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Do you get lonely easily?

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Just thought I'd ask, considering I sure do. If I go longer than a week without seeing any friends I get really glum and melancholy. I hate being by myself, and I pretty much have to be surrounded by people to be optimally happy. I'm not clingy though, and ofcourse I don't outwardly show I get lonely pretty easily but I do. Although, one could argue such is the case for everybody but I've met some loners out there that do just fine being hermits. Don't know how they do it though.


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Kinda. I've made quite a few friends in college, but most of them are upper-class men, which means that I don't really see many of them often aside from meals and at meetings for my fraternity. On top of that, most of my good friends from high school go to a different college than I do.

So yeah, being at least a bit lonely is pretty easy to happen to me.
yeah, if i'm left alone i do get a little sad. i'm usually a social person and when i don't have contact with anyone i feel incredibly lonely.
There's a couple of people I'd be really sad if I never got to see again or I didn't get to communicate with very often or something.

But for the most part I can go with not communicating with people very often pretty well.


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I've gone months with little contact from friends and I've survived, basically being lonely doesn't bother me as long as I have something to do. It gets boring though when there's nothing to do and no one to communicate with but it's good to learn to do stuff alone as you won't always have your friends or family at your side, but at least you'll know what to do when it happens.


Well, while I'm a bit of an extrovert and I love my friends, I don't need them to survive, y'know? I greatly value my alone time as well as my time spent socializing. I get plenty of both, too.

So...I guess with all things considered, I actually don't get lonely too easily. At this stage in life, I have a lot of things to worry about and keep me busy.


Yeah, living at school I'm so used to being around people and I'm generally quite social anyway. If I'm on my own, I start by just being bored but I tend to end up looking for excuses to see people, even if I don't actually like said people.


I do, I really do. I remember one Christmas break when my friends had all gone away and left me by myself for two weeks; by the end of it I was left feeling really angsty and angry, which probably doesn't say too much about my mental state :\


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I just feel like a completely different person when I'm alone - someone I don't like :/ just sitting there with my thoughts, like someone said before, I just get kind of depressed after a while.


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I don't really get lonely. I didn't see my friends really at all this last summer. I was perfectly fine.


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I think it just depends on my mood.


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As much as I like my friends, I don't mind being alone, unless I'm bored as all get out, and then I'll usually sit and think about the fun people are having without me.


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Well i guess im pretty clingy to my girlfriend, even if I dont show it or express it, but Im always lonely when im not with her. We dont get to see each other much, and we hardly get any time at school. I feel alot happier and safer with her around


Not really. I did quite a bit when I was younger, but the older I get, the less the feeling is there. That's not to say that every now and then, I'll get to feeling a bit lonely, but it's pretty quick in passing.


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No unless my computer isn't with me
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