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Ditto's Mysterious Mansion! (037)


When I was little, I thought Ditto was really.....peculiar. I think it's a really interesting Pokemon, which made this a really interesting episode. It was a great filler, Ditto trying to learn faces. Lol. I laughed when Jessie asked Ditto to transform into a guy. It made me wonder if Ditto really could turn into a human? Another great tidbit of this episode was Ash & co imitating TR's motto. Haha. That was great.

This episode gets a: 9.5/10 :)

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glowing- I imagine Ditto can turn into a human, it would be interesting if they did that.

And Duplica did appear in another episode in Johto.
I loved this episode, especially Ash and co doing the motto lol, pity they don't do it anymore (Let's see Dawn recite the TR motto.. Then again that's a different motto now).


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Didn't like this episode very much. I did like seeing Ditto for the 1st time, and the comical scene with Ditto and TR.



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This episode made me think that Ditto was an uber fighting machine. I thought that it would be awesome in battle, because it could transform into anything. But then, I got the game and soon realized that Ditto sucks at everything except breeding. >_>

But anyway, this episode was really funny. I loved seeing how everything Ditto transformed into retained Ditto's face. It all looked so weird! I especially loved the part where Team Rocket wanted Ditto to transform into a Dratini like the one in TR's book, and Ditto transformed into a book instead. My favourite part though was when Ash and co. dressed up like TR and tried to do the motto. ^___^


aka Lamia
I sort have mixed opinions on this episode. I like they way that they reveal Ditto with this lady who does impressions because they seem like the perfect match. What I didn't like is how they made it so that Ditto can transform into objects. That pretty much makes Ditto the deadliest Pokémon of them all. Team Rocket should have probably forgotten about Pikachu at that point.


This was a good episode. Ditto having the power to transform into anything was interesting and should've been used more often in the other episodes it appeared in. Duplica was one of the more interesting minor characters who end up appearing again. I would've liked for Ditto to stay as a Pokémon who couldn't transform properly and ended up being able to do it in another episode.


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A very enjoyable episode. I liked all the imitations Duplica did especially the Misty one. Duplica is one of my favorite characters of the day and I'm so glad she makes another appearance in Johto.
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Maybe my perception about this episode was quite unfair. This episode was pretty funny - especially the imitation. I just love when they do that. For the rest was this also a really good introduction to the awesome ability Ditto has. But still, in a way, the interest level is mysteriously not that high when I'm watching this episode. Maybe it had to do with Duplica idk.


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The team rocket motto was pretty sweet. It was funny seeing them get all angry because of it :).
I always like it when TR do something to actually help someone else. In this case, helping Duplicas Ditto to transform all the way.

That TR motto imitation was even more priceless in this episode than it was in By Bye Butterfree.


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I was always a big fan of Ditto as a species, so this episode slayed in my opinion. I liked the humorous parts involving Team Rocket and Ditto transforming badly, as well as James making a reference to the Dratini that they failed to snatch from the Safari Zone. Duplica was pretty cool as a character as well.


Ditto having issues with transforming made me lol especially when Jessie asked it to transform into her childhood crush.

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My favorite part was the butchering of the TR motto by the "twerps" - "to ignite all peoples within our nation", like they wanted to set everyone ablaze

Mrs. Oreo

I liked how Duplica's Ditto had issues when it transformed cuz its face looked funny at least. Ash's group imitating Team rocket's motto was also funny and I liked how Meowth was being forced to wear a Dratini costume.


Duplica was based on R/B/Y's Copycat chick I think and I liked how she had all sorts of costumes and disguises in her mansion. 6.5/10
The Ditto mansion was a fun place and I wonder why Ditto had problems with transforming his face. Ash + his friends doing TR's motto was my favorite part.