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Do you believe in Ash Ketchum?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Animé Discussion' started by ((JAWS)), Mar 9, 2013.

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  1. Sarefan

    Sarefan Hylden General.

    Pretty much this. 4 times top 8 in a tournament with over 200 compeditors is pretty impressive. Although he wears plot armour for most of the time, he does very well, with good tactics and good matches.
  2. Steelrush

    Steelrush Banned

    The reason why they want to keep Ash and stop him from progressing is most likely due to the fact that he still has enough fans to maintain his popularity, therefore assisting the extension of the anime's lifespan. This didn't occur to the staff simply because they did not care, if so, Ash might have been replaced with someone else years ago.

    After all, the Pokemon anime was intended for the sake of profit, even since the beginning. Pokemon was well-received, so an anime could help earn even more money, seeing as how many viewers it would gain, and how many TV stations would want it.

    That, and it would also motivate the fans to buy merchandise, the games, and anything else the franchise had to offer.

    Sadly, that's what the Pokemon anime was designed for, money and nothing else. That is why Ash Ketchum is now the Homer Simpson of Pokemon, and why many do not have faith that he will achieve his goal.

    The anime will continue to air, but the poor guy might never become a Pokemon Master. Greed sabotaged something that could have been a true masterpiece.
  3. Dreamy

    Dreamy Well-Known Member

    It's possible(though not very likely) that he could win the Kalos League, him winning shouldn't spell the end of the series, but give him something to work even harder for to maintain his status. I would like to see that if he does ever get a champion title that they would start over with a new protagonist and have Ash featured as a region champion.
    Last edited: Sep 17, 2013
  4. OnceUponATime

    OnceUponATime Wicked

    To simply answer the question: yes. I'm not bashing BW when I say this by any means, but I didn't believe in him as much during BW like I did in sagas before said saga. I'm sure that I will start to believe in him even more during XY, but simply stated, yes.
  5. This is exactly what happened, how things always were, and why the anime has become what it is now. This also explains why characters have been replaced while others have been allowed to stay, why the writing has taken a more merchandising-focused approach in recent years, less focus on the characters and more on the battles, the lack of emotion in the series these days, the voice actor replacement and company change in the dub's case in 2006, why Ash is still 10, and so much more.

    However, it was still less profit centric (though still profit focused) in its earlier seasons than it is nowadays. This is mainly because once the creators of the anime knew how popular it was, they knew they could continue to make more series and seasons because fans would continue to watch them.

    Do I believe in Ash Ketchum? I once did...I once did. I no longer believe in him.
    Last edited: Sep 18, 2013
  6. TimeLordBlue

    TimeLordBlue The TimeLord

    Ash is a failure... He loses all sense of direction and can't even beat a snivy with his first pokemon which he trained through many regions and even beat it's own evolution before. Yet he can't beat a snivy who just started it's first battle.
    He loses against a brain damaged idiot who forgets everything in the BW league. He should of won in Sinnoh and just went on from there. But nope. Gotta keep the cash rolling in. Better make him lose it so he will go to a different region. He lost his one goal of becoming a pokemon master. He is a horrible trainer.

    I'm done here.
    Steelrush likes this.
  7. PokemonJesus123

    PokemonJesus123 The Pokémon Punk

    To be honest, NO...lol
  8. FicKel

    FicKel Active Member

    Maybe. Dawn 2 could be a good motivation for Ash to stop being such frakin' noob and win a tournament for once.
  9. DarkerInstincts

    DarkerInstincts New Member

    What about the Orange Islands? Perhaps that wasn't technically a Pokemon League, but he triumphed quite well in that competition.

