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DO you dislike wealthy folk?

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Not really, they just make want to stack up that money even quicker than I'm already doing so.


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Not really. I do dislike when a some act superior and rude just because they are wealthy. I won't generalise all wealthy people though.


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I don't care really, for what reason anyway? my hates toward that person wont make me a better person than him/her..
Even if they're arrogant , but they obtain their wealth through hardwork and endless efforts, they still have my respect.


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I've been noticing a lot of threads like this. Your question is too broad. Anyone who says flat out yes or no isn't thinking. It would seem to me that some wealthy people are just plain arrogant, selfish and brag about their wealth. Others make it clear that they have money, but are still good people for the most part. (I personally know a family like this, and they're some of the nicest people I know.) Some are just hardworking people who are important to society, and they know it, but it doesn't change who they are. (I also know people like this, and they're really great, fun people.)

But please stop asking questions in this manner.. It's just prone to stereotypes and unfair judgement.


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i hate anyone with a large ego, whether its warranted or not.


I have a thing with viewing rich people as snobs. I'm guilty of seeing rich men as corrupt, rich women as divas, and rich kids/teens (more so the latter IRL than the former) as spoiled brats. Still, sometimes real rich people play into it, like Kim Kardashian (who is so shallow, selfish, and trashy, she makes Paris Hilton look like a lady). The worst are those who think they are above the law, like Leona Helmsley did years ago when she refused to pay taxes.

I did know a rich guy about my age, though. He was from NYC, and he was new money. I don't know what his parents were - I think they were in business or something. He was actually one of the least pretentious people I knew - quite down-to-earth. This guy admitted to me that his family sometimes acted a little full of themselves (his younger brother most of all), but they were decent people. But I guess the damage had been done by TV.

I kinda have a loathing for WASPs and other blue bloods. It's because a lot of them live in their own little gated communities and act like the rest of the world is dangerous. So I guess if some WASP trophy wife would stay where her maid lived, she wouldn't last a day because she needs her Chanel products, her network of ditzy friends, and her glass of top-name chardonnay (don't worry, this is a hypothetical example) - to say nothing of how she would fare if she had to live somewhere like Ethiopia. I always cast them as bad guys in my writings.

In most of my stories, the portrayal of rich people varies wildly. I include rich people who are nice and rich people who are stuck-up snobs.
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Ok some good replies in this thread....because this is my house and I've gotten a lot of hate on other forums.

I agree with posters such as Goth and Jon17 because I think you should treat everyone as individuals

Why do you post your backyard/house on internet forums, unless you want to brag?


I hate rich people that **** up the country I live in. Other than those, I don't have a lingering resentment over them.


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I usually don't mind them as long as they aren't obnixious about it and constantly rub it in our faces that they're rich.

I once went to school with this girl and she was rich and she was so annoying about it. She even rubbed it in my friend's face once about the fact that she drives a BMW like she's a queen. I hated this girl so much, you have no idea.


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I don't think I ever met someone who's filthy rich... but I think my friend's mom is... unsure. Coz she's a Nurse and she said once her mom bought a $150 boxers for her lil bro...WTF??!! WEIRD>

Before her mom and my mom used to go to secondhand shops, now they're rich x_X nya~


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Some of my best friend's are wealthy and I myself have recently ran in to a fair amount of wealth but as long as a person is humble about it I suppose there is no problem with but I guess those who flaunt their wealth do not truly deserve it.

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I don't think I ever met someone who's filthy rich... but I think my friend's mom is... unsure. Coz she's a Nurse and she said once her mom bought a $150 boxers for her lil bro...WTF??!! WEIRD>

Before her mom and my mom used to go to secondhand shops, now they're rich x_X nya~
Assuming she doesn't have money coming in through other means, I highly doubt a nurse makes anywhere near enough for her to be considered as fifthly rich. Besides, a lot of people spend a lot of money outside of their means on luxuries, that doesn't necesaarily mean they are wealthy. I am from a well-off family and you would know it just by looking at me, as we can be the biggest cheapskates in the world sometimes. In fact, there is this joke that "most rich people stay rich by being cheap". Also, that bit about secondhand shops is a tad presumptous. My father was a CEO of a company and my parents still visited those stores, as they were the only places to find specific antique furniture that could not be found through the usual channels.

As for the question, no, I don't dislike people based on what is in their bank balance. The basic rule of thumb I go by is if you're nice to me, I'll be nice to you.
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Coz she's a Nurse and she said once her mom bought a $150 boxers for her lil bro...WTF??!! WEIRD>

maybe they were medical boxers. i imagine proper support to be quite expensive.

also, i don't judge people based on what is or isn't on their bank balance, i find that to be disgusting, quite frankly. i judge people by their skin colour, sexual orientation, gender, wether we're friends on facebook and/or religion, like a normal decent human being.
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