mind. Just lends creedance that Hoopa might play some kind of role in ORAS.
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  4. BCVM22

    BCVM22 Well-Known Member

    Given the aesthetic of the rings and Hoopa's appearance and abilities, it was discussed heavily after the release of OR/AS and most people concluded similarly, yes.
  5. devilmonkey

    devilmonkey ROWROWFightDaPOWAH

    Don't mind me, I'm just a slowpoke....
  6. Belgrim

    Belgrim Well-Known Member

    I discovered if you are sneaking, rapidly pressing the dash button (B) will make your character move silly lol.
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  7. Acecrj

    Acecrj Master Trainer

    The guy in mauville who's waiting 4 genesect what up with him has anyone tried taking genesect to him and seeing what happens?
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  8. BCVM22

    BCVM22 Well-Known Member

    Many people have, yes. He gives you the four Drives that change the type of Techno Blast.
  9. Schade

    Schade Iron Defensive

    I'm not sure if anyone have posted about this, or if it is even of any interest, but I just noticed that in the flowers surrounding the huge tree in Sootopolis City below the Cave or Origin, One can clearly see the special flower of AZ's Floette from XY.
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  10. zapto369

    zapto369 Because I'm Worth It

    That is pretty interesting, I hadn't noticed that before. It kind of makes sense, as I believe it states somewhere in ORAS that AZ visited Hoenn at some point during his wandering.
  11. deadworm

    deadworm New Member

    Just before reaching Petalburg city, after may shows me the overworld beautifly, the dexnav reacts to a pokemon nearby and as i approach it, it appears to be a beautifly. Is that possible? i'm new to the dexnav so i approached too quickly and the pokemon escaped, but is it possible to capture beautifly via dexnav? dont think i was imagining things...
  12. Morty05

    Morty05 Ghost-type trainer

    Wallace talks about it during Delta Episode to the old man in front of Cave of Origins:
    ( The tree they are discussing is big tree in front of the cave- and said flower can be found right underneath it)
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  13. zapto369

    zapto369 Because I'm Worth It

    I know exactly what you're talking about and no, it's not possible to catch them and no, you're not imagining things. The DexNav will "activate" and show a nearby Pokemon in every part of the overworld where a Pokemon appears, including places you can't catch them such as that Beautifly, Pokemon next to NPC's in random houses, Lisia and Chaz's Pokemon in the contest halls, etc. It's a little bit misleading, but the only ones you can catch are the ones that pop out of grass/caves/water and give a little cry when they do so.
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  14. deadworm

    deadworm New Member

    ok thx! i dont really care about a beautifly but u ever know in the future so i just wanted to make sure..
  15. zapto369

    zapto369 Because I'm Worth It

    You're welcome :)
    Yea, it's good to know in the future when the DexNav starts reacting and such and you don't know why.
  16. Aetius

    Aetius Sky Emperor

    I'm sorry if I'm stating the obvious, but about the Secret Bases, I noticed that you can battle someone two times in the same day.
    The first time in his/her base, the second time in your base (after inviting him/her there of course).
    Again, forgive me if it was already known, but I just wanted to point that out, considering that some of the trainers in question might have teams made up of Blisseys (allowing you to train your Pokèmon even faster). :D
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  17. zapto369

    zapto369 Because I'm Worth It

    I didn't know this actually, so thank you for the insight :)

    I kind of makes, so I don't know why I didn't think about it lols.
  18. Aetius

    Aetius Sky Emperor

    I'm glad that I have been of help to you then and, hopefully, to all the people here on Serebii. :D
  19. Yknot

    Yknot Дми́трий Дми́триевич

    I did a search for the move celebrate and didn't see anything pop up.

    I guess you can look this up but the move Celebrate although the cute category can get an audience excited in ANY category.

    More importantly, if any body uses a move that causes the judges to ignore say the BEAUTY of pokemon, the cuteness of the move celebrate will go through and still get the audience excited. i got the crowd meter maxed out this was and it was awesome!

    Having fun with my birthday glaceon =^.^=
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  20. Reithandina

    Reithandina New Member

    I don't know if this is the right place to ask, but.. Why doesn't the special codes for the Berry Master's wife work? o.o
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