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Do you care about your pokemon's genders?

Do you care about gender specifics?

  • Yes, it matters to me.

    Votes: 96 25.8%
  • Nah, I couldn't care less.

    Votes: 53 14.2%
  • Sometimes...depends on circumstances

    Votes: 223 59.9%

  • Total voters
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Gallade owns
I usually only train Males. Not sexist, just, dunno really. The only problem I have is when I step foot in Goldenrod Gym. All those Clefairy/Jigglypuffs with Cute Charm, and Whitney's Miltank with Attract. Then again, I needed a strong Psychic type, so I caught a Smoochum on my Pokewalker, this time she's one of my strongest, after my Quilava.


Well-Known Member
when i sred for a shiny charmander in fr is did matter cause i read only sred starters in fr lg have to be female should have never deleted that file


G-Rank Hunter
For years as a kid I only trained Boys, because I liked the little blue arrow being there.

but now that i'm older, i seem to train Female pokemon alot more, they tend to lvl faster for me for some reason..


Y u mad bro?
usually i dont care
but i have a habit of owning female garchomps, tyranitars, and dragonites
i dunno they always appear female(weird)
for starters, if u get, say, a female quilava(which is rare), take the oppurtunity to breed on some moves

Ace Trainer Alex

wants to fight!
Certain pokemon, I do care about the gender. Machop/Machoke must be male for me. Turtwig/Grotle/Torterra must be male. Eevee... some of it's forms must be female, others I dun care which. Pidgey must be female. Gardevoir female. Chikorita female. Shinx female. Abagoura male. Most others I don't care.


Well-Known Member
yeah it definitely just depends on the look of the Pokemon. some like machoke and stuff I prefer male but if the look is more or less ambiguous I usually dont care.


Well-Known Member
Nope. Absolutely not. Strangely I checked my old sapphire game and realized that I had a team of all females, so maybe I did care at one time but now I don't at all. However I do care about how many of each gender I catch. I don't feel comfortable unless I'm using a team of 3 males and 3 females, and if I notice I'm catching too many males I'll start catching females and vice versa. I don't keep obsessive track of how many of each gender I catch but I like trying to keep it relatively even. Sometimes I like mixing things up and catching females of "manly" pokemon or males of "girly" pokemon, to defeat stereotype, like my Steelix in Platinum is female, and I have a male Roserade, that sort of stuff... and I've noticed I don't really like using genderless pokemon unless they're legendaries or something, because I'll still feel like its somehow messing up the gender ratio on my team. I don't like having one gender dominate.

....actually, because of this the fact that virtually every NPC trainer has pokemon of their gender unless their pokemon's species is genderless/only has one gender/has a certain gender ratio kind of irritates me. I commend Cynthia for the fact that her team has at least two males, even though I know that's technically because of those Pokemon's gender ratios.

I do however like getting females of pokemon that are more likely to be male, just for breeding purposes. But I don't obsessively restart the game just for females. If I get a female of say, a starter or Lucario or something, then I'll just consider myself lucky. I won't get upset if I get a male though.

Same here, and why can't Nintendo make a female Mr. Mime, be named.. Uh... Miss. Mime. o.o
That's ONE example I will forever roll my eyes at, because in Japanese the name is "barriered", with no gender suffixes at all. That species just had the unfortunate experience of getting named something like that back when all Pokemon except the Nidoran lines were considered genderless.

I have issues with people who have issues with pokemon gender because of who I am. I'm a girl, but I'm a bit of a tomboy, and a martial artist, and I have friends that are kind of like me too. I also have a couple of really good male friends who have interests that aren't particularly masculine (dance, music, art, cute japanese things, etc), so I have no problems with male Gardevior or female Machamp, etc. and have a hard time seeing why others do.
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not the color
I just wasted an hour trying to get a female Magmar to even out my 4-male/1-female team.

It was worth it. It would have bugged me if she was male.


Well-Known Member
I prefer physical attackers male and special attackers female. I think it's because I read somewhere that males tend to be physically based while females are more specially based. But I don't think that's really the case know that I know of ev's, natures, etc.
I used to always use Males when I was younger because I thought that they were stronger than the Females lol But now I dont mind using either as long as they are good


IMO on sum pokemon it depends...well I did have a male gardevoir in saphire, he was such a flamboyant cross dresser :}
I'll use whatever as long as it has the right Nature, Ability, moves, and Characteristic. I would say that my lv. 100 battling Pokemon are about 50/50 (not including genderless).

My lv.50 battling Pokemon aren't so even. I think most of them just happened to be female, but I'm still training and breeding a whole bunch, so this will even out.

I do tend to pick females over males in certain cases, though. This is only because I'm a girl. Like, if I have hatchlings that have the right moves/natures/abilities/whatever, and one of them is male and the other is female, I'll usually pick the female unless I need the male for future offspring egg moves.

I have a male Gardevoir and he is awesome. :mad:

Dr. Leggs

Astral Cowboy
I prefer physical attackers male and special attackers female. I think it's because I read somewhere that males tend to be physically based while females are more specially based. But I don't think that's really the case know that I know of ev's, natures, etc.
There's no difference stat-wise.

I sort of care. When I see a Pokemon for the first time my mind makes a preconception about its preferred gender for that Pokemon, and I usually follow that. Most Pokemon in my mind would be male, with specifically female ones being Butterfree, Vileplume/Bellossom, Persian, Victreebel, Rapidash, Gardevoir, Erufuun, et cetera.

Escape Reality

If the pokemon seems more masculine, I'll want it as a male and vice versa for feminine looking pokemon. The others... I prefer to be male, but don't care as much.


Well-Known Member
If it's one of my favourites or i'm going to use it on my team then i care about it's gender but if it's just for my pokedex then it doesn't matter. It also depends on the pokemon because if it looks masculine then i'd prefer it to be male but some pokemon like Ampharos can be either. Also take pokemon like Raichu, i don't like the females tail so i'd catch a male one instead.
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