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Do/did you have a mean teacher in your school?!?

Do/did you have a mean teacher in your schools?

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I had my fifth grade teacher say "S***" to me....
I had my fifth grade teacher say "S***" to me....

The grade 8 french teacher used to cuss at her class a lot, but not at any others. (thank god) She was like the sister of the devil when she yelled at them...*shudders*
In all, I think she picked the wrong job altogether.


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My other teacher was really nice. My Mom and him did a lot of things in common and talked alot.


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HA HA HA HA HA HA yes. Oh god yes.

There were the usual teachers everyone considered *****y or uptight all throughout school, but one of the ones in seventh grade really stood out to me as the worst. He was about as awful of a teacher as he was a person; his class was supposed to be some weird filler amalgamation of reading and math, which was really just a much less effective algebra class that occasionally doubled as a "read this and talk about it, I guess" class. (His book choices were very hit-or-miss; they ranged from The Outsiders, which I really liked, to The Hobbit, which I couldn't make it through two chapters of without my eyes glazing over.)

He was very half-assed about his teaching; I can't really describe it, but the effort he put into trying to have us learn something substantial was negligible, honestly, and it really showed when we came out and basically had nothing new to show for it. I heard later from another teacher, one who I respected a hell of a lot more (and who I actually consider one of the best teachers I've ever had now that I'm long graduated), that he was always the first to leave teachers' meetings and planning sessions, and that none of the teachers really liked him.

And I can see why, because his personality was hardly better. He tried to come across like he had an "endearing" wise-guy sense of humor, but it fell on its face when most of that sense of humor was spent making jabs at people and ultimately trying too hard. He did actively single out a handful of the students in his classes, and never in a good way -- instead, they'd become the butt of his horrible jokes, even though I know he didn't mean to seem insulting. I happened to be one of them, which was hardly good for me; at the time, I was wrestling with a steep, imminent drop into depression.

I doodled a lot in class during idle periods (and... less idle ones, but that's besides the point), so he gave me the wholly unwanted nickname of "Picasso". After I realized the rest of my classmates had caught onto him mocking me and were starting to follow suit, I confronted him after class and asked him very nicely to please stop calling me that, to which he gave a (rather dismissive) wave and said "yeah, okay" or something like that. And yet, the very next day, about halfway through the period, he started doing it with renewed force. Once I felt all the eyes in the class fall on me, I swiped the hall pass off his desk without even asking permission -- unlike me at the time, but **** if I was going to ask permission to get myself the hell out of that situation -- and made my way to the girls' bathroom across the hall for refuge, but I pushed the door so hard that I accidentally pushed out one of the glass panes on it. Like, shattered it. And then I basically had a meltdown in the doorway right there.

Needless to say, a lot of my classmates never let me live it down. On the bright side, he apparently got a stern talking-to by the principal at the time, so that made me feel a little better that maybe he'd start taking what people say seriously about "hey, don't make fun of me like that". I only found out much later that other people had done similar with him in asking him to stop, but he hadn't listened to any of them. The first class after that day was hellishly awkward, and you could tell he was grumpy at one particular person in the class (hint: it was me), but at least he'd seemed to sober up a bit.

I have no idea if he still works there, but I can only hope he doesn't put other middle schoolers through that **** anymore.


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Yes. My first grade teacher was kind of grouchy, 5th grade teacher was a psychopath, my English teacher in 6th grade was awful. I was away for two or three weeks because a death had happened and a bunch of other stuff so when I got back she refused to give me any make-up work that I missed and just gave me a bad grade... The school requires that the teacher gives you make-up work. Some teachers make it your responsibility and won't tell you, but if you go up to them they're required to... which she didn't.

I had allot of teachers that were strict just not mean, which I never minded because I'm a good student most of the time. So far in high school I've encountered a teacher with a personal thing against me (I can't blame her, honestly. I have such an attitude sometimes in English because I know more than the teacher does. If I know more, I'm going to correct and explain, but she didn't really like that. I also refused to answer any "stupid" questions and would constantly point out when she's looking into something that's not there, which I'm sure you've all experienced in English. I can ensure that "every single character represents many themes and is a huge symbol in the book" is crap. I know for a fact certain ones aren't and that the teachers are looking too deep into the book so I basically called bullsh*t).

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Looking at some of the accounts presented here, some of them are kinda meh, but some of these teachers are holycrapwowmanthatsucks mean. Probably makes my post seem pretty tame.

Anywho, my freshman English teacher had a nice mean streak going. I don't think she actually taught us anything, though that may be more because she didn't have anything to teach. Basically, the class consisted of us reading books and writing some essays on them on our own time. Some of the time, there'd be no book. The mean part comes in in that she'd grade people - especially male students, and especially the students she didn't like (none of which were female, though to be fair, it was really only us guys who were difficult to put up with) - rather harshly, and write nasty comments on their work, thus adding insult to idiocy. I think I ended the second quarter with a D+ in her class, and I write better in real life than I do on the Internet.

Thankfully, she came down with some illness around December and would be out of school for weeks at a time. Eventually (around late February, IIRC), she was flat-out replaced with a long-term substitute who was more lenient and more pleasant. While he did yell at us, that's probably because we deserved it (see above parantheses).

That same year, I had a World History teacher who basically insulted people in class, especially the ones who had trouble either paying attention or just learning the material. I can't say much about her, because she was fired late September/early October for reasons unknown. Theories range from her helping a student cheat to having sex with a student to both. Her replacement was a fairly young woman (the same age as my brother), who, although she had a bit of difficulty keeping the class together, could actually teach pretty well and was well-liked by almost everyone. Fun times.

