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Do pokemon age inside inside pokeballs?

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In the games, no.
Cause children would cry.

in a real life scenario, then most likely yes.


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Pokemon obviously would age and die. I'm doubt that the Pokemon Tower, Mt. Pyre, and every other Pokemon cemetery are completely comprised of Pokemon that were killed by people, other Pokemon, or some other non-natural cause.

As for inside of a Pokemon, I don't think time stops for them. It's said that Pokemon train within their Pokeballs, and not only that, if time was stopped, Pokemon wouldn't be able to release themselves. To them, they'd be in their Pokeballs for a split second before being released again, they wouldn't simply be able to release themselves at random times.

Pokeballs take the makeup of a Pokemon, convert it into an energy, and keep it inside of the Pokeball. I'm guessing that's what the glass panels inside of a Pokeball are for--to continually reflect the energy within the Pokeball and to keep it from simply leaving. When a trainer releases a Pokemon from it's ball, a mechanism within the Pokeball opens. The Pokemon in energy form can come out (either by being shot out through the opening, or by just simply being released), and the energy comes back together to form the Pokemon. It wouldn't have aged, since energy can't really age.

But then again, I pulled most of that out of my *****, so you don't have to believe it. It could very well be that the Pokemon is converted into an energy, and once inside the Pokeball, it's converted again into a data form, until it's released and converts again into an energy, and then again into a physical body.

Either way, inside of the Pokeball, the Pokemon never ages.


I think Pokemon would age very slowly inside a Pokeball. They are stored as data inside the ball but have a limited view of the outside world.
The thing that gets me is: Absol is supposed to be long lived at 100 year lifespan..does that mean that all the other pokemon last no more than 50 or so years?
isn't wartortle supposed to live 1000 years or something
god I hate inconsistencies

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I also think pokemon don't agemuch in the pokeballs. Threrefore they shall be in there when they are owned by a trainer. In that way the trainers can have their pokemon for a much longer time.
So the pokeballs does more than only capturing them.


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I don't think they do as quickly as the real world because remember James find his OLD Carnivine? I half expected it to be dead. Outside the Poke'Ball they probably live a normal life span for that particular species.


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If we'reon the topic of longest-lived Pokémon, I think Torterra could probably live for a few hundred years. Heck, maybe it could live to a thousand or more! Legendaries, of course, tend to live for eons, if not forever, and most regular Pokémon probably have the lifespans of humans, or perhaps more, depending on the species. I'd imagine a lot of Pokémon end up willed to their Trainer's children or grandchildren, especially Chatot, the Turtwig family, Torkoal, and the Squirtle family. And Ghosts probably live for a long time, too.


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The question of whether or not Pokemon actually age inside their Pokeballs is a tricky one. Obviously, they must age sometimes, but I don't think that they're really able to change while their stored as data in Pokeballs or PC boxes. If that were true, than Pokeballs that had been unattended for a long time would contain, well, dead Pokemon. And I know that can't be true; there are scenes in the canon where Pokeballs are lost in flooded cities or abandoned for years, and Pokemon withdrawn from them look exactly the same as when they were stored.

-Keeping on topic, I'd agree that Pokemon all must have natural lifespans that probably vary dramatically with the species. Humanoid Pokemon (i.e Mr. Mime, the Ralts family, or, *shudder* Jynx) would have humanoid lifetimes, whereas bug or small-animal based Pokemon (like Rattata or Zubat) might only be able to live for a few years. And, just like how domesticated animals live much longer than their feral counterparts, I would think that trained Pokemon would live longer than wild ones.


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If we're talkin' anime wise as well: Remember how James's Carnivine was in it's Pokeball for a couple of years? Didn't look too different. Same with Mira's Sandshrew. They just looked the same.


I don't think that they age. I remember in DP001 or DP002 that James found his Carnivine in a box of bottle caps after leaving it for some time.


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Carnivine was inside it's pokeball, that's why it didn't age.

Recall that in that very same season a Sandshrew that had been it its ball for years came out perfectly fine.

I already explained this...
They wouldn't in pokeballs, but other than that, yes. We know pokemon [in THIS case] such as Absol live for a 100 years.
(thank you, pokedex.)


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no one could answer that.
no one knows. ^^


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Pokemon can die at a sertain age like for example if a charizard is at level 1,000 or more it could possibaly die tahts what i think.

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If the Pokemon are data that is stored via data than it is possible for it to be corrupted via accident or equipment failure due to age. In anime, if being in a poke ball stops aging then Pikachu and other out-of-ball Pokemon (including wild ones) will pass on long before the ones who regularly spend time in a ball. Also due to the Deoxy's movie we learned an wireless Pokeball management system, so if a virus entered a pokeball via a hacked system then the resident may feel ill effects inside ball and still come out dead, or injured. ;025;
I think Pokemon do age anywhere. Whether it be Pokeballs or out of them. We know that they can't level up in them, but I think they can literally age. I'm not sure about this, though...
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