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Do you count a Red Gyarados obtained from the ingame Lake of Rage event or a Shiny hatched from the Odd Egg in Crystal as a "first shiny"?


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Both are mechanically identical to ones from random encounters. However, they also are not exactly hard to find and obtain, which is what makes many people covet shinies. Would you still count them as a "first shiny"?
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I count them. Just for the heck of it.


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It is a shiny by definition so yes I do.


I don't in the case of the Red Gyarados since it is essentially a freebie due to it always being Shiny. The Odd Egg Pokemon on the other hand, only have about a 14% chance of being Shiny in the international versions of Crystal, so at least it's still up to luck whether they hatch Shiny or not.


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I never count the shiny Gyarados when I count the shinies in my collection. Same goes for the event shinies like the shiny Giratina from the Gen 5 event or the shiny Haxorus from B2W2. I only count shinies that I found by random chance.


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Shiny Gyarados in my opinion does not count because it's guaranteed to be shiny for everyone. And technically, it was a normal Magikarp that was forced to evolve too fast so the color of its scales didn't change to blue in time to be a "regular Gyarados" so, no.

So, Odd Egg in Crystal is the first since that had a higher likelihood of being shiny from the get go. I also don't count the free shiny dragons in B2/W2 as those are also guaranteed. (If you beat the White Tree Hollow/Black Tower challenge only).


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I don't count the red Gyarados. For me, it wasn't my first Shiny. I found a Shiny Sentret in the first patch of grass after leaving the lab with my starter. I didn't know why it was a different color or why it had stars when it appeared until much later in my playthrough when Shiny pokemon were explained.
But yeah, everyone gets Gyarados, it doesn't count.


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I don't even know if it was my first shiny because I did not even know back in the day that it depends on the values so I never checked my Pokémon in Red, Blue and Yellow and therefore never sent them through the time capsule. So yes, it was the first Shiny I visibly got. My first non-scripted Shiny that I got was a Golbat in the Ice Cave of Pokémon Silver. The next one I got was in Pearl. It was a Bellsprout. And it to this day is a competitive Modest Victreebel that survived all the way to Ultra Moon. In Black 2 I also found like 2, plus the Black Haxorus. I have a ful Dex in Black 2 and never did the Shiny Pin help me.
Um I kind of have to count them, otherwise all my shinny's from Pokemon Go that I dumped in to home, wouldn't count has a shinnys, since if you go to the park during the Go Community Days and also do the research for them, they aren't exactly hard to find, and some of the research just gives you Shinny anyway.

is it really that bad that most of my shinny's came from pokemon GO? I would hate for someone to say my Shinny Ho-oh or Groudon are not legit.

but I think my first real shinny not Including the Red gyarados witch is actually, probably my frist, is Zigzagoon from Omega Ruby.


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I count both. I’ve only gotten a Shiny once from the Odd Egg and that was a Pichu that I transferred to Home.


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I count it legit same as with the Shiny Ponyta (blue flames) in one early legends arceus missions.


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In-universe it's kind of ambiguous if the Red Gyarados is a true shiny, or an artificial shiny due to Team Rocket forcing evolution and this possibly being a consequence. Either way, the Red Gyarados is kind of a mutant

Out of universe I count the Red Gyarados since it shows up in all the Johto games while the Odd Egg is a Crystal exclusive