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Do I Hear A Ralts? (386)


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The thing i didnt like was Max being emo and that Music,that made it corny,though the rest was good.

Somehow,team rocket was way smarter and stronger,how jessie actually had her wobbufet use Mirror coat to reflect icy wind, using Chimecho to heal themselves,whats up with that?:D

Gardevoir`s voice was horrible,it sounded like those women who have deep voices,i was hoping it`d be all echo-y and lighter


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I thought the battling in the episode was top-notch, and very involved. Seeing Jessie as Gardevoir was hilarious.

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This was a really great episode. It was sad when Max was crying for Ralts though. IMO it was clever how Max got Ralts to attack TR.


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That episode was so sad and cute...How old is Max supposed to be? If he's not ten yet, how old is he? I wish he could have kept the Ralts. ^^


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^Agreed. Since the Ralts evo line pokemon are my favourites of all favourites, I wish Max kept Ralts SO badly. I mean, a little pokemon for a little boy is just sweet :)

I hope Ralts comes back in the D/P episodes, but that's highly unlikely.


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This episode showed me how much potential Team Rocket had. They fought with absolutely every single one of them, and actually were pretty strategic about it.

As for Max, he is quite adorable. At first, I had always thought him to be a bit an annoying kid with an attitude problem, due to the way he introduced himself, but now I'm really happy about his personality, and I think he is so sweet ^o^. Max would make a great character to join Ash's team later on in the series. He can grow up a bit, and have Ralts as a starter Pokemon. He could also enter the Pokemon league too... that would be awesome, so it wouldn't just be Ash xD!.


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This is an interesting episode in that for the first time we learn that Max can communicate with Pokemon or at least sense what their feeling, I think it's foreshadowing that Max is destined for great things, and I guess when he does become a trainer he'll becoming back to get his Ralts or whatever evolved form it will be when he returns. I noticed something very interesting when Team Rocket was trying to get Ralts for the first time James mentioned that Ralts two sister's, which makes me wonder if all this time people have assumed that Kirlia and Garedevoir are always female Pokemon cause no one has seen Kirlia's spilt evolution yet.
The end was rather sad, with Max and Ralts saying goodbye and stuff. At least we know what one of Max's Pokemon's going to be. I thought Snorunt was quite funny in this episode as well.


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I just saw this episode. Second to Berry, berry interesting, this has to be the best episode of Advanced Battle. Team Rocket fought well, Snorunt was great and Max and Ralts were a match made in heaven.

Here's hoping to Max's return.


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I liked it...I was rolling on the floor at Snorunt, and going "WTF? You saw it was a Meowth and not a Kirlia,what are you waiting for?"But the goodbye part was quite emo...


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I wish Max got that Ralts but he isn't a trainer so he befriends it instead. Maybe next time, when he is a trainer, hits the age of 10, and gets a starter from Professor Birch, he might catch that one someday.


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I'm pretty sure this is my fav episode ever. yes it may be slightly corny but it makes me teary every time i watch it.

I want to see max the trainer already.


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I liked this episode. They really gave Max & Ralts a strong bond. I was sorry to see them separate :x

I was also surprised to see that Ash hadn't even scanned Meowth into his dex yet. In he first season, an era when he scanned everything, Meowth slipped under the radar until this very episode. Why? It bugs me =\ What bugs me more is the fact that he thought he was scanning a Kirlia, so had it been a real Kirlia, he probably wouldn't have scanned Meowth until lord-knows-how long. *facepalm*


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This has two be one of my two favorite episode ever (other deing Sandshrew locker.) How come we have kids that look 5,6 having a pokemon and yet They can't give Max one pokemon. If he show up in DP, I want to that same Ralts.

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I hope that when Max is old enough, he goes back for Ralts, they'll make a good team.