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Do You Care About IVs?

Do You Care About IVs?

  • Yes

    Votes: 68 64.2%
  • No

    Votes: 38 35.8%

  • Total voters
Not at all. My whole objective is the slogan. Gotta catch them all.


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I don't care about IVs when it comes to the Pokemon I use in my in-game teams while playing through the games, but I do care about IVs for the Pokemon I use for Battle Facilities and other semi-competitive or more important purposes.

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Definitely a Yes. I only let pokemon with 4 or more maxed IVs on my competitive teams. When it comes to the teams I have for running through a game or showing off my shinies it doesn't matter as much.


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Yes. I don't necessarily need my Pokemon to have 5 or 6 perfect IVs, but I usually want them to have 31s in 2 or 3 important stats and have a high IV total overall. I'm not as picky if I'm breeding on an older game with no Power items or Destiny Knot to pass down IVs, though.


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Not necessarily. I like to train and battle with different Pokemon, working on teams and strategies, but all for fun. I used to be in the competitive scene, but I withdrew from it tentatively in order to just enjoy the games.


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For normal playthrough, no. All I care about in that case is the gender, the ability and sometimes the nature (if it's really bad, I might consider catching another Pokémon).
For competitive play, however, I do. I'm not very competitive and I'm not too interested in it, but I do have a complete competitive team with me that I bred carefully with 5 perfect IVs and good natures/abilities to come with it. It's not of a big process, especially with what brang the new games to the breeding mechanics. :p But in general, I don't.
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I am an IV breeder, but same as the above post, for the playthrough, no. The "rivals" aren't really hard anyways, so I only care about the gender and ability. For competitive battling, I like to breed perfect Pokemon to use. :)


No, not most of the time, to be honest.

I am quite picky about gender and ability, though!


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Vast majority of the time, no I don't. I don't like competitive battling so I often have no need for them. However, there are times I IV breed just because I can and I will accept IV'ed Pokémon from others.


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Not even a little haha. It's too much trouble and I could care less XD


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If you want to play competitive, like I am starting to, then you better damn well make sure your mon has perfect or near perfect IV's. They can be so important to a point where it will be the difference between winning and loosing the speed tie and possibly the battle. So yes I do care about them a lot. However for in game purposes no I don't. I just catch something and use it. I usually don't even care about ability gender and stuff like that. What I get is what I get. It really depends on your purpose.

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Nope. I'd rather Nuzlocke my game playthroughs as opposed to battling competitively. To me, that's way more fun and exciting than trying to deal with the numbers, random chance, and figuring out what EVs are best and where to get them and so forth and so on. With Nuzlocke, you appreciate and value any darn Pokemon you can get your hands on.

Plus, that whole IV/EV/Whatever thing they've got going on... yeah, I just don't have the patience to sit down and research all that stuff.


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not really, though if I will be using the pokemon on my wifi team it has to be nearly flawless.
but I'll train any pokemon I like as high as I can :)
Damn right I do. I need everything to be perfect, its just who I am. Plus, having better IVs than your opponent already gives you a huge advantage, especially with Bulky Pokemon.


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In the regular playthrough, no.

In the Post-Game in Gen III/IV/VI (V happened during my hiatus on the Comp scene), then yes. Totally. They must be absolutely perfect, as even a single wrong IV can completely mess things up.

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I definitely pay attention to them when training. That goes for all of my Pokemon, be they caught, bred, gifted, "in-game", w/e. They're a pretty important part of how they're gonna grow and battle. So its always nice to get one and find that it has a good spread for its skills. And the personality traits attached to IVs gives the whole Pokemon experience a bit more life to me.

At the same time, I don't feel the need to go out of my way for perfect IVs. I can still play and perhaps win with those who lack the best IV spreads (provided the training & strategy are good enough), and the ones that do have them could still potentially lose to better tactics.
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Thanks to my OCD I really do ... All the pokemon I like and I am looking forward to bring to a competitive team must have at least 5 ivs flawless (in cases of naive or mild pokes the 6ivs ) and if that pokemon has a cool shiny version , I can only rest when I have the shiny version of that pokemon for competitive (5ivs flawless shiny with egg moves and right ability ) . Hell , I even have problems dealing with myself if darkness pokemons in my team don't have dusk or luxury ball , it really eats my mind a lot . However , when you get the right pokemons , gender ivs and everything , you feel fulfilled :)


I didn't care about IVs until this gen. I still want good pokemon and if you want a good pokemon, then everything counts. IV breeding also gives me something to do post-game.


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It's not that I don't care, more like I can't do anything mathematics or statistics wise that's even slightly advanced. I have to use the calculator on my computer to do subtraction sometimes. I blame a bad accident where I was beamed in the head by a baseball bat when I was twelve.

If I really wanted to, I could probably try and get a good IV team, but it seems like too much work for what is essentially a child's game. :p

EDIT: Guess I should mention I'm not a competitive battler and even if someone challenges me to a battle and destroys my team, I don't care. I just like collecting cool looking pixels (or would it be models now?) and training them to level 100 if I have the time.
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