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Do You Ever Clean Out Your Boxes?


I'm just wondering if people ever clean out their Pokemon Boxes. I recently spent the good bit of an hour releasing everything that wasn't: EV Trained (and useful .-. ), legit legends, my original team I used in-game, Female DW pokes and eggs (because they can't be released)

So, what do you guys keep?


Combat Specialist
I'm too lazy to clean out my box. I don't really catch that many pokemon, unless I'm interested.


Dynamic Entry!
I usually release a pokemon with a poor nature right after it hatches, but I keep dex fillers cause it might come in handy, I also keep my ingame pokemon. I'll probably clean out my box more once I get more EV trained pokemon. I try to get rid of any doubles I have unless I need to have a double of a pokemon and the doubles applies to evolution lines.


Aura Master
Never have, never will.


Magikarp Messiha
I never release my Pokémon because I'd feel bad not even when my sister caught ones I already had plus I know there's more than enough room


Supreme Overlord
I occasionally clear my boxes of Pokemon I don't like/ don't use anymore. Always gives me a freeing sort of feeling.


Well-Known Member
I just organized all my boxes by region and in the process released stuff I didn't need. I don't think I would have done that at all unless I was hurting for space and needed to make room. I kinda like to keep everything otherwise.


You are next.
sometimes for breeding purposes, some pkemon i keep both male and female, depends what moveset they learn level up.

however, i release any unneeded natures for both battles and contests

as for contests pokes, if they have good TM on them, i may keep a male for breeding.

as for frontier pokes, only the ones with right nature and gender. (usually male in case i need to breed some moves again.)


To the Power of 27
I do it every know and then. Get rid of all the things I never use! Sometimes I catch something just for pokedex entires. I'll level it up to where it evolves, and then release it.

I did this with Sandile for example, I had a timid sandile, and just usaed it for evolution. Removed it afterwards.


Gallade owns
No. To me it defeats the purpose of catching 'em. I like to think that my journey (including catching Pokemon) is assisting the Professor(s), so I don't mess with my PC boxes, other than rotating.


Only Slightly Normal
I used to, but now I just stash them in case someone over the GTS wants them.

If I was to have a cleanout, I'd keep legends, HM slaves, EV trained Pokemon, sentimental Pokemon (like my in game team), shinies, and Pokemon I use for breeding.


Formerly Torterra14
Yes, I clean my boxes out when I'm MM hatching for a shiny Pokemon and mass store eggs in my of. It can be very tedious to clean them out, too!


New Member
I usually never clean out boxes but I'm thinking that I might do it since I just completed the national pokedex (Takes forever). So It,s getting a bit cramped since I have a lot of doubles. Only 720 places or something like that.


I'm a girl, dangit!
i clean them out every few months or so. i get rid of everything that i'll never use, especially the DW stuff. every few months i'll post a giveaway on here just to clear out some space in my boxes.
I gave away 7 eggmove Pokémon, a Thundurus, and a Tornadus yesterday.

My boxes were getting a bit full for my liking.