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[Discussion] What is a counter?

Discussion in 'Older Gen RMT' started by Raikou77, May 25, 2007.

  1. ludicolo_kid

    ludicolo_kid Well-Known Member

    A little bird Miz...

    Feels a bit eh posting this here but oh well.
  2. Exiled_Sicilian

    Exiled_Sicilian STalking is a hobby.

    Ok perhaps that wasn't the best of examples on my part, I changed the example to Raichu for less controversy and more correct discussion on what is bad for a mistaken Counter, sorry for that. I just assumed since Intimidate already went through effect on the Pokemon beforehand that it wouldn't work with Gardevoir's effect.

    Megamiz, thanks for the compliment.
  3. Conquistador

    Conquistador Vive la Revolution!

    THANKYOU for clearing this up for all new people to CB.

    I was getting annoyed at people asking what they were xP.
  4. Lord_Sunday

    Lord_Sunday Remember me from RSE

    Very nice. good job.
    unfortunatly, all the n00bs just go right ahead and post without reading this. You can but try...
  5. SilverRabbit32

    SilverRabbit32 Honor - bound

    thats not entirely true. im not exactly a newb i suppose, but at least i've been reading all this stuff before posting anything.
  6. _Calm|Mind_

    _Calm|Mind_ Follow the Path

    Can you elaborate on your post?
  7. spareux

    spareux maldición

    I think he is remarking upon the common generalisation that new people are idiots.
    Or something.
  8. SilverRabbit32

    SilverRabbit32 Honor - bound

    yea pretty much. Sunday said all newbs just go right ahead an post before they read this stuff, so when they post and someone inquires about Counters, they don't have a clue. I've been playing Pokemon since the first days of Red/Blue, and the game has done nothing but get more complicated, and now there is so much to try and understand about it. But based on what I know, it seems that knowing things like what a Counter actually is pretty darn important information before going to much into competitive battling.
  9. sleepyhead

    sleepyhead Well-Known Member

    can a primape with vital spirit and choice scarf counter darkrai?
  10. Frost Nova

    Frost Nova The predator awaits.

    Wrong tier, darling.
  11. aipomkong

    aipomkong prophecy fulfilled

    lol it can switch in, but then you're pretty stuck when that Lugia comes out to wall your ape.
  12. ~-Overheat-~

    ~-Overheat-~ Black/White!

    I'd say the best way to counter mence is bringing in a Regice.........
  13. aipomkong

    aipomkong prophecy fulfilled

    Yes because Regice takes CB Dragon Claws, Choice Specs Fire Blasts and Stone Edges very well
  14. Incarnati0n

    Incarnati0n Just as planned.

    i think he ment specsmence, wich btw mostly carries flamethrower instead of fire blast..

    heatproof bronzong is a good specsmence counter, tough it doesn't like hydro pump/HP ground. countering spcsmence needs some prediction.
  15. Hitsugaya

    Hitsugaya Lone Wolf

    No. It carries FIRE BLAST. Learn your sets, please.
  16. Incarnati0n

    Incarnati0n Just as planned.

    salamence@choice specs
    modest, 6 HP / 252 SP.ATK / 252 SPD
    -dragon pulse
    -hydro pump
    -draco meteor

    check smogon's analysis. that's an odd way of spelling fire blast y'know
  17. aipomkong

    aipomkong prophecy fulfilled

    They can carry both.

    Flamethrower is, however, better as with Specs it OHKOs what Fire Blast can, 2hkos the same stuff that Blast 2hkos. Has more PP and is 100% accurate.

    Some people do use Blast though
  18. NS_Blaziken_57

    NS_Blaziken_57 Ex-Nsider

    I'd like to bring up a point for this dead-ish thread. This is NOT a counter:

    You have out Gallade, and your opponent has out Garchomp. You know it could easily OHKO you with Dragon Claw or Outrage. You let your Gallade die, then send in Mamoswine, which KOs Garchomp with Choice Banded Ice Shard.

    This is a revenge killer people. Mamoswine could not switch in on Garchomp, and hence could not counter it. Utilizing the free switch after a KO to send in a threat does not make said threat a counter.
  19. Frost Nova

    Frost Nova The predator awaits.

    I think we're well aware of the distinction between a 'counter' and 'revenge killer', thank you very much. Thanks for pointing it out though.
  20. boxchan

    boxchan Well-Known Member




    not a counter



    also last one sums up what we're all thinking anyway

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