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do i am a cheater?

Discussion in 'Past Pokémon Generations Discussion' started by poketmaster, Oct 12, 2006.

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  1. poketmaster

    poketmaster Active Member

    all my friends tell me that if why youse a legendary in my team i ame a cheater wath do you think ?
  2. Darkside

    Darkside look a portkey!

    no it's only cheating in my book if you use and non nintendo product on your game (aka gs/ar) but ubers are kind of unfair if the opponent has none
    EDIT: do i am a cheater? WTF?
  3. shinigami13

    shinigami13 SoulSilver ftw!

    No you are not a cheater but legendaries are kinfd of unfair
  4. Argento

    Argento Sic Transit Gloria

    That's not cheating, that's just sort of lame. Depends on what kind of legend it is, actually.
  5. davidone10

    davidone10 The new tuxedo look!

    You're not a cheater, you're just cheap if your opponenet doesn't have one.
  6. Mongoose

    Mongoose Steel Trainer

    It's not cheating, cheap, lame or unfair. You're opponent has just as much chance to catch and use a legendary as you. It's their own fault if they lose cause they dont use ubers and you do.
  7. M3T4GR055

    M3T4GR055 .%.PwNaGe.%.

    English is not his native language. Im gonna sig that.

    JONNO.FRESH Well-Known Member

    To some people yes but to others no. Its all up to what you do i guess
  9. [AceAussie]

    [AceAussie] Awaiting October.

    no never it's all good..
  10. master power kirby

    master power kirby <(^.^)> It's Kirby!

    I don't think it is cheating but when you have that much power and
    you can beat anything in one move the game can become dul so you
    should use a team of ordinary and even weaker so that matches
    go on for longer
  11. Jason

    Jason Well-Known Member

    youre not a cheatser and if you catch a legendery pokemon withous tricks then you should be proud of yourself
  12. *Jean Grey*

    *Jean Grey* Night Triumphant

    No, you're not a cheater because a cheater uses ar/gs to obtain pokemon. Using ubers does not make you a cheater.
  13. poketmaster

    poketmaster Active Member

    thank you so much now my mewtwo is in my team
  14. totallylost

    totallylost That one guy...

    you are not a cheater if you use a few, but if you use 6 at the same time, you shuold be smacked
  15. HERLS


    He should not be smacked, actually, no matter how many ubers are in his team. If your opponent has just as much chance of filling their team up with legendaries as you do, they can't blame the legendaries for you winning.

    So, to sum it up - Ubers/Legendaries are completely fair. Why else would they put them in the game? To let them rot in the PC? No.
  16. Abyraria

    Abyraria Well-Known Member

    Theres no such thing as "Ubers" "STAB Sweepers" or many things like that when people start thinking like that theres something wrong.
    Yes you may use as many legends as you like but rember if you use them be sure to measure up to what they reprosent
  17. MoloMowChow

    MoloMowChow Purveyor of 1337n355

    Using legendary monsters do not make you cheap/lame/cheater or whatever form of insult they throw at you. They probably don't have legendaries/all the legendaries of their own, so they are agressive on you.

    Too bad Battle Frontier doesn't agree...i hate that place SOOO much...
  18. Abyraria

    Abyraria Well-Known Member

    Just rember if you use legendrys you realy have to think about what they reprosent.
    The only pokemon you can use that makes you a cheater is Blissy.
    Joking joking seriusly train which ones you like and get on best with
  19. blazingjirachi

    blazingjirachi oblivion weilder

    thats nit cheating i use, latias suicune ans raikou, and my freinds use raquaza,groundon and latios
  20. Argento

    Argento Sic Transit Gloria

    Uggh. This thread frustrates me. Okay, the reason why I said using ubers/legendaries is lame is basically because if you're competing, it completely ruins the metagame. Let's say my team was Chimecho, Charizard, and Jolteon, and you had a team with Mewtwo, Ho-oh, and Raikou. Assuming that you're NOT a total retard, the difference in stats is so staggering you almost automatically win. If everyone used ubers, that would eliminate a good 90+% of the Pokemon in the game, taking out the strategy and variety of battles. Setting simple ground rules like no ubers at the very least (I don't mind legendaries as much, because regular Pokemon can take down legendaries) essentially makes the game not only a lot more fair, but a lot more diverse between player to player, and opens a lot more room for strategy and uniqueness. I'd rather not participate in the game when everyone uses Mewtwo/Groudon/Kyogre/Dialga/Palkia/Ho-oh as their team. I'd rather be able to differentiate myself from my opponents.

    And...honestly, saying that people are trying to insult you guys because they CAN'T catch legendaries is pretty stupid. It's pretty easy, for one, and typically the ones who oppose the use of legendaries are skilled enough at the game to not want to rely on them for use.
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