Other than that, the only other teacher that comes to mind was my 5th grade teacher. At the end of the year, he gave everyone these "awards" that were supposed to reflect our personalities or some bullsh*t or other. A couple of the kids got "Math" awards, since they had taken some test and were learning math at a higher grade level. My friend, who had taken the same test and had missed passing by like one question, received a "Messy Desk" award. Needless to say, he was less than thrilled.

And, for those of you wondering, I had gotten an "I Like to Read My Book" award. I think it's around that point that I decided to clean out my bookshelves to make room for JRPGs.


well he wasn't a mean teacher but he was an unbearably strict teacher when teaching. and that was my maths teacher. it didnt really help when i asked him if he had a disco suit... when he's fat...


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one of my primary school teachers made me cry because she was ridiculing me in front of the class but other than that, my teachers weren't mean necessarily, just annoying or quirky.


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YES, i still have a few of them, they scream every time i do something that im not supposed to do, and when any other person is doing it, they just tell them to go and sit on their places...
i hate school for just that freaking reason.....!


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Where do I begin?

In Kindergarden, I had a teacher who said that children aren't supposed to have an imagination, and, as I was a very imaginative child (reading most of the time), she seriously did not like me, and often tried to expolit my fears. For instance, I am highly acrophobic (fear of heights), and there was this really tall sliding board. She took my copy of Ivanhoe and refused to give it back until I went down that rusty, metal scrap heap. Then, she wouldn't give it back. My mum had to make her give it back.

In First Grade, I had a teacher who told us all that we would never amount to anything and would all be on drugs and welfare when we grew up.

In sixth grade, my math teacher liked to pick at my stress-induced discalcula.

My Sophomore year of High School, my French teacher didn't like me because I am German. He would call me a Nazi and, no matter how I actually did on the tests, he would still flunk me and keep the paper so I couldn't prove it to anyone.

Last year (second year of Uni) I had a Professor who just plain did not like me. I have no idea why. I think it is because I am physically disabled. At one point, I got sick and had to be hospitalized for a week. However, I still had my dad bring my homework to me, so I wouldn't fall too far behind. I returned to class when I was well, and tried to join in on the discussion of the reading assignment, when he jumped me; yelling: "HOW DO YOU KNOW!? YOU WEREN'T HERE!". My friend Ally also told me that that entire week, he did little more than talk bad about me. What a tool.
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My 5th grade teacher, Ms. Martin. She was rascist, (No, I'm serious! 100% Honest!) And she would give me & my friend Dawson bad grades for being white, when clearly we were 100% accurate on our assignment.
One day, this other white kid I dont remember had a rreeaallyy bad stomach ache, and she only let blacks to the bathroom. So he "#2'd" all over himself. His mom came to school & beat the crap out of her! XD Serves her right. Now shes not a teacher anymore. :)
I found out that there's a teacher at the High school I'm going to who is not mean but is pretty cranky...The good news is that I won't have him! And...you guessed it. He's also a french teacher.

This is what someone posted on Facebook about him:
Gilbert's not bad just don't piss him off
Yeah...that pretty much explains it. They should've been careful about posting that, I heard the school can look at student's/teachers Facebook's.

My mom also told me yesterday that my kindergarten teacher hated kids with Disabilities. Which would explain why she was so mean to me and was always calling me a idiot, stupid...and much worse words if I remember.
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My theology class teacher had his views on everything. If you had a different view then him, he would always 'pick on you' for the rest of the year. He firmly believed in every detail of his interpretation of God. If you disaggreed to any bit of it he would call you out on it and try to make you look foolish. Almost every day I would debate him in class about his views vs my views. Every time I would get the upper hand he would chuckle a little and give the class this 'can you believe this kid is trying to argue his piont in my class? what an idiot!' look and make me look bad even though argument-wise I had won. What's worse was that my crush was in that class so I would get made fun of in front of her. Half-way through the year the teacher had a car accident and part of his face got mauled. He was replaced by a big black guy who was so much more fun than my old teacher. The rest of the year was great.


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Wow I have it lucky compared to some of these stories.

In year 9 my Geography teacher who was OK in year 7 and 8, turned into some sort of pyschopath being very moody and was obsessed with people tucking in their shirts. If she saw someone along the corridor while teaching, she'd stop the lesson to punish them.

This one isn't isn't exactly a mean teacher but it really pissed me off. I was having a friendly play fight (just shoving each other, no punching or kicking) with a friend outside my drama lesson and this teaching assistant literally just stood there and watched. When my teacher arrived the lazy *** assistant told my teacher we were play fighting and we got a detention -_-. I don't still understand why she didn't bother to stop us if it was so dangerous.

My English teacher in year 7 was an old lady who was terrifying and through staplers "to" students. But it was funny cause she had shite hearing and couldn't use a computer.

My form tutor described called us "horrible, selfish people" because we hadn't found work experience places.

In year 9 my science teacher made a girl stay behind because she screwed up a bit of paper.

In year 8 a guy got a detention because he made a fart noise with his mouth.

I hate teachers sometimes.


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Oh yes... My science teacher in high school was tough. Another was my History teacher last year (though I actually like him). But the meanest teacher I had was my Geography teacher. She'd just spend half the class ranting about problems, what's worse is that she's gonna be my teacher again next year >_<