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Do you believe in Ash Ketchum?

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The Pokemon Observer
Really, I don't expect even for 1% that he is going to win the Kalos League this time in the XY series. Because after 16 years of failure, suddenly winning one will feel very strange. Besides, although this is only rumour, but it is said GF had already planned to make Gen VII game already when the Gen VI just started not long ago. Therefore, I don't expect Ash will win the Kalos League as there exists another generation which give TV Tokyo a reason (rather say excuse) to elongate the show. The scriptwriter(s) will obviously ditch him again somewhere in the mid Kalos.

Though I don't expect him winning, but I hope this time he will made to a higher position in the Kalos League. Top 8 nor Top 4 is an insult to him and to us as the audience. I hope this time he will made to the Runner-up level.

But in any case, whatever progress he finally achieve, it is none of my business. I haven't watch the show since mid AG, I'd only got to know the progress of the anime by reading plot summaries and reviews. I am here giving my opinion merely as a pure neutral spectator.


The sound of drums
if there is a gen VII coming out I really don't think Ash will win this, will he be higher up? maybe a second place? most likely, he has shown more maturity and much more experience this time around, so he might land second place, but he is the game's "living" advertisment, so it won't be likely that he will win, though if they make it like yugioh and make him win but put a tougher challange on top of him, like yugi coming from the pegasus's arc (i think that's his name) then I think he has more of a change to win, so my final verdic is.....

do I think he will win this region? no I don't, but he will be second
will he win? and; do I still believe in him? Yes


Man of 1000 Goomys
remember his vow to catch them all? and to be a master?

he can not be a master if he does not catch at least one of each type and train it

types he is missing/has not caught : steel, fairy (because it is just added) and ghost (he never had haunter long enough, and it is still with sabrina)

my guess is that he will catch a klefki around midway in the series, and maybe a phantump

i can see him with a phantump


Well-Known Member
If ash win this league (Kalos) that doesn't mean the end of Pokemon, in the end of the anime he becomes into a Master Pokemon right? :D

So i don't believe in Ash, he doesn't grows up as a Pokemon trainer (Except for friendship, Ash definitely would win the FriendPokemonLeague :p )


PKMN Master Chad
I agree with you, But when they finally do decide to do something he needs to get an amazing team and then have like a 6 part Finale against the Champion (probably of Kanto because that would be cool) and each part is 1 battle but then have him barley win but not with Pikachu and then he finally realizes his dream.


Man of 1000 Goomys
to put it simply

"gary was here, ash is a loser"

remember when gary just constantly got on his nerves?

i miss gary
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