    And as far as I'm concerned, Ash has befriended countless legendary Pokemon that many people don't even think exist. He's possibly saved Mewtwo's life in Mewtwo Returns, helped countless Pokemon in many ways, and his character is top-notch. I see him as a winner even if he doesn't win the championships. Sure, he's immature when everything is okay, but when the stuff hits the fan the kid is a solid guy to have around. I'll always be a fan of Ash, whether or not he wins a competition.
  10. SovereignEve

    SovereignEve The Feared Legend

    To put it rather coldly. Ash shouldn't be in the series, his story should have ended a long time ago. In fact, he's one of the characters I've grown to despise the most of all shows I've watched. He is useless in to many ways to count. I am hoping Pocket Monster Origins is what I've been expecting :)

  11. iraqmaster

    iraqmaster Well-Known Member

    If he still hasn't managed to win in 15 years then I have no hope for him....
  12. flawlessazn

    flawlessazn Spiffy ~ ^^"

    I think the producers are just gonna keep dragging him in to the next regions, etc ...

    Seeing as he always acts as a noob with no experience at the beginning of a new season, I have no hope in him.
  13. Shiny pokemon lower

    Shiny pokemon lower Well-Known Member

    If I belive in Ash Ketchum? No. After all these years he hasn't won a legaue comption exept for the Orange Legaue! But since that was just one Battle so I don't count that. I expect Ash to came to the finals in the Unova Legaue and mabye lose to Virgil, but NO! He lost to Cameron, a trainer that reminds me of Ash in his earliest days. It looks like he won't win a single ligaue tournament as long as the anime show goes on. It also looks like he resets in skills and experience every generation, so there isn't much hope...
  14. Steampunk

    Steampunk One Truth Prevails

    If they want to keep the show going, he will always keep improving (Which means losses, probably big ones).
  15. some dude

    some dude Member

    I never understood why so many people whine about Ash never winning a league. He did.

    Me watching the anime isn't tied to seeing Ash win a league (he did anyway) or lose a league, I watch it to see a world filled with awesome creatures and interesting people, and the interactions between those creatures and people. If the show focuses on Ash that's fine, he's a good kid, a good character.

    I've seen people fawn over how Ash was during the original series...he acted almost the same as in BW. Childish sometimes, snobby, had a tantrum every once in awhile. Like a normal kid.

    So do I believe in Ash.

    Yes, He'll travel around exploring fantastic lands and getting insanely powerful creatures to fight for him through the power of friendship while stopping evil organizations and getting hot jailbait to fall for him without even realizing it. Like a boss.
  16. Navin

    Navin MALDREAD

    I believe in Harvey Dent Ash Ketchum.

    At least, I was believing in him until BW, because until that point, he actually was improving as a trainer. He was quite good at the end of DP compared to where he was in Johto. But then BW nerfed him, and now I don't know how he'll be in XY.
  17. some dude

    some dude Member

    He may act the same way as in BW but perhaps start becoming...calmer I suppose? Heh, even in DP he would still act like a maniac sometimes when something involving Pokemon was brought up, I'm pretty sure his battling skills will improve aswell but we'll see. Since they rebooted the series I guess he'll start to gain more of his Johto traits.

    I'm really interested in seeing how many companions he'll travel with this time, perhaps back to four due to X/Y's large character lineup.
  18. Navin

    Navin MALDREAD

    I really hope BW was a reboot for both Kanto and Johto otherwise it's going to be another frustrating season. The writers really need to buff Ash back to Hoenn-Sinnoh level (Hoenn level and then improving to Sinnoh level by league time). But I don't know if the writers are aware of if they care about the outrage of many towards Ash's BW nerfs though :/

    It seems like he'll have 3 companions, just like in AG.
  19. mrjap2x

    mrjap2x Member

    I'd say no, just like mangaka who are trying to extend the plot as much as possible, will just do the same.
  20. Orange_Flaaffy

    Orange_Flaaffy Jello Pokéballs

    A problem with Ash is he doesn't seem to have any goal. Sure he talks about winning quite often, but his actions don't seem like he's working toward anything truly focused longterm. He doesn't have much...fire, I guess, for all his energy? I believe in him, but he needs a career plan or something like one.
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