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Do you care about your pokemon's genders?

Do you care about gender specifics?

  • Yes, it matters to me.

    Votes: 96 25.8%
  • Nah, I couldn't care less.

    Votes: 53 14.2%
  • Sometimes...depends on circumstances

    Votes: 223 59.9%

  • Total voters
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Well-Known Member
only in johto i make sure the majority of my team is female because of that damn miltank, also it matters when evolution is dependant on gender. the only pokemon i specifically make sure are male is rhyhorn and zubat so that the horns and fangs are bigger

The Outcast

Depends on the pokemon, if I feel its more masculine (Empoleon or Blaziken) I am for that

Yet, ironically, alot of the large dragons that beat the crap out of people (Like garchomp) I prefer to be female (Except for sceptile)


Cell Shaded

i dont care like i had a female Honchkrow (or however its spelled) named Big Boss i lol'd then changed the nickname to Queen

Secret Identity

Pseudo Trainer
I don't usually care about genders, except in the case of a few select Pokemon. For example, to me it just doesn't seem right to have a female Slowbro or Slowking. Maybe if their names were Slowsis or Slowqueen...


just a passerby
I don't care that much, but I don't like having a team full of males or a team full of females. And pokémon like mr.mime I really don't want as a female. Eww.

It's the same the other way around: I don't like a male gardevoir (I know it's a gallade now, but before gen 4 it could be a male)

Swiftrz & Milotic

Feed me a stray cat
If I have a certain nickname in mind I really want to use gender becomes a factor, otherwise I don't mine either way.


TCG Trainer
I usually attempt 2 Females and 4 Males (yeah yeah, call me sexist or what not), just in case some kid tries pulling an Attract strategy out of nowhere. But apart from 2 of each Gender, I prefer a mixed bag of Genders and don't really care too much about it.

Marbi Z

For the most part genders don't bother me. I love Lopunny regardless of it's gender but my Gardevoir's have to be female. Though I still love the fact that my Meganium's female, it's breast milk is so yummy...


Depends on the pokemon. Like evolving a Burmy or a Gallade.
Mostly I dont relly care. All I care about is Feraligatr being male.


Depends on the pokemon. Like evolving a Burmy or a Gallade.
Mostly I dont really care. All I care about is Feraligatr being male.


Ash's fangirl
Back then, yes. Now, no.

I used to go 4 a whole team with male Pokemon but now, I stay neutral

Primal Crusader V

Watch some MANime
No, not really. The only thing I watch out for are pokemon that have different looks but opposite gender
Ex. Female Machoke 0_0


Well-Known Member
No, unless it applies to the evolutionary path or something or other. And obviously if I want to breed a Pokemon I'd get the right genders.
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