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do you cry?


Well-Known Member
Bambi's mum gets shot? Don't care. End of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon 2? Cries for the next 3 hours.

It depends what it is. If it doesn't effect me, I might get a bit annoyed, but nothing more, no matter what it is. The second it has anything to do with me, I care, and maybe cry. Also, intense pain and cat scratches. I swear it's claws are poisoned.


Well-Known Member
I think everyone cries some more than others, I find it very liberating to get a good cry out every once and a while, Armageddon and the First scene of the New Star Trek can usually get me going pretty good.


DW Breeder
cry because of emotion? nah...

but you should have seen me when I was sauteing onions for dinner today :p


Well-Known Member
Yes, of course I cried when you hit me in the stomach. It was very painful.

But to be serious, yes, I do cry. Usually when I am in pain.


Well-Known Member
I got drunk (lol) and watched a few episodes of One Piece. The one where Kuma poofs them all away is super emotional. I got watery eyes putting my self in Luffy's shoes. Ahh life is great...:)


The PO ubers fanboy
I begin to cry when I'm volcano mad. However, my closest friend could die and I wouldn't shed a tear. I find it funny how that works.
Water up a lot, but very rarely cry, getting really emotional often earlier in my life probably has made me take the effort to minimize any emotional signs.


Pokemon Prof.
Of course I cry. It's a natural human emotion. I usually cry when I see a sad movie, hahaha. This is also why i dislike sad movies.


Well-Known Member
My girlfriend has seen me cry thousands of times, and I've seen her thousands of times.


Well-Known Member
I do cry when there are some sad things. I probably cry easier than a lot of people. I think that I'm just more emotional than a lot of people, though.

My eyes also water up a lot, I'm not sure why, though. It might be something in the air, or my eyes just like to water up a lot! :p