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Do the regions feel different in 3D compared to 2D?

Ditto B1tch

Well-Known Member
The 2D regions are rather more developed than 3D ones. All of them.

Pokemon versions doesn't fit in 3D as well as in 2D, they just make it 3D because they feel "forced" as the videogame hardwares advanced a lot, so there was no point in still drawing the games in 2D.

Storm the Lycanroc

Oshawott Squad
After replaying Platinum and Soul Silver I'd say I enjoy the 2D regions more than 3D ones. Personally I'd say the best word to describe the 2D regions is "cozy" since the scale of them is just right.

One of the biggest criticisms I'd have for the Galar Wild Area is there's to much happening on screen. It almost feels like sensory overload and I dont know which way to go in this massive environment.


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The more realistic things get, the stranger unrealistic parts seem weird. 3D can be better, but it's much more difficult to make it good.


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3D is better, once they make an actual big region to explore (besides Kalos and Hoenn in XY and ORAS reps)