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Do you get these pins when you Pre ordered the game?

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Ho-oh Master

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I bought these Ho-oh and Lugia pins a few days ago on Ebay and I just got them in the mail. They are very awesome, but I can't seem to find a Nintendo Logo on them. The seller said you got them when you pre ordered the games back in 2000. I tried doing research but I couldn't find anything on them. Can someone confirm if these are real or not?

(This isn't my picture, but it's the picture the guy on Ebay had, I just uploaded it to my own site)



Vappy Trainer~
I preordered Gold back in the day, and they don't look familiar to me.

I could've just forgot about them, though, so I'll dig through my Pokemon merch closet and see if I can find 'em. If I got any with my preorder, they'll be there.


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Those pins are really neat, too bad I didn't pre-order the games


Vappy Trainer~

I just found those exact same pins in a small box with my other G/S/C-era merch. I am about 98% sure now that they were a preorder bonus based on how I had labelled them.

They really are a rather nice item, though, either way! Might move 'em out of the closet to display on my desk for awhile.

Mr. Reloaded

Cause a pirate is free
They look really cool sad to say I didn't preorder the game Cause I was like 4 or 5 when the the games came out in the US but they do look rather amusing and worth being a collectable Item.


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As a side note, very slightly off topic-

I have next to all the North America promotional merchendise from R/B/Y to G/S/C stored away in my collection at home. I also have a few select items from the UK and Japan.

If anyone else wants to get the authenticity of an item from G/S/C-generation checked, PM me a picture and a short description of what you were told it is. I'll do my best to see if I have a copy!


Really and truly
Question answered. If you want to talk about Pokemon merch, this isn't the place to do it. There is also a LiveJournal community all about Pokemon collecting - they'll answer most questions.

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