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Disguise Da Limit! (338)

Champion Jared 14

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This was a terrible episode in my opinion. The strangest thing to me was that although Dusclops has weak attack power, Skitty should have been down for the count after that 1st hyper beam. Come on. After a powerful focus punch hitting its mark, that alone shuld have taken it out,especially due to its weakness to fighting moves. And still survives after 2 hyper beams and a willow-wisp? Timmy should've won this match instead.
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I particularly remember this episode as the only one of May's contest that did not fall prey to my personal jinx (for some reason, I am unable to watch May's contests fully). Quite an impressive contest, and it had a ghost in it! (hee, hee). In response to Champion Jared 14, yeah, it is a little unrealistic in game terms, but you have to consider that real life is different from video gaming (eg. real life has no levels like RPGs do).
A really good episode, one of the better ones IMO. Dusclops appearance was great!


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Some excellent battles in this episode, May and Timmy did quite well and congrats to May for wining her 2nd ribbon she deserves it, As for Jessie she has the potential to become a good coordinator if she wasn't so stuck up and would quit Team Rocket to work honestly.

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I thought May's appeal and final battle made A LOT of sense.


This contest wasn't so good, i didn't like it.
Dusclops was pretty weak vs Skitty, it wasn't impressive as i thought before....


Dusclops appearing in a sunny town like Verdenturf was not what I would've liked. Maybe if it had debuted somewhere spookier.

I didn't like the way Timmy handled his Dusclops or the Contest. Dusclope seemed really poorly trained since even a weak little Skitty beat it.

Not my favorite Contest but it gets a 5/10


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Dusclops VS Skitty was a good battle. May had a hard time, but Skitty and May have managed to win as usuall. A move of Skitty during thr battle has been deleted from the English version, I think.


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Good episode.

I liked Dusclops and his trainer (forgot his name), his outfit and mask were really cool. I also like that his dad was helping him out with his dream, that was nice.

Dusclop vs Skitty was also a good battle, I was surprised Skitty pulled the win.

I enjoyed this one.


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This episode was good. The Dusclops vs Skitty battle was really cool. I'm glad May and Skitty won their 2nd contest ribbon. Jessie finally got passed the 1st round of the contest, and without cheating. It was interesting how Skitty was able to endure all of those powerful attacks and still pull off the win. I'm glad Mrs. Grim finally changed her ways when it came to Timmy and Pokemon.



That final contest battle. That was bad. Ignoring its existence, this episode was pretty bad. Due to the battle.


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This battle was alright in some ways. I was also quite shocked in how powerful Skitty was against Dusclops, but even so, I did enjoy the battle aside from that. My perception of Skitty was that it was probably the weakest Pokémon May ever had, but that changed in some ways after that.


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Disguise Da Limit

…May did not deserve this ribbon. At all. This episode picks up from where Disaster of Disguise left off, with Timmy’s backstory having been established. We get to the appeals…and it is a mess. While Timmy’s appeal was impressive, May’s was just a messed up Blizzard and juggling balls with her tail. How much worse were the other appeals to the point where she was able to make it? But that’s not even the worst of it. We then get to the battle of May’s Skitty vs Timmy’s Dusclops, where Skitty’s defenses increased to 999. To keep it short, Skitty miraculously manages to withstand many powerful attacks from Dusclops, and somehow wins, because Arceus really hates Timmy (who really deserved to win). The whole plotline was setting up for Timmy to win, with even his mother now supporting him when she didn’t before, his dad lying to help him achieve his dream, etc., and they just hand it to May, who could get ANOTHER ribbon ANYWHERE ELSE.

I actually LIKED Timmy, shame he got screwed over, though.
Hmm... This is one of the more interestinc contest plots in my opinion. Like I said when reviewing the previous episode, I like how Timmy has the backstory with his parents, and how strong Timmy still manages to be. And of course Jessie participates too, always funny. A grade? 7/10.


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"Disguise Da Limit!"

"Disguise Da Limit"? Seriously? Man, what a lame title. I think this episode's dub title is one of the worst dub titles ever created.

Anyways, after the 'Disguise Disaster' with Timmy in the last episode, the Verdentur Pokémon Contest finally begins! Everyone performs their contest appeals....and none of the appeals were good, except Timmy's. It's hard to belive that May made it to the second round with that boring appeal with her Skitty's messed-up Blizzard and juggling balls with her tail by using Doubleslap. Then there was the battle between May's Skitty and Timmy's Duscolps, where Skitty magically gets a huge defence boost. Then May's Skitty gets hit by many strong attacks like Focus Punch, Hyper Beam, Will-O-Wisp from Dusclops. After that many powerful attack Skitty sholud've fainted. . .but NO, it Still Manages to stand!! On top of that, Skitty defeats Dusclops by using Assist over and over! Whoa, even with Timmy's mother supporting him (which she didn’t do before), his dad lying to help him enter the Pokémon Contest. . .Timmy lost! Honestly, I think this time Timmy deserved that Ribbon, not May. Geez, what a bad climax for such a good character and story.

Overall, this episode is one of my least favorite episodes from the Hoenn saga. I didn't enjoy watching it.
>most of this thread
Wow, what does it take to impress people around here... -_-

Anyway, I thought this was a god contest battle.
Glad May got her second ribbon. :)


I screamed when Timmy's mom gave him tons of homework, but relieved that his dad bailed him out and that Timmy got to compete regardless. I was also surprised by Timmy's battle against Jessie's Dustox; the whole thing seemed pretty even and I was sad when Jessie lost since she got so far. Anyway, I was just glad that May won her second ribbon here.