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Do you care if people know you play Pokemon?


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I live in a rough area and most people from my school are pretty average teenagers. You know, the usual, smoking weed, getting drunk, etc. I, myself, like boxing and UFC so am not exactly your stereotypical Poke-nerd (which I mean in no offensive way to anyone!). I feel like if anybody knew about this rather significant part in my life I would lose all my friends. What about you? Does it bother you if people know, and how do people react to you?


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Well hmm I have some to say about this. First off, sorry you live in a rough spot I feel pretty lucky that those things aren't always surrounding me.

Second, its possible to stereotype anything. I believe you wouldn't find many "poke-nerds" as you called them at theforums here. I myself run marathons, and train my body to be conditioned for the long haul I subject myself too. I have several hobbies and things I do within the community that doesn't have to do with this and I'm sure you'll find the same elsewhere here.

Does everyone know that I play pokemon? No. Would there be people who would think I was uncool because of it? Yes.
But all my friends do know that I play it and have all the rpg games of it. My point being that my friends are either indifferent to it or like it too. If you would lose friends because of it then they weren't really your friends to begin with!
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No, not really. The only thing that matters is yourself instead of letting people control your life. That's why I still play pokemon.


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Thanks for the sympathy lol, I guess I've learnt to blend with these sort of people without going as far as to imitate them and their own hobbies. I suppose until I get to university far from here where I can be myself, I'm going to have to lie to them and myself :/

Also, when I say Poke-nerds, I mean what other, uninformed people would call them, and me. I suppose, on this basis, I am, in their eyes, a Poke-nerd. Personally, the people I speak to through Pokemon sites and other such places are amazing, diverse people who are clearly nice people.


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It's really stupid to me to have to hide something that's about YOU. Be yourself, because if someone likes/respects/admires you for something that isn't true about yourself, then what's so great about that?

I've made soo many friends at my college just because I either had my DS out, had my Pokemon keychain on my phone.And if your friends are your friends, they won't mind that you play whether they like it or not.

so no I don't care if others know i play pokemon lol


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Yeah kinda...I'm 17 haha. Whatever. Haters gonna hate. It's a fun game and something that everyone has played since they were 5.


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I don't really care, in fact I know quite a few people who play Pokemon as well.

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Nope. Not at all.


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I guess I'm a bit reluctant to let people know about this, having been bullied in the past. I've only just made a few friends and it feels like letting people know about this would bring me back to square one, which is kinda sad seeing as how much I love Pokemon and how big a part it plays in my life.


Yea, some people do.

But they're CoD addicts so what does it matter lol.


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nope. i dont care what people think and most of my friends play pokemon too. plus u wouldnt expect me to be carrying my DS around and playing in public..


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Yea, some people do.

But they're CoD addicts so what does it matter lol.

True^^ haha
I don't understand how wasting away on a shooting game for hours of a day isn't sadder than playing Pokemon, just because one makes people feel more mature and promotes mindless violence and the other has cartoon creatures with special powers and promotes friendship lol


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Most of my friends have no idea about my love of Pokemon. Being in the second year of secondary school, the majority of the school would not consider Pokémon to be 'cool', and it would rarely come up in conversation. In fact, the one time it did, this was the basic gist;

Some friend; My little brother is so weird! He has loaads of Pokemon things and it's really crazy!
Other friends; Yup, that's true!
Me; (silent)

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Haha, the last part of the comic really brightened my day up :D my cousin is in university and has met LOADS of people who like Pokemon, she even went out into town dressed up in team rocket gear with her mates for a party, so i guess it does get better lol.

Pokemon is mentioned sometimes at my school, but more mockingly. It is an insult lol so:
"You Pokemon Master!"
Everybody laughs
Quiet, nervous laugh from me :/


I'm not a "Poke nerd" either, and most people would not expect that I would play Pokemon, so I don't tell anyone.