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Do you care if people know you play Pokemon?

I don't give a damn about those who make fun of me because I play Pokémon, my brother does it all the time (He's younger than me) but I just laugh along with him so he can notice that I don't care. So yeah I proudly play Pokémon!


not bad
Also, it's kind of hard to hide it when you have a Gardenpass in your front yard.


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I don't explicitly say to everyone that I play pokemon but I will defend it if someone calls it lame or something, and tell them it's better then CoD or whatever they play.


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No, it doesn't bother me. That's actually how my girlfriend and I met.


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I get along with most of my friends BECAUSE we all like pokemon. I'm 15 and I couldn't care less if people know I like pokemon. Telling people about your interests is how you can tell they're you're real friends.
I have... 'ways' of dealing with people who try to get on my nerves about liking things they don't. Meh-heh. Heheheheheheh. :)
By the way, fr0sti97, props on that! A girlfriend that actually like any video games, let alone pokemon.
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Well most people know it... but they don't know about all the WiFi stuff and EV training.. except for 1 dude who also plays WiFi and my girlfriend... but no one in my american football team knows it and that's good lol^^


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Hmmm... depends. My best friend know it, he plays it too, but I wouldn't talk about pokemon in front of girls or less good friends.


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I don't flaunt it in front of everyone but my best friend's know I play Pokémon and one of them plays in too.


My best friends know I play, but I don't stand on top of buildings and tell the world or anything.


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I wouldn't care if people know i play pokemon.
If i like the game, i wouldnt be dumb to not play it anymore just for someone.
Its my personality and no one going to change it ^_^


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Some people do, one of my friend does and he plays too but he doesn't know what a poke nerd I am... And I hide it, dis is meh secret..l


I dont tell my friends i like pokemon they think i hate it but sometimes it bugs me that they go dissing pokemon!
People at my school, total critics. Shitty people there.


Basically all of my friends know I play pokemon, but they don't care at all. In fact, some of my best friends play pokemon also, and watch the anime too. One of my friends is trying to make a hack for FireRed. So no, no one cares I play pokemon.


There it is.
Here's the way it is at my school... EVERYONE PLAYS POKEMON! The trouble is, no one wants to admit it. Everyone thinks that it would make them uncool if they admitted it. My best friends know that I play Pokemon, but that's about it. If everyone knew, my reputation would fall. If coolness at school was graded on a scale of 1-100, I'd be between a 75 and an 80. At my school, that's the borderline of getting a girlfriend. So, like I said, if I let people know, then I wouldn't be able to get a girlfriend. No girlfriend means you become less cool. Less cool means no girlfriend. It's a vicious cycle. So, in conclusion, I'd just be happy if everyone at my school admitted that they played Pokemon, so we could all get rid of that "elephant in the room." Sorry if that didn't make sense.


I really don't give a crap