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Do you care about your pokemon's genders?

Do you care about gender specifics?

  • Yes, it matters to me.

    Votes: 96 25.8%
  • Nah, I couldn't care less.

    Votes: 53 14.2%
  • Sometimes...depends on circumstances

    Votes: 223 59.9%

  • Total voters
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Well-Known Member
I had an ex that insisted all her pokemon had to be female or she would not catch them. I also know some people that refuse to catch certain pokemon with certain genders (Like some don't want a female machamp).

So other than for breeding purpouses do you care about your pokemon's gender and why?

I personally like a variety of genders so my team won't fail against attract.


Ghost Type Trainer
Yeah, I couldn't bear to train a female Gabite, so I had to go find a male.

And of course, I would never train a male Gardevoir. That just...doesn't work for me.

I do try and not have an all-male or all-female team. You're right, you'd be done for against Attract (or else captivate).

Why did she only battle with females though? o_O


Well-Known Member
Why did she only battle with females though? o_O
I don't really know. She was pretty sexist like she always told me that if we had kids they HAD to be girls. She had some issues I guess. But I am not dating her anymore so I'm really glad that its over with.

To me it doesn't matter that much, though most of my pokemon are male
Same here. 4 of my pokemon are guys and 2 are girls. I didn't plan it that way, a lot of the ratios for pokemon lean twards more males. My vulpix* is a guy and most vulpix are supposed to be girls.

*The brother of the other vulpix I put on GTS
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Emerald Mew
I usually don't even notice unless something gets Attracted, or if I'm about to challenge someone I know uses Attract (used an all female team against Whitney's gym for this reason). Usually it comes down to whatever gender I happen to catch it as.

EDIT: I do care if, say, it's evolution is gender-based, such as is the case with Ralts, Snorunt, Burmy, Combee, Nidoran (does Nidoran really count since it's different genders are technically different species?). Oh, and Mr. Mime. I usually try to get a female Mr. Mime just so I can smile at that poor re-naming decision whenever I see it in my party/PC.
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Well-Known Member
I don't mind genders as long as I have a majority of female Pokés. On one of my playthroughs I have four out of six females and I didn't really like it.

I prefer most or half my Pokémon to be male. I would really object to an all female team but I have nothing against a fully male team.

It's obviously because I am sexist.


Well-Known Member
I care to a certain extent. Pokemon that appear way more masculine or feminine to me is when I'll make sure I have the gender I want, but most of the time I'll just catch whatever appears first. I prefer to have females though, not entirely sure why. If I have the gender I don't want for a certain Pokemon, it really bothers me despite the fact that it's just a game.


Well-Known Member
I once had a female machamp who I thought was the coolest. I should get another. I like pokemon that don't really look their gender sometimes. I just wish female machamp wore a shirt o_O


If I'm catching just to have it, the gender doesn't matter. If I'm catching with the intent to use, it's usually female, because most often I later use that poke for breeding. As for if it's just for the team, and I have no real plans for it, then it doesn't really matter. At times, if it seems like it should be male, I go for a male. Seems like it should be a female, then that's what I go for. Eh. =\


Wannabe Breeder
male because when you brreding egg moves etc its best for a male, femail only counts for the spieses


Fighting Type Prof.
Well, if it's one I've had in a previous game, then I care. Otherwise...not so much.

However, I must always keep a gender balanced team. (I also must have a generational represenitive, since I'm a tad on the Obsessive Compulsive side.)


Corroded Arceus

Shiny Hunter
I never really understood why, but I hate owning female pokemon.They all have to be male. It's weird because I am a female.
I have my team half and half then I put them with the opposite gender.


Yamask Hugger x_x
I honestly don't care unless it's a Nidoran, Ralts or Snorunt. I do like it when my team is mixed. I like 6:0 4:2 or 3:3 gender-wise, but I dislike 5:1. I use a few genderless 'mon though, so it rarely happens.


Well-Known Member
I usually don't care about the Pokemon I catch, just the ones on my team. I soft-reset my starter Pokemon until they are the desired gender, and all of the Pokemon on my team are female. Why? Because girl names are much funner to come up with, of course. I mean you can't name a male Mudkip "Kippy". Especially if you are Canadian. As well, I like how uniform the team looks with all of the pink signs in each of their slots.


I. F.E.E.L. G.O.O.D.
Doesn't matter, but I do have this sense of balance so I make sure not to have too many more males than females and vice -versa.


Shiny Hunter
I admit I used to always use all female teams, not because I'm sexist but because I found them easier to nickname and much cuter
Then I found a male shiny Riolu and a male shiny Drifloon and they made me fall in love with both genders so now I try and use 3 male and 3 female though my SS team is 4 females and 2 males, I'm good with that :3
Unless it affects how my pokemon will evolve, pass on egg moves ect i don't care, i usually like a balance because of the before mentioned attract problem.

Natures come first in my case.

However if i am training a Houndoom it must be male because males have longer horns that look closer to the original artwork.

If i bothered using a Gardevoir competitively it would have to be female, otherwise i do not care. Even for my synchronisers.

Wobbuffet has to be male, the female is funny but the lipstick looks silly after a while.

Oddly, both my EV trained Tyranitars are female. I think most people think of it as male because of how tough it looks. When i eventually breed a perfect iv one it would be nice if it were male... actually i don't know... it would also be good if they could be a team of females. =P

Now all Tyranitars on pokemon cards are female to me :p


Eye in the Sky
Like what GilligBoi said, It depends entirely on the pokemon itself. If its looks more manly (ex: machamp) then I want it to be a male, If it looks like a girl (ex: Gardevior) then I want it to be a girl, If they can pass of as a girl and boy then either is fine.
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