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Do you care about your pokemon's genders?

Do you care about gender specifics?

  • Yes, it matters to me.

    Votes: 96 25.8%
  • Nah, I couldn't care less.

    Votes: 53 14.2%
  • Sometimes...depends on circumstances

    Votes: 223 59.9%

  • Total voters
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tailsxcream fan

Pokemon Master
For me it depends if the Pokemon looks male or female. I like my starter Pokemon to be male but I couldn't have a male Lopbunny or Glameow likewise a female Riolu doesn't do it. Some Pokemon I dont mind the gender such as Pikachu or Dratini but I tend to use mostly male Pokemon.


Resident dragon
You know, I've never really thought about it.

I suppose I don't care all that much; I never really even started looking at gender until the third generation, and even then, things like female Mr. Mime or Machoke/champ or male Kirlia/Gardevoir served as more of a silly novelty rather than a serious deterrent. (That I've never really used any of those lines is another matter completely unrelated to gender.)

On the other hand...if I come across a pokemon that I plan on using in a given game file, it's a pokemon that I really like, and the opportunity presents itself...then yes, I'll probably go with a female. No, not because I'm sexist in any way--quite the opposite, if anything. Not because I'm some kinda pervert, either. (Although...hmm.) I just happen to like strong female characters who can kick ass.
On that note, I felt I'd mention that the three offensive powerhouses on my Soul Silver team are female; the three guys are either defensively frail in comparison, rely on tricks to win, or both, and only one of them has a battle record that even comes close to matching those of the ladies. And I simply cannot express how pleased I was when Elm handed me a female Totodile at the start of the game--quite possibly the only time I've gotten a female starter in any of the games. Now if only Oak would give me a female Charmander...

I do plan on scumming for a female Snivy in at least one of the fifth-gen games, though.

Pkmn Breeder Jack

Static owns you.
Yeah, I guess I do. I generally prefer males over females for no particular reason. Since I nickname my party, the gender has to match the name too.


Warrior of Time
No idea why, but I like my fire starters (minus Infernape) female and all others male (minus Chikorita).


Genders don't affect the calculations of attack damage or whatever (cept rivalry) so I don't care what gender my pokemon are. Like many people said before, I didn't notice until someone got hit by attract. I don't have the time and patience to create an all-male/female team so I go with the first good natured/iv pokemon I get, regardless of gender.

jejeje....female machamp....lol

D. Scott

Well-Known Member
If it's gender-dependent evolution, yes, I care about the gender.
If it's an opposite looking gender (example being a female Machamp or a male Gardevoir), yes, I care about the gender.
If it's a normal Pokemon that can evolve with either gender, and doesn't look particularly male OR female, no, I don't care about the gender.
If it's a Wobbuffet, good god YES, I WANT A MALE. Stop making that kissy face at me, you female abomination! AUGHH-


Wolf Lover
its kind of funny, for a while i didnt care. then for a long time i wanted all my pokemon female. now i've switched back and dont care anymoe, but i do prefer them being female.


Mew, mew... mew?
For me, I just have to make it all female. And I like getting female starters because they are a bit rarer than male ones =)


not the color
I tend to feel strange if my team is unbalanced with genders. I mean, I don't care that much, but I noticed it's harder to feel like I have a diverse team when I have five males and one female (and when that female is a Gliscor, whom I can't think of as a female, instead of my Togekiss, whom I can't think of as a male).

I mean, some Pokemon I don't care much if they're male or female (oddly, Daikenki's one of them, despite it's beard). Pokemon like Machamp, and Probopass need to be male, while Pokemon like Gardevoir and Medicham need to be female.

I usually like my Starter to have the same gender as me, although it's no problem if they aren't (I kind of like having a female Feraligatr).

All in all, I don't care too much. I have some preferences but if those preferences aren't met I generally won't try and rearrange my team. The only time I might try and make a few changes would be if my entire team was only-male or only-female. A mix is best: Either 3 males and 3 females or 4 of one gender and 2 of the other. 5 and 1 is unbalanced and 6 and 0 is off-putting to me...


Well-Known Member
well for the main three or four who are not hm slaves i usually make them male. ever since i was younger i felt they were supposed to be like your crew that you roll with. So like in highschool you have your main set of male friends that your always around. sometimes there is that one female that fits in somewhere


Pokemon master
Yes, totally. Not being a sexist or anything, but I like my Pokemon's gender to be the way I perceive them, as in masculine or feminine.


OpInIoNaTeD at <3
I personally prefer females when it comes to certian pokemon - especially eevelutions, other than that I'm not really bothered.

Mr. E Goods

Gone for good
I am all for genders. Female Machops and Mr Mimes, Male Gochimu's and Male doredia's and Bellossoms etc. Can burn in Hell.


Well-Known Member
I am VERY specific about what pokemon is what gender. They have to be the right gender to their personalety or else it just feels wrong.

Right now i have a female Buizel, Pidgeo and a female Pikachu, A male Charizard, squirtle and bulbasaur. In my box i have a Female Espeon, flygon and a male rattata and a male quilava.

surfer treecko

Highly Explosive
I usually don't care, but if I thik of a personality before I capture the pokemon then I will tryand get a certian gender.


I usually make most of my pokemon female, especially pokemon that have the 12.5% female ratio like starters and eevee. I only give exceptions to pokemon that look more masculine than feminine.
yes, if a pokemon looks masculine, such as machamp, salamence, gengar or swampert then it will have to be male, and if the pokemon looks feminine such as lopunny, gardevoir, medicham or espeon it will have tobe female


Team Dragonite
For some obscure reason, I always go with 5 males, one female.
In my current team, that's my Shiny Ninetales.
I like the idea of the one girl standing her ground. :)
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