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Disobedant Monferno?

Discussion in 'Animé Spoilers' started by espeon+glaceon=awsome, Jul 27, 2008.

  1. ~-Overheat-~

    ~-Overheat-~ Black/White!

    Actually thats a good idea. Paul would tease Ash for not being able to control his pokemon till Monferno evolves and annihilates Paul or something like that. Or a miracle happens in the league and Electivire/Torterra is about to give the final blow when Monferno evolves and destroys Paul or something like that?
  2. pkmn_shadow

    pkmn_shadow Active Member

    i really doubt that monferno will disobey ash. i think that his personallity will be playful like donphans towards other pokemon but angry like primeape ( pounding it chest ) in battles, monkeys are playful and curious so he wont be antisocial ( hopefully) . i mean sure both chimchar has charmander traits but it not all the same. chrmander never had to see its trainer again. it would hae been like gary releasing a charmander because every so often it would have to see its old trainer. chramander has forgotten about damien but chimchar is constantly see paul which will make it make a anger and competive side which is good. it may be a charmander clone but it will definetly never out shine ash's first fully evolved starter and fire type, charizard.
  3. lunarshadow

    lunarshadow Hadou Aprentice

    While it's true that it won't outshine the original fire powerhouse, it's possible that there may be a period of disobedience like Charmander, but solved couple episodes later. Remember when Sceptile forgot all of its moves? It only took two episodes to get them back. It could take a disobedient Monferno several episodes, not more than five to recover.
  4. EvilPenguin

    EvilPenguin SHOOP-DA-WHOOP

    Perhaps Monferno is disobiedient for a while, so Ash calls Charizard down from the Charific Valley to have a little "one-on-one fire type starter talk thingie"?

    eh, any excuse for charizard to show up and Flamethrower Ash :p. If Croagunk didnt exist they could have Monferno could Mach Punch him in the gut...
  5. pkmn_shadow

    pkmn_shadow Active Member

    i really believe that a riolu would help the developement in monferno in more ways then one. same type rivals, friends tag battles and powerhouses

    no flame 4 ash and riolu
  6. thunderblade12

    thunderblade12 Well-Known Member

    If Ash does get a Riolu I think the developement it will need to get is learning how to synchronize its aura with Ash's aura or something like that.

    As for Monferno/Infernape I think its big problem will be learning how to control itself while it uses blaze. Chimchar does all this damage while using blaze, can you imagine an Infernape using it? Hopefully the writers don't decide that Chimchar won't evolve and will just use blaze to beat Paul.
  7. Cazak

    Cazak When Wings Fly High

    I rather thought that Monoferno would perfect Blaze attack after evolving.
  8. SpinoQuil

    SpinoQuil Me like Cyndaquil


    it hasnt even evoved yet!!! and the writers would think of something else rather then repeating the charmeleon thing!!;155;
  9. Cazak

    Cazak When Wings Fly High

    The writers are creative enough to not repeat the same sort of thing again.
  10. randomspot555

    randomspot555 Well-Known Member

    Pokemon thrives off of repeating itself. It's not that they aren't creative enough, but they know the show can be cyclical because the show isn't aimed at a long-term fan base, but whatever current generation of young kids are available.
  11. Umbilical Noose

    Umbilical Noose Bonzo Nut

    I believe that Pokemon DP is becoming repititive to original pokemon series as turtwig and chimchar case but still I don't think writers would repeat the charmeleon story now.
  12. Cazak

    Cazak When Wings Fly High

    Well this time, I'm sure that they won't repeat the Charmander thing over again.
  13. MewThree X

    MewThree X G-uNot

    honestly,i dont want an infernape.It would be cool if chimchar only evolves once.And sometimes loses control of his power and goes berzerk.ash already has a fully evolved fire and grass starter,and all we need now is a 3rd stage water starter.I'm voting for totodile.Maybe ash brings him back to his party for the sinnoh BF and he evolves twice into feraligatr?
  14. BabyLugia

    BabyLugia Well-Known Member

    Nah, I don't think Monferno would be disobedient. It would probably stay loyal to Ash like Pikachu.
  15. Cazak

    Cazak When Wings Fly High

    I agree with Mew3X. Monoferno should evolve once, and Totdile should go all the way.
  16. pikakid

    pikakid jirachi killer

    It isn't likely He saved it from a life of pain. It could be that when Buizel evolves it wont obey.
  17. Tadashi

    Tadashi kiss my greens

    Mmm, I don't think Monferno, if Chimchar ever evolves, would disobey Ash.

    I mean, Ash took it under his wing, gave it a place to go after so rudely being ejected from Paul's team.

    Why would Chimchar repay the favor by being rude or disobediant?

    If nothing else, I think Monferno will gain more confidence in itself and its abilities, and make Ash proud :)
  18. AnimeLeprachan

    AnimeLeprachan Wants his new forms!

    Well, same goes for charmander.


    yeah, remember ash took charmander under his wing becase he had an abusive trainer. so the same might be for chimchar to. but i hope not since ash and friend have done so much for him.
  20. Lucille

    Lucille Well-Known Member

    chimchar, will evolve and feel cocky, because he's the strongest on Ash's team and will develop a HUGE rivalry with Buizel.

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