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Do you care about your pokemon's genders?

Do you care about gender specifics?

  • Yes, it matters to me.

    Votes: 96 25.8%
  • Nah, I couldn't care less.

    Votes: 53 14.2%
  • Sometimes...depends on circumstances

    Votes: 223 59.9%

  • Total voters
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Pokemon master
Like for example, Lucario looks masculine to me (it has been designed after war god Anubis afterall), so I will pick/catch a male Lucario. Similarly I like to think of Charizard as male because of its macho-like appearance, and also its design is based off of European dragon (not that dragons can't be females, but still for some odd reason Charizard just appears to be male to me). Yeah, that's just me.


Zubat Zubat
I like to mix up my Pokemon's genders. On my Heart Gold team, four Pokemon are male and two are female.

A lot of the time I usually have a genderless pokemon such as metagross or voltorb.
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I dont even notice. I train my pokemon as I catch them :)


teh wild card
meh it dosent really matter to me. for instance, at one point i had a team with a male lopunny and female blastoise:D:D:D


New Member
hah,might sound mean but im very sexist when it comes to pokemon. i only have guy pokemon in my team....i dunno,i just....i honestly dont know what it is,and i know alot of people who are exactly the same. hah. though i have one girl in my party. shes a rapidash...but shes a shiny,and it just happened to be a girl when i encountered it. how ironic,huh? XD


Well-Known Member
If the pokemon has certain egg moves and knows really good tm moves then yes otherwise it doesn't bother me.


Flabebe's Kids
Not really. The only time I'd factor gender in is when I'm nicknaming the Pokemon, which is usually easy for either sex unless I had a name that only went one way already picked out.

Kurloz Makara

Red Death
I don't really care, to be honest. :/


I am credit to team!
I dont usually care unless im aiming for breeding. But my jolteons male tho because hes my main pokemon since i bred him in 3rd gen :D


You will evolve too!
Pretty much what many others said before. It depends. I want certain of my Pokemon to be male, like Pikachu or Wobbuffet and other to be female, like Gardevoir and Tangrowth. I guess i go based on their appearance and what it looks right for them to my eyes.


Making a new start
Only if it affects evolution. But other than that and breeding, I don't care enough to try for a certain gender. Though I do really like that my Scizor is female.


Mr. Flareon to you.
It doesn't always matter, but my Flareon's have to be male, so I can name them James. :D


Mr. Flareon to you.
It doesn't always matter, but my Flareon's have to be male, so I can name them James. :D


Well-Known Member
It doesn't really matter to me. There are definitely some Pokemon that I think of as one gender (I have a hard time picturing a male Gardevior or a female Tyranitar, for example), but I don't specifically try to catch one gender rather than another.
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