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Do they speak a different language in Unova than they do in the other regions?


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(Ignoring the fact the regions in Pokemon are based on different regions in Japan)

Each region for all we know it could be like a separate "country" so to speak. It's possible that each could have its own language or dialect, ignoring the convenience factor.


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I think each of the game's regions each speak a different dialect (Unova - different language completley?) and if they really want to show a character as being from another country or nation, they do what they did for characters like Earl (Engrish?) and Fatima (French Dialect?).
But universally, the languages are translated for your enjoyment and understanding.


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Perhaps they teach all of the children in the pokemon world how to speak every language...probably not, but still a possiblity.


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I would normally say they don;t but... there's that one former Team Rocket grunt in Icirrus who talks like a stereotypical foreigner who hasn't gotten the hang of the local language. Unless he appeared in previous games and still talked like that it seems like Unova is actually intended to have a different language.


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They all speak the same language.


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There are some trainers that speak different languages there, yes.
But in majority, they speak the common GameFreak-language


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It is a possibility but are regions actually as far apart as countries in our world? If that was the case, then yes they probably do have different languages, but if it's not then I doubt it. And the fact that there's only five main regions, I don't think they would really need their own languages.


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if you had an english version of the other games, but wanted to get a french version of BW to work on your french reading skills, then yes. they speak another language
Well looking at the fact that the first four regions were based on regions of Japan and Unova is based on the New York/Jersey area, I would say they do speak differently. That is, the Japanese regions speak in different dialects and the Unova region speaks another language completely.

It's obvious that other languages exist in the Pokemon world: Meister, Fantina, Lt. Surge. Looker..just might not be a good speaker. But the Rocket Grunt who was from Unova spoke in broken English when in Johto. He also spoke broken in Unova though (was that a mistake by the translators?)

But I think they all speak "our" language just for simplicity's sake and our entertainment. I don't think they all speak the same language, especially when Unova has been stated several times to be quite a distance from the other regions.


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personally, I think the Unown hold the cards. Following the lore, it's hypothosized the language written and possibly spoken evolved from these strange floating character Pokemon. Since the Unown are universal to Johto, the Sevii Islands and probably mainland Kanto, and Sinnoh, I'm betting that they're all on the same page. They may bhave different distinctions, but look at Spanish and French, theres a lot of similar words in their own languagesm because they came from the same base language.

Here's a thought then, since Hoenn uses a Braille language and makes little mention of the Unown, as does Unova, they may actually have evolved a differnet language, That means you only have 2 languages in thwe Pokemon world so far, naybe three. Also, since the Orre region is based off another american location, they're likely speaking something akin to what Unova is.

Now , from there, I question global uinity. Odds are good that if trainers are wandering freely that there's a tight international network, and that wouldn't be hard to create a universal language for out of three known languiages, so you end up with Old School Unownese, or what I call Quertisian in my fic, Unovan Braillian and Hoenn Braillian, and a hybrid language new World language of the three. That's my take.

I've never been a big fan of the real world references, to me they are a metaphor that communicates a stereotypical character, nothing more. Although it's possible that the "America" Surge came from is actually a different-shaped landmass and entirely different than what we think of. Don;t give me that "based off" nonsense either. Lot's of D&D maps are "based" on inverted Earths, that doesn't mean it IS Earth, just that they made a nice canvas to start with. Most Star Trek planets were filtered versionsof planets around Earth, or Earth too, but they weren't Earth.

And also, if we're still in the game universe (as you've already dismissed the anime universe for these purposes) Fortree city is only a short walk from Mauville or Lilycove, two urban centers similar to Sunyshore, which can be reached in a matter of minutes on foot. It's unlikely that unique dialects would develop in such small areas.

In model railroading we have a term: "Selective Compression". It means that the distance between two major scenes, like two cities for example, is a loosely scaled representation of a much larger distance. For example, if I have an actual 20feet of farmland between two major urban centers, that scales down to less than a mile in 1:87th scale. (twenty actual feet is 184feet scaled) That's a rediculaly short gap between two cities, correct? At a minuimum, it should be twenty miles, not twenty feet. But mlike my model railroad, the gamecards and the gameplay itself is limited It can't put an accurate amount of distance between Mauville and Fortree and Lilycove, so they "model" a "selective compression". In actuality, yes, it's a only s few thousand steps, a short run and a jump. But if you logically unscale that, even assuming Hoenn is an island region like Hawaii, you've got room for minor changes in dialect.


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English is my guess, since Unova is based of an American city.