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Do you dress according to the music you listen to?


Mr. F
If this is supposed to be in Misc. or Polls, move it :p

Anyways, as the topic title says: do you dress according to the music you listen to? Eg: if you listen to emo music, do you dress emo?

I myself don't dress according to any of the music I listen to. I just wear whatever I see fits best in that situation. No need to buy special clothes just to show my taste in music.


Son of Wōden
Well, yes and no. 80% of the Tshirts I own are band tshirts from various metal bands, which could be seen as dressing according to the music. But at the moment i wouldn't say I look like your typical metal head. Apart from band shirts, I just wear normal clothes.

But I like such a variety of music, I think it would be impossible to dress to fit them all.
for example how do you dress like someone who likes folk music for example?


Mr. F


Mr. F
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Hurray for forum exploits! :D


TCG Trainer
Like HELL.

I dress so I'm awesome. I mean, the music I listen to is usually awesome music too, but given that I listen to different varieties of music, there isn't really one genre I'm bound to. That being said, given that the Fratellis and Arctic Monkeys (2 favorite bands) are Alt. Rock, I don't dress up in an Alt. Rock kind of way.


Well-Known Member
I listen to metal and wear alot of black, but that's mostly because the shirts I like best and decide to get are usually black.


I don't practice such silly nonsense.


Well-Known Member
No. Being a guy who listens to Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Madonna, Lady Gaga, etc....I'd be put in jail lol.

The closest thing to dressing like my music is shirts that I have bought at concerts.


Mr. F
Nope, wearing shirts/anything of the bands you like doesn't count, only the real genre-specific clothing counts.


Well-Known Member
Half and half. My main 2 "genres" are Musical-theatre and 70s Rock. Now whilst I don't go around dressed in costume (much), I am fond of shirts that have 60s/70s-esque patterns.

Valkyrie X

Well-Known Member
Nope. People tend to be taken aback when I tell them my musical tastes... I'm very much into fashion and enjoy wearing cute stuff for the season in various styles. Whether it's a colorful dress, feminine top, or statement accessory, I'll wear anything that's visually flattering and/or trendy. Most wouldn't assume that I'm a metalhead. :p
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