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Do you get headaches alot?

Title says it all. If so, what are the primary reasons you get them?

For me, yeah i get alot of headaches, and mostly from changes in pressure outside
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I think we should call them curse-word-aches, because they SUCK. Seriously. Worst pain ever, apart from maybe severe toothaches.

I get them maybe once a month or once every two months (it varies). No real reason. Well, it's because of blood-clots to the brain, I think (which is what causes most sh*t-aches). When I get them, it's just because God or whoever runs this universe hates me and wants to see me suffer.

...Yeah. As you can see, I REALLY hate sh*t-aches.


I. F.E.E.L. G.O.O.D.
I get Head Aches when I don't eat for a long time and then do some work like if I skip breakfast. Also when I'm sick I guess I would get headaches as well, if I have a lack of sleep for several days in a row I will eventually get a headache.
Then I just masturbate cause orgasms help cure headaches, trust me this works. If it's a real bad headache then I take pain killers or rest and if it's too bad I might want to see a doctor.
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Mr. Joker

keep calm & carry on
I get killer headaches in the fall, which is right now ):

blaze boy

Aka SamuraiDon
only when I play first person game like Halo. (They make me sea sick)

Penguinist Trainer

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i never thought about it before, but i really don't get headaches at all... i honestly think my last headache was 15-20 years ago and thats when i was struggling to read because i didn't know i needed glasses.


Petal Paladin
I get headaches when im dehydrated or if I play portal or Half Life 2. No game(s) have ever made me motion sick not even TF2


I. F.E.E.L. G.O.O.D.
I thought I was the only one aware of this. Brofist!
Well now you know some one who knows it as well as practices it, knowledge this valuable can't be hidden for long.
As of late, yes. Usually two to three a day, sometimes a few more. I just attribute it to severe lack of sleep, hunger and/or stress.
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formerly R. New
I'm getting them more frequently at the moment, I'm pretty sure they're brought on by stress. I only used to really get them when I had migraines, which I've stopped having now, hopefully for good.

Corroded Arceus

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I've had a constant stress induced headache since April last year. I occasionally get miagranes too.

Kurloz Makara

Red Death
I get them too. Sometimes I get them after I take a nap. No idea why, either. :p


Bearer of Peace
I rarely get head aches. I think it's been around a year since my last one when I was reading in the car.