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Do I Hear A Ralts? (386)


hm, ralts allways reminds me of a watermelon somehow, someway...
anyway it was a nice episode, i enjoyed watching it.


Great episode, with a lot of amotions.

Poor Max, i wanted that he will take Ralts with him. it was so sad.



One of the best Hoenn episodes ever in my opinion, because of the animation (the forest, and the ending scene) and the music used in both versions of the episode. I loved the story. An injured, lost Ralts, and Max just happens to befriend it. It was really heartwarming. I didn't like that Kirlia and Gardevoir appeared and then did almost nothing in this episode. Two wasted debuts, really. Anyway a 9/10 eitherway, despite a few flaws.
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It was a good Max episode, I wonder if he will actually ever go back for that Ralts or if Ralts will find him knowing he's going on a journey (And end up being his starter, like Wally. Hey maybe if Ash went to a Hoenn BF he will meet up with May and Max if he's a journey we will know).

I believe this is the first time anyone's ever pointed a pokedex at Meowth (Dawn did it when he pretended to be a Shifty and she also was the first one to point it at Pikachu).

Anyways it was sad at the end really
This has got to be the saddest Advanced Battle episodes I've seen. I felt sooooo sorry for Max in the scene with the Ralts in the Hospital bed. I just wanted to hug both Max and Ralts. To me, It was that sad and emotional.

On a side note:
Was Gallade not introduced until Sinnoh, or is it a Hoenn Pokemon, and they just decided not to include it in this episode?


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This episode was ok... It was cool to see Ralts, Kirlia, and Gardevoir for the 1st time. Ralts was really cute. I'm glad Max became friends with the Ralts. It was cool to hear Ralts telepathically communicate with Max at the end to make a promise to come back for it.



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For me, this was really one of the best episodes in Hoenn. It definitely had a lot of emotion to it, especially when Max and Ralts got to the Pokemon Center and Ralts was being treated. That part made my tear up a little.

One of the better Hoenn episodes. It was nice to see Gardevoir making her anime debut, but it was wasted. Anyways, a great episode, good to see Max befriending Ralts.

I hope Max will get Ralts when he starts his travels and becomes a Pokemon trainer.


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Good episode..

But why didn't Kirlia and Gardevoir teleport Max to the nearest pokemon center?

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I loved that episode...It made me tear up a bit. I really hope Max does go back for Ralts though.

Although, I wonder...was Ralts a male or female?

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I loved that episode...It made me tear up a bit. I really hope Max does go back for Ralts though.

Although, I wonder...was Ralts a male or female?
This was the episode that MADE ME get a Ralts for my Platinum Team back in 09 and now I have 3 Gardevoirs! Also I hope the Ralts was female but Max having a Gallade would also work.

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ralts family were funny....
one of the top 10 of my all time favourites...


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Ralts is a cute Pokemon. It was the second Hoenn Pokemon I caught in the games too.
And just because Max isn't old enough to have a Pokemon doesn't mean his parents can't go out and get a Ralts for him. He could just have it around the house or use it in Pokemon School or whatever until he's old enough to travel. There are ways on getting around that while age limit bs that everyone keeps mentioning.
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Why have i never seen this episode before? it was sooo amazing :'( i cried during the song part!!! i lvoe hoenn so much :/

ps i just watched it lol :p


It was a good episode for Max to get some development but I didn't like the episode. The reason for that is because it starred Max and I dislike him. I did like the animation in it though.

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One of the saddest and most dramatic episodes in series history. This should have won a Daytime Emmy. It certainly would have touched Helen Chappel-Hackett of Wings (in an emotional sense that is).
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God, Amy Birnbaum was BORN to play Max as far as the English dub goes. I really truly believe that after re-watching this episode.

No, seriously, I can't think of anything to say besides..."Wow, amazing" to describe this episode.

Sir Lord James Jimmy Jameson -Esquire was CLASSIC.

Eric Stuart can definitely sing as well.

Amy and Eric really shined in this one to me.

Dub: 95/100
I don't see why may or ash couldn't have just caught the thing for him, or have max just carry it around.

Same here. Pokémon Anime Logic for ya, huh? XD.